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After graduating from college, I was assigned to a larger state institutions. Closed in the strict management and work environment, I muddle over two years, like every ordinary man, as taking a introduced, love, marriage, children, the old road. Sex life is bland , with the child after it is routine.
I am 28 years old in that year, I met Crystal. That spring we are just on a new project, first entered the office one morning, we introduced the new Director to colleagues – crystal. Crystallization age of about thirty three or four, stands a meter 66. Very white skin, hair and clothing are very sophisticated and are well decorated, and she is a woman that is drill, saw her, you can not help to be see her glances. We have stepped forward to shake hands with her, a bit reserved to Crystal and we pay tribute, I think she was a little cold, there is no call came up with her.
Then I listen to office colleagues talk behind know, Crystal’s husband is an army among the children, often work on cars for vehicles to take, no wonder the taste a bit condescending. As the project unfolds, we contact up more gradually. Her desk in my opposite, then I found out that she sometimes seems to have no intention to cast a glance on my glances. I was very superficial understanding of a woman, young girl still in the appreciation of the level, type of crystal that mature women did not come into contact with, but every time to see the fullness of her tall figure in front of me shaking time, heart, there is always a strange feeling.
To work one morning when she and I just met in the office door. Beckon to each other, she asked me: “Do you live in the unit’s dormitory?” I said: “Yes ah.” She said: “It is very convenient to where you work!” I said: “The key is to facilitate home from work. “She laughed. Upstairs when she was walking in front of me, maybe I intend to let her go in front. On the stairs, my eyes are completely full round ass cute japanese escort in Long island attracted. Crystal is a typical type of woman woman, ass big, very round, upturned, walking a bit ass vibrate, very attractive. This was a big round plump ass in close proximity, with the stairs in front of me kept shaking, my heart rate, dry mouth, really want to touch it within reach of the two semi-circular meat ball, women’s ass so beautiful, so I can arouse desire, is the first time I feel.
Since then, the crystal position in my heart great changes. A few days later, we went to participate in voluntary tree planting. The units were Fenpianbaogan, our task is to smooth the ground for the nursery. Crystal in front of me bent over the ground, not more than a meter away from me. The weather was very warm, she wore a single-day pants, thin cloth, pushed out of the bottom contour is obvious, clearly revealing that she wore a narrow triangle of pants, pants bottom edge embedded in the flesh The two hemispheres emerged two Erdaogou, and good-looking and fun. I work where there are thoughts, all attention in that reach of the big swing to and fro on the bottom, I had the impulse is to rush to hug her fat ass a good run of a kiss, really want to see her bare ass looks like. One day in early summer, we talk about the thing to the user where to go on their own when the. After talking about each other very warm, have to get our car, because of scarcity of cars, the results of a car in the crowded five people. Director of natural sitting in front of four of us crowded in the back seat. I do not know why, I sat on the left crystal see her around a bit, but also from the left side of the car, sitting beside me. When she sat beside me when crowded, I felt my heart throbbing chug. That day she wore a pink short-sleeved shirt of fine grid, the collar was very low, just from my point of view can be seen from the collar exposed cleavage, white breast meat suddenly out, exposing the edge of the bra is pink color. In fact, the weather is not hot, but I seem to have been sweating.
After the car she did not say anything to me, just smiled, as if unintentionally like leaning on me. Her beautiful shoulders, rounded plump, soft exception, the kind of comfort that I can not suppress his excitement. With the wheel bumps, we often touched each other’s arms, her white skin lubricant, like rub on the silk. I finally could not, by shaking the car, increase the rub by her efforts, cute japanese escort in Long island does not seem to notice, is not dodge, also pulled the collar to reveal a small half breasts, of course, only from my here to see. As I distracted, cranky when the car brakes, we could not help forward a red, her hand about to grasp my hand, I also hold the potential to live on her hand. Car and started running, I can not bear to let go, she did not take away the meaning. Her hand was soft, did not seem to bone, very welcome in hand. I secretly looked at her and saw her eyes looking out the window, if not her hand.
But when I increase the intensity, she went back to pinching me, that she knows what I mean. In this way, I held her hand tightly, have made no release, the arm is close together meat meat endure. Off, she firmly shook my hand look, it went straight away, my heart not only sweet, there is a sense of loss never before. Two or three days later, work contents, we are busy, I could not find the opportunity to speak to her alone. And she is also very tolerant, like nothing happened, and others talking and laughing, others just do not pay attention to my case, meaningfully glance. Whenever this time, my heart would burst wildly, his face even a fever. I laughed at his heart, how like a love of high school students? Crystal that can be looked full in the chest, shoulders rounded, and upturned, round and big ass walking in front of me, my heart filled with desire, little brother suddenly upright, had quickly made me sit down or turned away.
Finally on the fourth day, I go to the bathroom in the corridor met her. I know she can every day at noon lunch break spent in the office, and now is the summer schedule, lunch for two hours. I greet her, and looks at her heart badly. She looked at me quietly, not talking. I am thirsty, hoarse voice has changed, hastily said: “At noon to my house please?” cute japanese escort in Long island seemed hesitant, a little thought about, asked: “Do you live a few building?” I said quickly out of the address. At this time there appeared a figure the corridor, her noncommittal went to the office. So I went back to the office, she is not on the inside, until the work has not seen her former figure. I am worried, what can not go dry, still at work, on the excuse away.
Home, eat two things hastily, and began anxiously waiting. This is a tough time, I listened with rapt attention the corridor of the static and dynamic, a little voice went next door, so the minutes waiting for. Finally, the corridor came the footsteps, I judge her, because her heavy footsteps upstairs, for others, and she also opened a joke. Outside the door gently knock on the door, a bit hesitant. I quickly opened the door, I saw her face if the peach, stood panting in front, could see her a little nervous, but some shy. I rushed her to the door, please, they stood in the living room, sometimes do not know how to do it. I said: “I give you pour some water now!” She nodded. I put the water to the end, she was placed on the cabinet to see the photos. I put the water down, it could not suppress his passion, the hand on her rounded shoulders. She did not dodge, nor turn around. She exude a light fragrance, hair and some wet, I got a bad heart, his head bent down to gently kissed her neck, when my lips touched her smooth skin, my heart completely drunk. Her shortness of breath up against my body. I pull her over, the two little one on the TV, on the tightly embrace. How together we kiss, I have to remember, just remember that a chaotic mind, felt her lips very moist, very soft, the tongue in my mouth eager to explore with her back very plump and feel extremely comfortable. I’ve never been kissed by a woman this way, holding her gentle body, could hold my dick hard, harsh top in her lower abdomen, pull my stomach was aching. She is also very excited, panting in my ear, said: “We sit down, and I stand up.” Kissing while sitting on our side of the big fool I was number one on my hand from her dress stretched below go, want to touch that dream has long breasts, she wearing a thin bra, I touched across that thin cloth soft flesh of that group. She kissed me one, saying: “Come on, let me unpack it.” Then it is solved neatly buttoned and bra, and stepped down. Her pair of white breasts before my eyes, in front of her breasts at me quite a quite, said: “Here, touch it!” Her breasts are not the kind of hypertrophy, but who grow plump , milk-based large, round, very nice. Nipple is very small, like a cherry, a little strange is not black, pink color, areola is not large, very beautiful. I greedily touched, kissed, keep sucking, licking nipples wrapped, then violently Zhuanie hand, rubbed the other breast. Crystal is also very excited, her face flushing, bursts of groans, pants with one hand across my erect cock caught and kept pinching. My whole body like a fire, desperately want to kiss her, kiss her, squeeze her, rub her, and she did not like bones covered with soft, I understand what it soft without bone, also kept her apart from moaning back to kiss me, and with a trembling voice said: “I want to lie down.” We both hugged into the bedroom, I draw the curtains, the three two to take off the underwear, and then stood bulging cock watch crystal undress. Carefully take her clothes on a chair, then there is no shame to unlock the color of pants, take off but also set the stage. Her legs are white, very plump, wearing a tiny pink panties, when she took off his small pants, the whole yi are displayed in my eyes. Crystal skin is very white, very smooth, fertilizer buttocks, waist very plump, rounded the curve of each part is, she begins a very full, sparse pubic hair not cover the bulging Yin Ting, thick thighs , standing there without any gap between the legs, knees round, very well-proportioned legs and feet also show, in short, her body like a lady in the European classical painting. I stood there admiring, his eyes look definitely want her to swallow. Then she said to me, somewhat shyly: “birth to a child, the belly some loose.” Then she lay in bed, splayed legs, looked at me: “Come on, come on the lie.” I was two get angry, actually trembling body under excitement, quickly climb up the pressure in her white plump flesh. Oh, really soft which, my limbs are the gentle touch of soft fleshy, that taste a bit like the clouds. I kissed her nipples, shoulders, neck and lips, her eyes closed comfortably groaning, moaning sound strange she is not the kind of minor, but a deep throat from the bottom, like the mother in heat roaring like beasts groan: “Oh … oh …” Her eyes blurred, like weeping camel calling my name and gasped, his hands constantly rubbed my back and chest. My cock hard to explode, I do not know how do a penis went into her vagina wet and gentle, I feel a hot cock inserted into the mire, which is so gentle, so smooth , then the loose, a little resistance and no, I her? stirring plug in wanton, her full and she begins to like a thick pads, any time I deliberately crash, the kind of feeling of pleasure really can not describe.

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