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I put on my boots, and head outside with the dogs.  It is frigid out this morning.  Snowed about 6 inches last night.  The dogs bounce through yard and the vast purity of whiteness is ruined by leaves, dirt, and now dog piss and . Continue reading


Our every night soon dwindled to a few nights a week; then more to every week or so as we were just too tired to make love.  Alie began to put on weight and soon was sixty pounds heavier than when I married her.  Her once beautiful body had grown flabby.

I wake up and notice that the sun is shining already.  Fuck.  Despite the warmth and comfort of my feety pajamas, I force myself out of bed and up the stairs to my youngest daughters room.  Baby girl!  Bang, bang, bang.  A muffled response.  Did you turn off your alarm and go back to bed?  You need to get up! It is 8:15!  Youre late for school.

I need more from life than this.  Ashley Madison seems like a good place to meet someone who might have the same needs.  It seems professional, well run.  The women appear (mostly) to be real, erotic story, and interesting.  Scrolling though I find a couple of profiles that seem like a match.  One in particular catches my eye.  We are looking for the same things.  Sex.  Intimacy.  No attachment.  No questions.  I write to her, trying to convey my personality.  I wait. Continue reading

For me it was simply easier to devote more time to my work and spend as much of my time at my office as possible.  It increased the mily earnings and provided me the peace and quiet to relax.  It was my escape. Continue reading


– you get to know each other to meet

Stressed with mily matters, we quarreled often and lived in a constant state of tension.

In the pleasureAshley Madison erotic storys of you

Damn him and his beautiful cockthe point of chatting was to get to know each other

First impression may be wrong, but I am intrigued by his introduction. He speaks so different, not like those other guys with a brain as plain as an unsalted peanut. Every phrase makes me want more. Its like browsing in an old-shioned photo-album where each photo is covered with semi transparent alluring and suggestive.

Again and again

We have been doing this dance of email and text and telephone calls for six months now and have been wanting and frustrated. Now it is time you decide and you ask me my schedule. I tell you and you send me a plane ticket to meet you in Paris, the city of lights. I am excited beyond belief. Five days before I see you my beloved. Five days before I am at last in your arms. Continue reading

Sunday-third times the charm. I said he was good

My beloved has a friend, Sir Richard. Sir Richard lives in Los Angeles.  He trains slaves and owns a mansion high in Holmby Hills.  He has between 5 and 10 slaves who actually live with him and his wife.  His wife, Diana is a Dom also and strikingly beautiful.  In her former life,mahhatan asian escort she was a Victoria Secret model. Continue reading

I have been drifting apart from my wife for years.  She has her issues.  Its complicated (isnt it always).  We have kids.  We are, on the suce, a happy loving mily.  The problem for me is theres nothing beneath that suce.  No passion.  No .  We are roommates.

Stress out, my overworked brain drenches in deep waters of his Aquarius world. My memory is sharp and insatiable. Suddenly I need to know everything about him. Two tempting evenings we spend in virtual reality, getting to know each other. Continue reading

Into the heavens of your lust

Tasting you

No names, no personal info. Were just going to meet up in a completely unlit parking lot at 11 pm to say Hey, howya doing? Nice to meet you then drive back to our respective partners. I feel my lips pull up at the corners as he steps away from his car. His eyes slightly squinting in concentration, giving off that oh so knowing look. Thats a come me look, the little devil on my shoulder whispers in my ear.

Lost are my thoughts

I look at my reflection in high polished desk : tired oversized green eyes stare back at me with frustration. Instead of having fun with my friends whenever I finish my homework, I should be studying for my exams which are in 10 days. My only option is to have an hour break staying in this prison-like room.

Looking into yesterday

Continue reading

Switching on my computer I see that someone has sent me a request in chat. I hit accept and look unblinkingly at his name. Its my vorite male name. Not that it is rare, but still I am hooked and eager to know more.


Saturday-him again. What? He was good, really good.

I float

My beloved and I are married.  I wear his collar and he wears mine. We are both Doms, but he is teaching me since he has more experience than I do, so I acquiesce to him on some things. It is however my choice.  We are looking to add someone to our life, a slave.  We have decided on a female slave.  She will work in our home in New York, travel with us and take care of us.

Monday-took the night off

Wednesday-Nate at the strip club Continue reading

5:30 pm, May 23 1999.

Hi I say, fully smiling now. Continue reading

Tuesday-the meeting with the older guy who said he was youngercouldnt drive away from there st enough.

I lust Continue reading

– you meet to decide whether you want to or not.

Our love life suffered as we spent more and more time on the mily and less on each other.

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