After google’s Hummingbird update,search any keywords about new york asian escort have a big change.

the result for searching new york asian escort

The picture in the top is the new result for searching new york asian escort.

I block some website,because those website’s owner is a asshole.why?check below you will know.

If you’re new york escort agency,you will know half years before,a lot of people can post their business on google maps easily.because that can Attractive more people and earn the money much easier.and the website i block in the picture’s owner try destory another people’s business listing and report a problem for others as much as he the way,his wife used to be a hooker and still now.i earn the money from new york escort agency and his wife body money(i guess you know what i mean).let me talk about what he do for other business listing.Mr. jian post a  lot of picture with their phone number first,then some business owner got mad and do the same thing as he decide to do something more bad,he post the a lot of ugly luo yu feng(the photo too ugly so i decide to not upload it).


Anyway,then he try to report anything he can,because he want all the business listing on the google belong to him,even his friend wanna get some money on it.he still try to destory it and doing some bad thing also.he learn the seo from me,even he didn’t know anything about this before.he doesn’t wanna pay too much on it,so he try to learn and he get anything infomation he can from his friend,then he knows the basic seo management and use so many time to research on it.until Hummingbird update,he gets what he want although.he upload my picture online before,i have his picture but i don’t wanna upload it.

Let’s pass the personal grudge,and talk about the Hummingbird update how to affect the “escort” keyword, it include the “new york asian escort”,”new york escort”,”nyc escort” some keywords like those,and etc.

The title,the Character is much longer and more different,not only Around the keywords.

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