My first kiss to the lips of the cousin

Before you write this thing, you want to for a long time, and did not know or not to write about, wanted to make the thing as his life the greatest secret, has been grave. With things in their hearts for far too long, really want to say it, the first time to write such things, so it may not necessarily make you satisfied, but definitely can ensure true, 100 percent true. Because with the inside of every word, every word brother-hand experience …

I have a bizarre obsession with a woman’s ass. However, I am not particularly fond of anal sex, I just like to touch it. I would like might with a child left behind problems, huh, huh …

Cousin is a pro-cousin of pro-aunt’s house, large-year-old, we grew up together, feeling particularly good when we were young often take advantage of the adult is not the time, (I do not understand why, which is so small, actually understand but also to avoid the adults, …) together to play a game we called the doctor and patient, we have the stone scissors cloth, the losers when the patient, which when we see a doctor to patients injections are chops pants injections in the ass.

When we play such an imitation, but we do not have a needle, so we just play a patient’s pants Pa down, and then let the “patient” Sit or squat to play a doctor casually touch each other ass, want to feel how long, thinking about how to touch all. However, tell the truth, which when pure are just children, even so, we did not feel anything, just purely as a game to play.

But do not know why, which we liked to play this game when I was 13 years old and has been from the 4,5-year-old play. Before the age of 13, we play this game when not only I touch her, sometimes she touched me. Touch my ass or a helping of chicken. Helping of chicken on the great, I always suspected that may be a child by her touch more to touch the big … Oh, after 13 years of age, we no longer play any games, but instead, the purest touch her.

My first nocturnal emission, at the age of 12, which began just vaguely know how things between men and women. That is, at which time I look at my cousin’s vision will be different, not childlike eyes, but a man looked at a woman’s eyes. I remember when I first vision of a man to touch and watch cousin’s body is at a 12-year-old, if June, I remember very clearly, and day is light rain.

The day the two of us in my home with homework. The parents have to work. We write one morning, very tired, so I propose to play for a while, very natural, we are playing what game. This is the cousin when a patient, I asked her to remove your shoes, join us crawls into bed, I took off her underwear from the skirt inside. Then let her get on the ground, my week of her skirt and began to touch her ass, probably touched her buttocks touch the number of too much of it, one day I suddenly let her lie down, saying that they want to see in front of her, She is very submissive so I agreed.
Which time she, but just 13 years old. I saw her hole hole small, a hair, is a Roufeng, between the two legs, a little a little bit of fluff, I would then put his hand on her forced to touch up, which when did not know, no skills, just instinct, casual touch it, but then I asked her, you see my penis on the outside, when I pee directly in urine can you penis where ah? How I touch for so long did not touch ah?

Queens asian nurse escort listened to me such a question, on two fingers clawed the gap on the hole hole pointing to the inside of a local told me, she is pee. That is the first time I saw her urethra there. I find it very interesting, The finger Mowan the only touched a few, she said itch not, will not let me touch. I had she turned over and re-start to touch her ass. Touch enough I let her stand up, I sat at her rear end, the entire head and reached into her skirt. Side of the pro-side to touch her ass.

Since then, Queens asian nurse escort becomes very obedient, wherever and whenever, as long as I put my hand on her ass, Queens asian nurse escort will honestly stand there, I casually stroked. Moreover, if surrounded by other people in, she will be very careful of my hand to hide, let others found that I was touching her ass. This situation has continued to the age of 13, her 14-year-old, I do not know the time marks our time, since which time, I just detour pants touch it, not as later at any time reached into her clothes to touch her body like that.

First began to feel somewhat different when she was 14 years old, when I was 13 years old, which I just on the first day, she has two days. Operations in particular, always wrote very late. I went to their home. With us in her room doing their homework, writes about 23:00 when her parents already asleep. She may be tired, lying asleep on the table, and but I am still up, I looked at her on the side.

Because usually only the two of us, I am often touched her ass, so I told her nothing, I was very natural, it has been hand round her waist, she did not reflect, then I slowly reached into her clothes and began to tell the truth hiding afraid. The kids thing. I put my hand on her stomach, touching her stomach, to see that she was nothing to reflect, my hand began to move up more and more. Until it touched her breasts, but now my imagination is not the same, I touched a hard feeling like silk and cotton stuff, but then I thought, may be a bra!

I thought the bra below the gap, the handle into it, to touch her breasts, but try a few times did they stuck may be too tight of the her bra Department’s. I big ventured her clothes up from the back stitch, has seen her bra behind the buttons. I’ll unbutton, and then openly and from the front of his hand into it, this time I touched her breasts, not great, feels soft, slippery, and very flexible.

May be the nature of man, unconsciously, I began kneading up. May I get her pain. She suddenly reached out a hand, very angry and pulled my hand from her clothes inside out. And then lying on the table to sleep. To be honest, I was really hiding fear, afraid of her angry, afraid of her after all will not let me touch her, afraid she was to tell an adult, so I definitely going to get pounded. But waited for a while, she did not what to reflect, still lying there sleeping. I big with courage, and again reached into her clothes. Be very careful very careful close to like her breasts.

Until I again touch a pair of small steamed bread. But now I’m wiser, not as brutal as kneading, but very gentle and very slow touch up, I know, she did not even fall asleep, even if she was really asleep earlier, but I do not believe that what a woman is man so to touch their breasts will not wake up. But she did not really together, has been pretending to be asleep there, get the hint, and my courage up, simply took her directly into his arms, another has been hand reached into her The clothes.
But this time, I suddenly really want to touch her forced, I will continue to side touched her breasts, while the other hand into her pants. Her waistband tie too tight, they stuck very hard. But this time I did not dare to untie her pants, because I was afraid to find, in case her parents suddenly to knock on the door, I undid her pants, as long as his hand from her clothes out, put her clothes down on the right. If I unlock, it was found to be in trouble.

Mandy teacher is ny big tit asian escort

I called Guoqiang, but family members and classmates call me, Mandy teacher told me Xiaoqiang, my sixteen-year-old sophomore in high school, attending × × School, every test to maintain the top ten, should be considered the so-called good student.

All of them boys school to school every day in addition to studying home or school. The parents at this age as long as the good book to read, after a society there will be a success. I envy like Gregg, David every day after class to play around outside with the crush is not dancing is the coffee hall, I heard that sometimes men and women live together with the blanket. Like last time at McDonald’s to see David with a commode, wearing an exposed belly tights, short skirts, little white ass is not careful to give me to see the trophies with this beautiful crush mixed, probably more than exam marks also cool to see the the Dawei hand tightly against her ass Baozhun certainly on her, why he is always the last one there pretty girl can engage in, and I am the top few students are only thinking of his MA Masturbation?

I am very sorry for that long so much known only to the next and then next door to rent the bookstore owner’s daughter Lily, I do not know is not his girlfriend, seen several movies together, shopped in several streets, the best progress only hold my hand , pro-the first mouth. Last on MTV with her secretly drink a few beers, and finally see her face was red, bright eyes, I’ll handle slowly from her collar into it, to touch the hot soft mass of flesh, should be breast it!

ny big tit asian escort was very attentive to the movies, I can not let her notice, stop for a long time, then slowly into it, toward the inside of the hard underwear, bras, probably poor ventilation, a little muggy, I just find that the fingertips sweating , and then run into a little soft Peas, it can be considered the first time I met nipple seems to be no flexibility, feeling some of the pores of the surface, said nipple with the book is the hard will be projecting a completely different, nor know who is right, but I swear Xiaoli nipple is soft.

At that time, ny big tit asian escort probably did not think so color me, jumped up, her face like a ripe apple, call me big goat, then far from sitting around until watching the film from that she no longer with I watch MTV, oh! She even Dawei Ma sub-half beautiful not what worthy of my students, my heart a little angry are not.

My favorite girls this is the school’s English teacher – Wu Shu Min, I secretly called her Mandy, ny big tit asian escort Normal University, recently graduated, to the school to teach for six months, with black hair is the dough, the skin is shiny and shiny. She’s very thin waist, buttocks, students secretly called her big ass, but my favorite is her round ass. Each time she write on the blackboard behind our back, I forgot to take notes, just remember to look at her ass in tight skirt, imagine that two extending from the waist to the bottom middle of the underwear marks and imagine that the intersection of the end is how the same thing? Books are generally dark red, dark red, also grow a lot of hair, some crevices of the head but also to take the water, the teacher did not know Mandy will take the water?

I often think of think of her second child on the hard stand, wanted to fight a fight, but there is no way in the classroom. I once terribly hard, the the Mandy teacher bending over to pick the eraser across the skirt, I see that the crossover point showing the traces of a package of belly full, I really can not stand, even on the vent inside the pants, hold in a class sticky and uncomfortable, the class was to clean toilets with toilet paper.

Of course! I will certainly look for opportunities close to Mandy teacher, I once went to the teacher’s office division excuse notes did not copy to the teacher borrowed copy, but fortunately, she did not want me to get other students to borrow, come up with the lecture notes should I space in the next on the copy.

The weather was beginning to turn hot, air-conditioning is not open, the office only to blow a landing foot fan, direct spin around the circle, I was sitting downwind happened to smell the incense of Mandy teacher who waves the wind, while copy I also steal a side that looked at teachers, teacher Mandy’s shot from the side is really good and beautiful, long eyelashes, nose Qin with sweat, head down I do not know a dedicated write. Fan passing side are to set off a blast teacher light green A-line dress rippling in the wind, exposing the pale of the knee, I have been waiting for the want of wind the whole piece to the skirt opened until the afternoon, the first lesson The class bell rang, did not let me do so.

Go on like this I really can not stand it, each thinking the teacher Mandy Masturbation almost skin of the second to break the touch did not touched her, and sometimes do the Dreaming happened to take Mandy teacher underwear off, the inside turned out to be blank.

Catch the chance to ask Iowa, he told me: “never seen what a dream does not come out.” I swear I at least read the book A 50 women of the hole, he said: “It is useless ! you have not seen a real hole. “Alas! If so I have no way, but who showed me? Xiaoli or Mandy teacher? The best the Mandy teacher, a day after jacking off there to do Dreaming basis.

Class, many students like Mandy teacher, who told us that a monk school? Brother taught me, “the army three years, the race sow Diao Chan, I do not look just like the” monk school for three years. Sows race Diao quote a phrase being a soldier, not to mention Mandy teacher also better than sow a thousand times times, I am afraid that with Diao Chan have to fight the blanket!

Sophomore end of the end of June, more than a dozen students about Mandy teacher to Leofoo play Mandy teacher pulled Zhang Jinghui teacher a go. Everyone rushing to the day sitting next to Mandy teacher, but when the roller coaster finally I’m stuck bit successful, a ride, pull down the latch teacher smiled and said to me: “Xiaoqiang I do not quite dare to sit roller coaster, you have to take good care of the teacher. “I am very shy smile, only dare in the heart, head and shouted:” Be sure! must! ”

Start a few minutes, the teacher’s face white, the first downhill, I heard her mouth uncontrollably, screamed, both hands grasping the front of the bar hand clutching my arm, head, face, friends, and the whole Du hid inside of my arms, even soft breasts arrived in tight to my arm. I have never been certainty, the eyes did not look forward, turned to the side of staring at the teacher that held the cleavage from top to bottom, if we say this to fish in troubled waters, the opportunity to mooch, that I had recognized Lo! My arm slowly pushing a teacher close to the breasts move back and forth, mature woman, whether it is a mature woman, it is full of flexibility, rounded solid feel, with Lily’s completely different, arms like buried in the cotton fields generally cool to bee.

L on the third year after Mandy teachers do not teach our classes, but I still often stared at her standing on the balcony before holding a stack of English books skirt flying through the two rows of Kapok cement Avenue, sometimes secretly teachers’ office outside peeping her vibration pen diseases of the appearance of the book, every day thinking about the time of her Masturbation, Dreaming of underwear inside the blank, Iowa said I called desires satisfied, he is willing to take me to school outside of the complex NUS hostels open Kaibao.

“How much?” I asked him, “Do not your friends, they might earn you tender chicken red envelope blanket!” I think he is bragging, because the brother said how can people red envelopes, and obviously he received no, “unless it is old-fashioned brothel!” big brother such a conclusion. I do not want to blanket, first to a prostitute to give give the beautiful Mandy teacher.

Now, Mandy teacher lying in front of me, tall chest with a fall to sleep is really sweet. I’m like halfway around the planet from just 100 meters m Ti cafe to the Zionist hostels as tired the whole way, I helped my teacher, and she even walking will not go, for fear too much swagger I try to pick arcade under a dark place to walk, and finally into the safety of the hostel door of the black glass.

Counter Mama Sang registration of identity card and asked me: “how?” For a time I was hard-put to my sister the sun the sun too long, faint in the past, do not know is heat stroke! “This is, I long ago a good answer.

Mama Sang looked outside, white dazzling sun, a look of suspicion, said: “It should be immediately laid her down to the fishes.”

“But she hostels outside of dizziness in the past, I would like to enter the hostel blow air conditioners may be better!” I expect there will be one of the early to answer.

Mama Sang look at my face to be honest did not pursue any further, leaning on Mandy teacher on the third floor.

Mandy teacher wearing a pink skirt, very lady only to lap six or seven centimeters, I will skirt up slowly pushed straight onto a small waist, skirt inside is a fair complexion and clarity of the thigh. private parts to wear a pale pink briefs, underwear with lace tightly wrap my dream did not see things, the weather was hot her pants a little sweating, underwear Tide feels slimy, smell the smell Sao Sao, touch hands in their underwear on top of my heart has been so fast and quick teacher a slight bulge in the private part of the ups and downs over breathing.

I am not anxious to take off Mandy teacher underwear, because I was still fierce panting, my face close to the beautiful underwear carefully to appreciate the things of this fantasy has long been exposed side of the pants brown skin, the pores are relatively thick, there are a few pubic hair pressure in the pants the edge of the volume they bend with my pubic hair is no different from the dial to go; underwear to both sides of the groin, dark brown, plump, wrinkled labia turn out, trembling slightly with respiration, fat creak of the labia obediently were closed, and the color like my foreskin, but within the two slugs of the labia minora is brighter, a red and a touch of mucus. I smell the smell of sour a little urine show the genitals, excitement quickly to suffocation, the second never did like distended so uncomfortable.

Open labia, inside the vaginal suppositories meat is brighter, the red, a little with your fingers Bankai, but also soft and tender polyps in the vagina, buttressed slightly transparent body fluids crowded. Small meatballs with a drum in the junction of the labia minora, the book says this is the clitoris, a woman’s most sensitive places, and a mass of meat fold above the clitoris, if this be circumcised, then I lose Iowa five hundred dollars, because I bet his woman is not the foreskin, a two hundred A book I did not speak to understand, and I think the woman is not the second, which will have foreskin?

Saw the meat of the vagina inside the water of the vaginal suppositories, my tongue licking up the wriggling, just go down to reach ten centimeters can be done, I peek to A film to do so, every time This scene I feel so dirty, but very excited. Iowa said killed she did not lick a woman, how much injury to the manhood. Inserted in the second was like a man! “He always said.

But now I lick up, anyway Mandy teacher fell asleep, Iowa is not in this blanket of Mandy teacher! Ha! Managing the meat but the sour smell of urine, I was licking a bit can not stand pants inside wet, the second sour ejaculate in underwear on top.

My teacher pussy Mandy remain open and ran into the bathroom washing back, naked, running back, would like to say this may be the first and last time so close to Mandy teacher hole, a one- The seconds had to take advantage of, so the elongation of the tongue along the clitoris, labia, back and forth asshole licking it several times. Teacher Mandy’s ass like like chrysanthemum petals tightly closed, but the tongue or leave the taste, I do not know is bad or what, maybe just like corruption FIELD taste it! Teachers had not I would like the body is fragrant, with their second child will also emit an embarrassed taste.

This lick for a while, to think licking the clitoris is to stimulate, it will slowly drum under red Roudong, also secrete a transparent body fluids, which makes my chin a bit damp. Suddenly the Mandy teacher inadvertently moving the moving ass, scare the daylights out, but think of the credit, let the teacher body has a reaction, to stimulate the second cool sprang up.

To this field, there is no inserted the Mandy teacher Roudong arrested off a big loss, although under 18 years old, but the seizure of their own teacher must at major newspapers the headline, I think parents certainly do not deny me the only son, and do not read books, let alone what a bright future, how will the frenzied to the point where it?

FM2 set in the super obscene Daquan site last month, did not think one week, I sent, I was excited and nervous planning a month, just want to use Mandy teacher who life Dreaming of underwear are blank inside. I finished a solid have the illusion of the material, even in prison than have been to die of old age only dream the Mandy teacher blank underwear to the good. About Mandy teacher in the next Zionist hostels m Ti cafe entrance exam English Highlights, ONE BY, ONE and she agreed, and then smooth sailing to the present

Insert, really, I inserted Mandy teachers wet hot dream, can not do in real life, I actually do, I am excited tears fell out, his head and deep admiration of this wonderful moment.
Mandy teacher, like a volcanic lava collapse of hair, the second in the inside like you want to melt like soft vaginal suppositories meat tightly adsorbed to the second, a burst of twitch, so I was moved was a long while can not move, just fine fine feelings of teachers vagina hold the meat of the root to reach the closest combination than the genitals firmly combined to more close to seamless?

Experience in long-distance sleeper cars

Guangzhou After the meeting, Zhang return at the bus station to buy a bus ticket. The car, I see the car lying not many people familiar with all sit together, I am a person went to the train the last row.

The car to open, hastily came a man and a woman, they are carrying a big bag on the bus, see the back seat empty, it will be two big bag flung the upper berth, they long to break tone. Then come up with bottles of mineral water handed woman, woman about 30 years old, plump figure quite dressed in dressed in a black dress to show off white color, such as fat, and very feminine.

The woman took the water, looked up, pound drank a few mouthfuls of drink urgent, choked saliva. Woman returned to the water to the men, the chest with a prostrate man, said: “You go back!”

Men reach out to help her wiped his mouth, his eyes said fondly: “A person, be careful, I’ll be back soon” turned out of the car.

The woman looked back to see me, I quickly filled at the hands of the magazine. The woman may see me wearing glasses, very gentle, unlike the bad guys, climbed to the upper berth to sleep on my side of the relying on the pillow to lie down, helped myself newspaper violently.

Mature women blowing attractive body fragrance got into the nose, I’m so excited, side glance to the woman just watched out the window, lift the right hand of the round white cupped hair, armpit that armpit hair of dark shiny glance skyward in front of the lines visible white aquiline breast. Fuck! Really fucking very sexy, I imagine her hair must armpit hair is more dense, more bright, dry her meal, I really would Shuangsi

Car in the open, our chatterbox open, they chatted, I learned that woman and her husband went to Guangzhou trafficking clothing, her husband something to do, nyc oreintal escort would first go back. We talked for a good time, I found her Man, look a little strange. She also took out some plums I ate, chatted, chatting, and we all slept.

Woke up, the sky was dark, I found the young lady is great I bought the magazine could not bear to put down, reddish face, and looked focused, two legs intertwined, continually twist action. That spread the magazines are incestuous sexual description, and stuck the photos of frolicking in the bedroom a lot of exposure, apparently the woman has given a yellow article bring up the situation to the invisible only to put down the books until the weather with both hands to her chest, eyes closed, savoring, imagine …

I rolled over to the left and right hand resting on the thighs of the young lady, intentionally or unintentionally, the young woman startled, looked down at me, I’m busy pretending to be asleep. After a while the young woman without legs away, so I bolder boldly through the car bumps touch touch a woman’s thigh, stroked across the thin sand-like skirt.

Woman seems to be much reaction, and nyc oreintal escort constantly touches the thigh, I see this, simply maneuver from the right hand from her thigh a little bit up to explore, move the mast hips, could not help but grab a handful, while wide open open our eyes to look at the woman’s response, the woman looked at me with your eyes, everything seems to be well understood.

I planted the head on a woman’s breast, the unique flavor of mature woman breasts gush from the open neckline, I hold the woman’s waist: “Sister, you are really fragrant!”

? Woman hand stroking my head.

“Well,” my head up arch greedy, nose sniffing the slender woman’s neck, the left hand is holding the breast, the right-hand woman skirt into his thigh. Although the woman is a young woman, but the skin is quite smooth, a little hand touched the place quite well, the texture of cotton underwear, presumably to open clothing store wearing underwear of course, pay attention to.
Finger Kouzhe elastic belt, pull up, “A pair of” sound bombs plump ass, that sound really appealing. Hand into go wow! The really big lawn, and I guessed it, the woman’s pubic hair grow thick. Has Springs watery and then further down, made me a wet hand, this bitch is fucking enough to show!

Woman desperately clinging to me: “I have, you necrosis!

At this time, my little brother is really very honest, and anxious to pop out to see the young girl. The swelling cock next to the woman’s thigh friction, soon a woman’s hand slid down to untie my belt, unzipped eagerly grabbed my penis: “Wow! Thick, big yo!” The woman starts to show is called.

Skirt up my hands and carrying a woman faded, the whole face buried in the stomach of the young woman’s moving up. Over the plains, the more the peak, with both hands directly inserted into the bra, caught rubbing the breast of the tall young woman could not help groaning. I will be a bra together with the skirt with off the young woman straight arms, with the obstructions cleared. At this time, past the lights shining, showing a plump, white, charming flesh is really the best stuff.
My second child to a woman with both hands to hold, constantly Cuonong, as early as the incredible expansion. I quickly took off his shirt, a woman pull in the body, and thirsty lips eager to find nectar. The woman is very experience of love, her lips slightly open at the moment to meet my tongue, my tongue to savor her crushing teeth, her chewing gum. Her cramped breathing, warm hug.

nyc oreintal escort began to attack me, kiss better than I am even more greed, more powerful. Kiss, kiss, down to kiss …… a woman pro all over my body. See my penis in a roar, the woman did not dare to offend, to turn over quickly to my cock swallowing mouth, my dick sex with nimble tongue and teeth. Second child in the mouth of the woman continue to grow, expand, a woman’s mouth would fit.

When I felt the legs wet, a woman below the stream as early as Debu decent, I just returned from a woman’s mouth out brother, little sister of the woman jumped on the open pink mouth, “AIDS” the sound one of my little brother swallowed.

Woman on top of me so excited, constantly up and down to mention down, I looked at the two rabbits are also kept jumping. Clamp a straight nipple with your fingers to look constantly pull each pull, the woman called excitedly, completely ignoring where. Fortunately, the car engine sounds very loud, no one can hear.

I quite got up and hugged the woman’s waist, mouth woman’s left breast, right breast, eat, spit it out, grabs, straight nipple with his teeth. Woman face flushed and excited, excitement, difficult to control, shouting: “Shuangsi …… can not stand it … Brother, do not …… dad … my dad’s pro …… dry out and die me ah …… ah …… ah … I shot! “a woman screamed, soft to lie down.

Then I felt a hot glans, a surge of hot sex fluid surrounded the entire penis. More excited about my penis, I was not so much, Tingqiang desperately hurled itself upon his hands fiercely seize two large milk hard pressure kneading.
Young woman twisting deformity in my body, groaning, I am crazy in her torture, again and again to orgasm!

The car bolted in the night with the young woman crazy sex in the car. Ahead of those who sleep tightly, do not know the back of the spring.

My story with female Interpol

Years in the army, because it is the rural household, no job assignment was done recruit Paul District Public Security Bureau
An. As the troops trained in marksmanship and good first-hand fighting skills, I was left branch agencies, is responsible for
Security organs, and soon, I became captain of security agencies, responsible for managing the security that few, so I
Do not have a duty of three shifts. The team is an independent branch of Interpol’s office, they gave me a set of internal and external
Two small rooms of the house, so I live there, the conditions that help them call the security office to answer the phone and in the evening,
So I though hard, but, finally there is a settled place.

Interpol team to appear Pitch often the case, they got me when I was often poor, help them put survey package, Paul
Care at the scene to maintain order, what dirty work are working so hard I do, who told me it was temporary? Fortunately, I have plenty of
Effort. Team there was a policewoman, sentimental escort in ny is very good, can be said to be slim, handsome and slightly pro flatter, but
Partial black skin, sentimental escort in ny is the top students of the local police academy, vice squad of the family, everything she was capable, can work independently,
Listening to her colleagues that she had broken many major cases. Work together catch this person, who is usually on a large
Large column column, for those offenders who, it is vicious, the team of colleagues, it was only secretly chewing Jiaoshe
Head, face no one scared her third. Meet every day, often in a work, inevitably some contact, my temporary
Time work, her only arm’s length. She seems to me even more than polite to colleagues, I was understanding
sentimental escort in ny thought I was an outsider.

She is a single person in the branch, love in the field, so we eat in the cafeteria with the evening there is no case
Son, Minato bachelors playing in a tractor, I do not know when to begin, we both became ironclad
Pair, even before anyone else to, they will make a good seat, because she strong ambition, who lost the sum of the long struggle on the short,
In addition to licensing technology and I can never, and people competing, she wants to complain, I laugh at most. What I do not know from
What time, we eat in the cafeteria into a bowl, and if she had a first-come, will help me wash bowl,
Will help me with good food on a first come, of course, I will do the same. Evening kick cards, sorting tables and chairs cleaned
Health and dry matter of course, I also do not know when to begin, she would help me, or who stood outside waiting for me,
She will walk hand in hand with me, sometimes just talk Board, to put it when her body will be happy to paste my arms.
I do not know when to begin, she was a frequent visitor to my little room, resting her Huichang Lai my room to chat, I
Room often heard her hearty laughter. This is all very natural, I never dared to think, because she is a lot of
Were terrified of the female Interpol, I temporary workers.

Summer, a long lunch break time, she sometimes does not go home to rest, meal and to my
Room bragging, sometimes I did not wash the clothes for the previous day, she will help me wash, and sometimes her own clothes will work
Service brings, one at noon and I wash her underwear, and sometimes will my sun in one, we seem to one pair
Husband and wife, sometimes I let her do so, she even asked for the order? I said, people will gossip, she said, “What are they afraid?
Who likes to say let go, he said, I do not care! “The brake in front of others Xiongshen evil female Interpol,
Temporary workers in front of my very docile, her innocent girl, very cute, this time I seem to had their eyes opened,
Began to sleep at night, with her old thinking, old thinking, and I love her Chuanshangjingfu.

As usual, she was bragging to my room eating lunch again, I said at noon to take a break? She said you
Sleep, I sit here in your will, I said that how to live? I want her to sleep my bed, my own in the chair
By bit, she refused to say anything, and finally went to bed I sleep, but she soon deepened my bed lie down, she said to
The cool, she likes to sleep at home underground, I was left to her. I got up in front of the screen door from inside the plug,
Doors are not closed, authorities compound coming and going, if the plug in the door and a woman, how would people think?
Plug in the screen door, looking outside my door was open, and if it was to find, all of a sudden can not come, we have a
Bed, a bed, nearly within reach, one hour of sleep, all tossing and turning, I asked her how
Why not fall asleep? She asked me, Why did not you sleep? This sentence seems to be a challenge for me, I said a
A big man, you are so pretty sleeping next to a woman, I can sleep it? She sneer, “Hey,
You know their men? “The statement aroused my great desire, but I still can not act rashly, I stretch
Hand try to ask her hair, her hands grabbed my hand pull down, I slid down the flow pressure in her bed to the body,
Kissed her mouth opinions Coushang lips, our tongue in a twist of sucking hard, hot, wearing very little, I used the right
Police hand off her skirt, then pull down her panties, did not come and see her the following, feel tells me that she
The following very wet without any foreplay. . The whole process I felt she was very hungry, very tight inside, she is good
Not seen as a long married life, in finishing the course I asked her health, long time did not go home? She snorted
That they go back the same thing. I did not understand, but Huazhongyouhua, due to fast work, and I dared not ask.

Violations of men and women outside of marriage, once there the first time. Will be out of control, we both want is to find opportunities
Sex, but not really one day, such as every Sanqiu week, do not do, the soul will be lost. This allows me to spend a period of very
Good time. Once I found over the hill behind our unit is a small Shanwa, where some rice fields,
Close up autumn millet, straw on the ridge, where I told her fun, she was very interested.

I took her there on the night, we sat on the straw, hug kiss sucking, counting the stars,
Arms around the beloved woman, you said it was more than happy Yeah, we in heaven, brighter chatting, we hug
With love to offer all kinds of tenderness worth doing, Xie Hui do get tired, they do. I asked her why people, especially you usually
Who is your team of colleagues so fierce? She said, I am a small woman, this group of great men all day long life
Middle, and are some of the role of eating a bowl watching the pot, you do not hard point, not long ago was that they ate,
Even the bones are not left! Oh, is this.

I asked her, I have seen your husband, a good person, you are not good for him is the ant? She said he was of
Grid is very weak, married life is very incompetent, and with him, can not find that feeling, she said with a sigh,
Shook his head, in the moonlight, I see Orbital flashing her tears, I say sick? So when you get married?
Married less than a year, she said, she was not yet born, he will not do, I say not how a law? Is not your
Asking for too much? She said that every toss into it, but he would vent the next five, I can be demanding it? I said
Should have the confidence, can be cured, she said I do not know how many doctors saw how much to eat drugs, including Viagra, do not
Useful. She said her husband was to face, do not divulge his secret, so I usually do not go home, go back to that
Why toss about more uncomfortable, for children, for that home on the surface, in order to maintain her husband’s self-esteem, I
This life can only be the case.

Sugar’s Diary(crazy life)

After a busy week, Beijing has entered the rainy season, I look forward to the rain ah, you can to.

Up the morning rain, the day I can wear short skirts and vests must be take to the streets, bought new from Taobao
21 cm long denim skirt, orange vest, do not want to take a bra can be a little bit too obvious two
, Or labeled milk paste, underwear it? They wear T-bar, playing barefoot on the sandals, holding a parasol,
I went on to open the QQ enjoy.

I often come to the river, big rain, become heavy rain, the QQ stop to the curb, an umbrella out of the car,
Heavy rain fell on my umbrella.

Carefully along the ladder went to the river, the white front of a vast, river trail filled with rain, a good cool.

I think an umbrella is still out, a hot water bath, but naughty escort in mahhatan only wear the clothes out of this one, so we should wet one day

Take off clothes? But this is during the day, ah, there are street cars. Although the river below, but after all day

Looking at the rain, I somehow excited, naughty escort in mahhatan want to wash the rain shower!

Can not miss this opportunity, an umbrella is still out, not cold water hit him, and instantly wet
Enough, this feeling cool!

Opened his eyes so hard, ah, take off the vest and skirt, milk post has been washed away by rain hit directly in my whole
Body, so excited.

I lay on the ground, he was raging storm in me, opened his mouth, empty thinking, as if that
The ability to think were not there.

River sedimentation, water like a river through my body as naughty escort in mahhatan do not know how long, the rain, the line of sight
Clear some of it.

Go on like this is very dangerous, and quickly picked up my umbrella and clothes stood up. Wring the water out of clothes,
Ladder onto the street from the river, quietly looked on the road, have contacts with the car, walking very slowly, but I know their side of the road
What are invisible.

I have had the experience of driving such a big rain, go bold car and got right to the door, took out a towel
Rubbed the hair and body water. Looked at my skirt and vest, how long to dry Yeah, blowing air conditioning
Huh, huh … …

Drove to the Golden Resources, do not dry clothes to wear, an umbrella out of the car, walking into a store, than usual
Saturday were much less, why people do not like rain?

Walking in the mall, looking from time to time it seems, some paying attention to my legs, and some attention to my chest
Small point, Oh, okay no one would dare rape me. Visiting the ONLY, EDC, try a few pieces, but what
Did not buy, huh, huh.

Time off Hao Mana, how long before midnight to it, like a sudden brainwave one to the club Sang times
Took, both delicious, and can sleep as little more sleep at night, says it will do, I think others see me playing this
Play went, certainly thought I was inside the lady, ha ha.

*** *** *** ***

Sleep in the hall one afternoon, dinner and sleep until 12 o’clock, and finally my time to.

Where do I go today? First off to say, and the bill leave, only to find out, the rain had not stopped, although
However small a lot, but this time has been cool, and my thin clothes, well … … Who I like to play with!

Or go to the old place to go, safe, drove to the Summer Palace South Gate.

More than 1 point, and it was raining, no one, the occasional passing car, parked the car park to the bridge,
Charge of the old man does not know where the back.

Quietly observed for 10 minutes, does no one, and then a big rain, I think the outside must be very
Cool it.

Regardless, the take off clothes, open the door of the car, cold rain hit me a chill.

The car keys hidden in the wheel, find a stone to suppress. At this point I have nothing, even the cold
Wearing shoes, thrilled so excited!

Where to go then? I have to go through the firearms business bridge across the Victoria, had never dared done before – complete
Actually too bright lights, car Tingduo.

Raining today gave me a lot of convenience to the City of Victoria boldly walked along the street, far out over a car,
I quickly squatted on the seat next to the street lights, later, a similar experience too much, not enough to stimulate the.

To the bridge, I intend to bridge over from the West Fourth Ring Road, and then went to Victoria main road, go east of the bridge,
Back from the bridge. Forget about the next from a total of more than 300 meters.

Fourth Ring Road, the main light is too bright, though I walk roads, after all, what can not hide things, ah, like the
Want, just let it go.

First bridge, go under the bridge who knows just the middle, came across a dead car lights gradually according to the over, is
Drive down the main road bridge from the car, go back and definitely too late, then there twenty-three seconds the light will light to me
, And damn! No matter how dirty the floor, get on the ground for a bite.

If it is usually definitely see me, that is, more rain on the glass car, the owner actually did not see the roadside
Tilted a beautiful ass tummy, immediately got up and over the bridge.

Went to the main street, laid down 100 meters to get to the headlight side of the bridge, the car still kept the main road,
Side roads I was not the car.

Now that would like to do it, look back roads, no cars, walk past an estimated half a minute, I hope that half a minute
Without a car over it … …

A bite on the Ring, then I feel how bright lights, according to my body too well, and quickly
Come on, no time to enjoy stimulating.

Bulkhead forward, looking back, far out over the car, walking roads.

God! I hope he did not see it, trot over the bridge in a few steps, Ganjin Wang roadside green belts of a roll, lying
In the grass, feeling strange excitement.

Car passed, I look at their breasts and legs, big rain, I split my legs and let the rain hit
The lair, the climax came, and today a good crazy.

Do not go home today

Mrs Ma’s husband is not home often once a week, because he had business in other towns, often
To take care of the past. At the time I have no girlfriend, but has begun a woman interested. I do not know the horse
Wife is not interested in me. Diplomatic escort in Queens very nice to me, sometimes greeting my life.

Things happen step by step. One night, because the weather is too hot, middle of the night I got up to the bath
Room to a bath, because it is late at night, I thought not so clever people will encounter, so wearing a triangle
Underwear out. The bathroom here is a long night driving lights, it is because his wife does not like too much the dark horse. Also because
This I do not know no one there, since it is not turned on the light that is someone’s. I went to the door, only to see
Matthew dressed in pajamas, is wash your face, her face was toward the door, so I appeared she saw me.
She smiled only for me, I was very embarrassed, quickly fled the room and my heart so badly,
Secretly only hope that Diplomatic escort in Queens will not blame me.

Mrs Ma did not blame me, after a while, Diplomatic escort in Queens tapped on my door and said, “Amin, you are not to use the bathroom
It? ”

“Yes.” I said: “Thank you!”

I got up and opened the door, then nature has put on pajamas, but she has already started gone.

I entered the bathroom shower, bathroom with the smell, you know the horse is washed his wife opened after a bath
Face of the door. And she also put down the clothes in the bathroom. This is the other servants take to wash tomorrow.
Since I aspire to the impossible, a number of strange behavior inevitably, I get up study of these clothes, to see and smell,
Smell the aroma of his wife Ma. Old woman is so fragrant

In fact, this is I have no experience of it. Women are like powdered paint perfume, there is always more or less,
These are all things spice, so a woman’s body and clothes must have this scent on, in fact, not

I studied her bra, and studied her panties, then moving things still left on the underwear
Two curly hair, which made me even more dreams, imagine what this place is the original kind of growth,
But it is exceedingly difficult to imagine, because this time is many years ago, nude magazines, and not, as today, so daring, committed
Law photo of the class is selling something, I only heard but not seen is so difficult for me to find a root
According to the comparison and therefore I would particularly like to see.

Instead, most is not enough aroma that bra. I heard a woman is frankincense, but I know smell.
Does have a bit of sweat. The piece of underwear, but I was hesitant for a while, because she is her husband, false
If things flow back out of her husband, which is above the falls. But I think, Mr. Ma has been a star
Period not returned home, there would be no, and do not see what, according to the count is not what it should.
So I get up and smell. But this is not so good, and some body odor, but not
Smell, but also very slight. Perhaps this is because the weather is hot, she changed the number of times more.

I have spent on these clothes is also more than the time spent on taking a bath. Ye Hao I can wash in a cold water
Bath, or I do not know how to fall asleep.

Since this time, I’ve been too much desire for Matthew, I do not know when to meet with her
Hou has not been out of the performance, if any, that is, she did not see it, or did not look out
Have said.

After a week, I have a second more sharp temptation. This time I was out of middle of the night
Bath, because it is too hot, but because of my last footsteps to the bathroom, so she heard the
Turned to the door to see me, and this time I was not even wearing slippers, is only just look at feet, so she will not know to
I come, if she in the bathroom, I do have a very slim heart of hope, I hope her bath
Yishanbuzheng room inside, so she did not hear me, they will not lay clothes.

However, Diplomatic escort in Queens did not in the bathroom, but she used the bathroom Zhongzhi have left behind the smell. I seem to be
Arrived late step. However, I then saw her door was opened the front line, is revealing light. My
Heart big jump.

I know that Mr. Ma is not at home tonight, so I ventured past peep it.

This look makes me excited, and jumped into a state of extreme excitement, because she is the original
Room using a towel and wipe the body, upper body is naked, but she is back to me. However, if she
Is for me, she would see me immediately.

Lighting under the horse’s skin is so white and his wife and slip the United States, just like flour, attractive way
Degree is very strong. I stayed there watching, to see her own body touched for a while, to pick up a bra put on,
And reach out to the back to fasten buttons.

Back to his room, I lay in bed cranky. I imagine the horses I see his wife who is not
Part of the mystery, but can not think of any clue.

Since then, I always mind contemplates, would like to see the body of his wife horse Secretariat, however, asking many always find
Less opportunity for this kind of thing really is scarce.

One night, I have not fallen asleep, when reading in the room, Mrs Ma is unsolicited, and
She knocked on my door, I went to the door, immediately to the burst of strong alcohol kiss, she had to drink the wine.

She smiles tenderly said: “You do not have to worry about, I have not drunk?”

I heard that drunk people like to emphasize that they are not the most drunk. Maybe she was not drunk to know what their own,
But she is a bit tipsy feeling the.

I said: “Oh! I’m not afraid of.”

Mrs Ma said: “Then I can come sit? I am afraid of the dark.”

She said that afraid of the dark is not without reason, because the maid came suddenly resign, had a chance to be followed by a. This
Hou, the maid is not easy to find. Mr. Ma is not at home, the house that she and I only have two people.

Mrs Ma came in, sat down on my bed. She Youde said: “I am the husband, if, like
I like the way you like, and he had a woman in there, he came back and I do not bed. You know he has already started
How long has it and I had close to it? ”

This question, it is very difficult to answer, in the end it was her couples, and I always inconvenient to comment on the thing!

She said: “See how good you are, you do not have a girlfriend, do not mess looking woman!”

“I …” I opened his mouth is only a hole, I told her it was not anything to talk about, usually move
Call two or naturally, sit together, but it is not about what came. Fortunately, his wife telling their own horse, I
Will not be too overwhelmed. She leaned against my bed, I sat in the end of the bed, she put up a leg. She is wearing
A long robe to the middle of the thigh. The length, people sit down, feet on the clothing has already risen very high,
Once again put up legs, Jin Lu under the spring on my eyes, so those who do, that she wore very
What you can see anything at this time I see her wearing a white underwear, and I have seen one in the bathroom
Like, this is a double-beam in the middle of the West, so although most of the other although a high degree of transparency, this part of the
But it is not transparent. But the week of the storm is still very moving, especially in that leg of the white, and opaque with
Cover that part of the map shaded black.

I immediately reacted strongly to the lower body should Tuizi overlap up, and if I stood up, I was
Is bound to be utterly shameless in.

So close their eyes against the horse, where his wife, suddenly they no longer speak. I was really wanted to finish the long march
Went to her hugs. But I did not dare to do so. I have this kind of thing is too inexperienced, and I
Do not know how to start is right, if done right, it is very unfavorable.

After a while, Mrs Ma has opened his eyes said to me: you are really hot here, I can not wear so many clothes. ”

She said as she stood up, even put that robe pull up, pull down too far and off. I see the
The stunned. Even if she has to wear a bra, in such circumstances is very seductive, but her eyes did not
Have to wear a bra.

Fuzhou massage parlors real-life experience

School in Fuzhou, the work has been seven years, has never been irregular ambiguous place. That night nothing to do, thought out for a walk, then went out on a walk up. I live near the great blessing, a long way to go on to a nearby beauty of a street in Fuzhou people should know that here is the famous red-light district known, are lit every dark red bulb, it really is real red light district! Oh!

Was the summer, most of the glass doors are closed, the outside surface do not see a person, seems to have a massage in the package box! Really disappointed, do not see the woman. Walked a few, most are like this, wanted to turn back, you can see there is a far door was open, there are two girls sitting in front of the sofa to chat, it seems as if no guests, I slowly walked over, wow race, sex, and a ramp * with the legs, upper body light yellow camisole, pants wearing a white miniskirt, and the other a black tight-fitting Dress, delicate white skin, full breasts, low-cut harness clothes exposing deep cleavage, is also a good long face, big eyes watery, his mouth an awesome rhyme heart and soul of obsequiousness. Body really did not say, but I wonder how a woman is not such a good guest? Is not difficult to sell? To see the guests, wearing a white dress of the girl got up and greeted as a very short skirt, she will pay * with the legs apart, I saw a dress in a pink underwear, can not help but secretly excited. Is like it, I have come before her, she looked at me, I looked at her daring, her eyes strained from time to time sweep swept away in the chest, then she whispered to me that the sentence: ” knock back it, handsome? “, I usually do not enter this place, but today I do not know how, just want to go wash the head. I looked around, as if no one is paying attention to me, on the inside.

At the door only to see a woman sitting in the shop also, it seems thirties, long and normally, needless to say, must be boss, and when the white dress the girl asked me: “wash your hair or knock back? “” will wash it! ”

She let me sit in a chair, a towel on the head and neck around, pour rubbing up on shampoo. Then I looked at her mirror, it looks also 18,9 years old, tall and embossed a cause, not very hip, but the sharp upturned, looked exciting. Ears show off her short hair better this ZHANG Xiu-face, who exudes a faint smell, not like a perfume, incense it is probably a woman. Very nice, may not sell it, so it no guests. Thought of here, I am quite disappointed. I chatted with the proprietress East La Xila days, do not matter the topic, I also absent-minded did not have a random sentence accosted.

Soon, the girls said to me wash your hair, almost, red about it, I stood up, flushing can not find a place where, Long island  Fashionable escort said: “inside!” I saw behind the curtain there is a block up half of the place, behind Zhang chair, I went over to see the original beauty as high as people are up to punch above his chair, and good good, good equipment, I lie down, the girl on the station bend in my side to help me wash, wow, chest less than an inch from my face, camisole hanging down through the neckline, to see the deep cleavage next to the exposed lace bra. Because of her hands still for me the punch, so the pair of left and right breasts shaking, my big mouth to swallow the saliva, really want to touch. Curtain hanging, I can not see the outer room of people, to hell with it, intentionally or unintentionally, gently touch her buttocks, as bent over, skirt close to the body, I can feel the underwear of the triangular shape. Tried two or three times, seeing that Long island  Fashionable escort did not respond, big up my courage, on hand to hug her waist, gently stroking. She also did not make the resistance movements, only obliterated in serious bubble on my head, I have more daring, and on her back by a little, her chest on the pressure in my face, I on the situation in the cleavage Shangtian a bit, she immediately straightened up, put my hair with a towel wrapped up for me: “it! to blow out about it!” I thought, perhaps it really is not selling, or At this time the tease me. So I stood up and walked out of a chair, then look at my boss asked me not to wash the knock back, I would like to have no drama, said: “I first hair dryer it! “hair of the girl came to me blowing hair, blow after the start of the semi-dry scalp and face massage for me and brought my head down on her chest * a, Zhenshuang. Then I felt my little brother a little impulsive.

Other shoulder massage finished, I asked the boss how much knock back? Boss said: “50. Shampoo money is also inside the” I do not know Then comes the question, anyway, have come, they can only be the final say. Said: “That to a bar!” Shampoo girl when I went on the collar just punch the place, I said: “In this you?” The girl said with a smile: “No, there’s a door you did not see it? “Then put the door open and went in, I want to just focus on her full breasts may be on! Here’s a side door did not even see, Oh, normal to normal.

House which is not large, decorated with two massage beds, a small light hair with dark pink light, surrounded by the atmosphere full of lust. My little brother has a bit hard up. Girl shut the door, let me lie on the bed and began to massage my back, technology in general, but the action was very gentle, very comfortable feeling or by for a back, she told me to stand free, massage it on my chest I think tickling, they say, do not, according to the other bar. She is my arm massage, I will close my eyes to enjoy, and after a while, my hand touched a mass of soft stuff, I open eyes aiming a bit, because she touch the chest at the time with my hand, ha, started teasing me! I also blunt, I take advantage of her chest touching up. Just across the vest touch feeling not so cool. I put down to pull on the vest, but did not pull down, then the girl looked at me and smiled, put on his vest, lift up, revealing impressive breasts, no bra strap is pink, and that the half of half layers of translucent layers of lace around the edges, forming a deep cleavage groove, a pair of pink and purple nipples Banlu out, suddenly my second child fast hard up support from a small tent . Then my hands began to move down, pull down her bra, suddenly revealed the bell-shaped perfect breasts, hands rubbing my breasts, pinching her nipple.

Then she put the body, took off his sandals and climbed up the massage table, raised to mention him in my riding skirt and began to squeeze my shoulder, beating with my hands touched her breasts, thighs apart as Of course, within the triangle dress pants at a glance, it really is pink, the middle of the narrow, just to wrap that place, the upper half or semi-transparent, so that I can see faint black domesticated hen’s pubic hair, if present , underwear showing more obvious around the handful of black hair, and she begins to bulge like a small head high, excited me, little brother of the higher branches, top in her ass. She also felt the changes I deliberately move a few hips, rubbing on my little brother a few. Then she began: “The plane hit a bar!” I want to hold onto what little brother, then it may be too sorry, and asked: “How much?” She said: “50!” I said: “Too expensive, too expensive! outside shot also hit a 100 (listen to my friends say). “Long island  Fashionable escort said:” You done know it is worthwhile, and are satisfied you look for it! “I said, Well . She got out of bed, the door was locked, and walked out under the bed next to a box, I think, is to hold the toilet paper it may be how to bring it so long? I close my eyes to relax you little brother, so after a while may not pay out too fast, and after a while she may Grab something, and walked over to open, pull my pants zipper, I lift from the hips to let her take my underwear off, or did not open my eyes, or saw the breasts of attractive little brother will certainly come out too quickly. Then I heard water “squelch” sound, I do not know she was doing. Suddenly, my second child while warm, I was shocked, do not be like cutting SM play with her second child, I saw eyes wide open, she turned to me with a towel to wash her second child, I loose a sigh of relief, thinking, this towel usually used in negative net? She could guess my mind, and said: “This is one of the wipes, rest assured, to ensure clean!” I nodded, her second child in a hot towel to stimulation, and hard up. She said, your stuff is really big, I think, my second child know how much I want to tease me, the door did not, I long to her second child is not very long, 12 centimeters or so, but very thick, sex with my girlfriend, she always said a good thick, dry up, she is good. Soon, she washed my dick, you hand hold my dick rubbing up and down, the way is very skilled, jacking off with my own almost, playing for a while and, with a small bottle in my old two drops on a number of liquid lubricating fluid may be it, she used two fingers sliding gently on the **, head out of my second child while feeling comfortable hemp, she said there is also a little oil of God components, which can play a bit longer.

I think this attitude is pretty good, so rub for a while, I felt her second child a little numb, feeling more like shooting low, the oil may play a role of God, and she asked me if I was her second child a little buzz I nodded, she took his arm bent up, caught my second child, said it was chicken wings sausage stew, I laugh again, saying that you really want to come out. Feeling really good, she played for a hand, say that this is sausage stew chicken legs, I felt an unprecedented level of comfort, this shampoo girl seems really good effort to fight planes, after a while, she let me sitting on the bed, with a pair of large milk caught her second child, said it was milk sausage stew, but with breast sandwiched, the speed of slow moving, not very exciting, but the second child so to feel sandwiched comfortable, she said, I usually let the guests can hit more than twenty minutes, so that it can repeat customers, I asked how are you today no guests, and other stores all people? She said all the other family’s beauty salon plus holes of the flute, and I do not do.

I thought: “You pretend to be ladies? Not just want to add money?”, I took out two hundred dollars from the purse to her, she then stuffed socks in the past, smiled at me with a towel My second child rub a little, knelt in front of me, grabbed my dick with both hands, the entrance, and tongue gently around my dick, one last look of swinging. I can not help but change the position lying in bed, let her lie on my belly suck, lick, bite my dick. Then her ass facing me, I stroked back and forth across the underwear by hand, and inserted a finger inside the vagina along, long before the wet underwear on, I simply reach into the briefs, direct touching the genitals, she got up and took off his underwear, exposing her plump pussy.

I kept her hands to and fro near the vaginal opening of feeling, sexual secretion flow out a little bit, the harder she sucked my dick, after a while, I said: “Well, do not blow up.” She is what I want to do, pick up a condom apart, but on the mouth, put his mouth to me, Wow, Zhenshuang, she stood up, ride on me, hand on second child, slowly sit down, a little tight hole, she probably is not enough lubrication it, inserted a few did not go on with the little bottle and added a lubricating fluid, try this on smoothly under the second child Cave of slid into her, her vagina really flexible and inclusive, plug in the end, she is not action, but what about with pussy in the suction of my second child, semen, almost give suck out. I am busy breath, hard to hold back, they are not so little brother to hand over the goods. Her body back again, change to the front legs, hands propped upper body, so I can see my dick in her hole Choucha look, her hips began to move slowly up and down, I can see Na Liangpian thick penis into the labia is out, it feels really cool.

This did for a while, she said, tired, and I below, you come to dry me? I sat up, she said, slowly, do not let it out, I said, no problem, I would hold her out of bed, the second also inserted on the inside, I put her on the bed on her two legs stand on the shoulders, stood on the ground hard, dry her, she tossed my head with the action called up, after a while I changed several positions, and thus did ten minutes so it may be that the relationship between oil, coupled with the isolation of condoms, how can not shoot out, she gave me to be a very tough battle dry, soft lay, but hard to Langjiao! I do not know that she is not out of the climax, just care about my little brother is not happy tonight, too fast.

They did for a while, she said: “how can you be so powerful it? Not come out?” I said: “This oil may be your relationship now! How also do not come out!”, She thought a moment and asked me: “What you do not have the disease? cap took to do it or else!” I said: “I certainly did not diseases, do you have any disease?”, she looked at me seriously, said: “I am sick! “spoke, he raised his hips to the back a bit, the second to slip out, she pulled out a condom, and hold on to her second child inserted into it, **, moves really fast, up to two seconds before and after I became really real gun and knife she did. Between her hands on his legs, stroking his genitals, fingers rub on their clitoris, and I feel her moist vagina wall friction is the root of my whole penis. I feel more excited, and my penis has become more hard. I rub her chest, while holding her plump ass, himself deeply into her body. I felt her body become too rigid, her fingers rubbing hard on in *. She began to excitement, but also because of her vaginal spasms, and sucking my dick tightly, I think she may be the climax to the bar.

She even forced to shake my hand back and forth of the hips, so my penis to be more depth to her body. Then I restrain it! Second child twitch violently and began to shoot semen intense, constant injection, deeply injected into her body. I am excited to the extreme, it seems that even the heart to be stopped. I kept on holding her waist and hips as much as possible to lift her, so I inserted the second child of a deeper ejaculation, she tightly close to my belly, my vagina is also squeezing the penis, seems to want to I have sucked all the sperm of her body.

I live in the glamorous young woman upstairs

I live in the mansion, often met a beautiful young home young woman, her figure and looks very attracted my attention, this day I get off, you see her with a two year old daughter in front of go, the little girl refused to walk shilly-shake that hand and holding a young woman in the supermarket to buy back many things. So I went on, help her pick up the child, the three went into the building, then into the elevator.

In my view missed, immediately asked: “The wife, I do not know how to call?”

Jiao said the young woman voice: “My husband named Ma, may I ask your name then?”

I immediately yelled: “Hello Mrs Ma! My name is Mr Li, people call me Ah Wei, was a bachelor, a single person to live.”

“Where Lee was born in another job?”

“My friends and partners for a small business.”

They talk the talk, between the elevator has stopped, two out of the elevator, and then went to Mrs Ma’s door, Queens Fashionable escort opened the door and went in, I carried my little girl, also with Matthew went inside.

Mrs Ma put in the hands of something, the little girl said: “Helen! Home, Come down, uncle hold it must be tired.”

I slowly put down the little girl, repeatedly said: “I’m sorry! Sorry! I please come in on their own.”

Ma wife smiled and said: “have come in, and also what kind, sit down it! We are all neighbors it! Should move around each other, contact the contact feeling! As the saying goes, distant neighbor is better than it! If the house has a What changes, and take care of each other, Ye Hao a, Lee! you think so? ”
Queens Fashionable escort said as she went tea hospitality.

“Yes! Is! Matthew right pole, and neighbors should live in harmony and mutual help.” I should be the side of his mouth, while staring at a pair of bedroom eyes, journeying watching her every move that thin narrow waist, fat ass Alice, twist the pendulum of walking back, it is truly beautiful, his hands holding a cup of tea before I came to, which of the tall plump breasts, as Queens Fashionable escort The Limbo, one last look at the constantly trembled, I see the body heat, fierce swallow.

When Matthew bent over the cup on tea on the children, the “wow!” So she bit trendy women, which did not take bra, bending over her in this, the two big plump white breasts, naked before my eyes. Large breasts snow snow red as strawberries and two nipple-like, clear picture, so I put the stud body hairs, I felt fever, shortness of breath heart, the following piece of big cock also excited Gao Qiao , involuntarily Ting Ying up.

Ma wife put away the cup, sitting on the sofa opposite me asked: “Lee, I see all of your financial ability and the conditions are very good! Why not get married?”

“Upon my honor Mrs. Ma said, first, there were no objects that fall in love, the second thing anyway, I am still young! Slowly, it does not Jiya! Come much love to play more years, find the object of marriage is also no later than them! ”

“Ah! Lee to say, so I feel the same, once married to lose share of freedom and fun of friends and I really regret it too early to get married, or single men and women was free to do just happy.”
“Such as Matthew married a wealthy husband, to live is so preferential treatment, will be very happy, and now a lot of girls want to marry a rich husband like you, can not find it ? I really do not understand how horses will regret it your wife? ”

I heard her arguments, I know the front of the glamorous young woman in the midst of the depression of thirst, because her tone had been revealed. Sure enough, the horse his wife and said “Oh! Every family has its cupboard, not to mention this is a secret between husband and wife, how people outside the nerve to say that? Well, do not say! A lift handy I do not mind happy, Mr. Lee! we talk about something else! ”

“Fine!” I thought to wondered, of course I know his wife at this time may have already Chunxindangyang horse, put up thirsty though, her face flushed hot, and shortness of breath, look, it has been displayed. Only a woman born shy and share the dignity and modesty of women, although the heart is thousands of willing Wan willing, but still dare to come out of the big show, not to mention she is a good woman miles! Addition to suggesting in addition, have to take their first offensive of the initiative.

So I will wait and bide one’s time, again to the happy hunting this sheep happy.

“Lee, if I take the taste does matter, your parents, family members where they live! Why you moved to the present, in addition to a middle-aged to a beautiful wife outside, never seen someone come to your house, who wife is your family do? ”

“I am an orphan, already deceased parents, brothers and sisters did not, which my wife is a former middle-aged parents of the students tuition, because she was very sympathetic to my unfortunate experience, so as to take care of me like a mother to comfort me, so I got lost maternal love and the pleasure of life. ”
“Ah! Is so kind of thing, but I do not know how she cared for you, comfort you, make you enjoy life fun?, Can not say it to hear it?”

“This …”

“If Lee intended to talk about stars, then forget it.”

“No! Not reluctant to talk about, but I want you to promise me to be a condition.”

“What condition?”

“Condition is very simple, because I grew up, wretched, if not abandoned, please make my sister Matthew, gave me the long-siblings to love, can it?”

Mrs Ma sweet smiles: “I have qualified to be your sister do?”

“Of course, you know! If I like you really have a graceful, exquisite and beautiful sister! Happy to fall asleep, wake up and it will laugh!”

“Ah! Well! Think of your mouth really sweet, so beautiful people are good at, anyway, I did not my brother, put you as a brother now!”

“Thank you, sister!”

“I’m her parents, surnamed Li, Mei called me one, you better call me sister Rose, now willing to talk about it?”

“The way it is, I had worked in the U.S. capital Matheson, because it is a small staff, so pay little point deduction in order to increase revenue, they should frame to Mrs Wong family, he was her son’s tutor. Mrs Wong’s husband is a Tate, out Jinwucangjiao, often do not go home, the expense of home Mrs Wong, Mrs Wong who was in his early thirties to middle-aged woman, was unbearable loneliness, of depression and sexual thirst, and lured me to lonely and bored her to solve her order and I can easily tryst, afraid of the child at home will be seen before buying this unit to me, asked me to resign from the company’s positions during the day at home waiting for her to come and rendezvous. She treated me is another thoughtful and gentle, like a motherly love, like a wife, so I get double enjoyment, I have to tell you all the facts are out. Mei sister! sure you keep a secret for me to remember, Do not speak out for others ah! ”

“Of course I will keep secret for you, you control worry! My good brother, I really think of you, the handsome, younger brother of the body healthy and strong body, Yan Fu is not really shallow, so a like a mother and wife U.S. middle-aged woman, so dead in love with you! I really envy the wife too! ”

“Oh! My sister Rose! What you envy it! Your husband was in his thirties, when their old business and big money, living life and YoYo, I was envious of you!”

“Just enjoy life, what’s the use of material, clear and physically not enjoy God, That is what people uncomfortable too!”

“What? Listen to your breath, your body is like God and God in emptiness and depression loneliness it?”

“All right! You are now my close friends, and I do put my mind depressed, have you talked about it!”

“Yes! So that it can spit fast, it can relieve your heart sad and boring, and I feel happy and cheerful to love God thing! Life, you only have just a few decades of life, why do not bask, And asking for trouble? sister Mei Am I right you see it? ”

“Yes! You are right most, so I just said sorry too early to get married, and you asked me why I regret, I did not answer you, this is our privacy between husband and wife, inconvenience to the edge due to speak to outsiders. In fact, my husband and Mrs Wong’s husband is the same virtue, he filled me on the outside life of debauchery, chaos play a woman, apart from the outside Jinwucangjiao not outside, but it is countless number of women on and off bed! Although he go home every night, but not drunk, came back that night, tired tired of fell down to sleep, like a dead pig of the same, it makes me angry to see one! I wife than the king who better not go there. ”
“That’s Strange Bedfellows your marriage does not mean that it? You bear his sister Mei this indifferent attitude of you?”

New Year’s 3P documentary

New Year’s Day, night, a drink, cell phone hanging from Q and friends killing time, intends to sleep when the phone rang, and a strange number and a strange voice.
“Hello, I’m color Yun’s friends, Fashionable escort in brooklyn drank too much, we are in 1980 it, you quickly come ah, Fashionable escort in brooklyn was designated to you to pick ah” Then there hung up the phone, I hit my friend Cai Yun’s phone, the phone off, and dressed me out the door.
We talk about with my friends color Yun, 26, an advertising company to do business in the manager, we know at a party, when Fashionable escort in brooklyn and her boyfriend told me a man child to eat talk business, my friend pulled me to accompany them, was left on the phone. Cai Yun is not beautiful, looks pretty handsome, but a small chest and nipple by her man do a lot, not looking at how comfortable. I chose to go for three reasons, first is the color Yun and her men have been separated, and now she and her empty bed after the separation of I man on her once, very good in bed; second, her hair the following few genital very beautiful; the third and most make my heart that she Jiaochuang voice, that ecstasy ah, definitely better than a small number of poor in Japan.
Ten minutes later I arrived at the bar, saw her and the two girls together is still drinking, did not look drunk, call the boss I had led half a dozen wine sat in the past.
“You’re not drunk, unconscious of it?”
“They are a joke, we play the game it” color Yun looked at me, a small blush flushed, very lovable, see my heart Feelings eyes itch.
“Or color Yunjie happiness ah, a telephone man came, the two of us poor. Handsome Hello, Happy New Year, I Tang Rui, Kung Hei Fat Choy, red envelopes used to” color Yun said in a small beautiful friends, this Little Miss is really small eyes, small nose, the whole people of weird, the only downside is that the chest is also small.
“This is Xiao Tang, our company’s new this year, Hunan, Chinese New Year did not go back This is Sun Li, Xiao Tang fellow, settled down in Chengdu, Xiao Tang today was dragged out of me and this guy is paid,” Cai Yun introduced, the hand is very natural to pull over, when the introduction has been holding my arm against my body. I simply stir in a fight to the sound of color into the arms hug Yun, began with everyone drinking, time flies, a little more middle of the night when everyone has drunk dizzy, and the bar has no a few tables of people, and Sun beauty pleading for his life with the first retreat, leaving Xiao Tang, Cai Yun and me.
“I go to the bathroom,” said Cai Yun
“I go” belly filling a wine, I stood up and shaking, this time has been wearing the Q ring.
“Chirp a call, you have to go pee, ah, ah you do not come back before giving birth,” Xiao Tang took the bottle began to tease us
“Your Q is not a chirp call ah?! Beauty Q How much?”
“Tell me you, I added you,” said Little Miss took out a cell phone, HD2, a good vigorous ah
“417,066,755″ Cai Yun was not finished dragging walked to the bathroom. Only one toilet, two of us are on the shaking went in, I entered the bathroom a color Yun hand into his clothes, pinched her breasts, she had no underwear.
“Little tart, not wearing a bra, lie came to me, afraid I raped you, ah” Then I kiss her ears, her ears are very sensitive to her place, basically a lick people on the crash, what resistance have not, not what I expected, she lay the whole person into my arms.
“What kind of bra, I did not wear underwear, you is not never been bullied, but also do not care about this twice,” she can not stand, and turned his head to kiss my hand to my pants stretch, grab my JB . I listen to her Meichuanneiku, hand reached into her pantyhose, underwear really is not, and has a wet mess, and are so polite I also used what, ah, a hard hand on her pantyhose ripped off San Liangxia I went out JB, aimed at her wet pussy an infiltration, JB instant of time surrounded by the warm Midong.
“… Ah … ah … ah … do not … … … … … … ah … can not stand up … stand …” after I insert in the self-serving fast Choucha up, color has been kinky before Yun watery, and hit bottom this time with the “flap” sound and Choucha time “tut” sound. I thought she said, can not stand is that cool, and totally did not consider her bladder pressure, and then I was struggling to hit a few times after I know she really can not stand.
“Xiao Tang beauty that you get to me, I will let you ah.”
“… Ah … die … you … you have to go … ah … ah … ah … wait any longer … … … … … … do not do the subject … … ah … … … … … … ah … can not stand the … ah!!! “With her rapturous groan, her urinary incontinence, and urine, a column of water rushed out, and some flow down along the thighs, my whole silly in there.
“Woo … you, necrosis you, woo … … how can you do this to me, say I can not stand, you have so ruthless, ah …” He stood up, JB from inside her pussy off out.
“Is not to be seduced you, and we do not drink, and go to my right there,” I smoked a piece of paper to clean up their own JB
“Let me tell you not to toss me back one, you are beautiful,” she said as she took off the tights, JB turned on to help me clean the white residue, and then helped me put the water leaning JB, letting I pinched a few breast, we out of the bathroom.
“Come back Yo, I thought you two ran away it directly”
“Run away with you ah have, or what the two of us ran the momentum,” she said jokingly Cai Yun. We sat down and began a round of beers after the big battle, always intentionally or unintentionally, to the color Yun Xiao Tang alcoholism, I always unintentional hand to buckle color Yun did not wear underwear thigh, and again by with a small Tang also fingers the opportunity to drink to a length, and made color Yun has been looked weird. More than two in the morning, Xiao Tang fell, pulled pak we kill to my residence. Along the way we are leaning Xiao Tang, I wipe her a lot of oil, everyone was touched, and there is also the side of the color Yun I changed the kind of bully with.
And the girlfriend I have been separated single, standard room accommodation is simple, that straightforward and is a room with a bed, brought down to the bed Xiao Tang, Cai Yun and I went into the bathroom. Air conditioning in my room has been open, the temperature is relatively high, Cai Yun I San Liangxia took off his shirt, she took off my pants, grabbed JB unconsciously Taonong up, I get rid of his shirt, the according to bend over her, cock in her face on a bomb. Cai Yun usually do not like oral sex, not how good technology, but today did not care so much, from the bar out of my bathroom JB had not softened. Holding her head up quickly spot checks, she did not spit out a few of my JB, leaning on the washing station retching up. I knelt down, holding her ass from behind, very easy to inserted two fingers of her vagina, began to buckle up in her vagina, is not it G I do not know, while Cai Yun did not lie in the wash station began to tremble, and the groans of ecstasy mouth I carried away. Toss for a while, I know the war is certainly in bed tonight, do not hurry, we bathed together, Yun Cai, Mimi, though small, painted bath rub up on me, or feeling full. Cai Yun took parts in the closet put on my shirt, I left bare ass out of bed turn on the TV sat, color Yun holding a hair dryer to help dry my hair, shoulder massage to help me, we found Xiao Tang also fully clothed in bed, I glanced at the Cai Yun.
“Tonight happy, while a” While I enjoyed the massage Yun Cai, Cai Yun, while pinching the nipple.
“Well, when you’re not afraid that the ability to” JB Cai Yun and shoot me a bit that
“You are forgetting the lessons of the last of the bar, hum,” I smiled a bad color Yun fingers into the vagina, forced to buckle under
“Ah ~ ~ bad guys! Ah, tap, ah ~ ~ ~” said Cai Yun began Fasao of Langjiao, my hands started quickly Taonong of JB
“I, I … I … I … … … …” I picked up the color Yun Xiao Tang threw her around, I stood beside the bed her legs apart against the shoulder, one leg kneeling on the bed, JB on the top inside. After the top of the glans into the top of the cervix, the tension JB put up under the one stimulus, and secondly to give a woman a process of adaptation, this is my very favorite way, woman is generally most useful. Short-term adjustment, I started slowly gentle twitch.
“… Ah … ah …” Cai Yun began to whisper moaned, this time I saw next to Xiao Tang’s eyes blink a little, slightly open and immediately closed, and I know that little girl woke up, I began to move very quickly JB, Cai Yun severely dry.
“… Ah … ah … ah … light points … … … … ah …” Cai Yun was disrupted my rhythm, I looked to see to understand over Xiao Tang, began more loudly Jiaochuang, I also put a place to lay her top in the past Xiao Tang.
“Ah … I … … cool … … … ah … big … … … ah … good hard … ah … ah … … top … … … ah … the top into the … … … ah … the top to the … … ah … The not a top ah … … … … … … itch … to … ah … “Cai Yun Xiao Tang around the time to hand grasped the hand of Xiao Tang, Cai Yun is because I am the top to the bed, and I also went to the whole person bed, intentionally or unintentionally on the Xiao Tang hand on his chest and began kneading her breasts. I let the color Yun turned over, her hands from behind her, Yun submissive color stick up the ass, just head to the Xiao Tang ears nice post, I held JB Cai Yun of pussy jacking, Cai Yun, a hot air jet pretended to sleep in the ear of the Xiao Tang, Xiao Tang instant the whole face was red.
“… Ah … ah … good … good … … … … ah … comfortable …” Cai Yun side Langjiao, while charming casual look back it seems like looked at me sad, makes me even more fed up, took her two arms, fast and crashed into her ass, stuck color Yun’s pussy and watch pak shy look, Choucha dozens pleasure unite under and feel soon shot came out called involuntary .
“Ah … no … can not shoot inside … … ah …” Cai Yun feel I want to shoot, and quickly said to me, I still feel to be shot, hurry pull out cock, hand-pulled color Yun’s arms, poor control of ejaculation in the direction, of a thick semen shot on color Yun’s pussy, ass, there are a lot of hitting back on the bed, but unfortunately my shirt, ah, finished shooting I leaned holding color Yun heavy breathing heavily.
“Whew, little tart, you call the good sounds ah, most like to hear you Jiaochuang” I touched the side of the nipple color Yun, while that
“Ah ~ ~” Choi Yun spoiled like close to my arms, tenderness of the moment began to pick up the pieces Choi Yun, clean up the semen on the sheets, the two of us walked into the bathroom, pretended to sleep in bed thinking of Xiao Tang, I began pondering Guizhu Yi.
“Wait your clothes off to pak Well,” I touch the side of the bath to the side of said color Yun, Cai Yun pretended not to hear, wash after we went to bed naked, lying in bed after Cai Yun moment, and then Xiao Tang’s clothes or put off, and do not know pak is not awake, and Xiao Tang is very obedient, underwear unlock when I saw that the pellets nipple Xiao Tang, light flesh-colored areola, I can not wait to go see latch sucking a few mouthfuls, faded skirt, exposing the pink underwear, there are even small rabbits, adorable. To Xiao Tang undressed, got up and drink the saliva Choi Yun, and then to indicate the middle of my sleep, I was happy on her a fiercely pro, this is obvious to me to create opportunities for ah.

I love the passion roommate

This evening, I was to pay for next week’s report and sat at my desk, the name of the keyboard quickly. Although
Half of my room is located below ground, but open the windows in the hillside so the idea is pretty cool. Cool
The wind constantly blowing from the windows, as I eliminated a lot of heat during the day brought. Suddenly, the door is opened, a small
Qi ran in, tolerant escort in new jercy is my roommate next door, to see her still wearing a white shirt and a short denim skirt, you know
Said she Gangdao Jia.
“Sally, I play by phone about you!” So I do not answer calls on squatting before the call from the phone.
Since my desk is a desk and type, so I have to put carpet on the floor, and I sat on the floor playing on the computer, my
Phone is placed on the ground, in front of the phone is a color TV. “Hey! Little Shakespeare, I have at home.
…, “When I turned around to see the little kei, tolerant escort in new jercy is squatting 45 degree angle at me, while watching TV while happy
Speaking of the phone. Although I use a small corner of my eye looking at Qi, but I have been dumbfounded the whole person, the eyes
Can not be removed.
I changed from her slightly open legs crouched in her underwear to see that little white cotton panties, tolerant escort in new jercy
Did not find that I was watching her. I have also taken time carefully Duanliang small Qi figure, tall and one hundred sixty-two tolerant escort in new jercy has
32B, 23,33 the standard measurements, “This is he told me,” especially her legs become more slender and
A bit rosy, rare is that she has a super cute oval face and long hair. However, up to now
Did not pay a sophomore still had a boyfriend, according to her, because she read the junior and senior high school are girls, and I
Her freshman year and she became is there, but rarely see her with other boys talked too much, then, apart from me,
I do not know why she would be more words to me.
Love scenes drama exploded in loud let me back to reality, small Qi position has not changed, and the primary
Holding a microphone, another hand-rolled around the telephone line, when I was preparing to land when their attention back to the computer screen, but then
Degree picture to see more Thunderbolt, still can not get my eyes away from her. Qi was originally a small telephone line in the play
Hand, has now put his chest, and seemingly inadvertently solved a button, have taken advantage of the clothes
Slightly open, straight into the eyes of the LORD is my white bra, did not think small Qi wearing today is a former open
Bra, the breasts hate twilight I think as white and delicate, and cleavage can also see that there are tiny drops of perspiration,
May be because the weather is a bit hot, but also talking on the phone talking about the very warm, so that my boys have forgotten the existence of
In. At this time I as a normal male dominated How might live it!
I stood up to the small Chi behind, when she finished the phone and stood up. When she turned, the
I suddenly hugged her, probably because of shocked, not struggling small Qi. I pushed her homeopathic
In the spring of my bed.
“Sally, are you doing?”
She found not to and to sit up, I have to quickly press up, and seizing her hands, one hand
Untied her shirt and kissing her frantically. “Ah … do not! Ah … not so!” Little Qi constantly
Twisting the body you want to run away, but because I was not too much pressure in the role of the sky below, but I am more ignition
The animal. “Come on stop, ah … ah ….” When the small Qi has been completely my shirt off, the small Qi to
Blush to think I leaned away from the eyes of a good son, and I was pressing her lower body does not turn over, I got from the neck
Down to kiss, when I went to the bra can still smell the taste of the residual Xi Yijing, my mouth will be linked up bra
Go “ah …” that two white breasts bounced out, red with a little pink areola, only ten yuan
The size of the coin, which on the breast because of the small Qi endless struggle and shaking, I once again indulge in white as snow-capped mountains
Valley, and slowly kissed peaks toward the forward, I also played a half-way play, in the hillside left a kiss
“Ah! … … Do not … really do not want the … ah … ah …!” I snout nipple, a few of the pro-
, They latch onto it, I have licked the nipple, the nipple can feel it in my mouth and very slowly
Hard, so I continued to use his tongue to draw a circle around the nipple, I could feel the power of Qi in getting small
Gradually disappear. Seeing missed, so I hand the body into the skirt, “Ah … … no!” Across the underwear
I stroked the small Qi pussy, feel the heat coming from stock.
Her body trembling after the show came a weak state, I let go of holding her hand, quickly de-
Light their own clothes, already seen as a small Qi thicker hardened penis, immediately eyes closed, I will be her
Nudged my hand when the penis, immediately shrink back, but I pulled over again, this time hold her curiosity
It can play up. So I take the opportunity to focus on small-Kee, my penis, I immediately off her
Skirt and panties, I found him the following venues tend sparse hair.
“Do not … Do not look a shame … Oh well!” My little finger into the vagina, has been felt
Which has been wet, I moved to the small Chi’s head between his legs, the vulva and Sun continue to contact local fingers,
I have covered a small tongue of dense juice Qi, I nibble the clitoris, “… ah … there … do not get there the
I can not stand fast friends. “Little Qi constantly shaking, I will move to a small penis Qi of the mouth, hesitated for a small kei
Children will be included into it, “Woo woo woo … … … …” unfamiliar techniques but gives me great pleasure, he is not
Dared to use his tongue to lick, I have been to deep throat Choucha, when I have studied, she would use my tongue to resist
The penis. Ah … ah … woo woo … … … “In my Choucha a while, you already feel can not stand, put the sun
With from her mouth is taken out, moved to her pussy before, continue to prepare dry friction on her.
Small Qi know I want to do her, and has been pointed at with both hands against my body, but simply having no effect,
I sank back, “… ah … it hurts?” I only inserted into the penis to point to a very small yin Qi tight,
So I come out a little bit then plug in, you can then go a little bit, “Ah … Ah, Ah …” I
To repeat the action, then I ran into obstacles, so I first section of the vagina in front of this Choucha, it
More lubrication, big bang with a small penis Qi of the hymen and breaking into the deepest.
“Ah! Killing me … ah … one of the” secret sauce relying on blood and lubrication, I almost want to come out of the penis, and then
Forced into the uterus to the deepest, “Oh … ah … Terrific good comfortable … ah …” by such a large movement of Choucha,
She seems to be a great pleasure, in a small kei climax twice, I quickly changed to simple terms,
Ready to do the final sprint, I constantly wore a small penis Qi front of the uterus, “ah …., Sally … I do not
Line … to go to the … ah … ah … “Qi in a small groan, I put my shells fired into a small sub-Qi
Palace, a small Qi also reached a climax at the same time.
I kissed the nipple after a small Qi, Qi of the body left lying in a small next to her rest, Qi is small
Seemed exhausted. Suddenly I found that out the window of the eye is watching us, I look closely, turned out to be a
Only wild dogs. Just as I was relieved when the brain flashed an evil idea. So I ran out, will that
Just pull the dogs come in, I carefully look at the dog, people should just have been discarded near the public’s Akita dog, body
Body is not dirty, but it grew very big, almost to my waist is about a high.
Qi is also small when eyes closed at rest, I will “Zhuangzhuang” (sudden thought) led to the small Chi’s feet, and
Qi small feet can open the “Zhuangzhuang” the first dead lift of small Qi pussy before, “Zhuangzhuang” sniff after
Qi started licking little pussy, “ah … ah … … … … No … you do not” small Qi began to moan, but it also
Xu is a dog tongue relatively rough, small Qi was wrong, opened my eyes immediately shocked, I think she
Move immediately rub and kiss her breasts, and in my “Zhuangzhuang” under the power potential.
Soon, I see seems to have it, took a two pillows under the small waist Qi, “really
… Really … not … you … ah … ah … to … to … die … ah … “” Zhuangzhuang “I know I do
What, it’s automatically a small dog penis against the vagina Qi, and can not wait to swing the waist, but not inserted into the
To go, just in a small mill to Qi’s vagina rubbed off, but it also attracted a small kei Yinsheng again and again. I held “Zhuangzhuang,” the
Qi targeting small penis pussy orgasm several times before and with my sperm, “Zhuangzhuang” very easy to plug the
Into it.
“Oh … ah … Terrific comfortable … ah … well … to die … to … to … ah!”
“Zhuangzhuang” to very fast Choucha with, I had little Qi dip the secret sauce painted on her nipples,
“Zhuangzhuang” Qi on a small tongue licking breast, in a double attack, the small Qi called more loudly than before more
Sensuality, I see a new side heartfelt desires have been renewed, the penis has become soft down stood up,
Harder than before but more coarse. So I put a small Qi’s head turn, and my penis into her mouth. ”
Woo … ah … ah … ah … … … woo … woo … … ah, … woo … “throat because of the constant thorn groan vibration
Excited with my penis, I have a sense of pleasure.

Copy right(C) new york asian escort – by xueli chen