Forced rape beautiful lawyer

It is a summer evening, the night shift to finish early trouble, stand idly by in the factory Xia Guang, unknowingly came to the hospital downstairs. I looked up at the surgery, subtle lighting, so I am ready to go to the duty nurse or doctor chat. Because the entire hospital in addition to the duty to work, so the whole building is dark. I fumbled on the third floor, to surgical outside, I looked through the glass door to the dark interior. No one inside, I am ready to leave disappointed. Suddenly, there came the ‘bam’ soon! ‘Some people! ‘I thought to myself inward again looked suspiciously. This saw the shadows shaking in the house around the corner behind the screen. “Doing in there?” I would like to proceed with the door closed, push open. I would like the people inside joke to scare her, then took out the ID card inserted into the door, gently one another, old-fashioned ‘do not screw’ locks to be distinguished from, I tiptoe slipped. The dim light I touch the screen through the gap I saw, I saw two clinics in bed naked in the roll, Huang Guiping and shoot secretary! Look at me stunned! Stay a moment, I recovered, “Damn!” I am cursed with softly the two men’s clothes on a chair to hold up steeped in the joy of them unaware, I clothes gently hold the door, then the old shot of clothes left at the door, Huang Guiping clothes and hid in a room next to. Finally, I would go back to the room, I will shut the door from the inside, and then I turned on the light and quickly went to the dismay stop the two of them in front of. Things too hastily, that the old radio has not had time from her to climb down, one to hold down the old radio, said: “Do not move or I called, people” just sexual intercourse, strenuous exercise, the old radio is a sweat, due to the sudden shock, he turned cold.

Fright his trembling asked: “Who are you? What are you doing?” I asked? You doing? If I shout, want to believe there will be a lot of people look busy just like the old shoot you probably not even think about diving on the official position rights vanished! “I continue to threaten the Road. “Do not do not do that you want to what?” Old shot hastily replied. “Woo … stay for a long while Huang Guiping suddenly in his body and wept. Push “cry! Cry! While a group of people, so good to see you naked tart!” I said, gloating. “Do not cry Do you really want to provoke the people?” Old radio anxious she said. After listening, Huang Guiping dare not cry, just a muffled sob. The old shot this time as if to wake up, one will push me to the side and jumped up and ran to the chair before. I said grinning at the side: “to find clothes to you? Long been I took it!” One this old shot silly stand on the spot. “Do not worry, as long as you agreed to my condition, I put the clothes to you, and this is something no one will know!” I spoke slowly. “What do you want to what conditions?” Old radio shake Oh asked. Conditions Well, I will not be too difficult for you! Seal fee of twenty thousand to me, this thing did not happen! How? “I said. “But I do not ah!” Answered the old radio. “Of course, I’ll give you time, within a week, however, anti after you go back, you have to give my set a receipt!” I Road. “That … OK, you want to mean what they say!” Old shot to see I just want to ask for money to calm down. “You gave me to write a guilty plea book! You doing today lay me write it down!” I pointed to the pen and paper on the table said the old radio. “Do not Do not Do! I’ll give you money, do not write. Know that black and white calendar harm the old radio. “No, do not write, I’ll let you exposure!” I said firmly.

See no way to cross the border, the old radio had picked up a pen ready to write. “Listen to my report, you look in to write first to write a confession, and then write on today’s date points should be. Then there are locations, and you write your full name, and Huang Guiping in this mess. write sex, they sign on name and time. “I am proud ordered. Soon, he finished. I brought looked satisfied with the close up, then, also known as over naked Huang Guiping, let her also wrote a. Naked, new york escort model hunched over hump, his hands bosom, and try to cover up their own can be a big wave or straight swinging in front of me, see my eyes straight ahead. “Mom’s really good grandmother, the old dog can fuck you, why can not I, would you parade your fill!”

I thought to myself. “We have been written, you … you can put the clothes back to us.” The words of the old radio interrupted my HU Si. “Not yet.” Huiguo Shen said. “You … you want to go back!” Old shot an anxious. “No you have not finished. I would also like you explain before you have done how many times, gave me 11 write down the radio secretary on the side of the bed to write, Xiao Huang, write on the table, if the two of you write is not the same, then I … “I said. “What are you gonna do? I … I do not write!” Said the old radio. “Do not write? I am off both the light body to stay here allows you to continue operating her Well you optimistic about the bad?” He finished on the potential to go. A look at today is to pass the test, the old radio had promised me, so the two of them were confessed up. Shortly after, they have written, I took a control, hey! They are really honest, even today, a total of four, the time and place is very clear, exactly the same. “Oh, quite honest, the first so be it!

Old shoot your clothes at the door head, dressed quickly to go, do not give people see. I remember a week give me the money, otherwise the evidence will be well known! Remember! “I said. Hear Mongolia Amnesty old radio heart:” I must give you, you do not does not count the money to your stuff on me. “Do not worry, I must have paid their dues and your delivery. “I replied. Old shooting this rest assured that ran to the door, opened it, quickly dressed, without looking back disappeared in the night. Optimistic about walking, I closed the door and walked back to Huang Guiping front.

“My clothes? Fast back to me! I beg you,” Huang Guiping pleaded. “Your bad attitude, you light such as dawn!” I intimidation Road. “Do not, you are not money, I give you, you let me.” She was scared to kneel down. I walked over to sit on a chair, I said: “You see, old radio head is not back away, he did not care about you, your business only to solve on your own.” “How do I want to do? You did not leave until to me. “she sobbed. “No, you let so many people to speak, so I do exercise parade, parade of cool everything went well.” I said immorality. “You … I … you meant, then?” Hesitated a little, she asked. “Of course! You are lying on the table, ass Jue high point, legs separate point, I want to fuck you.” I said. Instead, calm down, she went to the table as me, then lying. The white matte finish to the bottom, looked dedication in front of me, I 三下五除二 stripped of clothes, the release of the already very Lao Gao cock.

Then, walked behind her, did not hesitate to plug her pussy from behind her. I hit her small cunt, Yayi Yao, waist force porphyrin rip! “Cock all the insert! Although this rotten cunt thousands ride a million people cross, but her cunt hole really is quite tight, it is not loose late, plus, because there is no flirting, her cunt dripping, and just old shot out of the water time around down streamer or dry, the her cunt cave is very dry. My cock go in when you are worn a bit sore! For this reason, new york escort model is pain very pain made her cried: “Ah!” Along with her pain, my hands to seize white rounded to the abundant buttocks and began to twist waist her to. Hurled itself upon the fierce pounding my cock, no warmth, every time out, are able to get cunt hole edge just pushed back, and each insert is less than the uterus mouth non-stop. Fast! Strength extremely foot! This time she may suffer! Vigorously and out of my cock erection glans repeated friction dry the vaginal wall, like a small file child inside file with.

Right to use the pain get her moans changed the tone: “ah ah ah … I beg you … I have to kill me … I beg you … you kill me … I beg of you … you want to play me prepare … ah … beg you not to … ah … “She looked miserable looking, groaning, while twisting the body to get out of my cock from her cunt hole. I was to this effect, is to this sort of feeling of rape, this feeling is to stimulate more excites me, let me do her dry the energetically! See her trying to get my cock out, I quickly grasp tightly to her hips, and more hard cock pestle her cunt hole.

Her vagina is very narrow, cock each time you insert, the huge sense of extrusion stimulate Cock current dumb, warm and tender vaginal wall Roujin wrapped around my cock, it tastes to experience hard to imagine. Inward depression of the mouth of her vagina red tender the fine meat with the cock insertion, with the cock of the set aside was with turned out, the labia is a moment into a moment to bring out, in and out between her pain is difficult to forbearance. A series of Hu followed: ‘Help! Not ah … ask you to spare me … do not do it again … I’m killing a … beg you … “her head with my Choucha swing long hair flying. The umbrella of the Ministry of the glans blown dry up the vaginal wall, and each time she issued a painful hum: “… big cock again and again, very into her cunt hole depths of pain makes her out of this as much as possible close up the thigh, but only made her even more painful.

I hugged her rounded big ass swings, constant friction helping of chicken in her vagina, glans repeated Mozhao the her womb. “Ah … ah …” She trembled, groaned. “Really wonderful small cunt my chicken burgh tight, well it was great!” I shout full of pleasure, while more severely violent to Choucha with cock. Then I reached into the front to grasp touched her clitoris, her belly, her pussy hair. “Ah … ah …” she screamed, the body tilted forward. “I beg you to stop it … ah … it hurts …” the mirror to see her pain deformation of the face, listening to her beg for mercy, my helping of chicken is more up to the greater, the more dry the sooner, the whole body giant strongly twisted. Side to continue doing her cunt hole, my right-hand side of hard rub her big tits. Then I had fallen into extreme excitement, his left hand touched her that white, slender thighs up swimming, suddenly fierce pinch her clitoris. I do almost perverted the ravages of, she could only issue again and begged: “Do not be a … beg you to spare me … doing a good thing … give me a break … ah … woo … woo …” I gradually began to enter the climax , her breasts with both hands hard pinch, pull down, and thumb nail Qiazhao the sensitive nipples to her high arched, beautiful upright breasts change shape under my rough hands.

“No, ah … ah … do not … ah … woo … woo …” She cried out in pain: “No … do not … I can not stand … I beg you!” May be thought that the fear of her hole has been no running water, sounds more and more miserable, getting smaller and smaller. Finally only swing the head, issued bursts Mongolia hum. Thick palm continued kneading her breasts, not when the nails to pinch erect nipples. A strong sense of shame and pain to make her tears streaming down: “Woo … woo … you a little bit like a virgin thing! “I am pleased to shouting his hands Pengzhu her smooth hips, a strong advance to the inside! Advance! Then advance! Cock encountered a powerful crunch, I am pleased and roared:” cool! Smelly cunt, fuck you not Zhenshuang! Enjoy my cock! Old shot certainly did not let you tasted such a great cock! Today, I will let you taste the unprecedented cock! “Strong sense of excitement made me extremely lustful insulted her with obscene language. Cock is still tirelessly Choucha belly again and again hitting her best bottom, her head firmly on top of the mirror, his hands have been barely had to use your elbows on the full support in the mirror. giant pain so she kept shouting, and soon she ran out of strength the blurted cry out, and the exception: “Woo … woo … woo …” finally, my climax and pestle her enough to have two ten minutes after, my first orgasm to it! “Oh! To shoot … “I yelled, cock the Choucha speed of reached the limit, the lower abdomen touched her best bottom on the issue of the” flap “sound. I crazy in her Roudong, Choucha.” Woo … woo … “the pain of her swing, the body use up the last bit of energy twisting like a snake. At this point, the glans is more expansive, and finally suddenly ejaculated semen, I reached a climax, cock like a volcanic eruption like her surge of gonorrhea semen vagina jet in extreme pain, she could not help but convulsions. I used the last bit of energy to continue desperately Choucha Cock, a large number of semen constantly spray in the mouth of the uterus. “ah … ah …” grunting. continue to Choucha Roubang, and seemed to be the last drop of semen injected in its, I greatly before and after shaking ass, dick from side to side. I looked at was done she was going to die, I will endure could not excited laughter. “woo … woo …” she kept the tears. “Your cunt is so good …” to finished from her Roudong to pull out the cock has soft, and sat big mouth and breathing heavily in his chair. She was lying on the table, big breasts body extrusion exposed ass is still hanging in the table, cunt hole constantly Tangchu white semen, slender and beautiful legs feebly flexion, and her head feebly leaning on the table, while the panting side of “Woo … woo …” crying.

I looked at her naked, and soon recovered. This woman’s ass is really beautiful. Just look at will be excited! My eyes are focused on her beautiful ass. I grabbed her meat mound. “Ah …” her ass violent shaking a bit. The most intimate place to be exposed in shame and sorrow, makes her very sad. I meat opened Confucius about. She desperately shaking his head to twist the body, but the thigh exposed. “Woo … woo …” She was a strong sense of shame to a flurry of whine. Slightly elevated in the ass ditch petals, slightly parted. Surface due to sweat and sticky feeling, issue a distinctive pink color. Top of the petals, daisy-like brown anus, and Huachun about separate, exposing the dark red mucous membranes, as well as access to the belly of the hole. What a beautiful back door, I had never done the back (with his wife mentioned that she refused to I Mozhe). So, I picked up my belts to block her mouth, I do not want to provoke others. Then I put the glans is her anus. “Puff squeak …” Roubang contradict the chrysanthemum pattern. “Ah …” strong pain she could not help but scream upper body looked up, along with swinging breasts.

Insert thick cock is too tight. Anal hole expansion, sphincter still reject Roubang invasion. Very forward in the waist force. “Oh … woo …” the voice of pain emerge from her mouth. Anal fierce resistance, my penis is inserted. “Hey you!” I screamed, forced Meng Ting entire penis into the anus. “Oh …” she was screaming of pain. Enter the glans, the sphincter can not be pushed back to the glans. Then, I took out the belts, I do not want to hear but not her Jiaochuang Oh! When her great pain, tears flower to flow out. And cried: “pain … pain … pain … a splitting!!! To be died … ah … Do not go!!! … I beg you to pull out the come … to be died!!!! It hurt …! “side desperately calling to twist ass, want helping of chicken twisted out. “Keep it down, or people shouting to me on the matter!” Side of my cock continue to promote the inside I his mouth. Hearing forced her clenched roots, sweaty face frowned. Cock and finally into the roots. This excitement, and just inserted into the vagina where the feeling is completely different. Hum … hum … “She gave a groan. “Your ass was engaged in?” I asked. “No, no, I beg you do not … you’re doing small cunt good, I am killing me.” She cried to me. My cock roots sphincter clamping, its depths and more relaxed. This is not empty, the rectal mucosa modest package tight cock.

The surface of the rectum sticky belly is hard and the soft feel of the vaginal mucosa. The Choucha Roubang, resulting from the eye to emerge Venus-like pleasure. Despite her begging me to start Choucha. “Ah … ah …” Her painful humming, leaning forward, breasts come across the table and deformation. My the Choucha movement gradually becomes intense. Pop squeak … Poof squeak … “began the voice of the cock and rectal mucosa friction. Intense pain, her face distorted. Roubang ado come and go in the rectum. The glans issued a “pop squeak sigh squeak” sound into the rectum. Rectum such as fire-like pain. “Hum … ah ah ah …” Her breathing is intermittent, large particles of sweat streaming down from the body. “Ah … woo …” she moans constantly. The thick red-hot iron rod into the anus, pain, as if there is a fire burning anus. “Ah …” She sent a coma sounds. “Ah …” She sent screams. My cock still continue to do the piston. Soon, fierce sprint. Probably is the front shot, this gun, I did a full one hour, and hair were wet with sweat. Tailbone coming waves of dumb, I speed up the strong attenuation of speed, faster and faster, faster. Finally, my eyes are a dark, fiery glans again ejected the semen in her large intestine.

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