[Before the Spring Festival to stimulate sex 4P]

My wife and two old family friends, we can be called childhood, childhood feelings well in the freshman year, when Bronx escort put the body of his innocence to me in 2000 after graduating from both of us, each finding a good work hard, but well-paid, Therefore, early to buy a house, got married, life settled down. Unconsciously, we sex history for nearly 10 years, 10 years, we have furtive sex, sex openly, and there are too … Oh, the humanity is not external alternative sex.

Anyway, we do not know who I am, my wife and I talk a bit, put the stimulus to write down his wife, reviewers, and pasted out and share.

My heart has always been a kind of desire, kinky wife desire to see the erotic novels do not like the kind of operation of someone else’s wife, and then complacent about the plot, I like the kind his wife was operating, but to feel special to stimulate kind. So, I did not play exchange, or even more P but play a lot of 3P. The story from here.

Spring Festival that year, the children a holiday and went to his grandmother to return home under the home, where his play paradise, my wife and I go to work, we can only wait until the preganglionic to back. Did not think nine in a heavy snow, high-speed all of a sudden closure, train ticket can only buy the lunar New Year’s, had four to five hours drive results and it would not return home, can only wait. My mother and I talked over the phone, know that children play is very happy, my mother also know that the poor road conditions, let the New Year in the city.

Danian twenty-nine years smell is getting stronger, my wife and I sleep till noon onwards, bored, I opened the computer, board QQ, I did not expect a lot of people in the group are unable to return home. Someone suggested we get together and I heard, just on us, why not find a single male who came to play. Look at the group, Zhang also on about him to come home play. Zhang and play a few times, good people, his wife is also recognized him.

Zhang told me that he and a friend is also a fellow human, but not this group. Asked if he could work together, I hesitated, Xiao Zhang see I do not answer, this friend told me that kung fu is good, people are also very quality, I thought, so I agreed.

Told his wife cry, her face red: “death-like, I have to sell to people.” “Hey, you should thank me, to make you cool.” I smacked her ass, accompanied laugh said.

“Well, I let someone else exercise, operating death, Who told you do not like me, you know I have to sell.” I am wronged, my wife, to getting you to fully enjoy life, enjoy sex, this is for you the love “does not tell you, later, people come here, we do not have enough meals ah wife decent said.

“Nothing, I buy some vegetables and come back together to be a rice line soon. You are at home to adorn it. I do not want people to say that the woman of my home is Huanglian Po.” “Well, I Huanglian Po, that the world would no beauty, “said my wife or a good look. Body or Our living conditions are better, the wife often beauty, so, more than 30-year-old man, still looks as young.

“Well, I went to buy food.” “Go, by the way again to buy some seeds and fruits, after all, the New Year, or we for the first time in the city, the New Year it.” Said the wife.

Evening my wife and I are preparing meals when they come, because of heavy snow can not go back home.

Zhang, we are more familiar with this almost Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang, a long, quite a man’s. The body is very strong.

Heating good, So They put the coat off, wearing only Qiuyi Qiuku … three big men’s legs are bulging, and it seems his wife tonight and some cool.

“Sister-in-law, I, Zhang went to the kitchen,” ah …… Boo. “” Villain, a bully me. “Wife he Jiaoshu, after all, play a few times 3P. Is a woman on weekdays, pious and inviolable Once you have physical contact, licentious without shame.

“This is my friend, Li Mingjie.” Zhang pull Guo Li, introduced to. “This is a we sister-in-law.” Hello, “Hello.” “This is what ah, such a stiff greeting to a close.” I said behind them.

Anyway, sooner or later will be more intimate.

“You!” His wife, just raising his hand to beat me and Sally, not anti-Li suddenly hugged her, her face Qinliaoyikou, it seems Mike is really experienced.

“Ha ha ha … sister-in-law, Mike how ah, man smell.” I joked.

“Well, than you have masculine. You dirty husband.” Wife know that sooner or later close contact, and also let go.

Rice, and fat you guys to clear the table, serve later. “Blushing wife, pretend to stare at us a few.

“Chirp.” John got on one knee, like the eunuch in front of the Queen Mother, “Ha ha ha ……” several of us gave all laughed, and this is what we like Chang’s, quite live up to, does not Let the atmosphere is embarrassing.

Watching the show, and while the bustling food. We joke more and more yellow, more and more color in the living room lights only four weeks that faint yellow small light, the atmosphere is becoming more and more ambiguous. “We played cards.” After dinner rest a while. I suggested. We all know that this is the beginning of the game and let his wife into this erotic game psychologically feel more warm, so we play 3P must pay attention to the atmosphere of the introduction.

Play licensing process will not say more or less the same, meow, bark like a dog to jump burlesque, and then to undress a little bit of the atmosphere of sensuality up to four individuals involuntarily initiated love, and then, see almost the same time, let Zhang and Li to take a shower, we have been washed, it is first returned to the bedroom.

Could not help but came to the bedroom, stripped off his clothes and his wife, let me lay in bed, his wife riding on me, my hard cock slowly inserted into the vagina of his wife.

“Oh, big ah, thrilled ……” wife could not help groaning, while I rub her aquiline breast, side with your fingers to pinch the nipple of the two bright red, “ah … her husband, forced you pinch to me was great. “That was one of the most sensitive areas of her body, a bit of a tease, my wife will quickly enter the state, not for a while, two single men came in, seeing off his clothes, knelt on both sides, while sucking his wife’s ear lobe, side to succeed me to rub his wife’s nipple, leaning on his wife’s buttocks, under the impact of his wife … all the sensitive points of the body have been stimulated, his wife long ago could not moaning, while also took the initiative to move up, I hid her in the ass, let her take the initiative, this time, her posture is really too lewd, like a penguin, straddle in my body, upper body slightly leaning forward, hands one on each side and kept rubbing a big cock … Soon, the wife of confusion, moaning louder and louder, I know, Bronx escort quickly climax But now is not the time of her climax, I immediately called a stop. Wife had no awareness of her husband, fuck me, do not stop to ask you, do not stop … “” wife, point Private “This is a secret between us, and now I suddenly want to be exposed to two a single male.

“No, not the husband, I can not tell …” unable to speak, “I tried hard to close a little belly, and then forced an” ah …… my top dead …… ah …… “” Yes? “cool, I would also like to me, her husband, beg you, give me …” at the climax of the edge of the wife, have lost modesty.

“That is not to say I want to hear.” “Husband, you …… you bad …” “pop, pop,” I swatted her ass several times, “Say it, or else we would not play with you … “I said, I said,” his wife could not help but start to meet my request … “My husband, fuck me, fuck me family, the woman of my house is your bitch, my mother old to force my sister’s tender to force you to fuck me, I beseech thee, husband …… “In my schematic, Zhang and Li began to lick the earlobe rub Mimi, his wife out of control in accordance with my hobby obscene language together … “We all knelt on the bed, as you parade ah, husband, casual operation. parade dead we.” No, his two younger brothers still simmering, and how do ? “ah …… ah …… come ah, to operating the woman of my house ah, you casually parade parade dead …” The wife in our molested, shaking climax suddenly came lying on my body shook, her extreme climax of the performance.

“Cool? Wife.” After a while, his wife slowly woke up, I asked.

“Ah ~ you three bad guys do not know the distressed people …” “you, we’re not cool, how to meet us. Sister-in-law,” Zhang said.

“You bad, I always thought your brother the worst, did not think you even worse than his wife spoiled.

“Good, I was bad, that …… now the bad guys want to play bad ah …” Zhang funny.

“Wife, we did not shoot it, the following will happen 3P ah.” I said, “and this time the real 3P, the three small holes to refuel yo” Well, come on, who play Who is not necessarily good, brethren, Charge. “I Heliaoyisheng. Anal cast lubricants allow Zhang to lie down, and then let the wife straddled him, slowly insert the cock, Mike knelt behind my wife, the wife of the mouth, of course, my.

“Cries … slow down, cries, slowly …” “small Li Gege, your penis is too big, slower ……” Mike’s cock is not thick, but the glans large, a bit disproportionate.

Long pain as a short-term pain, as long as the glans into, and the rest is to enjoy the thought of this, I said to Mike:

“Fast, all of a sudden go, then do not move, let your sister-in-law to adapt.” Heard, Mike forced a back straight, “ah … dead, mercy ah …” is also a wife who three holes. have two cock is inserted, this is the first time.

How can unhappy.

This is a wonderful picture, a proud figure, the face of enchanting beauty, lying to sitting in a man who, in front of his mouth a man’s cock, followed by two cave stuck a big chicken Pakistan, three majestic man, spared no efforts in speaking lustful woman “ah … ah … thrilled, fuck me, you too can speak to me, the owner ah, I bitch, you cheap bitch, operating dead I, speaks death of the woman of my house, ah …… husband, I love you, you fucked me, my mother, my sister let you speak … “” bitch, I want to speak your big sister, “” My husband do not ask you, ah … ask you, you’re doing it to death, do not fuck me Sister, you fuck me, let my big sister … “” do not say it to stop. “I cry the order, the three men suddenly stopped down.

Ah? Do not stop ah, I beg you, Dear Uncle, I ah, quick, give me …… “wife swinging along in anguish, begging us to stop.

“Let me cool, let you cool, otherwise, hey ……” I said.

“Zhang, speaks about” pop “Zhang lower abdomen closed, and then forced a big cock to make root infiltration.

“Ah …” “Well, how do I stop, ah. You, ah ……” “What do you put your big sister Shao Shang did not say, fast,” I hit hard on her ass.

“Ah, my eldest sister, my older sister parade, parade ah. All parade go die …” “Continue!” …… “Ah … cool, Shuangsi of my sister-in-law, you too tight to give you ah …… “Mike first ass shot.

“Ah ……” pop, pop, pop, pop … Zhang also fast, waist hard, every time fierce.

“Ah …… oh died, I was going to die … ah …” The wife could not, another climax … “shot, shot … operation you die, sister-in-law, children ah …… “Zhang also shot … wife to a second more intense orgasm, covered with limp, V in the body of Zhang, ass, vagina, mouth are out of a milky white semen … too good moment, four people wake up too fresh to, “I went to wash,” the wife first said.

“You go, to accompany the sister-in-law a good wash,” I told them to.

Enough to allow … “John exaggerated cried. And Xiao Li, one on each side, accompanied his wife to take a bath, I am lying in bed, pondering just his wife’s lustful.

Soon, they came back, the four men crowded into one bed, sleep less than, so he decided to sleep study, Zhang and Li, I slept on the bedroom, his wife Qian Banye accompany them, the rest of the night with me.

“My husband and I passed ah,” his wife wearing sexy pajamas, languishing at the door looked at me.

“Go, go, little slut.” I quietly lying in bed and hear the faint the Johnson laughter in the adjoining room came the joy Yinsheng and wife, could not help grinned, when the shy girl that saw a stranger on the blush of beauty, but three men in the crotch moan, enjoy, and now look for two strangers to endure exercise, think of the passion of a happy life after the wedding, two people, a child a person warm living, there is passion between two people dull routine of sex, although there is no quarrel, but life really is insipid and tasteless.

Until the media hype up the “thriving” wife-swapping the emergence of this passion to adjust the story I found online, along with his wife to discuss this issue, and work together to evaluate online or true or false text, and finally, in my under the guidance of , we have unified thinking, started 3P tour, the process will not say more or less the same, post, add group video, meet, eat …… “My husband, I’m back,” when his wife came back, I have not found.

“If you want what? Husband.” To see me staring, be very gentle with his wife leaned over and asked, carefully, and my heart may feel just too indulgent, causing the dissatisfaction of the husband.

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