Fuzhou massage parlors real-life experience

School in Fuzhou, the work has been seven years, has never been irregular ambiguous place. That night nothing to do, thought out for a walk, then went out on a walk up. I live near the great blessing, a long way to go on to a nearby beauty of a street in Fuzhou people should know that here is the famous red-light district known, are lit every dark red bulb, it really is real red light district! Oh!

Was the summer, most of the glass doors are closed, the outside surface do not see a person, seems to have a massage in the package box! Really disappointed, do not see the woman. Walked a few, most are like this, wanted to turn back, you can see there is a far door was open, there are two girls sitting in front of the sofa to chat, it seems as if no guests, I slowly walked over, wow race, sex, and a ramp * with the legs, upper body light yellow camisole, pants wearing a white miniskirt, and the other a black tight-fitting Dress, delicate white skin, full breasts, low-cut harness clothes exposing deep cleavage, is also a good long face, big eyes watery, his mouth an awesome rhyme heart and soul of obsequiousness. Body really did not say, but I wonder how a woman is not such a good guest? Is not difficult to sell? To see the guests, wearing a white dress of the girl got up and greeted as a very short skirt, she will pay * with the legs apart, I saw a dress in a pink underwear, can not help but secretly excited. Is like it, I have come before her, she looked at me, I looked at her daring, her eyes strained from time to time sweep swept away in the chest, then she whispered to me that the sentence: ” knock back it, handsome? “, I usually do not enter this place, but today I do not know how, just want to go wash the head. I looked around, as if no one is paying attention to me, on the inside.

At the door only to see a woman sitting in the shop also, it seems thirties, long and normally, needless to say, must be boss, and when the white dress the girl asked me: “wash your hair or knock back? “” will wash it! ”

She let me sit in a chair, a towel on the head and neck around, pour rubbing up on shampoo. Then I looked at her mirror, it looks also 18,9 years old, tall and embossed a cause, not very hip, but the sharp upturned, looked exciting. Ears show off her short hair better this ZHANG Xiu-face, who exudes a faint smell, not like a perfume, incense it is probably a woman. Very nice, may not sell it, so it no guests. Thought of here, I am quite disappointed. I chatted with the proprietress East La Xila days, do not matter the topic, I also absent-minded did not have a random sentence accosted.

Soon, the girls said to me wash your hair, almost, red about it, I stood up, flushing can not find a place where, Long island  Fashionable escort said: “inside!” I saw behind the curtain there is a block up half of the place, behind Zhang chair, I went over to see the original beauty as high as people are up to punch above his chair, and good good, good equipment, I lie down, the girl on the station bend in my side to help me wash, wow, chest less than an inch from my face, camisole hanging down through the neckline, to see the deep cleavage next to the exposed lace bra. Because of her hands still for me the punch, so the pair of left and right breasts shaking, my big mouth to swallow the saliva, really want to touch. Curtain hanging, I can not see the outer room of people, to hell with it, intentionally or unintentionally, gently touch her buttocks, as bent over, skirt close to the body, I can feel the underwear of the triangular shape. Tried two or three times, seeing that Long island  Fashionable escort did not respond, big up my courage, on hand to hug her waist, gently stroking. She also did not make the resistance movements, only obliterated in serious bubble on my head, I have more daring, and on her back by a little, her chest on the pressure in my face, I on the situation in the cleavage Shangtian a bit, she immediately straightened up, put my hair with a towel wrapped up for me: “it! to blow out about it!” I thought, perhaps it really is not selling, or At this time the tease me. So I stood up and walked out of a chair, then look at my boss asked me not to wash the knock back, I would like to have no drama, said: “I first hair dryer it! “hair of the girl came to me blowing hair, blow after the start of the semi-dry scalp and face massage for me and brought my head down on her chest * a, Zhenshuang. Then I felt my little brother a little impulsive.

Other shoulder massage finished, I asked the boss how much knock back? Boss said: “50. Shampoo money is also inside the” I do not know Then comes the question, anyway, have come, they can only be the final say. Said: “That to a bar!” Shampoo girl when I went on the collar just punch the place, I said: “In this you?” The girl said with a smile: “No, there’s a door you did not see it? “Then put the door open and went in, I want to just focus on her full breasts may be on! Here’s a side door did not even see, Oh, normal to normal.

House which is not large, decorated with two massage beds, a small light hair with dark pink light, surrounded by the atmosphere full of lust. My little brother has a bit hard up. Girl shut the door, let me lie on the bed and began to massage my back, technology in general, but the action was very gentle, very comfortable feeling or by for a back, she told me to stand free, massage it on my chest I think tickling, they say, do not, according to the other bar. She is my arm massage, I will close my eyes to enjoy, and after a while, my hand touched a mass of soft stuff, I open eyes aiming a bit, because she touch the chest at the time with my hand, ha, started teasing me! I also blunt, I take advantage of her chest touching up. Just across the vest touch feeling not so cool. I put down to pull on the vest, but did not pull down, then the girl looked at me and smiled, put on his vest, lift up, revealing impressive breasts, no bra strap is pink, and that the half of half layers of translucent layers of lace around the edges, forming a deep cleavage groove, a pair of pink and purple nipples Banlu out, suddenly my second child fast hard up support from a small tent . Then my hands began to move down, pull down her bra, suddenly revealed the bell-shaped perfect breasts, hands rubbing my breasts, pinching her nipple.

Then she put the body, took off his sandals and climbed up the massage table, raised to mention him in my riding skirt and began to squeeze my shoulder, beating with my hands touched her breasts, thighs apart as Of course, within the triangle dress pants at a glance, it really is pink, the middle of the narrow, just to wrap that place, the upper half or semi-transparent, so that I can see faint black domesticated hen’s pubic hair, if present , underwear showing more obvious around the handful of black hair, and she begins to bulge like a small head high, excited me, little brother of the higher branches, top in her ass. She also felt the changes I deliberately move a few hips, rubbing on my little brother a few. Then she began: “The plane hit a bar!” I want to hold onto what little brother, then it may be too sorry, and asked: “How much?” She said: “50!” I said: “Too expensive, too expensive! outside shot also hit a 100 (listen to my friends say). “Long island  Fashionable escort said:” You done know it is worthwhile, and are satisfied you look for it! “I said, Well . She got out of bed, the door was locked, and walked out under the bed next to a box, I think, is to hold the toilet paper it may be how to bring it so long? I close my eyes to relax you little brother, so after a while may not pay out too fast, and after a while she may Grab something, and walked over to open, pull my pants zipper, I lift from the hips to let her take my underwear off, or did not open my eyes, or saw the breasts of attractive little brother will certainly come out too quickly. Then I heard water “squelch” sound, I do not know she was doing. Suddenly, my second child while warm, I was shocked, do not be like cutting SM play with her second child, I saw eyes wide open, she turned to me with a towel to wash her second child, I loose a sigh of relief, thinking, this towel usually used in negative net? She could guess my mind, and said: “This is one of the wipes, rest assured, to ensure clean!” I nodded, her second child in a hot towel to stimulation, and hard up. She said, your stuff is really big, I think, my second child know how much I want to tease me, the door did not, I long to her second child is not very long, 12 centimeters or so, but very thick, sex with my girlfriend, she always said a good thick, dry up, she is good. Soon, she washed my dick, you hand hold my dick rubbing up and down, the way is very skilled, jacking off with my own almost, playing for a while and, with a small bottle in my old two drops on a number of liquid lubricating fluid may be it, she used two fingers sliding gently on the **, head out of my second child while feeling comfortable hemp, she said there is also a little oil of God components, which can play a bit longer.

I think this attitude is pretty good, so rub for a while, I felt her second child a little numb, feeling more like shooting low, the oil may play a role of God, and she asked me if I was her second child a little buzz I nodded, she took his arm bent up, caught my second child, said it was chicken wings sausage stew, I laugh again, saying that you really want to come out. Feeling really good, she played for a hand, say that this is sausage stew chicken legs, I felt an unprecedented level of comfort, this shampoo girl seems really good effort to fight planes, after a while, she let me sitting on the bed, with a pair of large milk caught her second child, said it was milk sausage stew, but with breast sandwiched, the speed of slow moving, not very exciting, but the second child so to feel sandwiched comfortable, she said, I usually let the guests can hit more than twenty minutes, so that it can repeat customers, I asked how are you today no guests, and other stores all people? She said all the other family’s beauty salon plus holes of the flute, and I do not do.

I thought: “You pretend to be ladies? Not just want to add money?”, I took out two hundred dollars from the purse to her, she then stuffed socks in the past, smiled at me with a towel My second child rub a little, knelt in front of me, grabbed my dick with both hands, the entrance, and tongue gently around my dick, one last look of swinging. I can not help but change the position lying in bed, let her lie on my belly suck, lick, bite my dick. Then her ass facing me, I stroked back and forth across the underwear by hand, and inserted a finger inside the vagina along, long before the wet underwear on, I simply reach into the briefs, direct touching the genitals, she got up and took off his underwear, exposing her plump pussy.

I kept her hands to and fro near the vaginal opening of feeling, sexual secretion flow out a little bit, the harder she sucked my dick, after a while, I said: “Well, do not blow up.” She is what I want to do, pick up a condom apart, but on the mouth, put his mouth to me, Wow, Zhenshuang, she stood up, ride on me, hand on second child, slowly sit down, a little tight hole, she probably is not enough lubrication it, inserted a few did not go on with the little bottle and added a lubricating fluid, try this on smoothly under the second child Cave of slid into her, her vagina really flexible and inclusive, plug in the end, she is not action, but what about with pussy in the suction of my second child, semen, almost give suck out. I am busy breath, hard to hold back, they are not so little brother to hand over the goods. Her body back again, change to the front legs, hands propped upper body, so I can see my dick in her hole Choucha look, her hips began to move slowly up and down, I can see Na Liangpian thick penis into the labia is out, it feels really cool.

This did for a while, she said, tired, and I below, you come to dry me? I sat up, she said, slowly, do not let it out, I said, no problem, I would hold her out of bed, the second also inserted on the inside, I put her on the bed on her two legs stand on the shoulders, stood on the ground hard, dry her, she tossed my head with the action called up, after a while I changed several positions, and thus did ten minutes so it may be that the relationship between oil, coupled with the isolation of condoms, how can not shoot out, she gave me to be a very tough battle dry, soft lay, but hard to Langjiao! I do not know that she is not out of the climax, just care about my little brother is not happy tonight, too fast.

They did for a while, she said: “how can you be so powerful it? Not come out?” I said: “This oil may be your relationship now! How also do not come out!”, She thought a moment and asked me: “What you do not have the disease? cap took to do it or else!” I said: “I certainly did not diseases, do you have any disease?”, she looked at me seriously, said: “I am sick! “spoke, he raised his hips to the back a bit, the second to slip out, she pulled out a condom, and hold on to her second child inserted into it, **, moves really fast, up to two seconds before and after I became really real gun and knife she did. Between her hands on his legs, stroking his genitals, fingers rub on their clitoris, and I feel her moist vagina wall friction is the root of my whole penis. I feel more excited, and my penis has become more hard. I rub her chest, while holding her plump ass, himself deeply into her body. I felt her body become too rigid, her fingers rubbing hard on in *. She began to excitement, but also because of her vaginal spasms, and sucking my dick tightly, I think she may be the climax to the bar.

She even forced to shake my hand back and forth of the hips, so my penis to be more depth to her body. Then I restrain it! Second child twitch violently and began to shoot semen intense, constant injection, deeply injected into her body. I am excited to the extreme, it seems that even the heart to be stopped. I kept on holding her waist and hips as much as possible to lift her, so I inserted the second child of a deeper ejaculation, she tightly close to my belly, my vagina is also squeezing the penis, seems to want to I have sucked all the sperm of her body.

I live in the glamorous young woman upstairs

I live in the mansion, often met a beautiful young home young woman, her figure and looks very attracted my attention, this day I get off, you see her with a two year old daughter in front of go, the little girl refused to walk shilly-shake that hand and holding a young woman in the supermarket to buy back many things. So I went on, help her pick up the child, the three went into the building, then into the elevator.

In my view missed, immediately asked: “The wife, I do not know how to call?”

Jiao said the young woman voice: “My husband named Ma, may I ask your name then?”

I immediately yelled: “Hello Mrs Ma! My name is Mr Li, people call me Ah Wei, was a bachelor, a single person to live.”

“Where Lee was born in another job?”

“My friends and partners for a small business.”

They talk the talk, between the elevator has stopped, two out of the elevator, and then went to Mrs Ma’s door, Queens Fashionable escort opened the door and went in, I carried my little girl, also with Matthew went inside.

Mrs Ma put in the hands of something, the little girl said: “Helen! Home, Come down, uncle hold it must be tired.”

I slowly put down the little girl, repeatedly said: “I’m sorry! Sorry! I please come in on their own.”

Ma wife smiled and said: “have come in, and also what kind, sit down it! We are all neighbors it! Should move around each other, contact the contact feeling! As the saying goes, distant neighbor is better than it! If the house has a What changes, and take care of each other, Ye Hao a, Lee! you think so? ”
Queens Fashionable escort said as she went tea hospitality.

“Yes! Is! Matthew right pole, and neighbors should live in harmony and mutual help.” I should be the side of his mouth, while staring at a pair of bedroom eyes, journeying watching her every move that thin narrow waist, fat ass Alice, twist the pendulum of walking back, it is truly beautiful, his hands holding a cup of tea before I came to, which of the tall plump breasts, as Queens Fashionable escort The Limbo, one last look at the constantly trembled, I see the body heat, fierce swallow.

When Matthew bent over the cup on tea on the children, the “wow!” So she bit trendy women, which did not take bra, bending over her in this, the two big plump white breasts, naked before my eyes. Large breasts snow snow red as strawberries and two nipple-like, clear picture, so I put the stud body hairs, I felt fever, shortness of breath heart, the following piece of big cock also excited Gao Qiao , involuntarily Ting Ying up.

Ma wife put away the cup, sitting on the sofa opposite me asked: “Lee, I see all of your financial ability and the conditions are very good! Why not get married?”

“Upon my honor Mrs. Ma said, first, there were no objects that fall in love, the second thing anyway, I am still young! Slowly, it does not Jiya! Come much love to play more years, find the object of marriage is also no later than them! ”

“Ah! Lee to say, so I feel the same, once married to lose share of freedom and fun of friends and I really regret it too early to get married, or single men and women was free to do just happy.”
“Such as Matthew married a wealthy husband, to live is so preferential treatment, will be very happy, and now a lot of girls want to marry a rich husband like you, can not find it ? I really do not understand how horses will regret it your wife? ”

I heard her arguments, I know the front of the glamorous young woman in the midst of the depression of thirst, because her tone had been revealed. Sure enough, the horse his wife and said “Oh! Every family has its cupboard, not to mention this is a secret between husband and wife, how people outside the nerve to say that? Well, do not say! A lift handy I do not mind happy, Mr. Lee! we talk about something else! ”

“Fine!” I thought to wondered, of course I know his wife at this time may have already Chunxindangyang horse, put up thirsty though, her face flushed hot, and shortness of breath, look, it has been displayed. Only a woman born shy and share the dignity and modesty of women, although the heart is thousands of willing Wan willing, but still dare to come out of the big show, not to mention she is a good woman miles! Addition to suggesting in addition, have to take their first offensive of the initiative.

So I will wait and bide one’s time, again to the happy hunting this sheep happy.

“Lee, if I take the taste does matter, your parents, family members where they live! Why you moved to the present, in addition to a middle-aged to a beautiful wife outside, never seen someone come to your house, who wife is your family do? ”

“I am an orphan, already deceased parents, brothers and sisters did not, which my wife is a former middle-aged parents of the students tuition, because she was very sympathetic to my unfortunate experience, so as to take care of me like a mother to comfort me, so I got lost maternal love and the pleasure of life. ”
“Ah! Is so kind of thing, but I do not know how she cared for you, comfort you, make you enjoy life fun?, Can not say it to hear it?”

“This …”

“If Lee intended to talk about stars, then forget it.”

“No! Not reluctant to talk about, but I want you to promise me to be a condition.”

“What condition?”

“Condition is very simple, because I grew up, wretched, if not abandoned, please make my sister Matthew, gave me the long-siblings to love, can it?”

Mrs Ma sweet smiles: “I have qualified to be your sister do?”

“Of course, you know! If I like you really have a graceful, exquisite and beautiful sister! Happy to fall asleep, wake up and it will laugh!”

“Ah! Well! Think of your mouth really sweet, so beautiful people are good at, anyway, I did not my brother, put you as a brother now!”

“Thank you, sister!”

“I’m her parents, surnamed Li, Mei called me one, you better call me sister Rose, now willing to talk about it?”

“The way it is, I had worked in the U.S. capital Matheson, because it is a small staff, so pay little point deduction in order to increase revenue, they should frame to Mrs Wong family, he was her son’s tutor. Mrs Wong’s husband is a Tate, out Jinwucangjiao, often do not go home, the expense of home Mrs Wong, Mrs Wong who was in his early thirties to middle-aged woman, was unbearable loneliness, of depression and sexual thirst, and lured me to lonely and bored her to solve her order and I can easily tryst, afraid of the child at home will be seen before buying this unit to me, asked me to resign from the company’s positions during the day at home waiting for her to come and rendezvous. She treated me is another thoughtful and gentle, like a motherly love, like a wife, so I get double enjoyment, I have to tell you all the facts are out. Mei sister! sure you keep a secret for me to remember, Do not speak out for others ah! ”

“Of course I will keep secret for you, you control worry! My good brother, I really think of you, the handsome, younger brother of the body healthy and strong body, Yan Fu is not really shallow, so a like a mother and wife U.S. middle-aged woman, so dead in love with you! I really envy the wife too! ”

“Oh! My sister Rose! What you envy it! Your husband was in his thirties, when their old business and big money, living life and YoYo, I was envious of you!”

“Just enjoy life, what’s the use of material, clear and physically not enjoy God, That is what people uncomfortable too!”

“What? Listen to your breath, your body is like God and God in emptiness and depression loneliness it?”

“All right! You are now my close friends, and I do put my mind depressed, have you talked about it!”

“Yes! So that it can spit fast, it can relieve your heart sad and boring, and I feel happy and cheerful to love God thing! Life, you only have just a few decades of life, why do not bask, And asking for trouble? sister Mei Am I right you see it? ”

“Yes! You are right most, so I just said sorry too early to get married, and you asked me why I regret, I did not answer you, this is our privacy between husband and wife, inconvenience to the edge due to speak to outsiders. In fact, my husband and Mrs Wong’s husband is the same virtue, he filled me on the outside life of debauchery, chaos play a woman, apart from the outside Jinwucangjiao not outside, but it is countless number of women on and off bed! Although he go home every night, but not drunk, came back that night, tired tired of fell down to sleep, like a dead pig of the same, it makes me angry to see one! I wife than the king who better not go there. ”
“That’s Strange Bedfellows your marriage does not mean that it? You bear his sister Mei this indifferent attitude of you?”

New Year’s 3P documentary

New Year’s Day, night, a drink, cell phone hanging from Q and friends killing time, intends to sleep when the phone rang, and a strange number and a strange voice.
“Hello, I’m color Yun’s friends, Fashionable escort in brooklyn drank too much, we are in 1980 it, you quickly come ah, Fashionable escort in brooklyn was designated to you to pick ah” Then there hung up the phone, I hit my friend Cai Yun’s phone, the phone off, and dressed me out the door.
We talk about with my friends color Yun, 26, an advertising company to do business in the manager, we know at a party, when Fashionable escort in brooklyn and her boyfriend told me a man child to eat talk business, my friend pulled me to accompany them, was left on the phone. Cai Yun is not beautiful, looks pretty handsome, but a small chest and nipple by her man do a lot, not looking at how comfortable. I chose to go for three reasons, first is the color Yun and her men have been separated, and now she and her empty bed after the separation of I man on her once, very good in bed; second, her hair the following few genital very beautiful; the third and most make my heart that she Jiaochuang voice, that ecstasy ah, definitely better than a small number of poor in Japan.
Ten minutes later I arrived at the bar, saw her and the two girls together is still drinking, did not look drunk, call the boss I had led half a dozen wine sat in the past.
“You’re not drunk, unconscious of it?”
“They are a joke, we play the game it” color Yun looked at me, a small blush flushed, very lovable, see my heart Feelings eyes itch.
“Or color Yunjie happiness ah, a telephone man came, the two of us poor. Handsome Hello, Happy New Year, I Tang Rui, Kung Hei Fat Choy, red envelopes used to” color Yun said in a small beautiful friends, this Little Miss is really small eyes, small nose, the whole people of weird, the only downside is that the chest is also small.
“This is Xiao Tang, our company’s new this year, Hunan, Chinese New Year did not go back This is Sun Li, Xiao Tang fellow, settled down in Chengdu, Xiao Tang today was dragged out of me and this guy is paid,” Cai Yun introduced, the hand is very natural to pull over, when the introduction has been holding my arm against my body. I simply stir in a fight to the sound of color into the arms hug Yun, began with everyone drinking, time flies, a little more middle of the night when everyone has drunk dizzy, and the bar has no a few tables of people, and Sun beauty pleading for his life with the first retreat, leaving Xiao Tang, Cai Yun and me.
“I go to the bathroom,” said Cai Yun
“I go” belly filling a wine, I stood up and shaking, this time has been wearing the Q ring.
“Chirp a call, you have to go pee, ah, ah you do not come back before giving birth,” Xiao Tang took the bottle began to tease us
“Your Q is not a chirp call ah?! Beauty Q How much?”
“Tell me you, I added you,” said Little Miss took out a cell phone, HD2, a good vigorous ah
“417,066,755″ Cai Yun was not finished dragging walked to the bathroom. Only one toilet, two of us are on the shaking went in, I entered the bathroom a color Yun hand into his clothes, pinched her breasts, she had no underwear.
“Little tart, not wearing a bra, lie came to me, afraid I raped you, ah” Then I kiss her ears, her ears are very sensitive to her place, basically a lick people on the crash, what resistance have not, not what I expected, she lay the whole person into my arms.
“What kind of bra, I did not wear underwear, you is not never been bullied, but also do not care about this twice,” she can not stand, and turned his head to kiss my hand to my pants stretch, grab my JB . I listen to her Meichuanneiku, hand reached into her pantyhose, underwear really is not, and has a wet mess, and are so polite I also used what, ah, a hard hand on her pantyhose ripped off San Liangxia I went out JB, aimed at her wet pussy an infiltration, JB instant of time surrounded by the warm Midong.
“… Ah … ah … ah … do not … … … … … … ah … can not stand up … stand …” after I insert in the self-serving fast Choucha up, color has been kinky before Yun watery, and hit bottom this time with the “flap” sound and Choucha time “tut” sound. I thought she said, can not stand is that cool, and totally did not consider her bladder pressure, and then I was struggling to hit a few times after I know she really can not stand.
“Xiao Tang beauty that you get to me, I will let you ah.”
“… Ah … die … you … you have to go … ah … ah … ah … wait any longer … … … … … … do not do the subject … … ah … … … … … … ah … can not stand the … ah!!! “With her rapturous groan, her urinary incontinence, and urine, a column of water rushed out, and some flow down along the thighs, my whole silly in there.
“Woo … you, necrosis you, woo … … how can you do this to me, say I can not stand, you have so ruthless, ah …” He stood up, JB from inside her pussy off out.
“Is not to be seduced you, and we do not drink, and go to my right there,” I smoked a piece of paper to clean up their own JB
“Let me tell you not to toss me back one, you are beautiful,” she said as she took off the tights, JB turned on to help me clean the white residue, and then helped me put the water leaning JB, letting I pinched a few breast, we out of the bathroom.
“Come back Yo, I thought you two ran away it directly”
“Run away with you ah have, or what the two of us ran the momentum,” she said jokingly Cai Yun. We sat down and began a round of beers after the big battle, always intentionally or unintentionally, to the color Yun Xiao Tang alcoholism, I always unintentional hand to buckle color Yun did not wear underwear thigh, and again by with a small Tang also fingers the opportunity to drink to a length, and made color Yun has been looked weird. More than two in the morning, Xiao Tang fell, pulled pak we kill to my residence. Along the way we are leaning Xiao Tang, I wipe her a lot of oil, everyone was touched, and there is also the side of the color Yun I changed the kind of bully with.
And the girlfriend I have been separated single, standard room accommodation is simple, that straightforward and is a room with a bed, brought down to the bed Xiao Tang, Cai Yun and I went into the bathroom. Air conditioning in my room has been open, the temperature is relatively high, Cai Yun I San Liangxia took off his shirt, she took off my pants, grabbed JB unconsciously Taonong up, I get rid of his shirt, the according to bend over her, cock in her face on a bomb. Cai Yun usually do not like oral sex, not how good technology, but today did not care so much, from the bar out of my bathroom JB had not softened. Holding her head up quickly spot checks, she did not spit out a few of my JB, leaning on the washing station retching up. I knelt down, holding her ass from behind, very easy to inserted two fingers of her vagina, began to buckle up in her vagina, is not it G I do not know, while Cai Yun did not lie in the wash station began to tremble, and the groans of ecstasy mouth I carried away. Toss for a while, I know the war is certainly in bed tonight, do not hurry, we bathed together, Yun Cai, Mimi, though small, painted bath rub up on me, or feeling full. Cai Yun took parts in the closet put on my shirt, I left bare ass out of bed turn on the TV sat, color Yun holding a hair dryer to help dry my hair, shoulder massage to help me, we found Xiao Tang also fully clothed in bed, I glanced at the Cai Yun.
“Tonight happy, while a” While I enjoyed the massage Yun Cai, Cai Yun, while pinching the nipple.
“Well, when you’re not afraid that the ability to” JB Cai Yun and shoot me a bit that
“You are forgetting the lessons of the last of the bar, hum,” I smiled a bad color Yun fingers into the vagina, forced to buckle under
“Ah ~ ~ bad guys! Ah, tap, ah ~ ~ ~” said Cai Yun began Fasao of Langjiao, my hands started quickly Taonong of JB
“I, I … I … I … … … …” I picked up the color Yun Xiao Tang threw her around, I stood beside the bed her legs apart against the shoulder, one leg kneeling on the bed, JB on the top inside. After the top of the glans into the top of the cervix, the tension JB put up under the one stimulus, and secondly to give a woman a process of adaptation, this is my very favorite way, woman is generally most useful. Short-term adjustment, I started slowly gentle twitch.
“… Ah … ah …” Cai Yun began to whisper moaned, this time I saw next to Xiao Tang’s eyes blink a little, slightly open and immediately closed, and I know that little girl woke up, I began to move very quickly JB, Cai Yun severely dry.
“… Ah … ah … ah … light points … … … … ah …” Cai Yun was disrupted my rhythm, I looked to see to understand over Xiao Tang, began more loudly Jiaochuang, I also put a place to lay her top in the past Xiao Tang.
“Ah … I … … cool … … … ah … big … … … ah … good hard … ah … ah … … top … … … ah … the top into the … … … ah … the top to the … … ah … The not a top ah … … … … … … itch … to … ah … “Cai Yun Xiao Tang around the time to hand grasped the hand of Xiao Tang, Cai Yun is because I am the top to the bed, and I also went to the whole person bed, intentionally or unintentionally on the Xiao Tang hand on his chest and began kneading her breasts. I let the color Yun turned over, her hands from behind her, Yun submissive color stick up the ass, just head to the Xiao Tang ears nice post, I held JB Cai Yun of pussy jacking, Cai Yun, a hot air jet pretended to sleep in the ear of the Xiao Tang, Xiao Tang instant the whole face was red.
“… Ah … ah … good … good … … … … ah … comfortable …” Cai Yun side Langjiao, while charming casual look back it seems like looked at me sad, makes me even more fed up, took her two arms, fast and crashed into her ass, stuck color Yun’s pussy and watch pak shy look, Choucha dozens pleasure unite under and feel soon shot came out called involuntary .
“Ah … no … can not shoot inside … … ah …” Cai Yun feel I want to shoot, and quickly said to me, I still feel to be shot, hurry pull out cock, hand-pulled color Yun’s arms, poor control of ejaculation in the direction, of a thick semen shot on color Yun’s pussy, ass, there are a lot of hitting back on the bed, but unfortunately my shirt, ah, finished shooting I leaned holding color Yun heavy breathing heavily.
“Whew, little tart, you call the good sounds ah, most like to hear you Jiaochuang” I touched the side of the nipple color Yun, while that
“Ah ~ ~” Choi Yun spoiled like close to my arms, tenderness of the moment began to pick up the pieces Choi Yun, clean up the semen on the sheets, the two of us walked into the bathroom, pretended to sleep in bed thinking of Xiao Tang, I began pondering Guizhu Yi.
“Wait your clothes off to pak Well,” I touch the side of the bath to the side of said color Yun, Cai Yun pretended not to hear, wash after we went to bed naked, lying in bed after Cai Yun moment, and then Xiao Tang’s clothes or put off, and do not know pak is not awake, and Xiao Tang is very obedient, underwear unlock when I saw that the pellets nipple Xiao Tang, light flesh-colored areola, I can not wait to go see latch sucking a few mouthfuls, faded skirt, exposing the pink underwear, there are even small rabbits, adorable. To Xiao Tang undressed, got up and drink the saliva Choi Yun, and then to indicate the middle of my sleep, I was happy on her a fiercely pro, this is obvious to me to create opportunities for ah.

I love the passion roommate

This evening, I was to pay for next week’s report and sat at my desk, the name of the keyboard quickly. Although
Half of my room is located below ground, but open the windows in the hillside so the idea is pretty cool. Cool
The wind constantly blowing from the windows, as I eliminated a lot of heat during the day brought. Suddenly, the door is opened, a small
Qi ran in, tolerant escort in new jercy is my roommate next door, to see her still wearing a white shirt and a short denim skirt, you know
Said she Gangdao Jia.
“Sally, I play by phone about you!” So I do not answer calls on squatting before the call from the phone.
Since my desk is a desk and type, so I have to put carpet on the floor, and I sat on the floor playing on the computer, my
Phone is placed on the ground, in front of the phone is a color TV. “Hey! Little Shakespeare, I have at home.
…, “When I turned around to see the little kei, tolerant escort in new jercy is squatting 45 degree angle at me, while watching TV while happy
Speaking of the phone. Although I use a small corner of my eye looking at Qi, but I have been dumbfounded the whole person, the eyes
Can not be removed.
I changed from her slightly open legs crouched in her underwear to see that little white cotton panties, tolerant escort in new jercy
Did not find that I was watching her. I have also taken time carefully Duanliang small Qi figure, tall and one hundred sixty-two tolerant escort in new jercy has
32B, 23,33 the standard measurements, “This is he told me,” especially her legs become more slender and
A bit rosy, rare is that she has a super cute oval face and long hair. However, up to now
Did not pay a sophomore still had a boyfriend, according to her, because she read the junior and senior high school are girls, and I
Her freshman year and she became is there, but rarely see her with other boys talked too much, then, apart from me,
I do not know why she would be more words to me.
Love scenes drama exploded in loud let me back to reality, small Qi position has not changed, and the primary
Holding a microphone, another hand-rolled around the telephone line, when I was preparing to land when their attention back to the computer screen, but then
Degree picture to see more Thunderbolt, still can not get my eyes away from her. Qi was originally a small telephone line in the play
Hand, has now put his chest, and seemingly inadvertently solved a button, have taken advantage of the clothes
Slightly open, straight into the eyes of the LORD is my white bra, did not think small Qi wearing today is a former open
Bra, the breasts hate twilight I think as white and delicate, and cleavage can also see that there are tiny drops of perspiration,
May be because the weather is a bit hot, but also talking on the phone talking about the very warm, so that my boys have forgotten the existence of
In. At this time I as a normal male dominated How might live it!
I stood up to the small Chi behind, when she finished the phone and stood up. When she turned, the
I suddenly hugged her, probably because of shocked, not struggling small Qi. I pushed her homeopathic
In the spring of my bed.
“Sally, are you doing?”
She found not to and to sit up, I have to quickly press up, and seizing her hands, one hand
Untied her shirt and kissing her frantically. “Ah … do not! Ah … not so!” Little Qi constantly
Twisting the body you want to run away, but because I was not too much pressure in the role of the sky below, but I am more ignition
The animal. “Come on stop, ah … ah ….” When the small Qi has been completely my shirt off, the small Qi to
Blush to think I leaned away from the eyes of a good son, and I was pressing her lower body does not turn over, I got from the neck
Down to kiss, when I went to the bra can still smell the taste of the residual Xi Yijing, my mouth will be linked up bra
Go “ah …” that two white breasts bounced out, red with a little pink areola, only ten yuan
The size of the coin, which on the breast because of the small Qi endless struggle and shaking, I once again indulge in white as snow-capped mountains
Valley, and slowly kissed peaks toward the forward, I also played a half-way play, in the hillside left a kiss
“Ah! … … Do not … really do not want the … ah … ah …!” I snout nipple, a few of the pro-
, They latch onto it, I have licked the nipple, the nipple can feel it in my mouth and very slowly
Hard, so I continued to use his tongue to draw a circle around the nipple, I could feel the power of Qi in getting small
Gradually disappear. Seeing missed, so I hand the body into the skirt, “Ah … … no!” Across the underwear
I stroked the small Qi pussy, feel the heat coming from stock.
Her body trembling after the show came a weak state, I let go of holding her hand, quickly de-
Light their own clothes, already seen as a small Qi thicker hardened penis, immediately eyes closed, I will be her
Nudged my hand when the penis, immediately shrink back, but I pulled over again, this time hold her curiosity
It can play up. So I take the opportunity to focus on small-Kee, my penis, I immediately off her
Skirt and panties, I found him the following venues tend sparse hair.
“Do not … Do not look a shame … Oh well!” My little finger into the vagina, has been felt
Which has been wet, I moved to the small Chi’s head between his legs, the vulva and Sun continue to contact local fingers,
I have covered a small tongue of dense juice Qi, I nibble the clitoris, “… ah … there … do not get there the
I can not stand fast friends. “Little Qi constantly shaking, I will move to a small penis Qi of the mouth, hesitated for a small kei
Children will be included into it, “Woo woo woo … … … …” unfamiliar techniques but gives me great pleasure, he is not
Dared to use his tongue to lick, I have been to deep throat Choucha, when I have studied, she would use my tongue to resist
The penis. Ah … ah … woo woo … … … “In my Choucha a while, you already feel can not stand, put the sun
With from her mouth is taken out, moved to her pussy before, continue to prepare dry friction on her.
Small Qi know I want to do her, and has been pointed at with both hands against my body, but simply having no effect,
I sank back, “… ah … it hurts?” I only inserted into the penis to point to a very small yin Qi tight,
So I come out a little bit then plug in, you can then go a little bit, “Ah … Ah, Ah …” I
To repeat the action, then I ran into obstacles, so I first section of the vagina in front of this Choucha, it
More lubrication, big bang with a small penis Qi of the hymen and breaking into the deepest.
“Ah! Killing me … ah … one of the” secret sauce relying on blood and lubrication, I almost want to come out of the penis, and then
Forced into the uterus to the deepest, “Oh … ah … Terrific good comfortable … ah …” by such a large movement of Choucha,
She seems to be a great pleasure, in a small kei climax twice, I quickly changed to simple terms,
Ready to do the final sprint, I constantly wore a small penis Qi front of the uterus, “ah …., Sally … I do not
Line … to go to the … ah … ah … “Qi in a small groan, I put my shells fired into a small sub-Qi
Palace, a small Qi also reached a climax at the same time.
I kissed the nipple after a small Qi, Qi of the body left lying in a small next to her rest, Qi is small
Seemed exhausted. Suddenly I found that out the window of the eye is watching us, I look closely, turned out to be a
Only wild dogs. Just as I was relieved when the brain flashed an evil idea. So I ran out, will that
Just pull the dogs come in, I carefully look at the dog, people should just have been discarded near the public’s Akita dog, body
Body is not dirty, but it grew very big, almost to my waist is about a high.
Qi is also small when eyes closed at rest, I will “Zhuangzhuang” (sudden thought) led to the small Chi’s feet, and
Qi small feet can open the “Zhuangzhuang” the first dead lift of small Qi pussy before, “Zhuangzhuang” sniff after
Qi started licking little pussy, “ah … ah … … … … No … you do not” small Qi began to moan, but it also
Xu is a dog tongue relatively rough, small Qi was wrong, opened my eyes immediately shocked, I think she
Move immediately rub and kiss her breasts, and in my “Zhuangzhuang” under the power potential.
Soon, I see seems to have it, took a two pillows under the small waist Qi, “really
… Really … not … you … ah … ah … to … to … die … ah … “” Zhuangzhuang “I know I do
What, it’s automatically a small dog penis against the vagina Qi, and can not wait to swing the waist, but not inserted into the
To go, just in a small mill to Qi’s vagina rubbed off, but it also attracted a small kei Yinsheng again and again. I held “Zhuangzhuang,” the
Qi targeting small penis pussy orgasm several times before and with my sperm, “Zhuangzhuang” very easy to plug the
Into it.
“Oh … ah … Terrific comfortable … ah … well … to die … to … to … ah!”
“Zhuangzhuang” to very fast Choucha with, I had little Qi dip the secret sauce painted on her nipples,
“Zhuangzhuang” Qi on a small tongue licking breast, in a double attack, the small Qi called more loudly than before more
Sensuality, I see a new side heartfelt desires have been renewed, the penis has become soft down stood up,
Harder than before but more coarse. So I put a small Qi’s head turn, and my penis into her mouth. ”
Woo … ah … ah … ah … … … woo … woo … … ah, … woo … “throat because of the constant thorn groan vibration
Excited with my penis, I have a sense of pleasure.

be a escort after marry

Is cooking chicken’s. This matter of course, can not let my husband know! I am not uneducated people, there are so point culture, education is a high school graduate, in fact, when I have been admitted to a university, because the family was poor, no money, so do not even think about school. I had to come to work. Although the country has student funds, but less hate and more porridge ah, it places an entire province to 100 people, where can be routed to me?

In order to cope with the situation, I used to do I miss that point when tolerant escort in ny saved money to buy a university diploma is not known, although my husband is the official university graduates, but in my eyes he is simply a book sub- ! Great cheated!

My husband had a little better, I do not mind the poor, he once said to me, as long as they were good, honest girl, but also obey their parents on it.

I am well-pleasure quarters it was a piece of cake, I try to own Zhuang Dexiang a lady, like, put a few rounds down the undergraduate college graduates head to the faint deceive.

You can also say that my husband is simply lying to.

Yeah really beautiful wedding day!

A good few more advanced cars, fine restaurants, many people have come to bless us, unfortunately, none of these people are my relatives or friends, I dare not call them, come here.

Wedding night, I try to be early by the personnel of a girl under the husband’s cock was removed Jiaoti small, so that her husband thought he had conquered the whole world the same! Lying on her husband’s arms I thought: if I really graduate, if I really like a lady … …

Married life was very calm, although I do not work, but her husband does not care, he can earn 4000 yuan a month, enough to feed me, but I did not grasp, had ruined my future.

First: I spent a month at home, although there are no worries about food and clothing money, but I’m sick of it very!

Former friends I can not tell them to come, the sisters are afraid to call before they come.

Each sex can not meet me! I am almost crazy!

I am irritated that the book sub it! Go to work every day to know! Home later with a God-like! A prelude to sex did not have the time, one up on the bulging cock exercise in, even when clients miss playing live, there was a point to spend it! This book not even know how the child? I use beating around the bush, then inspired him, but he like wood, like, do not know, just “Oh” “ah” “ah” to the poor hum, is simply a big fool!

Six months later, I can not wait any longer, finally opened up before the old one and my clients better than the phone …: “Hello? Is Mr. Chen? I was Pingping you? Still remember me?” I Diasheng whine gas to ask.

Phone there came a long absence, Cantonese accent: “Pingping? Oh! Pingping! Hello I find a hard ah! You die gone! Me to your POP Counter Bar that I asked them to say you good friends from ! married it! I almost did not laughable! ”

I listened to the words my heart to gas: “put your mother’s dog cocky! Aging mother would not allow married?! Forget! Forget! Had today and you want to continue the renewal of old friends! I am angry! Forget!” Then, I will hang up.

Telephone immediately there came a man anxious voice: “Oh! Do it! Pingping, I was teasing you play Oh! Oh, do not hang up!”

In fact, I was deliberately old gas gas that Guangdong, immediately turn back: “Yeah Presbyterian, through another six months you have no shoes? Cheat ghost Oh!”

Mr. Chen said: “If you do not pass through the other shoes, you would not believe, and through several pairs of! Is not too big, or too small! I want you! Or the shoes fit your feet Oh my! Ping Ping, Where are you now? I immediately drove to pick up you go. ”

Mr. Chen and I set the door in the Asahi dance hall, and when I arrived there, Mr. Chen was anxiously wandering outside in the car, saw me just like to see the biological mother, ran over and hugged me put large the road will do! !

I have an open, he said: “You want to died! First on the bus!” He is where the side and I said where to add new stuff, where the lady has changed where, anyway, things are circles. Side of the car to the Crescent Hotel’s underground car park.

He is always on when I come here and open house, a good environment, health services are also rules, but also a very good mood today, I repeat business. He is chubby hands around me, told me: “Pingping, I miss you oh! You do not play, I can not wait to cut off his cock Oh!”

I turned away and looked at him and sneered: “Come on you! You will cock cut off? If you cut off the dick, I put his ass up and life is not blocking the stool!”

Chen Hehedexiao with: “Pingping, why so big, gas-Oh? I was only a joke? In fact, we Shui Yebie say who, we are all out to play, and if you are that big cock husband all day to get with a whore like you, you do not give me a call, oh? ”

“Oh! Oh, guess you can really be? Presbyterian, I am not come to play with you, I just want to chat with you, oh no other meaning?” I intentionally gas to gas him.

Sure enough, Presbyterian little anxious: “Pingping, not so good, I have not touched a woman for several days, and one night on cock itch! A good child.”

I “Puchi” laugh again.

Crescent Hotel, a common room, in broad daylight on the pull up the curtains. I sat on the bed, Presbyterian on the ground, I try to get the Presbyterian Diao big cock. Generally speaking, Southerners are relatively small cock, but Presbyterian is an exception, dick big, rough, little more than my husband does not know peanuts how many times bigger!

Presbyterian side of the micro-eyes closed, while according to my head, while gently and I said: “Ping … ah … oh … okay … or your job … ah … … I found a business for the day young lady, only 16 years old … … I had to play a fresh Keeping Thinking … … that girl’s job may be too thick … … Diao half an hour … oh … I did not quite cock froze up!! … tolerant escort in ny is not tired, I tired! … … Oh! … ”

He is the cock from my mouth and get out of line and a line and a good hand, and foot on the ground, one foot across the bed, pointing to his ass, said: “Come! Plus one pound!”

I looked up he said: “He is, but according to the original grid ¤ Oh?”

Presbyterian apparently anxious: “You old Biao! Not nonsense! Money guaranteed to meet you! Me on fire too!” Then pointing to his ass: “fast! Plus pounds! Plus pounds!”

I bed down, kneeling across from Mr. Chen’s legs in between his two hands separate fleshy ass, revealing a black and stinking asshole. First to the asshole on the spat, and then put out his tongue licking up.

He is comfortable while writhing buttocks, while hand-line and hard to get his own big cock in his mouth hum Jiji said: “ah Yo! Job really authentic Oh! … … Ah!! … … Zhenshuang Oh! … … Pingping it! … … this is you have learned the child Oh! … … Oh! … … cool! … “

I went to sisters house

And his girlfriend broke up soon, my friends and I eat in a restaurant private room, met a waiter, she seems to see us a few more honest, they told us: she and her sister from Chengdu to Qingdao to work, she has been the boss the beginning of forced prostitution, but her twin sister did not want to do, restaurant owner forced her, she did not want to do, and can see very strict boss, and get away, let us help her. My friends and I together for a while, we all agreed to help their sisters. We design to help their sisters fled, where we lived day to his rented room to move out to live alone, and sister Huang Rongfang found in a sauna, massage work, sister Huang Lifang reported a training course to learn the computer, ready to find a job.

After I broke up with his girlfriend, felt very depressed, think of these two sisters, in a drink, I made an appointment to go to her sister Huang Rongfang work that sauna center, I went to the post, did not take a bath in the VIP room to let her give me a massage, because I helped her, Cheerful escort in Long island is also very hard, with the skill that I am very comfortable in the massage process, I propose: and their two sisters to wash Yuanyang Yu. Huang Rongfang thought for a long time to say: “It is said that you saved us, we should also reward you, I did not question, can my sister is still small, only 17 years old, not married then, after her how to do?” I said: “Now what are the times, and calling your sister already not a virgin.” Huangrong Fang said: “No, my sister is very honest, will not things get, we see very strict home.” I am persuaded: “Virgin is also all right, first I give Kaibao fee; second later I married her.” I wrapped a long time dead, Huang Rongfang finally agreed to discuss the matter with her sister, two days and then answer you. I took advantage of tipsy feeling, reached into the Huang Rongfang of clothes, touching her breasts, Cheerful escort in Long island hesitated a moment, did not refuse, for a very up on my penis, she quietly took out my penis to I have oral sex and engage in a long time, I did not shoot, and finally, she said: “You really powerful, I Zuidou paralysis, and give you a hand plane it.” I agree, somehow to me tomorrow or the day after the appointment I will call her goodbye.

After a day, Huang Rongfang called me and said, and her sister had a good talk, and I took the opportunity to propose to their sisters with me, Cheerful escort in Long island hesitated for a while, also agreed, estimated to be afraid of my sister can not stand too hard. We made an appointment the next day to their sauna center, I engage in a private room, play all night.

The next day, my friends and I are afraid to drink alcohol, have a look at Table 9 o’clock in a hurry to break up, I called the taxi to go there, talk with the boss a good package spent 3,500 yuan a luxury Kit room, go look, ha ha, really good, which dry and wet steam room, surf pool, a large bed, Kara OK, sofa, air conditioning, and so readily available. I quickly called her a short while, then my sister took her sister came in, I rushed to the sofa, called a few side dishes and beer, turn on the TV, singing and drinking, and soon, the atmosphere is very harmonious and sister Huang Lifang not so shy, and followed her sister, one a “brother,” and I cried and dice, I let her twice, she won the small round excitement blush flushed, really charming. Drink are similar, and I have a little dizzy, it would suggest that you first take a bath, sister Huang Rongfang agreed and said: “You go in, we were about to go over.” I did not polite, with a few off to the cleaners to the back room of the surf pool to lie down, I just lay there through the outer room of the full-length mirror to see his sister Huang Lifang tweaking for a while, and outer coat off his pants, sister Huang Rong Fang has been off his good, to see his sister Huang Lifang refused to rest off underwear and bras, they helped my sister off, and pulled her sister into the back room, the sisters handsome face, delicate Ru Feng, soft and plump carcass chest, I suddenly congestion of the brain, I can not tell my sister that is, that is the sister friends.

Oh, my sister’s face was red, sister slightly more generous. Huang Lifang head, blushed refuse into the surf pool, I pulled hard and her sister, all three of us in the water.

I see a little embarrassed, and her sister Xialiao a while, kissed her sister on touching her breasts, slowly touch hands from the top down, touched her private office, the sister: “Oh, oh … “and groaned, I peek Huang Lifang, she also secretly look to see us, I have no hesitation in immediately with the index finger and middle finger gently massage the labia with two fingers rubbing Rouxue, her honey flow, the more water the more . “Oh … Oh … Oh … ah … ah …” Rongfang groan issued from the nostrils, such as electric shock-like body trembling. “… Ah … ah … Well … Well … … … … … … ah … ah … ah …” My fingers into moist Rouxue, constantly flirting with the clitoris, the fingers of pussy began in Choucha in Rongfang with. “Hey do not dig … … … … … … ah … ah … do not dig …” Rongfang not stand such a drastic action, she began breathing issue … … … … ah … ah … the voice, constantly moaned. “Well … ah … no … do not … … … … … ah … ah …” While I was kissing Rongfang cherry mouth, hand Cuonong the breast, teasing the nipple with one hand in the pussy in Choucha, confused Rong Fang was no body before stimulation.

Sister Lifang secretly watching us, especially my sister obsessed with looking at the way, he is quietly touching their breasts.

I just put Rongfang hold up on the surf side of the pool, I gently inserted her lower body, she lay there hand on my penis sucking up to me, I gently inserted a finger to her kinky meat and soon, she can not stand, “er er er, ah ah ah” is called up, more and more lower body of water. Touch while watching his sister Li-fang, I think the time is ripe, it is a pulled around her, she touched her sister’s breast, with the other hand I touched her breasts.

Lifang breasts being touched, then, that rounded swollen breasts, really soft and gentle touch in his hand full of flexibility, stiff little nipples up, Li-fang out of his mouth involuntarily moaning sounds: “ah … no … Well … not … to … ah … … ah … ah … “Li-fang Hu’s licking his lips model saying” Well … Well … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … huh … “Because of continued breast and nipple The Tiaonong a, Lifang constantly moaned. I will Coushang mouth slowly along Fenjing, cheeks, ears, forehead, eyes, and slowly licked, and finally licked cherry mouth, my tongue, arrived to open her teeth in the mouth immediately stirring, Li-fang also put out his tongue and pestering me to pay. While I was kissing her, my hands rubbing her breast, slowly moving down, came to be covered with sparse pubic hair on the labia, the labia with your fingers to touch the meat around, gurgling water, shade tolerance could not continue to flow from the pussy. Lifang by this sudden stimulus mouth slightly open, “Oh,” a cry, I will explore to explore this beautiful girl hole, bent my knees Lifang, separated out, a blooming rose has mm unqualified before my eyes, slightly open the hole next to the two bright red of the labia minora, labia majora tightly attached on the pink one Roufeng, due to excitement and the sexual secretion stick out wet the flowers, I immediately nose by the past. “Ah! Really fragrant, beautiful pussy really beautiful, the best! Need!” I praise the side edge tongue, licking up. “Ah” Lifang Jiaoqu like an electric shock-like shaking a bit, I will already wet lips Coushang Lifang petals, enjoy the sucking, lip latch with spin from time to time, not when his tongue into her vagina in Tiannong with, “ah … ah … ah … ah … ah …” Lifang issued groans softly, “do not … ah … ah … ah … to … … … ah … ah …” waves never felt the thrill, stimulate Lifang every body nerves, making the already very clear Lifang more dizziness. Lifang vague moaned, “Oh … Oh … ah … do … do … and then lick the … ah … ah … itchy … itchy … dead … the … ah … ah … ah … do not” send Yinsheng of Lifang thin, like angelic voice, I will Lifang legs bent body hanging on his shoulder, with the penis against the already moist pussy, forced a “Zi” not into the vagina where the entire root, Lifang frowning mouth “ah” sound. I am slowly moving around the body, penis slowly out of the pussy also. “Well … Well … light … light … one point … ah … ah … ah … ah … the pain … … … do not … ah … ah …” Lifang unconsciously humming gently. I am heavily into her pussy, each plug has a few have even pulled out the glans, and then stay for another go. “Ah … pain … killing me … ah … ah … ah … well … pain … Oh … Oh …” “Ah … huh … woo … woo … Oh … to die … I can not stand …” Lifang immersed shouted. I see Lifang pain and happy expression, but also of quite a few times violently, for more in-depth penis, as if trying to pussy through the same. “… Well … ah … ah … ah … … fast … fast … Do not … move … … … ah … ah …” “ah … huh … so comfortable … … … … … ah … Well … Well … … comfortable … clothes … ah … ah … “Lifang slowly adapt to the penis of Choucha, beginning to feel the pain after the flood of pleasure. “Woo … woo … I … will die out … huh … ah … well … … … … … comfortable clothes … ah … ah …” Li-fang can not help with the waist up. Looked at her sister’s comfortable look, sister Rongfang come from behind cling to me, I resisted with breast, licked my ear lobe, and gradually I felt a burst of warm penis dumb to know they were about to shoot, and then speed up Choucha dozens of the next. “Oh …” I have given voice shouted, insert a few after dark, and finally a large amount of semen shot into the Li-fang of the hole all my heart. I quickly put the weak out of the penis from the vagina, panting, lying next to the rest, Lifang also comfortable almost fainted, keep the chest up and down and shook aroma, pussy where are the murmur of the outflow carries a blood stained the sexual secretion and semen.

Sister Rongfang over, opened his mouth with the penis into it, start gently sucking up, I immediately felt the penis uploaded to the warmth, not for a while, I was licking hard up, I get complacent admire their ability to immediately put Rongfang down, one hand leaning on his penis, with glans against the Rongfang the labia, the glans in her Xuekou four weeks, grinding, making the vagina out of honey kept out . “Oh … Oh … do not … do not … then … … I wear the itch … itch … dead … by the … ah … can not … … you could not endure … ah … the … … … … do not … OK … I … ah … … ah, “Rongfang twist the body, constantly call out the sound. “How, comfortable bar! Not want to see you ah!” I deliberately asked the. “Ah … I … I … you … Oh … you … … coming soon … ah … a little faster …” Rongfang not have spoken out, then still try to answer with. I heard once posed, the upward force a hurry, “Zi” sound, the entire penis was immediately swallowed up her vagina, directly helping them. “Oh …” Rongfang seems very satisfied look, a cry joy. I am from the slow and fast, with more force Choucha, every deep insertion, are heavy bumped bother, Rongfang started moaning: “ah … ah … good … … Well … Well … well … … … … ah … Oh … Oh … … … … “” ah … ah … I … I … was going to die … fast … fast … ah … ah … … ah … I … will … die … ah … “Rong Fang has been raging desires, surrounded by red-hot in her heart, pussy pleasure coming in constantly, so she let out and shouted: “ah … ah … ah … ah … hard … hard … to use … plug … Oh … ah … Oh well … comfortable … clothes … ah … “look at me as she dried her sister has been the scene after the start of her passion, and I do, this is Rongfang first sex experience extreme pleasure to make her whole thoughts drifted burnt burnt, eyes closed selfless enjoy. My sister Rongfang with hard, dry, fiery hot penis in the vagina Rongfang lower body was tightly wrapped around tender Roubi is caught, so I tasted the incomparable pleasure. “… Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah …” Rongfang immersed groaned.

Then, come back to life sister Lifang hugged me in the back, learn to look with her sister’s tongue licking my ear, with sister Rongfang pussy in a while by the contraction of the clasp, and finally resistance is not living breathing: “I … want to … shoot!” I burst of mad shaking, warm rich direct semen into her womb, her sister Rongfang long-awaited efforts to reach out also came a strong pleasure. “Ah … ah … ah …” Because the action of the stop, sister Rongfang moans became smaller and smaller, covered with sweat of my entire body lying on the two sisters, they gasped, sucking each other’s breath also.

Rest for a while, the three of us hugged to the dry steam to the steam room, I called the coffee nutrition. Sister, Li-fang said: “Do not call, and a waiter will come in, how do?” I said: “Nothing, they are accustomed to seeing.” “We give him, would you like?” Rong Fang said, I went on to say: “see what they missed something.”

For a while, the waiter came to ask: “in there?” I said: “Take to come.” Services to gifted into dry steam room, a small guy, come to see the sisters eyes are shining, and stood there, the sisters face was red, head down, sitting there, not daring to move a move I also deliberately hand side twist their arms around a nipple, after a little while, I said: “Dude, young age, so look on the girl, long hair all of it?.” Young man’s face is red, said: “I have 17 years old, how long did the whole.” I deliberately teased him, said: “Let me see, all the really long, I let you touch their breast.” The young man hesitated, said: “what it says.” I said: “Do not worry, you touch the good, they have to agree, you did all right.” Young man slowly pull down pants, and sure enough, a lot of long hair it touches, is full enough, but penis is not great, but very thick. I said: “pretty pass, you come to touch it.” Left polite young man did not come, sister Lifang screamed: “No, I do not allow touching.” I hid on the side to break up, I hugged my sister Rongfang they can not afford to be, young man over both hands, grasp the two big tits rubbing her sister up, I grabbed Rongfang hand on the boy’s penis on , Rongfang gently moving a few times, did not even think of penis a young man, “Dodo suddenly” wave the white semen sprayed out, fall into the faces are shot in Rong Fang, Rong Fang screaming, rushed ran out washing to go, young man also stretches out quickly.

We drank coffee, steamed is also nearly an hour, and are sweating profusely, I called to our waiter Chopping, sister, Li-fang said: “I do not rub, and you rub it.” I said: ‘We rub together, let me rub, Rongfang Second, your last. ” While, the little guy has just come in, I lay in bed to help bath, the little guy is only a little off the belts, I carefully rub together, the sisters hid surfing pool. I laugh at the guy: “you give them two Chopping, you dare to do.” “What can not, I still wish for it,” said the shy young man. I went on to say: “If you good service, I give you one, so that you do, you dare to do.” “I never done it, you can always try it.” I rub over, he gave me to lay the bath, I’ll help the Bath Rongfang pulled the bed, allow him to rub, Rongfang touches generous, lying on top, let him rub up, I rinse well, too, lying surf pool, round the Li-fang, said quietly: “The next on you, and not to rely on.” Li-fang said: “What kind of rub a back, there is nothing to fear, I will when he was a woman, not on the line.” Having said that, her turn, she tweaked the bed, climbed to the top, I will laugh at her: “are the first rub the front, how do you climb up.” Li-fang said: “I tried to get Chopping then rub the front.” Rongfang to wash, and I stood beside the bed, directing the young man: “how not to rub ass,” the young man’s face is red, quickly rub it on the bottom, one will be rolled over, I said: “rub breast.” , for a while I said: “thigh, middle thigh,” the young man had to move away Lifang two legs rubbed his inner thigh, Li-fang’s pussy slightly open, like all sexual secretion, the young man’s underwear drum very powerful, in the middle are wet one, I thought they will not be another shot up the bar, rubbing the boy’s heart burst, said: “how can it.” I pointed to the Rong Fang said: “can you, you find her, I have to play in this bath.”

Young man not to fear Rongfang, not to move forward, I pushed him in front walked Rong Fang, Tao Tao of the mouth, “you just touch each other are, and you shoot people look, this will flip it good “I get them together, arms around Rongfang young man, feeling the large breasts, Rongfang also feeling the guy across the underwear.

I rushed back to bed, to Lifang play bath, bath and body slippery got very comfortable, especially in my breast, thigh where the heart of the rub, a short while, Lifang it groaned, I took rushed up to her head, washed clean, I deliberately put her legs apart, the pussy straight to Lifang, Li-fang, where can bear such a stimulus, moans growing, and, grasping hands to live my own penis to his mouth. I steal a look, ha ha, Rong Fang has put people off underwear, so that the young man lying on the side of the pool, his hand on the boy’s penis to Xue Li to send it. I excited to proudly straightened penis, so that Li-fang with for a while, standing on the ground, her legs apart, drive straight, stop Choucha up.

I am not here to engage in a few, heard the young man cried, Rong Fang went on to say: “too fast it, they shot? It too quickly.” I heard this, said: “Young man, still tender points, over, learn to point” and I try to express themselves and slowly with nine shallow a depth of tactics stuck Lifang, Li-fang how can I start by the young man’s Tiaonong, and by my Tiaonong, coupled with the impact of warm water, plus the top tricks, a long water waves, and every time I inserted the bit deep, hear the voice of physical impact, she groaned crazy.

Young man came of view, Rongfang come clean after, and also hand Taonong his penis, for a Li-fang shouted: “Ah, ah, I die ….” I kept the plug more than 100, the Li-fang the first pendulum does not move, I saw, and quickly said: “Young man, you go to kiss her, do not stop.” Young man’s mouth to mouth immediately go up on the pro.

I Rongfang one click to bed, she stood on the ground face down on the bed, I separated her buttocks in the back, from behind the line of her pussy, I lie in her body, two hands grabbed her breasts , stuck with the waist of the King has got it together she Lifang, and saw the young man to kiss her, pushes, said: “how substitutions,” the embarrassed young man said: “The boss let me kiss you . ” I said: “You just passed out, I let him give you to do artificial respiration.” I am doing a Rongfang side said: “Young man, you come, let her give you touch.” Rong Fang a free hand to him feels, but his penis like a dead snake, as no response, I said: “Rongfang, you kiss it.” Rong Fang took his penis took him to pull over and give him his mouth, Rongfang be comfortable doing my very obedient, I have hundreds of heroic spirit of the group hurled itself, the fall are all shot in it.

Enjoy sex in someone else’s bed

Wang Lan is a good friend of my lover, and her understanding there is a necessity. I just started dating and lover
, I know Cheerful escort in Queens has a very good friend Wang Lan, then do not say they are friends, they will be between
Said clothes, cosmetics, also said about sex, about the size of the other half, naturally they will talk about me.
A long time the three of us will eat together, chat and sing. In front of Wang Lan, I like the husband and wife and lover
Like, in front of her face kissing, hugging, what are all right. Sometimes the three of us to speak in a bed,
Watching television, then kiss me and lover, make love, Wang Lan to sit and watch TV, occasionally say a few words,
However, Wang Lan and I have nothing happened. Wang Lan is very beautiful, great temperament, always wanted her on, but
Total no chance, but the opportunity came on inadvertently.

Summer of 2008, the three of us at noon on a dinner, eat when I drink proposal
Point beer, also loves to play both of them usually. Wang Lan said that we had dinner over to sing, drink wine song felt more
Feel. Then we drink almost went KTV, in a private room, I have some Valentine’s drunk, we
Singing and drinking, holding beautiful, singing love songs, below soon have felt, and I embrace and kiss lover,
Wang Lan in the next, “You almost, I still do this.” My lover said, “You is not never seen.”
Kissed lover, from her eyes to see the desires, I touched her breasts, rubbing her crotch with the thigh,
Cheerful escort in Queens felt like a snake wrapped around me, greedy sucking my tongue. I saw Wang Lan side of singing,
We are watching one side, eyes out of the desire. I used the corner of her lover’s breasts, thin clothing
Like wearing clothes, she whispered in my ear, “Honey, I want you.” I carried her to the health
Between the inside, just go in, Cheerful escort in Queens set off the skirt, fast unlock my pants, I will be the hard penis into her vaginal
Hang on the frontier, but how can get in, I let her turn in the past, help in the wash stage, inserted into it from behind,
Inserted just to hear her opinions on “ah” sound to it, “too comfortable, dear, insert your wife’s hard B.”
I have two hands rubbing his breast, stuck hard, only to hear her in the bottom, “ah … ah … … yo …” sound,
“My husband, forced, her husband, speaking of the death of your baby.” Suddenly, I heard outside the music stopped, the entire room
If only I groan and lover, I force to insert, forced to rub breast, lover of sound bigger
, And the more the more living dead cried. Suddenly, she was below the buttocks pushed back the mission, before and after their move,
I know she wants to orgasm, and I soon force Choucha up, we at the same time shouting to the climax. Use paper
Clean bottom, meets my lover’s face, but one will touch my bottom, and then we came out.
Wang Lan said, “You are too much, the sound is too big.” My lover said, “you can not stand it? Oh
Oh, “Wang Lan said,” hate is dead. “Then Valentine began to sing I dance and Wang Lan, Wang Lan said,” You
Very fierce ah. “I said:” For as chanting. “” Said she looks like a call to it. “” Oh “” You
Big bar below “When Wang Lan ask when I know Me, if women and men can say of it must be
Has a chance. I went on to say: “You try not to know the size of the.” Wang Lan said: “I told her be careful.”
I took the opportunity to touch her on the ass, I felt her shocked, and said, “I did not how, I am afraid.”

Song over and over late, because all of a person, lover of children and husband are not in, the old Wang Lan
The public because in the field, and only came back two or three times a year, the children in her parents that the family is always a person, we
Wang Lan went home. Wang Lan is the first time since going home, I was very curious, very excited, because we never
In another home made love, I want to feel is not the same. Wang Lan bedroom great atmosphere. Is a circular
Soft bed, red sheets and blankets, pink curtains, has a hint of fragrance, who entered the room there is a
Kinds of desires. Wang Lan and I lover her bed to sleep, her sleeping rooms. “You two slept in this bed it, do not get too off
Teng. “I said,” could not sleep anyway, we will be watching TV in the living room bar. “Watching TV, I
TV cabinet here to see a bottle of red wine, with the idea, then I say we drink red wine, red wine, beauty, and that
More beautiful. Valentine first in favor of, I went to wash the cups, of course, I have a purpose. Sleep out of my body filled with
Wei powder and sister did not, I put in a cup point safety eyedrops, put in another cup Wei sister. It will
An ophthalmic glass powder up to touch a drink is natural to the lover, another place, of course, to the sister Wei Wang Lan.
I said, “We are happy for today’s first toast.” Then I did, followed by dry lover, king
Lan said she can not drink, Valentine said not to be done, drunk sleeping on the line you chant, you do not do.
Under my plan, a bottle of wine for a while on the end, seeing the eyes of his lover hazy, slowly lie down on the sofa
Down, I do not know is drunk or security eyedrops worked.

Wang Lan blush red, I think the next just need a fuse. Wang Lan said I, or we both will
She get in bed to sleep, or a cold, my lover Wang Lan will get on the bed, off my lover’s pajamas,
Body bare. Wang Lan said, “You want to do.” “You say I want to do.” “You are too far right,
I’m still things you have to get it. “” You is not never seen it when it is to see A piece. “” Hate,
I went to bed, you slowly play with me, but too much damage the body, huh, huh. “I pulled her over, we thirty-one
Block of sleep, and then Wang Lan down to the bed, kissed the mouth up, Wang Lan is just one stop, and then heated back to the beginning
Kiss, kissing, we San Liangxia I undressed, two naked body wrapped in a piece of it. I kissed
Wang Lan’s mouth, tongue in her mouth and stir with her tongue in my mouth fast turning. I kissed her
Ears, tongue drilled into her Erduoyan go, she only moaned loudly, writhing powerless body, from the
All the way down the neck pro, Wang Lan’s breast is not large, but very pretty, I use the name in the breast, tongue ring,
Suddenly forced to suck her breast, the breast to be sucked into my mouth like, Wang Lan next twist in my body
The head side to side, suddenly suddenly short length, suddenly suddenly a small groan as exciting as an aphrodisiac. From breast
Has been downward, Wang Lan’s treated like pubic hair, short, full of the genitals, with the sweetness from my crotch sweep
However, Wang Lan groans softly, again and again swept from the perineum, Wang Lan low whisper, very comfortable, low groan, suddenly, I
What a pro would be forced to live her pussy, she screamed, feeling people have of bed, I force
Quick kiss her clitoris, her Jiaochuang Sheng like pearls falling into a jade plate as soon as owning soon.

I just stopped, she said, I kiss you below, I lay in bed, her on top, we have 69
Style kiss. Miss her oral sex is stronger than the level, she slowly licking my penis, gently point
Point from the glans penis, and then to the testicles, a warm heart spread a little bit from the penis, her tongue from the perineum
Went to the anus, an indescribable comfort came from behind, her tongue in the anus that name ring, stand,
I force blasted her genitals pro, suddenly, her tongue to my hard anal drill, I go back,
With legs tucked her head, but she forced the drill, I cried, “can not stand, baby, too comfortable
The. “It’s a comfort never experienced before, from head to toe, crisp to the bone to go and I turned up, the
Wang Lan pressure on the body, quite directly into it, Wang Lan’s bottom is very tight, coupled with just the stimulus, almost ejaculation.
After I insert appreciate the warmth inside, kiss her neck, rubbing her breast, following the feeling of a small heat
, I would Wang Lan legs on my shoulder, forced to insert each plug look, feel it curled up into a Wang Lan
Block, “you too long, I feel to poke through.” She’s following the water flow out cuckoo, I loudly outlet,
She cried loudly, like Guikulanghao like plug for a while, I am letting her get down, I insert in the back,
More hands on her waist while the sticking force, after I inserted a few hundred under her standing by the bed, the legs standing on the bed
Insert from the front, we hold in one of her breasts rubbed in my chest, beating up and down, I use
In her ass by pushing on, and slowly stand up, Cheerful escort in Queens felt, I let her lie in bed, inserted into force
Go, fast twitch, I shouts, we also to a climax. She lay in bed after the climax motionless,
Only a nose in the outlet. Sleep for a while, I awakened her, let her sleep rooms, she touched my little brother,
I carried my lover fell asleep, woke up the next day, has more than eleven, the whole body feels tired.

My brother’s wife

Sister in violation of Allison, I was hesitant to choose who the next target, did not think there are a prey initiative at your fingertips.

Allison sister went to France in the day, I was resting at home, suddenly the doorbell rang.

Two people standing outside the door, a man and woman, woman do not know, but when I saw the man slightly surprised a moment, in front of men than I am a head, a meter of nine a few tall, strong and bears, as a The board lean-inch head, I was grinning giggle, to see him, apart from anything else is a blow aimed at his chest.

“Bear children! How your kid back?” This man is my best friend in college, Liu Zhixiong nickname bear children, became apparent, but this kid went to join the army after graduation, and after the occasional contact, seems to mix to professional soldiers, how did this for two years met.

“Your sample, and a meeting to report my nickname, how I mixed in front of his girlfriend.” He also bluntly alignment on the punch to my chest, almost hit me vomit blood, this kid did not start with no light weight, not think about how my small physique can stand his paws.

Pretending to cough up blood like, I just looked at carefully free the female side, let me first glance very much appreciated, beautiful, absolutely beautiful, tall, standing tall and straight, the most attractive is the brow that touch of force British Gas who do not need to guess to know that she is the military.

But the beauty does not seem any expression, stern look at me, although not to the extent of the tip that , but the overall impression that is not enough passion; more like this before, but the more interesting, I do not know how, and I suddenly wanted to see her was when I pressed the crotch is expression.

But this idea is quickly rejected by me, bear the child is my friend, do not seem generous attempts.

“Do not tell us about?” I tilted his head to see the child to bear, bear children and giggle grin, patted my shoulder, “I am the best brother and told him to like coyotes.”

“Zhou Bing.” Beauty does not wait for bear children introduced himself spoke, in addition to name no extra introduction, it really is simple and direct.

They welcome me into the living room, which the name of heating, both the coat off, Zhou Bing clothes too much, can be very intuitive to see her perfect curves.

Then I think my mind’s voice sounded an evil lure me: what good guilt, you will not even his cousins ??have been to the, that’s blood, and even pregnant with your blood, you even this kinds of unethical things taboo to do, just a mere friend of the woman, on on.

Then is a very weak very light voice: you can not even brothers are on a woman or man?

This sounds convincing but no, it was almost an instant desire to side faced down, I touched the glasses on the bridge of the nose, made a very difficult decision – do it!

But on the other side are soldiers, but very dangerous if the failure, although the possibility of failure is very small, but based on my habit of doing things has always been to minimize the risk of all, the first control bear children say.

They serve some fruit and tea, then I will chat to find an excuse to bear a child pulled on the balcony of the bedroom, while he looked at me with a puzzled look when hypnotized him with glasses, and then quickly from the Bear I want to get a sub-population of messages.

Zhou Bing is that they will be Executive of a military daughter, a daughter because of her childhood by his father when the boy raised soldiers, and made into a character now, usually get along with his father that the time will also the same as the upper and lower levels.

As for how and bear children together, is very unexpected, bear children because of physical super-natural, after a period of brutal training, become the hot topic invincible military hands, the results of the ice this week to find a woman bears the child playing itchy the one, actually neck and neck, followed by the name of the name of two people shot feelings.

Now bears the rank of sub-lieutenant, and Zhou Bing rank higher than he is major.

Today, the ice bear children out of date and week, bear the child is suddenly thought came to me, originally planned to be little left to see a movie two hours, after which they must separate their home for dinner.

“With.” Obtain such information, I’ll be planning out how to do it, two hours after the movie or to go, otherwise there will be doubts today’s date, but I have at least two hours of time can play slowly.

Then I write to bear children on the balcony, back to the living room.

I see only a single back-week ice brow slightly wrinkled, and I smiled and walked in front of her, Simple escort in brooklyn lifted her head and looked at me slightly puzzled, staring straight into my eyes.

Zhenggewoyi! I touched the hand of natural glasses on, then press down the switch, instant results on the decision, dilated pupils weeks of ice into a hypnotic state.

“Call.” I was relieved, she was also some guilt, but do have to do, and now can not think of to give up.

After weeks of ice-hypnosis, I’ll return to the balcony, to modify the child bear in mind some of the information, so that he thought that now he is a person, an appointment two hours after the week in cinema and ice movie, then do a little small changes until after they get out before lifting.

“One, two, three, wake up.” With my instructions, bear the child lifted the hypnotic state, a racking our brains once said: “talk to you for so long, I go, so will an appointment and female friends, watching movies yet. ”

“Yo, your kid have a girlfriend.” I deliberately asked back, “Shashi Hou brings a look?”

“Next time.” Giggle Road, bear children, and I then returned to the living room, but he was sitting on the sofa for weeks on the ice without any reaction, if it seems too see, and I deliberately sat down right next to the ice-week arm around her waist, in front of the child and kissed the bear, bear children is still no response to this, and I have just waved goodbye, he left.

While in the hypnotic state is still weeks without any changes in the expression of ice, I looked at the clock, only two hours, time is running it, and immediately began to give a sense of ice to transform the focus of this transformation lies in the identity and habits of her military , but the soldier’s duty to obey orders.

Allison’s sister sent out while the camera and after that I bought several cameras placed in the same size is good, this way you can shoot from all angles.

Look around almost layout, I lifted the weekly ice hypnosis, Zhou Bing’s eyes become dazed by the nothingness, and then restore that British Gas full of soldiers, she was stunned to see me after the first bit, then stand up very solemn respect of a military salute, did not notice the camera in my hands.

Weeks of ice standing very standard, but the clothes Simple escort in brooklyn wore at the moment puts the perfect curve of her body stand out.

“At ease, name, age.”

“Report Executive, Zhou Bing, 22 years old.

“In front of me can not use the original name, you have a new name, there, in front of me to claim your bitch, understand?”

“Yes, sir, bitch understand.” Zhou Bing received no resistance to this new name, not even a trace of doubt, but more stand tall.

She usually looks for her father’s education, it really is spartan, to hear her bitch when I feel themselves almost to Biede internal injuries and had to cough to cover up a few down.

“Height and weight?”

“Report Executive, height 172 cm, weight 47 kg.”

“Size is the number? What cup?”

“Report Executive, 34,22,33, C cup.” I went to her side, the lens at her chest, as she reported the number of shot down a little bit, until the time she reported complete hip just shoot buttocks, and Zhou Bing’s attention has been looking straight ahead.

“Now, bitch clothes stripped, one is also not allowed to stay, limit 2 minutes to start.” With my order, the week immediately began to lift the body of the ice clothing, but fortunately did not wear a shirt today that a lot of button deduction of clothing, or just a few buttons will waste a lot of time, underwear touches nothing special, just an ordinary white, I did not see an instant, Zhou Bing had to throw bras and panties to the side of the ground, Standing naked in front of me, still maintain the position before ease.

“Yes, 1 minute 42 seconds.” I looked at the wall clock time roughly calculated that, then look directly at the weekly ice cover at the moment no clothes, the perfect curve that week full of ice present in front of me, especially that of a beautiful chest, more upright upturned, slightly raised pink nipples is truly attractive.

My eyes slowly turned to ice the week lower body, surprising is that the lower body and smooth jade week barren ice.

“Here you are finishing off the hair?”

“Report Executive, not finishing off.”

Born white tiger? I am a little surprised the next, but not bad, I do not like that a lot of hair of a woman, even if I have hair, then repair, now just save the effort.

“Or virgin?” Although I think that bears the child will not miss such a great taste, but most likely due to other father’s authority not rash, just in case I was asked the next.

“Yes, sir.”

Really was a virgin, ah, bear children, I am sorry, brother to come out on top, and the ice maiden week I was eating set the pig!

“I was sitting there, clawed the vagina, let me see your hymen.” I pointed to the sofa.

Zhoubing Li M engraved on the sofa to open the word feet, his hands clawed at me showing vaginal labia, I took the camera at her vagina shot.

“Not enough, another big point, not clear.” After all, is a virgin vagina, two lips tightly closed with, again, hard ice clawed this week I see the inside, at a distance of two fingers in vagina section where a layer of meat white film blocking the channel, the film is a small hole in the middle.

This is the week of ice hymen ah, to a good record, because the wait for the next sign of this would represent pure disappeared from the world.

“Well, good good.” I take a step back and other ice-week stand up from the sofa and asked: “Do you know why you here?”

“Please Executive instructions.”

“There are two tasks here to give you.” I ‘solemnly’ the said, “First, you as a human form of meat to deal with my sexuality toilet, which is the task of comfort.” Having said that I carefully observed ice-week look on his face, and no surprise, anger, or also puzzled expression, still maintain the original look.

I paused and then continued: “In that second task, I must first determine what your menstrual cycles.”

“Report Executive, more than two weeks last menstruation.” Zhou Bing will not hesitate to say this woman out of privacy.

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She is 32 years old, children 4 years old, is up here inside the county, the people there is still a long good, the skin white, his face a little spot, I always liked this young woman.

Unit of time is boring, right when we were all together playing cards, I do nothing to stare at her eyes to see (I believe a dip in Ma knows that this is the first step), I found her slowly In the note, she began to avoid me, and then right when I found her I also pay attention to. Hey. I know formerly known.

One day, we work together. On the bus, very many people on board, finally squeeze up, I stood behind her, wearing the day of her skirt, black. For a car up a few Guhuo Zi, look one up on the full estimated to be pickpockets, she asked me if I was stealing things up, I said, sure is.

This time is necessary to show in front of her man’s brave. For a few Guhuo Zi came to us slowly, like Simple escort in Queens  was very afraid to rely on me, I immediately heard the young woman to a unique taste, my nerves suddenly stand up, a few pickpockets As I near the old man to steal a thing, she did not dare look on my face to my side, her face and my mouth a distance of only about 3 cm (I was following his brother almost stood up). Much higher than her I saw the clothes of the collar, inside the white underwear, and deep cleavage, my brother stood up immediately. I put her body in front of me to tell her, look, she replied: Well. This is my seat in the back holding her. Vehicle to a stop sign. No one under, also up two women carrying a child, the car becomes more crowded, and from time to time in her ass and rub with my brother, she slowly felt my changes below. Trying to pull away. But I quit ah. Hey. Such opportunities may be in this life once. Vehicles cross the bridge soon, the bridge is a 2 km tunnel, I am so into the tunnel is.

Vehicles on the bridge when I have to date gracefully, my back to power up, Simple escort in Queens  has felt what I do, but she certainly will not think I will do the following things so bold.

Car and finally into the tunnel, I’ll be standing in front of me and hugged her: gently said something; I love you long time. She did not reflect, I went with my brother following his skirt rubbing her ass immediately move forward a bit, he simply said: You are not crazy. I said: I really like you for a long time. Then my hand to touch her ass. She immediately called up: I want to shout people. I said: you do not, then my hand more bold to gently touch her breasts a bit. She gave me the feeling like being a little power play.

But she did not call. Hey. I know not. My hand more bold, gently touching her skirt to her ass. I feel her blush. I took my brother out. The top to her ass a bit. (Typical of hooliganism): Do you really crazy, abnormal. She said gently. I returned her sentence: you can not call. My brother in her legs gently and moving. Hands before touching her vagina. But I did not dare really off her underwear. I was very afraid. But I made a very bold action, to pull her underwear next to the Collage, to put into my helping of chicken, a few did not move on in her underwear ejaculation. I put her panties on my brother to open a few times, the fine open water. The brother resumed. Waiting time is also out of the tunnel.

I saw her face is green and red. I gently asked the sentence: stimulation does not? . Metamorphosis! She is my answer. I asked her: no better off we went to open house? : Roll! This is her answer. To the station, I saw she found a toilet and ran inside. I point a cigarette at the door. She came out did not care for me, and turned away. Work the next day. I quietly touched her buttocks and exposed in front of her helping of chicken. She turned away, I do not know this time last long. I can be a long time on her Barbara.

As a matter on the bus, she was not with me is basically ignored, just how I did not harass her with, she threatened me that is looking for her husband to K I. I rely on my rogue I am afraid, since I have no fear dare.

But she told me the temptation is growing, I guess if I can not get her I will certainly be crazy.

Week 5 in the afternoon, people on the unit to go about it, I look at pornographic websites in the office, I see the fire burning. She just came pouring. She wore the uniform of hair on my unit. Our uniformed men and women are the same, low neckline, water dispenser on my side, she bent over I stood up, she knew what I do, know what I want to see. Hey. I used to this … … she immediately straightened himself up, hate my eyes. Water poured over. She turned to go, I shouted a voice: and so on. To see how you have your computer on the photo. Her face looked suspicious like me: No way. Turned around to go. I said: Really, you look at thing. Side to side that I dig out my cock. She did not notice my hand movements. I walked next to the computer looked at. Red face immediately: shameless. (Yellow picture on the website what a good thing ah. Ha ha ha ha). I said: look for a thing, to see what people are foreigners, what a long way. She turned away. I grabbed her hand on my cock said: you look at me and foreigners that big. She turned to me like a slap. Repeatedly calling: You let go, or I call people. I said: you shout it, shout and no one to break the throat (this line is like Yeh film houses). Her hand was on me on my cock. She struggles hard, but how a woman less than 160CM is my opponent. I have only the clothes from the following into his hands to seize her secret. Wow, young women and girls is not the same, big and plump.

I am in her ears and saying: I want to have sex with you. Like a long time. I have long wanted to plug into your cock inside, like the B in your ejaculation inside. I spoke the words of this nasty side in her ear Shangtian. Her face is very red. Stop struggling. I put my hand on the release of the helping of chicken. Want to make a solution of her hand pants.

She called out: Do you dare me to the police. I see her face very serious, really did not dare to go off her pants.

Then I was in her pants rubbing her vagina outside. In her ears and saying: I think all you thugs insects, Well you gave me. I want to lick your BB, I eat water of your shade. This usually downstream, then I could not say how (yellow sites to teach me bad). This time the voice of a car downstairs, I quickly put her up. I saw her look like a cry. Blush like Apple. I am not the heart: I’m sorry, then I will not be the case (accidental conscience). Tidy up her clothes, evidently wanted to give me ears, but still did not play.

Turned out.

Time to work. Her husband Kaichelaijie her, I just came out, her husband called me. Shun them. I saw her look annoyed. I said Okay. The front car has a big box, I sat behind her, and her husband all the way to blowing things fishing and playing cards, while rob my eyes next to her. A car to get into the tunnel. I think we all do a thing. Entered the tunnel I’ll dig out cock, her hand on my helping of chicken on the other hand on her skirt branch inside, straining the buckle of the underwear, and she wanted to call. Afraid of.

Just helping of chicken on my hand open. Clip legs very tight. My hands have the door in her vagina.

But only go a little bit, I put on her face mouth kiss. The hand of the vagina has been water.

A car out of the tunnel soon. I put the hand back, the cock into them. Out of the tunnel. I saw her face was blue and red.

I saw her hate me, I just inserted into the vagina of the hand on the nose smell. Incense. She saw my face so blue air, and then I had again into the hands of the vagina licking hard on the mouth a few. Finished until the flavor is brought out to lick. Her husband saw me eat finger, also smiled and asked me: Do you have any delicious.

You eat so fragrant. I smiled and said: nothing. I have this habit of eating fingers. Car to the front of my house. I get off.

To the home. My recollection of the taste of her BB. Sent her a short message: Your cloudy water incense. One day I want to properly eat your fill.

Actually also back, as follows: Once again, I warn you, if you do such a thing, I will tell my husband, let him come to you, do not get a unit of embarrassment. I also see this message honest for a while, but I have a chance to have the idea.

51 after we engage in a unit to organize outing, place one here in our county, about 100 kilometers it, do not come back that night. Heard the news I was excited when a few days did not sleep at night, have been contemplating how she is seeking forgiveness she no longer hates me. Pornographic websites had a friend gave me a doctrine: prescription. I thought: I get so long, if engaged in a dead man, it would be too boring.

To go the day before, she went to our office and a few young women chatting, we discuss how to play in, how to play happy to discuss the results actually are not allowed to bring their families! Ha ha ha ha. I was laughing at the side listening to my heart, I thought: If you have the opportunity I will put on, and missed this opportunity to pity. Do not know that she intentionally or unintentionally turn around and looked at me and saw my face and smile. I feel she is very uncomfortable. Colleagues on the unit is still open my joke: Liu, to the time you have to help us get things yo. I speak a lot with a smile replied: no problem, the unit on the three men, our two offices I pack things.

The next morning, the unit had a car go by, we start with the county. She sat in front of me (I am sorry to take things to help them and she could not sit together). The way the scenery is nothing I appreciate the thought, the car window the wind blowing her hair did not listen to my face. The smell is definitely out of her last night of a bath. My heart flew back to her body, fantasy night to find her a good opportunity to express my love for her (what is love love, that the white lie to her I really like her, so she gave me what I want .) This time we said something, then leading: to the hot springs where you can then, go to the registration, the unit pay. What I have not reflected on the unit that opened downtown gossips long, sub-sub-entry, I wait until she signed up that I hold the name.

Vehicles on the road walking, a wife is sitting next to me asked me: Xiao, how can you not find a girlfriend, ah, what you’re looking for me to help introduce you to one. She sat in front of me turn asked me: Yes, what you are looking for, I can help you sister. Depressed. I thought: I find what kind you do not know? Find that you do not think that helped me to find a woman I will not harass you by. I smiled and said: there are so gentle and beautiful sister like you, I would find. She is honestly did not think I said this out, next to the wife is laughing, said: altogether a sister did not ask your sister to introduce to you on the line. Her face suddenly red to the ears, turn in the past did not speak.

Vehicle to the county, to live in a hotel here, where I live is 306, upstairs when I quietly asked her to live a few numbers Simple escort in Queens  did not care for me, but I saw her come to room 317. This time we went for a lunch, then drove together to the hot springs. This time because I did not help them get things so very easy to sit together with her. Hot springs not far from here, probably only 20 minutes walking on the road and what she said no chance, but I quietly touched her hand, she pinched a little, not very painful. Also severely hate at me.

To the spa, with swimming as not ready so we had to buy clothes, we bought separately to change clothes. I bought the pants too, and ripped the packaging for also can not change, but to will. Just my little brother was a large humble, let me very unhappy. But I also bought a diving mask, I think one will be used with. I am down to the water when she has not Huanhaoyifu, I found a line of sight a place waiting for her to open out a few minutes she came out, a green swimsuit, wrapped her small but full body, white skin in green foil the beautiful little more explicit. I think her little brother Wing mounted under the body does not have a conscious reflection, hey, is really two brothers of one mind ah. Looked at her, and where a large group of gossips slapstick, I think I was no chance.

Did not play after a while those who gossips to surf, we only have one person Simple escort in Queens  stayed standing. Godsend, I slowly Rao to her not far behind, about 4-5 meters, so far away people generally should be able to swim the potential in the past. I dive to the water slowly to the direction of her swimming, so I saw her body in front of the green when she has not found me. I suddenly grabbed her hand and stood up from the water butt, when she saw I was about to call in front of her. She is surprised and is angry at me. : Sorry, sorry, I did not notice you, I thought it was Wang (our unit’s male colleagues). She said: Do not over, and the hand open. This sentence is useless to me, while I say I’m sorry my hands on her buttocks gently touched. I said: I’ll disappear in front of you can not? : So you left Yeah, we are here to stand a lot of people watching. She said these words when I noticed, had a few people, most of the play to go surfing. : Well, I’ll disappear. I took a deep breath, look at the word in front of her potential to the water.

I look to the water on hand Quche her clothes, pulled the clothes I can see pubic hair, I kept a hand to rub her legs between the slits, I can not see her in the above expression, But I think to: a very red face, a bad attack, the water ghosts. Ha ha ha ha. Her legs kept kicking me and everyone should know how can you play in the water the pain, she does not play better, kicking my time to open, my hand is very easy to touch her pubic hair and vaginal entrance, her legs suddenly closed very tight, I tried hard to push, he suddenly fell in the water, not open her mouth when my mouth has kissed up, she may panic too much, let my tongue in her mouth but also in a circle (really too cool). At this time I could not have been limp air, I stood up, and also protect her up, my colleagues on the unit did not come back in play, big swimming pool and few people, no one noticed that we do here . Stand up when my hands are on her Mimi severely pinched a few. Did not know she was choked by water or air, the face blue. I go to the back of her brother out of my top between her legs, mouth gently with the latch of her ear: You give me one please?

I sleep for you every day, every thought of masturbation are you. She does not speak, I wander into the side of her pants, top of her ass in my waist, my younger brother to the top of her vaginal entrance. This time she seems to come back to God, stop struggling, stop begging me: Liu, I beg you, you let me, I can help you find a good woman.

My brother kept in front of her vagina rubbing, how could I promised her, let a good thing I waited a long time. I have a waist, penis inside, and I certainly want her face white. She certainly did not think I will be here to go to her body. She began to struggle, the more I struggle the more cock into the fast, not a few had been into the half. This time she saw us at the same time there is a slowly came over, she begged me to:

You do not like, if you told us to be after they see how a man. I said: you give me at night, or I’ll hold. To be honest I was afraid, she agreed without thinking. I said: if it does not give me the evening, I knock on your door. He nodded while she said: I promise you it wants, you first let me go, they come up. (Paragons afraid of the wolf wrapped around) I thought to myself: do not give me that night, I do not suffer losses, they go anyway, and pretty and have been on the.

After wading through a river barefoot woman

I admit he is a born rogue, not a rogue but a few men do, when I put pressure in the body that a woman, listening to them to meet in different sounds, I feel good when my rogue, at least I can give women bring happiness, even though to get up later, they still call me some rogue. I think the porch of a sex, for men and women who are a pleasure, as to why this behavior is called rogue, I checked the dictionary and related information.

The meaning of terms from the rogue, really quite complex, and some refer to a job and homeless, and some means ought street bully children, and some refer to acts of molesting woman. Some people have rogue into a career, a political rogue, rogue culture, riffraff, class rogue and so on. Previously I have not seriously studied, where the rogue and we do not understand, I first heard the word, is the secretary Li, director Zhang Baogui and women to be unto the bed of flowers, the Working Group on the long pointed Liu secretary, said: “I never thought, you mess with the revolutionary ranks of a rogue – rogue.” Since then, the rogue ingrained in my mind it has become a synonym for a woman to engage.

That year I was sixteen years old, that is, from that night, my first wet dream. That night, I had a dream, not the secretary director of the women out, but for myself, I lie on the Director of Women slightly overweight body, doing the hard earth, then, Liu leader came in, with your fingers me shouted “rogue – rogue!” So I flow out in the morning, I secretly look at my children belts, a large wet, I first have their own secrets. There that day, I heart positioning itself on the role of rogue, until today.

In the village, the composition of our family well. My ancestors are practicing medicine, to the grandfather’s generation, medicine to the peak, my grandfather became a famous doctor within a hundred miles, naturally, to the family earned a lot of money. The old society in the country, the first goal is to have money to buy land. When the grandfather’s father from the hands of Zhang Baogui he came home to buy, the land reform began, Zhang designation of a poor peasant, and our family has become a landlord, the object of people’s struggle. To give points, and his grandfather also put a large sign through the streets. His Holiness does not understand how this troubled world will become like this, a vaginal took his own life. Grandfather of a child accompanied his father to study medicine, has experienced this variable, the practice no longer talk about things, he plead guilty, honestly when one of the most inferior of the landlord, in order to transform their own sins, but also for his father wearing brand denounced.

I live in such an environment, the family witnessed the rise and fall process. He is respected by the previous, so that became the envy of all the small partner can bully the landlord bastard. I used to walk, even in a small alley, but also try to walk in the middle; now walk, even the road, but also rubbing the wall with the children to go. I eat someone else’s looked down upon children, hold Biequ Whitty growing.

A few years later, I witnessed a secretary (former secretary should be) dragged on political campaigns, units, fancy beaten so badly, for his constant fear of a rogue. Because I do not feel good when rogue, it needs to cost too much; if this child really was me, I am sure you want me to death. So I had kept the secret heart, even the most red flag to a good friend Lee did not say. He is the secretary’s son, the same age with me, although I am the landlord bastard, but he was particularly good to me, put me as his friend. Although the political campaigns of his father, improper secretary, but still party members, his identity is still above me. Exchanges the two of us, I preserved a debt of gratitude to him.

We place a family than the earlier, Li said on the red flag of a wife, a neighboring village, he told me, that girl looked nice, the New Year will Quguo Lai. He quietly told me that his dad although political campaigns, but still have contacts and women’s director, who is trying to cure him of his ouster, to your destination, no longer control him. This child, one night he is up to the toilet, but also up to see Dad, Dad thought he also does the toilet, on the other he finished and then go out on. Surprisingly, he opened the courtyard out. Li Hongqi quietly behind with the father, Seeing he was Director of Women into the house. This child, no one told him that I am only one person said.

I do not know Li Hongqi tell me what is the meaning of this child, but my heart, I feel that since when the rogue is not a good thing, secretary (I always looked on him as a secretary) why continue to go the moment, see to the taste when the rogue can get on top of those who denounced and beaten, then have the opportunity to be mental to think when when a rogue.

When not want to be on when the rogue, my kind of identity, to say the wife is very difficult to get, and seeing people my age have been married, but I even have to mention the pro’s do not, this is the day parents and the mother sighed, I have not come out in the house, do not communicate with them, not to communicate with others, I became an introvert who, in addition to Li Hongqi, I do not travel with anyone. Li Hongqi information often gives me more frustrated, he married, he told me that many men and women of knowledge, he made it very lively, very realistic, in front of him, my lips are always dry, unconsciously swallow with saliva. After he was gone, which this description floating in front of me, let me dreams at night, often in a dream practice, difficult to wake up more desires put out. Sometimes unconsciously pillow wet with tears.

Li Hongqi a few months older than I am, for the first time they see her daughter married the day. As a good friend of Li Hongqi, please participate in the evening he invited one of the few friends gathering. Others opened a bridal chamber, look, I was the only sitting quietly aside, so drink to drink, so a bite on the bite, from time to time with the eyes peek a bride. The bride looks really bad, square head face, pretty eyes, then I will not taste a woman’s body, only know this man’s face pretty is not pretty. Drinking during a time when my eyes met the bride, cute japanese escort in new jercy was smiling. The laugh so I thought Yi Chan, the woman’s smile even with such strength, such as mustard to eat a big mouth, and down once through. Others after drinking pranks, I only see one side, there is a man child drink too much, holding the bride just let go, the bride Biede face flushed, but a bad attack. At this time, I do not know where it came from the courage to put a guy to Zhuaikai. This guy is my look anxious, whooped at me: “You landlords pup, the courage to pull me, today I am not a crippled kid you not.” Everyone saw that guy angry, and quickly pulled him one side. I stood there in, do not know what to say, when someone pulled me up over that, you do not go home, like beaten ah. I am reluctant to leave, and then want to see a bride, but I did not catch the rise. That night, I was always the bride’s eyes light up with lightning, the whole night into day, or even brighter than during the day, in this light, I naturally can not sleep. Toss one night, next day, I a fever, a burning that is three days, I Niangshui, fever, when his mouth to say something to make far-fetched, they do not understand, do not remember. Thanks to my father learned from my grandfather when the medicine not forget to drink a few herbs also getting better, deputy up.

Since then, I go out less, and in addition to Li Hongqi there (it is because I stop myself), I simply make do with other people. Gradually mix familiar with me and sister-in-law, and once, cute japanese escort in new jercy asked me: “how not to inherit ancestral medicine?” I replied: “My grandfather died in this child, my father swear this is no longer practice, so do not let me learn. “sister-in-law said:” is the last thing, the old arts does not push the body, then often, the ability to learn is your own hands, when a doctor can give people a bowl of rice to eat. “I said:” Go back Gendie to discuss to discuss it. “discuss the results of the natural father is firmly opposed, even if I had worn more than taking, but also to no avail. Li Hongqi again to go home, I am afraid of sister-in-law asked me to study medicine thing, but he met happens do not ask anything else, straight on to ask: “Your father agreed to it?” I do not pretend to know: “What I father agreed to it? “she Buyiburao then asked:” medical school thing ah! “I stuck to the corners, break the scalp only answer:” My father does not agree with life and death. “sister-in-law a little bit angry and said : “You are so a large living, how to make the urine suffocate it, he will not let you learn, you will not read, do not drill it yourself!” I suddenly blushed lips could not say anything , but my mind was also given a commitment, must take the skill of our ancestors inherited.

Our family’s medical books is limited, and the practice of Chinese medicine is strong, not scripted so simple, after reading, I feel like I still know nothing. At this time of rural doctors began to Xing, I think it would be better to learn about Western medicine. So, I bought a Trustee of “barefoot doctors manual”, dedicated to research it. Beginning, father is strongly opposed to, I really look into the fans, soft heart will down. One night, dad put down their jobs, called me into the back room, to begin to teach my ancestral medicine. What to smell it, all kinds of pulse phase, the ratio of a variety of herbs, I remember very fast, I Dieshui I was born the doctor’s material is dry. Although my father is no longer open practice, but some of the old master-employed or regularly came to the door. Go see a doctor before his own, he never received the patient’s money, just prescriptions, regardless of fill a prescription. Sometimes people at the most bowls of water to drink, catch up with people when rice meal. I began to study medicine after the father took me to go. I always hide behind the father, he will not let me forward, I do not approached. After each time he touched the first pulse, then let me touch. So I have a chance to touch a woman’s wrist, perhaps I really born rogue, the patient’s wrist and head, I can imagination. Some of them are creamy such as vermicelli, some soft as silk, some white, such as egg white, and some warm as spring. I touched the woman’s wrist, there will be a different feeling. Gradually, I was under a determination, is designed for women to see a doctor, but fortunately our ancestral family also includes gynecological medicine.

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