Eros entangled

A two-year-old day own diary I wrote this sentence:

“I will destroy this life in my own world of desire …”

Seems helpless, especially the need to remember to look for their own existence, like me, will always be from time to time looking back through childhood diary, a name appears in the diary is so familiar, but I but can not remember how they look. Perhaps on a bed, stripped off his clothes, they all became a look in my memory,

Cry, sweat, messy hair, nails scratched my back, constantly twisting the body … ah, to think of it, that had encountered at the room of a female teacher,

Teacher, right? Yes … a teacher …

Buying and selling stocks just full of adventure character for me I think one of the fun games just perhaps dare red

The approach has rarely missed only is the experience for the teacher that day …
The day arrives chant ten o’clock, after yesterday’s something close fight, the hands of the holdings has all the sell-off the light, and just wanted to see what you can buy …

“You see, you can buy it? Can put long?”

A sweet sound coming from my side, I instinctively look at the past to the direction of the sound, a pair try to lure my eyes watching me. Right! She is trying to seduce me confidence seems to exude from her eyes, she should not have asked me this question,

I seem a snake eyes on the frog, nowhere to hide …

“Of course you can buy and you can put at least the end of the year before the election, you see, the KMT win …

KMT will not let this “spirit of the index stocks too difficult to see …” I somewhat jokingly answered her.

“Do you often let the political to the left and right you thinking?”

“Minutes ago”

“And now?”

“Only one problem or so I’m thinking”

“What is the problem?”

“I want you willing now, at 11:00 AM, and I go to bed?” And finish the sentence, I took her hand out of the chant.

Because looking at her eyes a slight hesitation, I’m sure sexy asian escort ny has been in love with my hopelessly self-confidence …
Looked at the body after sexy asian escort ny slipped out of the clothes, it is difficult to imagine that the original figure under loose fitting clothes so wonderful. She seems to be seen

I doubt, smiled and said to me:

“No way Yeah! The usual class total bad dress too conspicuous thing!”

“Are you still a student?”

“No! I teach the teacher”

“Teacher!”, I could not help shouting out. I thought, more than the excitement of the nouns ah …

“Good in bed allows you can not call me teacher justforfun ……
I poured a glass of wine to her and my own,

“You used to have a drink before having sex?”

I shook my head, “I would like to appreciate your body take before sex, before those girls and I went to bed, I always only with the eyes? Enough? , “She wine to her body slowly poured the red liquid down her plump breasts slowly flow down, then convergence in cleavage outflow flat stomach, some flowing into the belly winking some flow through it next

Flow that I want to explore the zone, while the pink nipples residual some liquor, drop by drop, drop sheets. She somewhat defiantly held out her tongue to lick their lips look …
I was completely her captive, no pride, no dignity, my tongue along the liquor flow through kissed her body, alcohol, female human incense, sweat welling up in my tongue, and finally Guizaichuangqian head buried between her legs, Strip to explore TV drama always made men crazy with his tongue, her frantic pounding on my shoulder, hard to hold my head, the mouth kept shouting: “dry …… dry … dry out and die me ……”

How I wish the world in our lovemaking such destruction … destruction …

Lazy face after watching her passion, exceptionally adorable, can not help but bowed his head gently kissed her …

“Hello beautiful.”

“And the girls go to bed, you are such a” Hello United States “to send them this?”
“Otherwise, what you expect me to say to you?”


“Good girl can not lewd it? Afraid of my students in the school, but they love the old secretly guess what color underwear I’m wearing today

Secretly holding measuring tape my shoulder strap a few centimeters, by asking them excited enough for quite a while if they can see my cleavage.

Teacher of office only by said jokes, or tried their best to just to be able to touch my body, you Male

The kinds of people really did not, will only indulge in masturbation fantasy. So I like to make the school the inviolability look, I

Know the more I do not to be approached, the more they will be indulging in such a ridiculous fantasy, if they see I’m just

“Lustful” look, they do not all impotence strange. ‘

“Hey! Bedside on the photo Who are you?”

“My sister!”

“Your sister?” …

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