After wading through a river barefoot woman

I admit he is a born rogue, not a rogue but a few men do, when I put pressure in the body that a woman, listening to them to meet in different sounds, I feel good when my rogue, at least I can give women bring happiness, even though to get up later, they still call me some rogue. I think the porch of a sex, for men and women who are a pleasure, as to why this behavior is called rogue, I checked the dictionary and related information.

The meaning of terms from the rogue, really quite complex, and some refer to a job and homeless, and some means ought street bully children, and some refer to acts of molesting woman. Some people have rogue into a career, a political rogue, rogue culture, riffraff, class rogue and so on. Previously I have not seriously studied, where the rogue and we do not understand, I first heard the word, is the secretary Li, director Zhang Baogui and women to be unto the bed of flowers, the Working Group on the long pointed Liu secretary, said: “I never thought, you mess with the revolutionary ranks of a rogue – rogue.” Since then, the rogue ingrained in my mind it has become a synonym for a woman to engage.

That year I was sixteen years old, that is, from that night, my first wet dream. That night, I had a dream, not the secretary director of the women out, but for myself, I lie on the Director of Women slightly overweight body, doing the hard earth, then, Liu leader came in, with your fingers me shouted “rogue – rogue!” So I flow out in the morning, I secretly look at my children belts, a large wet, I first have their own secrets. There that day, I heart positioning itself on the role of rogue, until today.

In the village, the composition of our family well. My ancestors are practicing medicine, to the grandfather’s generation, medicine to the peak, my grandfather became a famous doctor within a hundred miles, naturally, to the family earned a lot of money. The old society in the country, the first goal is to have money to buy land. When the grandfather’s father from the hands of Zhang Baogui he came home to buy, the land reform began, Zhang designation of a poor peasant, and our family has become a landlord, the object of people’s struggle. To give points, and his grandfather also put a large sign through the streets. His Holiness does not understand how this troubled world will become like this, a vaginal took his own life. Grandfather of a child accompanied his father to study medicine, has experienced this variable, the practice no longer talk about things, he plead guilty, honestly when one of the most inferior of the landlord, in order to transform their own sins, but also for his father wearing brand denounced.

I live in such an environment, the family witnessed the rise and fall process. He is respected by the previous, so that became the envy of all the small partner can bully the landlord bastard. I used to walk, even in a small alley, but also try to walk in the middle; now walk, even the road, but also rubbing the wall with the children to go. I eat someone else’s looked down upon children, hold Biequ Whitty growing.

A few years later, I witnessed a secretary (former secretary should be) dragged on political campaigns, units, fancy beaten so badly, for his constant fear of a rogue. Because I do not feel good when rogue, it needs to cost too much; if this child really was me, I am sure you want me to death. So I had kept the secret heart, even the most red flag to a good friend Lee did not say. He is the secretary’s son, the same age with me, although I am the landlord bastard, but he was particularly good to me, put me as his friend. Although the political campaigns of his father, improper secretary, but still party members, his identity is still above me. Exchanges the two of us, I preserved a debt of gratitude to him.

We place a family than the earlier, Li said on the red flag of a wife, a neighboring village, he told me, that girl looked nice, the New Year will Quguo Lai. He quietly told me that his dad although political campaigns, but still have contacts and women’s director, who is trying to cure him of his ouster, to your destination, no longer control him. This child, one night he is up to the toilet, but also up to see Dad, Dad thought he also does the toilet, on the other he finished and then go out on. Surprisingly, he opened the courtyard out. Li Hongqi quietly behind with the father, Seeing he was Director of Women into the house. This child, no one told him that I am only one person said.

I do not know Li Hongqi tell me what is the meaning of this child, but my heart, I feel that since when the rogue is not a good thing, secretary (I always looked on him as a secretary) why continue to go the moment, see to the taste when the rogue can get on top of those who denounced and beaten, then have the opportunity to be mental to think when when a rogue.

When not want to be on when the rogue, my kind of identity, to say the wife is very difficult to get, and seeing people my age have been married, but I even have to mention the pro’s do not, this is the day parents and the mother sighed, I have not come out in the house, do not communicate with them, not to communicate with others, I became an introvert who, in addition to Li Hongqi, I do not travel with anyone. Li Hongqi information often gives me more frustrated, he married, he told me that many men and women of knowledge, he made it very lively, very realistic, in front of him, my lips are always dry, unconsciously swallow with saliva. After he was gone, which this description floating in front of me, let me dreams at night, often in a dream practice, difficult to wake up more desires put out. Sometimes unconsciously pillow wet with tears.

Li Hongqi a few months older than I am, for the first time they see her daughter married the day. As a good friend of Li Hongqi, please participate in the evening he invited one of the few friends gathering. Others opened a bridal chamber, look, I was the only sitting quietly aside, so drink to drink, so a bite on the bite, from time to time with the eyes peek a bride. The bride looks really bad, square head face, pretty eyes, then I will not taste a woman’s body, only know this man’s face pretty is not pretty. Drinking during a time when my eyes met the bride, cute japanese escort in new jercy was smiling. The laugh so I thought Yi Chan, the woman’s smile even with such strength, such as mustard to eat a big mouth, and down once through. Others after drinking pranks, I only see one side, there is a man child drink too much, holding the bride just let go, the bride Biede face flushed, but a bad attack. At this time, I do not know where it came from the courage to put a guy to Zhuaikai. This guy is my look anxious, whooped at me: “You landlords pup, the courage to pull me, today I am not a crippled kid you not.” Everyone saw that guy angry, and quickly pulled him one side. I stood there in, do not know what to say, when someone pulled me up over that, you do not go home, like beaten ah. I am reluctant to leave, and then want to see a bride, but I did not catch the rise. That night, I was always the bride’s eyes light up with lightning, the whole night into day, or even brighter than during the day, in this light, I naturally can not sleep. Toss one night, next day, I a fever, a burning that is three days, I Niangshui, fever, when his mouth to say something to make far-fetched, they do not understand, do not remember. Thanks to my father learned from my grandfather when the medicine not forget to drink a few herbs also getting better, deputy up.

Since then, I go out less, and in addition to Li Hongqi there (it is because I stop myself), I simply make do with other people. Gradually mix familiar with me and sister-in-law, and once, cute japanese escort in new jercy asked me: “how not to inherit ancestral medicine?” I replied: “My grandfather died in this child, my father swear this is no longer practice, so do not let me learn. “sister-in-law said:” is the last thing, the old arts does not push the body, then often, the ability to learn is your own hands, when a doctor can give people a bowl of rice to eat. “I said:” Go back Gendie to discuss to discuss it. “discuss the results of the natural father is firmly opposed, even if I had worn more than taking, but also to no avail. Li Hongqi again to go home, I am afraid of sister-in-law asked me to study medicine thing, but he met happens do not ask anything else, straight on to ask: “Your father agreed to it?” I do not pretend to know: “What I father agreed to it? “she Buyiburao then asked:” medical school thing ah! “I stuck to the corners, break the scalp only answer:” My father does not agree with life and death. “sister-in-law a little bit angry and said : “You are so a large living, how to make the urine suffocate it, he will not let you learn, you will not read, do not drill it yourself!” I suddenly blushed lips could not say anything , but my mind was also given a commitment, must take the skill of our ancestors inherited.

Our family’s medical books is limited, and the practice of Chinese medicine is strong, not scripted so simple, after reading, I feel like I still know nothing. At this time of rural doctors began to Xing, I think it would be better to learn about Western medicine. So, I bought a Trustee of “barefoot doctors manual”, dedicated to research it. Beginning, father is strongly opposed to, I really look into the fans, soft heart will down. One night, dad put down their jobs, called me into the back room, to begin to teach my ancestral medicine. What to smell it, all kinds of pulse phase, the ratio of a variety of herbs, I remember very fast, I Dieshui I was born the doctor’s material is dry. Although my father is no longer open practice, but some of the old master-employed or regularly came to the door. Go see a doctor before his own, he never received the patient’s money, just prescriptions, regardless of fill a prescription. Sometimes people at the most bowls of water to drink, catch up with people when rice meal. I began to study medicine after the father took me to go. I always hide behind the father, he will not let me forward, I do not approached. After each time he touched the first pulse, then let me touch. So I have a chance to touch a woman’s wrist, perhaps I really born rogue, the patient’s wrist and head, I can imagination. Some of them are creamy such as vermicelli, some soft as silk, some white, such as egg white, and some warm as spring. I touched the woman’s wrist, there will be a different feeling. Gradually, I was under a determination, is designed for women to see a doctor, but fortunately our ancestral family also includes gynecological medicine.

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