Chen first night

Due to the Department of more official to be busy, so he requested a one-time workers, escort ny called Chen Fei, 20-year-old, was still in college studying long good, she is also good. She is mainly responsible for the affairs of the departmental libraries. Day 9:30, most of the department, Chen books and materials in the finishing department to be entered into the computer, so that day left to the full the night before they prepare to leave. Chen packed his things to leave, suddenly heard the sound of elevator doors opened.

“At this time, who would remain in the Department of Museum?” Chen find it very strange.

When the library door was pushed open, come in a 40-year-old middle-aged.

“Oh! Chen, you have not walked.” Chen sweetly asked.

The Chen named Chen Wen Zhong, recently promoted to Head of Department.

“Well, busy to write the application of some plans! I will look copier

Chen towards the photocopying machine, began to operate the machines.

Chen filed purses, Director, said: “The Director! I now have to go back, Well annoying when you go to help me lock the door.”

“Wait a minute, Ms. Chen, the machine seems bad!”

“I look at, ah … seems to be a paper jam …

Chen squatted check the machine, Director Chen from top to bottom to see Chen shirt crevices of huge breasts, and with the action of repairing the machine from side to side. Director of can not help but stared throat unconscious purr, feeling his lower body began to change.

Chen in the repair of the machine, suddenly catch a glimpse of the side, director of the crotch from the Penghu powder face evil red and she knows what happens, just want to quickly fix the machine to avoid this embarrassing scene.

Director,! I’m leaving, “Chen hurry come out of the library.

Chen to see quickly walked over, one hand holding her slender waist. An just yang male body temperature, spread to Chen’s body, making her body involuntarily to tremble gently, while she also secretly like Chen, but the director of a married man, she quickly said: “The Director I beg you to let go! ”

But the director not only do not let go, gently kneading the contrary, according to her side of the breast will arm around the waist and the palm of your hand.

Chen felt the hand of the Director to rub on the breast, was really shy and comfortable. Up to now still a virgin, escort ny usually up to only masturbate to solve is now the director of such provocative Xiaoxue which is like thousands of ants moving vagina wet.

Director to see her pair of shy look, thinking she must still also a bad idea personnel, and the hearts of love, the palm of your hand will kneading more dynamic.

“You do not have the line had sexual intercourse, do you want?”

Chen stretches Fenjing low, again and again a few points, but thought, then shook his head again and again.

“That you could not stand, not with their own hands to solve it?”

Miss Chen powder face more red over the ears locations nod.

“That was more than uncomfortable wow! Chen I love you, let me back you solve all right?”

Chen modesty could not go on.

Director of lift her Fenlian, kissed her lips, Chen kiss Fenlian and Zhang Hong eyes emerged in both frightened and hungry look, a burst of sexual secretion Xiaoxue inside out, even the wet briefs.

Director of her shy with the mood of the appearance, to know she has to move the passions, in urgent need of male caress, so stretched out his hand patted her ass, the kind of elasticity and a soft sense of touch, the Director was caused by shock. He had wanted to draw back his hand, but to bow their heads to look at Chen, she was biting his lips, shy Su Zhaotou did not express disgust or dodge So, director began to gently ask die together.

Chen felt that the director of the warm hand touch there is a comfort in their own hip, so she did not dodge, containing nothing, director of enjoy touch.

Director of the more touching harder, not only touching, more kneading ass meat, more tentatively down the slide to move to her ass-groove in the middle, gently stroked with a finger in there.

Ah …… ah …… ”

Director to be encouraged, simply lifted her skirt, putting his hands gently stroked her Fentui up.
Chen for the girl’s modesty, had to remove his hand, said: “Do not, director of the good embarrassed!”
“Chen, it does not matter it! Touch me, afraid of?”

Director and threw her Jiaoqu on the copier, around her fierce kiss in one hand and inserted into the skirt pick open briefs, touched the long pubic hair, the fingers just met Taoyuan hole, has a little Shiru moisten of the

Chen has never been a man’s hand touched their own pussy, the heart is both happy and afraid, the legs quickly a folder, not the Director under one of the actions.

“Do not! Ah …… you let go … Oh … I also speed Virgin! …… I’m afraid … Do not! …”
“Hee hee … you clamped my hand and told me how to let go …”

Chen originally wanted to broke away, director of the fingers, but from his palm pressure in the vagina on the outgoing male heat, has made her body grow numb, and her inability Tuiju

“Ah … you stop …… tickling …… I beg you … I can not stand …”

Chen touch in the bath rub clit, she has the experience, finger touched it, body linen acid itch, tonight was the men’s fingers kneading more tingling, acid itch harder and harder, and its taste different.

Director of the fingers did not stop, continue gently rub dug with her the Taoyuan spring hole, the Shiru How, soapy, rubbing, digging … Ran Ran Chen whole body suddenly shiver, cried: “Ouch … what flows out …… wow …… painful death … ”

Director of smiles that you flow out of the sexual secretion know? ”

The director said, the fingers went, vagina depth …

“Ah! Hurts not to go, it really hurts … I beg you, okay, do not!! To hand out …”

Chen this time is really painful, director by her sense of pain and not prepared to give her mini briefs pulled down.

Covered with a soft thin pubic hair next to her Xiaoxue, director and then her buttocks lift up, take off her briefs, stripped her body clothes, and he is stripped clean yo.

, Director of Ms. Chen’s legs pulled photocopy machine next to the separate himself squatting on the middle of her legs, first to watch her pussy for a while.

The high bulge of her pussy, covered with a glow of pubic hair shiny, soft, slender, slender gutter, pink labia majora are tightly closed, and the director of hands pushing pink labia majora a like red bean clitoris, raised in the gutter above, slightly open a small hole next to the two bright red labia minora, tightly attached to the labia majora, Yin bright red wall meat is shining issued by the sexual secretion of Guangmang.

“What a beautiful Xiaoxue … beautiful ……”

“Do not Kan Ma … well lose face Oh …

The powder face of Chen cheerful spring, red mouth slightly upturned, straight pink nose and exhale, such as blue, a pair of huge pear Jianting breast, pink like a lotus-sized nipple, the Gaoqiao stand in a circle bright red areola above, coupled with her delicate white skin, white white, red, red, black and black, three color matched really Guangyan bright, beautiful, fans Sharen men.

Director of the pair of scenes to see desires excitement, immediately Fu Xiashen to suck her nipple, licking her areola and breast, licked Chen whole body felt dumb, unaware of the groaning up …

“Ah … ah … director of ……

Director stood up to Ms. Chen said: “You look at my cock!”

Chen is closed asked to enjoy the pleasure of the director of mold rub lick suck heard to open my eyes to see immediately surprised! Shy said: “Ah! How so much, are so long!”

“Do not I’m afraid …,” she said, will hand over her her Xiaoxue mouth.

“Come on! Are you a small hole does not itch?

“Throw Down, but …… I …”

“Do not, but I was the only this guy can stop your itch.”

Director of mouth to answer her, hands kneading her clitoris, the mouth kept sucking her red nipple.
Chen be made by the Director of systemic acid, itching, shivering.

“Let me back you relieve itching it!”

“Do not! Director of!

However, director regardless of Chen’s feelings, forced her legs poke, that the Taoyuan Siandong open a small mouth, red labia minora and the vaginal wall meat tenderizer, beautiful, good sultry …

Director Director, holds a large penis glans gently in the shade account the friction between the number of the glans covered with sexual secretion act Run Philippine ㄇ? Very slowly move the ass to where advance glans lubrication of sexual secretion, rushed to eat “soon, the entire glans has been entered.

“Ouch … it hurts Oh …… do not …… quick to pull out …”

Chen pain sweating head, and hurried to go file by hand vagina, not he that big cock and then inserted.
Coincidence but her hand met the director of a large penis, and quickly retracted to hand, she was both ashamed and frightened, I do not know what to do.

“Ah! So hot! So thick, for so long, scary people …”

Director picked up Chen’s hand with a large meat holding, first the Taoyuan spring hole, first a little dull, is good to let him insert.

“Yo, director, you are good or bad, do teach people these Xiuren things.”

Officer straightened ass, penis into the vagina inside again to go, he began to gently spin Mozhao, and then a little harder inside a big dick into a two-inch and more.

“Oh, do not …… it really hurts … do not … woo ……

Director of her powder face pain pale, trembling, and my heart could not bear, so stop the attack, hands on her breasts, kneading her nipples.

“Bear with me, after you will be hard work brings infinite joy it!

“Woo … so thick, stuffed I was swelling pains and uncomfortable dead, then I dare not take it, did not think sex is so painful!”

“The Virgin Kaibao pain, if the first not to engage in the end, after playing more pain, bear with me now!”

The Officer has felt the glans top to one thing, he thought this is probably the so-called hymen. Regardless of Chen bear can not stand, suddenly an ass and a thick long cock, “squeak” sound, Siegen into her tight little Xiaoxue.

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