New Algorithm about new york asian escort,should we change the website’s structure

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New Algorithm about new york asian escort Just show up 3 days before,some people may not agree with me,they will said it update more than 1 month,but affect to “escort” keywords just get big change for 3 days before.even i find out some website have changed their rank in mobile phone’s searching result,i remember one of my website:,searching “new york asian escort” can’t find this website in top 2 shows number 4 in computer,i was confusing at that time,i was thinking that website will be back,because when i search the “new york escort“,i can still find http://www.nyescortagency in page 2 as google result.

And a lot of people ask me is that means the website’s rank not gonna come back anymore,my anwser is “i’m not sure,i have to take a test first”. and now i did the first website for it,no more trash article,no more buying link,only useful article and Stable link with not-bad quality.i did research the top 1 rank’s website for “new york escort” keyword,i find out that website made by wordpress. and i check others also,i find out there’s 50% website made by wordpress.that means google like wordpress¬†open source program,so i decide to make a another test,i gonna change with wordpress program,why google like wordpress?you may ask about that,in the first,i think the reason is about article,but laterly i don’t think so.becuase the website i researched for don’t have any article on it.i will talk about it in next article,because i have to research in any detail.and top 1 website in “new york escort ” searching result have many similar domain name,and have some high-pr and same category website’s single-way¬†link,and it also have some trash link from 10 classified website.those link will be delete shortly,because i do the same i don’t think it can get good rank because it’s link.but i’m not sure also,we all know we can get the full result from the google.

New Algorithm about new york asian escort show up,so we have to do something if we don’t get any rank from it.i hope what i said before can help you do the right choice to change the old-mind Algorithm.

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