Cousin to help me milk to pay

I-year-old cousin, my cousin, childhood and my feelings well, live close, I often ran over to her house to play. Slowly increases with age, I had the imagination and desire for the opposite sex, a few years, had a lot of girlfriends, are developed to home plate before, but failed to get on base to break up. The cousin of this time has long been a social person, but I still nothing went her Jia Zuozuo, the purpose of course, do not just play, is to look at the cousin’s face and body.

Believe me, cousin, although twenties, but the face is a lovely one, it will only make people feel are college students. The figure is not particularly good, but the chest is really quite a big, my visual probably have D ~ E, personality was full of lovely, tied to a horsetail. We knew it, cousin, has become the object of my sexual fantasies. Although I have handed over more than cousin, a beautiful girlfriend, but do not know if there is blood relationship, I laugh to think or cousin, and love physical aspects.

In one night, I finally succeeded to turn this unnatural practice.

That day in her home until the evening, after dinner, I on the couch watching TV, the cousin in the kitchen washing dishes, this time his uncle would send aunt to the airport (she wants to go abroad for meetings), I said goodbye , and then continue to watch TV. The cousin later took a jar of peanuts to sit down and watch television, we started to chat. People, but also Needing, chatting chatting on the chat to the terms of the things, mostly she asked me, for example, when I have to do with his girlfriend did not help her licking, did not take sets and so on …… I casually answered, because I do not want to say I did not live ammunition over, this time the atmosphere is a bit embarrassing, I peek cousin found her face full of red, breathing is also very loud, I have a little bit embarrassed, grabbed the peanut jar mad nibbling (which have already been allocated to shell peanuts), this time turning point came.

The cousin of this time is very embarrassing, do not know what to say, on hand but also peanuts, I did not expect the pendulum to the left (I sit on her left), placed my little brother site! Her hand palm facing up, only the back of the hand encounter, but I little brother or feel the hand of the cousin. Embarrassing, I was wearing a very loose sports trousers, plus has been dreaming of cousin met the younger brother, male forces thereon payable to become a super-obvious tent, cousin, have been afraid to look at here, but pretending to be calm, and no handle away, I am down on peanut in her hand, after completing her immediately handle away, but did not eat.

My sperm has been washed brain, has been asked a cousin played what tricks before her boyfriend, cousin, be answered, but are aware of Wu Wu, I said, “Sister (I directly said her sister) ? just met me there yeah

A cousin on turned, Lao Gao, cousin, has been staring at this time the second or spruce, breathing very loud, very red face, I will be bold to say the sister? “Touch”.

Cousin to swallow saliva, his hands outstretched, touched the top, really super cool, kind of psychological satisfaction is greater than the flesh.

Sexuality has dominated my I embrace Guannameduo, and my cousin should also mean that, I put the library sub-underwear off to the feet, flesh-colored towers (okay, not very huge … 15 or so. ) bounced out, cousin, or have been staring at did not speak.

I said, “Sister? …… Help me?” Kind of feel a little spoiled.

Cousin on the ultra-whispered, “help? What?”

I said, “I contain.”

Cousin, this time face has been super-red, I also feel hot face, although we are not virgins, but after all, the Church siblings, so it feels there is the kind of stimulus with feelings of guilt. Cousin knelt quietly in front of me, first hand gently played (fire a gun fight), and then gently containing inside. Cousin of the mouth and gentle hot wet tongue no action, just before and after so that his mouth turtle head, be honest cousin mediocre technology, I have to pay better, but just “Church Sister, “the word enough to add 100 points.
I was enjoying the mouth of the cousin, cool sense of constantly pouring out from the bottom of my heart, but has not been the feeling of want to shoot, I further request to want to see the cousin’s chest, on the simple-minded cousin, while I hit the side of undress, engaged in difficult to take off half a day, I tried to get away her hand and told her to stop by, she was off the body of a black sweater, which is a white bra, she paused, and went off a pair of rough Big I the immediate liberation! This will be my turn swallowing, cousin of the milk is very round, very pretty, areola, medium and large, very beautiful pink nipples look has been the hard a.

I asked, “Sister, I touch Oh?”

She said shyly, “Well.”

I went on with both hands, the pair of round milk to holding up, and then gently kneading cousin bow microphone eyes looked at me and playing with her milk, did not speak, I put the thumb over the nipple on the gently stir cousin, really moving, moving their faces into the pro-one pro-nipple, and then up the pro-cousin, cousin, stunned for a moment know what I want whatcha, it went up to the lip, I play with skilled tongue kiss success in this aggression accounted for the driving position, my tongue and cousin of cloves uvula entwined, then stir in her hot and humid in the mouth, sucking lip kiss ten seconds before separate.

I look at my cousin’s eyes, is very to get into, and wanted to see if I can on her, but I’m afraid his uncle will come back soon, I had to play out just fine.

“Sister,? Tit?” While I kiss the nipple side of the cousin asked.

“Tit … you lust Oh … I do not.” Cousin, a small voice answered

“Please …… sister,? Chest is really super nice, super super soft.” I use the stalker power has always insisted on the furnace.

Cousin assured him that ny city escort would not (she is really not), and finally could not help but lovely Church to request, and put the body shifted to the former, enter between my legs, and then the chest on the front of my little brother.

I began to guide her, although I did not experience, but related to the film I saw a lot of, say not too hard, cousin, in accordance with my instructions, breast dragon caught in the cleavage which began up and down the passage of time, often ran out, and also the cousin had been stuffed back, which makes her irritated, I would recommend her while absorption in the mouth, so that relatively fixed, I also quite cool, she would do what you said, after … … this power is really extraordinary, milk and meat is soft and hot, the Monkey King Bar roots wrap friction, the glans of another cousin, wet and slippery tongue, with a focus cousin kneeling between my cross for me Tit Fuck, I want to dream a dream less than paradise on earth. Was cool like smoked opium Qing Dynasty, spread on the sofa, looked at two cousin, a lovely face and Big nipples in my pubic hair out of her pony tail gently swinging.

Sure enough, this top quality service, I am hard to not the Loch Ness monster has been prepared to the spillway, this time I am cool to forget to remind cousin shot, then my pelvis could not help but one, a bunch of thick semen hitting the cousin of the lips and chin, little cousin, “ah” sound, the first to leave natural, and good in the hand and milk later than the point it stopped, then a few shares of semen up spray, fell to the Church The sister of the breast on.

Me his breath, looked at the the cousin mouth and milk, semen, see agonistic, but my cousin a little angry that I did not tell her to shoot, or apology “Sister, I’m sorry, I just too late to say.
Sister in the chest too comfortable. ”

My cousin listen to a praise and angry is not shy nor, I hastened to kiss up and blocked her mouth, but ny city escort suddenly pulls away to, then Jiaochi the Road “, rapist.”

Follow over her chest to the bathroom, when I get enough behind in the cousin said, “Sister …
… Do not s gone ~ “The implication is also wanted.

Also listen to the cousin, leave the bathroom door a bit to reveal her face, saying, “Do not wait my dad back, you go to the living room tidy!”

The finish on the touch soon shut the door, my cousin is just shy, and on through the door said “next time I would like to Oh Sister ~”

“Go and clean up!” Lovely cousin’s voice came from the door.

I made an appointment had to be honest to tidy up the place just now, the way to turn off the TV, originally want to leave, but before the uncle came back full of embarrassment, I went to the bathroom that sound I have to leave. cousin, “Oh,” a cry, and I left.

This happened last week, in retrospect, the next does not really super-pity, but then I with a cousin, telephone chat, although, as before, that thing is not to undermine our feelings, but no matter how I asked. The cousin is dead, also refused to do, is how I stove no effect, and I worry about how to make the cousin willing to have sex with me.

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