After the woman naked, what they want?The fifth chapter

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I don’t know if you tried the content of the fourth article, regardless of your sex object is more than a decade’s wife, or just your girlfriend, they would be very happy to accept.Wish everybody’s sex life more wonderful.

Today I want to share the content is also related to sex.

“I like body contact and caress, sometimes has nothing to do with sex,” women inner thoughts.Women is love romance, hug, hold hands and kiss will make them happy.But many women complain that men in addition to foreplay, seldom have this kind of intimacy with them.Therefore, hug and kiss her often, she would feel happy.

Maybe you have not feel in the New York Asian escort agency.Because for the sexy Asian escort think, sex is their work.And they don’t like to kiss, because it is easy to spread disease.But all women like to have foreplay, then having sex.

So-called foreplay, for example, kiss, touch sensitive areas, and so on.To do so can increase a woman’s sexual desire.

These can increase the secretion of female hormones to make them more quickly into the state.Remember, love is a wonderful thing, don’t like work, as long as the result.Actually, the most attractive place is the feeling of the process.

What to do if you don’t know foreplay, inquire on the net or pay attention to my post.In fact, this is the most simple way, you can find sexy Asian escort, let her teach you how to make love foreplay.It will be the best sex.Come on!Let your women think you are master of sex.Let their desire to make love to you, every moment.

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