If you have own escort business,don’t cooperate with your friends!

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If you have own escort business,don’t cooperate with your friends!

I guess a lot of people read some book about not cooperating with your family and friends.

Just let me make an example. if you get two troops,one of them are the people in troops all related with you,the other one don’t have any related with you.Now,they gonna have a big fight,we all know  the relater’s troops absolutely fail.

Because,you can do some serious punish on them,and a lot of problem on it.

Anyway,i ask my friend do the new york escort seo with me before,he never pay attention on it.After that,we do something together,still don’t work out,there’s someone always be lazy but still get 50% Net profit.

Anyway,if you want your escort business work out,don’t cooperate with your friends!


Forget about trying improve your new york escort website’s Google rank!

new york escort

Forget about trying improve your new york escort website‘s Google rank!

Recently i usually write some article about new york escort and how to improve your escort business everyday.And post the link and title in Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest.

Do you know what happen? My friend told me that he can get some calls from those websites.i was so curious about this situation before,i was thinking maybe about old customer.and i find out nothing about it.it’s about Facebook.yes,it’s Facebook.one of new york escort Facebook already have 300 friends.I Guess all the customer from there,because i got none of top 30 Google rank.

And,there’s something i wanna told you also,before i got top 10 Google rank with “new york asian escort”,don’t have that good Influence.

Even i still not sure about those data,but i guess more than 80%. Anyway ,I gonna try to prove this as i can.so i decide spend more time in Facebook,not more about Google.

You know,we want Google rank,because it can bring us more customer,but i just find the other awesome way,and it’s more easily.

How ?

Build your own new york escort Facebook,post some picture more like real women in our life,not for model.if your Facebook attract more comments.you will see the “result”.

So,if you still spend a lot of money to hire seoer to improve your new york escort rank in Google,just stop it.

How to use Facebook to improve your new york escort business?

new york escort

How to use Facebook to improve your new york escort business?

I get this picture from Facebook.Do you know what i mean ?

I don’t need to upload some real picture to our new york escort business in Facebook.

Actually we can always find some picture looks like real,like the picture on the top.

What do you think if you’re the customer and saw this picture,and there’s one call for escort service.

Some escort agency will said “if escort girl come there and don’t feel like same,they’re n not gonna call again”.

Let me tell you something true,every time i come to hair salon and i show their picture about “hair style”. They always said “they can cut the exactly same like the picture”,but in the end, forget about it.

It feels like you call for the products in TV,it never be the same.

We try to get hot new york escort girl in our circle,but in the same time,we also need to eat food.you know what i mean,right?

Great,by the way,there are bunch of them use their picture to attract more customer to see their store or MLM system.a lot of people never care about this details,sometimes those guys buy something from her for chat with her.

You understand what i say?easy as you think,Don’t be Dedication.

If you don’t know how to write an article for new york escort,you can make a video for new york asian escort

If you don’t know how to write an article for new york escort,you can make a video for new york asian escort.

There’s a example for new york asian escort video:

Wanna attract more girls?find a escort service first!!

find a escort service
Wanna attract more girls?find a escort service first!!why?
I think a lot of men have one problem :Sense of demand too strong,this will scare girls run out of you.
Three girlfriend broke with me,because this problem.
Men is hard to resolve this problem,if you still are virgin.If you had sex with another girl,you won’t have too
strong Sense of demand if you don’t,you won’t take too much about caring about your girlfriend.
After bunch of facts,i realize if you wanna attract more girls,you must slow down your 需求感,then chat with more girls.
First,to become the talkative guy in front of girls,be confident,those thing is very important.
I’m not gonna to say a lot about pick-up game,but if you’re a virgin and you wanna find a girlfrined.
I suggest you find a escort service first!!
I saw this in pick-up game book,and some of them had done the same thing,and he changed.
Believe it or not,it’s your choice.

Analyze why men looking for escort service?

men looking for escort service

Analyze why men looking for escort service?

After i know a lot of pick-up game and i talk with a lot of adult people,i know something you would never know.

You go out for another women or your wife go out to find an another lover,maybe you two do that both.In that time,you guys almost is looking for body’s happiness,not for Emotional.

But sometimes,they can’t control their mind,so  affair always go with divorce,sometimes murder. I’m no kidding,we can see a lot of news about it in TV or internet.

Anyway,if you’re looking for escort service,it’s hard to let those things happen.

Men looking for escort service is good for family.that’s all i wanna tell you.

Believe it or not,it’s a true here.

why do A lot of SEOERs and escort agencies quit their jobs?

big tits escort

why do A lot of SEOER and escort agency quit their jobs?i still remember when i work for seoer as full-time,there are a lot of seoer work for escort and a lot of escort agencies,but recently i ask some friend for working for escort agencies.
They said is not easy to find a seoer for working new york escort,i can totally understand why.
Because if there’s another choice,i may quit the seoer for new york escort.
There are a lot of stress for this job,search engine make a little change,your website’s rank drop,your customer may not want you to do with their website.
And different payment method.And,day by day,i feel like i already too lazy to work a lot for seo.
If i only work for seo,i can’t live with it.but if i get another job,there’s a big problem,i don’t have a lot of time to do seo for “new york escort”.
Why do i still not give up?
Forget about it,it’s a only Habit,it becomes to part of my body.If i don’t do anything for it,like couple days,i will feel like  something wrong.
By the way,A lot of my old customer quit “escort agency”,because they can earn enough money on it.some of them decide to be a driver.
Anyway,it’s not easy to work on those jobs.i must can handle those stress.

Want your new york escort website have stable rank in Google?

new york escort website have stable rank in Google

Want your new york escort website have stable rank in Google

It’s same rules as seek a girl or woman,you want girl to like you? you should not surround her ,it’s about attractive her to surround you.This is point.

If customer like to see the content in our website,customer like to comment in our website.I do believe you will get at least top 3 rank in Google,that’s true.this is the reason some Citysearch or yelp’s single page can get more higher rank in Google.

Surround customer not for Google,you will get  unexpected result.but if you surround the google,like you post the trash article or build the link as same.your escort website can get the rank right now,but it will drop down lately.i watch the bunch of escort websites change their rank in Google.i have been researching this for over two years.and the result is care about your customer more than Google.but you still need to do some change for Google,like internal building for your escort website.

Want your new york escort website have stable rank in Google?Follow my ideas,you will get the thing you want,but i don’t know how much you understand for this topic.

Patient and hard-working.that’s it . The number one escort website will be yours.

Still confuse with not even one customer call for your escort service?

contact escort

If you’re new for escort agency.After first round spread,you still don’t get any call for your escort service.
You may post a little backpage ads,just have new website,post some free ad in category website or you post the ads in eros.
Be patient or get out of this circle.this is true.a lot of new escort agency don’t earn any money for first three months or more.I’m not kidding you,they talk to me about this.you can said they lied to me,it doesn’t matter.
Not only in escort service,like 2 years ago,me and my friend try to sell sexy toys in new york.our target is the chinese in us.i don’t find any competitor in new york sell this online or they don’t know how to improve their website’s rank in Google.
Anyway,i get the rank in Google easily.a lot of keywords are top 1 in Google.but no one call me for service or buy my product in my website.I’m almost get despair.
But things changed after 3 month.i don’t why,more and more customer call me for product or buy product in my websites.
Laterly,i build the first new york escort websites.it get the same result.i call this “D3″,means “delay for 3 month”.
The another wired thing happens,but i gonna show you in next topic.

Why wife can never give you something that escort girl can give to you?

escort girl

Why wife can never give you something that escort girl can give to you?

Those words come from my friend’s words.he’s in china and he’s 41 years old.how can i know him ? i think no one wanna know that.OK,let me introduce him.

He is a boss from the clothes store.he usually went to the brothel twice a week.he’s living in dongwang.dongwang is in the china,but this town is very famous,because of “escort girl“. The escort girl here is incall.you go to that Club(brothel),there have more than 200 girls stand there waiting for your pick,sometimes they wear Sexy lingerie,sometimes they wear nurse clothes.it’s more like to pick the model,and it’s not only about sex.they have a lot of new style services.

Forget to tell you guys,he’s already 41.his wife is hot when she was young.but 20 years past,not only she get old,but also he’s bored with him.but they not gonna divorce.even his wife knows he go out for escort girls.that’s in china,it happens.

Men like “sex”,like to sex with hot and young women(girls). It’s the human nature.even women is the same.

From the data,70% of killer are not good at social,they never sex with girls before.

Release the pressure,get the escort service.Life gonna be more good.


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