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Seventh grade

Winter quietly come, go, and the hot summer which … Only my life, it seems as the temperature was inversely proportional, while back cold pure winter is fiery stimulate the days, of which there are several passing. One of the most special one, Jill. Jill is a typical seventh grade, and still in college, tender not be added to the… (more…)

Cousin and me

The phone rings, I pick up, “Oh … cousin ah ah …… …… Heart can not help but pleasant up, I can go to cousin out. Think of my relationship with the cousin, that can be obtained from my childhood to begin with. Originally, I live in the south, the impression childhood whenever cousin came home, I always play with… (more…)

The girl teacher promiscuous event

Li Qi, a beautiful young female teacher was about to start her teaching career. Look at the body of Ana scene and dazzling appearance: 160cm tall, big eyes, cherry lips, cute red cheeks and long flowing hair, Li Qi, they keep people from students during the pursuit. This is the first year of her formal teaching, she told herself: be… (more…)

Mountain’s love

Zhang Shunting is a 24-year-old boy, looked handsome looks, tall, wide Tan chest because he was sporting, muscle is very strong. His usual dress well, her hair shiny, polished shoes light-emitting, walking Angtou the chest, chic and elegant. The economic condition of his family is very wealthy, often filled with a lot of money in his pocket, shot very generous,… (more…)

Mrs. Tsai

“Big sister, to my house to sit on it!” “No, another day it …” “Come sit right!” Mrs. Tsai dead pull the living pulling Zhuo wife pulled into. This three, forty, crew quarters are a shipping company. Cho Mrs. and Zhuo Wen ultra, before they got married the year the rest have not yet fertility, Zhuo Wen Chao boat Atlantic… (more…)

A thief Aventure

I am a thief to steal a woman’s underwear, briefs, pantyhose, bra or something like that as a career, although the state does not give us this line issued by the occupational level certificate, can I still love and dedication, as all The model workers as conscientious! It should be said, I was still a relatively high quality of the… (more…)

Thriving incest real experience

I called GE Rong, who lives in the north. Grew up in everyone’s eyes is a good boy, academic performance is also good. Occasionally see someone write incest, I also want to write out of their own experience. I used to think the incest is inconceivable that this kind of thing can not happen. Only when I have encountered this… (more…)

I like the semen

I was a graduate student at the University, in graduate school stage encountered a very lustful woman. She is and my a laboratory school girl, then research 2, called Luoya Lu, 25 years old, tall but the figure very shapely sexy, her hips can say the most sexy parts of her body, very rounded strong exception Alice In addition, her… (more…)

Silent dawn

He was to her to read Raymond Deca Buddha, a worship poems of the poet, but Reno escort looked on his pillow and fell asleep. He likes to read aloud, which is his favorite hobby, the concept is very good, sometimes deep depression, sometimes high agitation. In addition to pause and when to reach out and the nightstand take smoke,… (more…)

Care of selling insurance

Girlfriend’s sister thirty-year-old to sell life insurance. So always dressed very sexy. Rumors of selling life insurance Miss engage well. She recently divorced. A person living on the outside on hand tight. Initiated today about my house to talk about life insurance. I’m embarrassed to refuse. Promised … she wore a pink tights to tone zipper, chest, and then her… (more…)

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