[An affair]

My day to get up, he saw his wife lying next to me put his hand on her hips, gently fondle Because last night I told her once, so I am very clear that she is now, naked, I finger along the groove of the hips and slowly move to the location of the Xiaoxue the last stop in her Xiaoxue mouth. This time Brooklyn escort Enliaoyisheng, I continue to finger push in, she leaned over, so my fingers to touch the inside of her Xiaoxue more in-depth. Lingling Although the thirties, but beauty is very glamorous exquisite years and devastation left in her body, contrary to her body exudes an mature women taste, covered with white, such as fat skin is so smooth and flawless! Lower abdomen flat strong chest towering two rounded breasts like fresh-baked bread, and so inspiring! Slim narrow waist but pudgy ass extremely white and tender. The two white slender legs really mind waves man! The face of such a woman, how I can not tell her every day to make love it?

“Ling-Ling! Good play with a play,” I said.


The Lingling Gouzhuo winks softly should, but her hand grasped my penis, a series of sets of moving. That the fullness of meat, milk, therefore jitter shake shake endless see an agonistic not see Ling-Ling could be so coquettish Such is Life, it is extremely lewd, flirtatious hook, smiling mouth, has a speechless charming sense! My cock already erect, wife Fuseshita head, left hand holding large penis Taonong with the glamorous cherry mouth open, skilled glans in your mouth, even sucking mouth, the right hand side holding the two eggs pill is a burst of hand-mouth and

“My husband, last night you have not had enough to ah ah take ah you fierce ah good this feels so good …… your big penis … thick … long … I love it … I his mouth it … suck your …… Haobang …

See, however, Ling-Ling’s mouth to spit out the glans, and stretching the tongue in the glans Kamimagari teasing! Sets of the left hand blasted to move large penis in the mouth of the horse eye of the glans outflow drops of white liquid, her tongue licking in the eye of the horse with his teeth nibble glans meat, his hands constantly in the egg pill fondle and pinch soft, such a pinch, rub, a set of another suck that penis is hard up more crude

“Oh … smoke … your mouth is really flexible … ……

I am comfortable hum sound, ass up quite seem to want a large penis support very Lingling mouth Caigan Xin.

“Oh …… Shuangsi …! Contained … show … ……

Lingling’s tongue technology makes me hum sounds constantly. Side of her mouth big penis, while the lustful look at his comfortable appearance of burst of hard sucking the glans. Lingling spit out the penis, both hands on the penis and eggs pill stop the Nienong the Q!

“Quick smoke … … is comfortable … fast ……

I am extremely comfortable, I use both hands to hold her head pulled down, ass to straighten the penis has been hard up in her mouth, pumping, the plug Lingling cheeks Guzhang the sour numb, and occasionally, Brooklyn escort spit the glans, with a small hand grip, rubbing his large penis in small hands, and rubbed.

“Oh …… thrilled … so comfortable … tart … you play … big penis …… flaky … fast … do not rub …… …… I want to shoot …”

My comfortable the legs wrigglings endless, straight penis, both hands hold the Ling-Ling’s head, penis at the the Choucha Ling-Ling’s mouth inside, tinkling with the penis very delivery to hands exertion Taonong of penis, mouth puffed glans.

“Oh … Oh …… Oh …… Shuangsi … ……

“Tart! My penis swelling is hard for me to fast it is comfortable … comfortable,”

“I knew a large goat, only one night can not stand you? Devil I gave you a comfortable …

When he finished, bowed his head, left hand holding Big Cock Taonong, glamorous cherry mouth open, put the penis in your mouth, spit it out to see, however, Ling-Ling’s mouth penis, stretched out the tip of the tongue in the glans uppercut funny with!

“Tart …… suck …… I …… fast ……”

I am extremely comfortable, she does not suck cock! He hastened with both hands to hold her head pulled down, ass straightened big cock hard up straight in her Xiangchun friction endless! Lingling know I’m approaching climax! So her first tongue licking horse eye, taste the unique taste of the man lick the TV drama the glans bottom of the round edge groove meat, and then mouth a full mouth of it. Her head and started down, stop shaking, the mouth of a big cock then the throughput Taonong with constantly hear the sucking sound. Big cock pumping in her mouth, and occasionally, she spit glans, small hand clasped a large penis in small hands knead.

“Oh …… thrilled … so comfortable … tart … you really play … Big Cock …… flaky … fast … do not rub …… …… I want to shoot …”

I am comfortable with legs wriggling endless, straight penis, two red scary! Both hands to hold the head of Lingling, big cock fast Choucha small mouth, Ling-Ling with the Cock’s quite send hands more Push the Taonong the cock, mouth puffed glans.

“Oh …… Oh …… I want to shoot …… Oh …… Shuangsi the …… Oh ……”

I the waist dry violent move very few, the body comfortable flick pleased ejaculation! A deep sense of semen shot in the tinkling of the mouth, Lingling difficult to talk about the semen swallowed belly.

The elder brother are you comfortable? “Her extremely lustful hands stroking my legs, like a baby about her.

“Comfortable, comfortable. Tart, your flute effort … nice …”

“That was your cock … I want to contain. I want to suck your cock …”

Think of Lingling alone mouth will be able to coax the man out fine.

“My husband! Hello Zhuang Oh. Ejaculation, the penis is not yet soft …”

I saw The Lingling hands hold my penis stop stroking, the heart seems to be very pleased.

“Tart! Fast ride to the penis plug you readily …

I seem to get enough said. Fumble on his hands in Lingling covered Xipinenrou about it, and wanton in her two white the big Rufeng on, pulling a finger is also on the red two nipple pinching soft!

“Ah … you necrosis ……”

Just containing I get penis when her vagina has long been itching sexual secretion DC? Fire endless. At this point the breast by my press rubbed tease more Lingling acid itch unbearably. She could no longer stand the temptation.

“Ah … people Xiaoxue …… itch …… ah …… people want your big cock into Langxue …… hum …… dry I am … you do not want to …… hurry up! …”

Then, Ling-Ling has been got up, legs apart cross sitting on his belly, down stretched it out with his right hand, grabbed my thick penis, hold the penis at the sexual secretion gurgling of the vagina closed flirtatious, plump pink hip Push down a ride.

“Oh so beautiful … Well …… Well … your cock is great …… Well …… Xiaoxue good up … good to enrich … Well …… Well ……

The penis to make into the tight tender pussy, so Lingling hit from the bones comfortable? Fire intolerable like a long time have not been adulterers Jour indulging in this passion into the plug hole, Lingling greedy slender live The swing powder face flushed, kept Jiaochuan rounded junk, up and down about, and the crazy from the large penis shoved down Taonong. The delicate Taoyuandong, my thick penis plug protruding ass twist, with the tinkling of the ups and downs the cave outflow of the sexual secretion, along the large penis, shed dripping wet pubic hair four weeks.

“We are not the same position!”

“Well … as long as you like, I can …”

“Well, we have to stand against the walls dry, right?”

For me the recommendations of fact, we have never experienced. So her heart was suspected to try it.

Can, do not you know, when men and women having an affair, often use this position! ”

Then, I will be big penis out, get up out of bed, took Ling-Ling’s arm, went to the corner edge, Lingling nudge powder back snapping the wall, and then I bulging thick penis, and close both hands her slender waist, his lips attached to Lingling lips, exploring her Xiangshe. An extremely warm appearing in her heart, she could not help, the two Fenbi around my neck, take the initiative to cater to, and kiss for a moment, two talents spit tongue, I said Lingling whispers : “Your arms around me, and then lift the left foot.”

The first time in this position, the Lingling shy cheeks flushing gradually from the light, sweetly, ah soon. Her light around my neck with both hands, slowly raised his left foot, I smiled, stretched out his right hand carried hold high the left foot, hold the penis, big penis down wet sexual secretion, top hole.

“Well … you had better mildly …… this position … vagina seems very tight.”

See I plug the hole of the action has been prepared, the tense heart of Lingling deer rattling reddened powder face, a pair of watery eyes looking at me, mouth and softly said.

“Do not worry, I will be done to make you comfortable cool out!”

“Well … good or bad ……

My tall, fit man of Lingling, only to my shoulder height, so my right hand leaning on her left leg, left hand leaning on the penis, pointing Xuekou legs before the song, butt forward a a thick and long cock had entered not into the vagina.

“Oh good up …… ah …… Well ……

My ass vicious before the very strength too much, making the huge swollen glans, suddenly heavy contradict the efforts to reach on the top Lingling Menheng out loud! Penis insert fat hole in his left hand on a narrow waist hugged Ling-Ling’s ass began rocking the very after pick wanton mad inserted the ruthless doing!

“Hey you dry taste … nice …… so comfortable!”

Ling-Ling’s legs standing on the ground, left foot was I carried high, but this kind of posture, making the vaginal wall muscle contraction, Xiaoxue sheets can not be too big, so the Lingling that bright red and juicy Saoxue becomes tight narrow, narrow hole of the spring of my strong hard penis to make the root stuffed, I just feel the vaginal wall was stuffed full, make it tight, she felt abnormal stimulation, tempting ass light light reversed. The beginning, to take this position, we were not yet skilled, only light twisted slow to send the tie.

Choucha after a while, the two men? Fire once again rising, the woman thirsty men greedy passion penis pretty plug and the speed of the wave hip shall twist, suddenly becoming urgent, the Lingling purple mouth Yiwu sound gradually high.

Hey …… hey …… elder brother … ah … Xiaoxue America is dead …… Well … your penis crude …… Well …… Xiaoxue be done …… and Ma … itchy … comfortable …… hum ……

Lingling was I did Fenjia red, looked Unconventional, the sound of the waves again and again, the vagina where bursts of readily shares of Yinye the turbulent flow along the large penis, wet with my pubic hair, I just feel spring Xue Li lubrication my ass, very, very moving to more violent labia also opened a joint issued Zizi sound.

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