Chinese New Year in his home county of Aventure

Really boring this year, Chinese New Year, we, the capital city of this southern rains every day, so very depressed that I did not go there, but thanks to a neighbor and uncle for a year. Meat and fish dinners, eat my tongue has been insensitive.

Year 4 to set foot on the train to go home to go to The Wedding Banquet — cousin’s daughter’s wedding, the way to go home after an absence of 12 years to see. Ride the train of four hours, there’s no one to pick me up at the train station. I hit my violation report me! To the cousin, while the eldest son of the cousin of wave pick me up, this kid a few years ago, Zhang was quick, but also Man Tate. Sitting in his car, looking at county-wide roads, but also not to mention the home changes. Small county inside the city layout, cultural square, cafes, pedestrian street, the street shuttle three rickshaws, as well as that small TIXS car —- 5 dollars to turn over the entire county, hawker stalls chaotic pendulum on the road. Of course, massage house, feet, housing, leisure and city lot, in the county the old cinema there are troupes engaged in burlesque performances. Was developed Wong ah.

To cousin house is also about having Gong Cup staggered, afternoon nephew wave to accompany me to the streets around the county, the New Year flavor than the city, with everyone carrying the kind of red plastic, go Happy New Year filled with New Year . The county basically what facilities —- sparrow may be small

Five internal organs with the whole. Young people to wear fashionable, of course, their fashionable is out of date and the kind of flashy, the streets everywhere hear Pang Long “Two Butterflies” song —– “… dear, come dance with me …… Let us smell the total life … ”

I asked the nephew wave — the county have any fun, he enraptured the said —– “the mother of (Jiangxi called the mother of is the uncle of the meaning) night take you HIGT” I kind of looked down upon the tone —- “you where else to HIGT”; said Gregg “s mother, do not think you big city fun, here we also have what you want to play.

! You say, “Oh, strong words!! Evidently seen the county’s entertainment industry what it was like night or insight.

Night, we grilled the food that ball on downstairs to pick up the car. Cousin this bamboo business made a ball not short of money mix like a young master. Business from his care. But the big boss, he was to get married and divorced this year is because he loves to play, ranking, he said that like to go to the hall shaking his head doing drugs. I sat in his Koyo motorcycle, he hit me irregularities to report me! Began about those Hupenggouyou, and his mistress about. We came to the Stronghold County Cultural Plaza next to Fun City —- listen! “Stronghold” —- how tacky outdated term. N years of fashion garbage. Four people squatting on that, see we came went up to the door. Four people dressed pretty cool, is very sick

The hair technology —– just in front of dyeing a handful of yellow hair, special soil.

Wave cubs, you Tut rice did not “(a local home —- Bobo eat)

“Tut, open the box did not spend Sicko wave” (the local home —- open the box there is no a lady)

“Sicko flowers turn home the New Year, few did not call” (the local home —- the lady home for the holiday and not many did not call)

—- Is the operation of the meaning) “setback” (home local

Man Kazakh “(local home —- this man is who)

“The mother of” Oh! Fortunately, the home dialect I listen to understand. Otherwise, the dialect of Jiangxi side of the county really ugly also very studious.

On the third floor, not upstairs heard the deafening disco music in a private room (Bobo said county do not have a big hall, are open box play), red light flashing on the corridor. Several television suspended from the ceiling, placed the lead dancer Yan girl video. The corridor will be gone through from time to time some girl hit me irregularities to report me! , Are leggings, high boots, discredited in the six-color dye my hair, but then fashion wear in the county or revealing point countryman temperament, feeling strange.

We opened a box, this box is not a row of sofas, glass coffee table, wall close to the paintings of sexy foreign girl attendant on consumption. When the high-decibel music sounded. Attendant to turn off the candle light point on the rough open sparking the kind of white flashing lights. My God! Eyes can not stand! ! ! Then nephew open a bundle beginning in red ** (the county is 150 yuan a), lying on the edge of my ear and asked if I wanted. I shook his head —– Do not! I am determined not to suffer. Crazy music, not a group of ball they roll opened —— drugs on top of pull. I also shake open —- myrrh and I shook.

Then came a woman, the ball about floor living.

I judge — to his mistress. Wave gave her a **, they hold together the swing up. Wave a Huoer the door locked to bring in alcohol and drug stimulation crazy, shaking his head, two hands high holding over a group of them under the watchful eyes undress —– room to open the air-conditioning his mistress industry also began to undress, the scenarios I have seen in the “Focus” program. Now I see a real pull!

Wave mistress, shaking his head, tossed hair, facial expressions intoxicated. hot mahhatan asian escort took off his jacket, which is the sweater, took off his sweater, underwear … Finally, she left a red bra ball mistress breast. But very pretty, wave shake up holding her about her bra win. A round Jianting breasts dangle in front, shaking his head left and right-action swing Yichanyichan very delicate look of her breasts, nipple little in ** the power I feel to stand up. Nephew bowed his head nurse, holding her waist in the bite, lick, suck, her mistress, his hands lifted up, head thrown back, eyes closed, face an obsequiousness and lascivious laugh, but also issued —– Oh screaming. Twinkling lights below, Fanglangxinghai school Flesh! ! ! !

Then I sat on the sofa above shaking his head while drinking beer, drank three bottles. I feel the alcohol on top, and two looked at a room Fanglangxinghai men and women is also a little excited, but restrain myself crazy shaking his head to play the nephew like a drunken man came to lying on my shoulder

: S mother, do not ball? ”

“Do not”

“I told you called One girl (home in the local dialect —- is the meaning of the girl)

“Good” —- alcohol anesthesia and indulgent atmosphere of the bold. Then all of a sudden nephew out (which his mistress was still bare upper body crazy shaking) Within a short wave with a girl came over, lying on my shoulder

S mother, tonight is your cool, I paid ”


“Is to accompany you HIGT flowers Sicko” (“flower Sicko” home local —- is Miss)

I shouted into his ear —– “Do not let your mother know”


I looked at this girl, hot mahhatan asian escort is not very plump. General facial features, hair dyed yellow, big earrings, leggings, boots. The black coat of fur collar open, a red sweater —— Standard county fashion concept. The breast is so big, bulging standing there. Her generous sitting beside me, curled feet, lit up the initiative of lying on my shoulder

“Boss, why you do not or dance” (her Mandarin is really ugly, not like Jiangxi)

I front of hot mahhatan asian escort’s ear, “I shake ah”

“You took the pills”

“Do not like to eat”

“Nothing to eat very Hi”

“No, no, I drink beer” —- ah, I have the fourth bottle. Your eyes are blurred, I looked at hot mahhatan asian escort, she took a bottle of Blue Ribbon. Her big mouth and drinking, “What is your name ah, you are there people shouting in front of her ears, hands on her thighs.

“My name is Salsa, Hunan

Called the rustle of the girl, a side by side and I sat on the sofa after she stood up, hand holding beer bottles, hanging smoke began shaking his head, saw me sitting on the sofa and she pulled me up, I hold her jump. I told her to jump a bit up sitting on my lap. Her generous sat on my lap, Holy crap, good weight. Big butt resting on my thigh sour, I Floor, with her waist, and head on back. Shake up. Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey fed from Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey fed from …… coax I coax ha ha … Shanghai Triad … shakes you back … shake of his wife to accompany me to sleep … (Fuck, this kind of music as early as expired)

Music, lighting, alcohol, women … my head was so excited the. I drank a beer, but did not swallow, I Banguo her face from behind her face fat, mouth-to-mouth to feed her. The way to fight a wave of children, rustle obediently continue to drink, my mouth homeopathic Nianshang Qu, and kissed. Our mouth has the taste of alcohol, a little sweet. I suck her mouth, tongue yearning to stretch inside, she was not allowed to enter the closed mouth, which is consistent with her professional standards —– accompany Hi sister Miss — it inside his mouth is her only pure places. White flashing my head, nephew and his mistress (small tart clothes) and revel in the intoxication of drugs, gang friends eyes closed rocking like death throes of the dead rooster, squatting, sitting The …… rustle sitting in my lap, rocking from side to side hair thrown rejection. My hand to ring Guzhuo her waist, my fingers began to stir. I look into her first-layer underwear, feel tell me that the fine wool fir, rustling does not reflect the still shaking. Both his hands on her chest, her breast, soft. My hand does not intend to push to the crunch nest, her I smile

“The boss you do not … itchy

She looks back with a smile very lustful Mo Yang, I gave her a cigarette. Her to continue smoking his head thrown shake, I am emboldened my hand out to look into her second floor, ah, touch pull the flesh. The fat waist felt a little belly, feeling her waist and palms were sweating. Touch up bra, big breast Yichanyichan hand one the unsteadily of breast kind of feeling great. Me from behind her brassiere cut down, she turned lustful eyes

“Boss, do not it, so hey it” —– I speak, you pretend to be —- I would like to

Rustle back to me sitting on my lap, I floor, her breasts, she was shaking, shaking as fun. Sometimes shake overdone advantage of the opportunity I lay on the sofa, she lay shaking, I touched her breast, this posture so cool. Her breast a lot of sweat in my hands slippery. I want to pinch her nipple did not squeeze one last look trembling. I put my hand from her clothes inside out, called her up to face I was sitting on the thigh. Rustle behaved under this posture. The rustle blurred eyes off the coat which fine wool fir only. No bra Bengzhe two breast like a rabbit in the clothes inside chaotic strings, flashing lights look very exciting, I look at floor with her waist, the first paste in which the soft flesh above her breasts. I feel the excitement of her heartbeat, I see her face Hi intoxication, mouth excitement and lustful smile. Me to put aside her fine wool fir, her hands held high his head shaking. It is a fullness of the breast around the rock, I caught one, the mouth pro-mother, pro-less breast. Shake it shake. Two-handed attack, holding the breasts, and two slap in the face mask in the breast, feeling VEAR

GOOG. Breast sweat, my mouth, add the sweat of the breast, nipple, nipple, where – and I have drunk. Me latch onto a nipple, suck it, tongue and nipple stir stir, saliva and the rustle breast sweat, her body temperature in the hot, the rustle of the breast like an electric furnace, the slap in the face mask in breast, I rub rub, the rustle of the nipple is sandwiched between the index and middle fingers, like a little meat – stick, I know, she was excited … Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey fed from Hey Yeah Hey Yeah Hey fed from —- high decibel music

Orgasm-like indulgence. Daze, I heard the nephew and then my ears called

Go to the hotel

My head a little walk around feeling to go …

We stumbled out, inside jump of Zaore of the outside is really raining. Bobo and his mistress and helped each other, is certainly Drug power to make them confused.

“Bobo, do not go back and live cousin will wow you” (the local home — and not go back to live cousin would say)

“The mother of … take things … New Year playing the one to take things” (local hometown — nothing to the New Year to play all right) wave like a drunken man, like talk. Eat the ** people who have this virtue.

County Avenue empty. I hold the salsa, we walk to the bridge below Guoguang Hotel. I speak, no one on duty, is the Chinese New Year who would go to work. Bobo’s friends nicknamed the “hook” comes to his home overnight, we went to a village in the county south of (the county where the village is equivalent to a district in the city) really their home floor. Usually leased to the County Teachers College students live in the upstairs of our banging a ball and his mistress, a hook. 3 friends to see the room and shook his head.

, Suddenly said to go on all night cafe, driving a motorcycle, there are only few of us live.

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