Good night, my sister

I am a child who lives in a very crowded. Then just run into the house demolition, the family moved to near the outskirts of a temporary transition room. The house is outside of the kind of simple housing of red brick, and only one, less than 20 square meters large. Parents together with a large wardrobe and base four or five large wooden intervals throughout the room into two parts, inside and outside and put a double bed (which across the composition of the wardrobe and wooden “wall”), they sleep on the outside, I slept with your sister, two in the inside of the bed.

Just entered primary school, when my sister, Joy, third grade, and I am only 12 years old, we can say are just naive children, two siblings sleeping in one bed do not feel anything. Both of us to sleep each a, Joy and sleep in it, head east foot West, I slept on the outside, the opposite direction. Double bed, and both of us are still small, so feel very comfortable space.

I was studying in a school far from home every day from morning to evening, and good homework was not how much more difficult, in addition to the school and on the way home, on the whole is fairly relaxed.

I was a precocious child, and very little time to read their parents about sexual knowledge of books hidden in pillow. When the book is actually very “health”, mainly to introduce physical health knowledge about contraception and the like. First is from the book that simple, ugly anatomical Figure learned that the female body, and that a series of strange but very heartbeat of the term, so the original temporary school official on the physiological health class, I actually have that classic wall chart and those women the most intimate parts of the term in chest.

That summer, the proliferation of pornographic publications, arrived in adolescence, I secretly bought some hidden in the bottom mat. Low-level means to put it bluntly, nothing sexually explicit description of those books, is nothing but “still holds partly concealed”, but the juvenile, but still enough to trigger my erotic imagination.

In a summer morning (I remember the summer has put more than half), about six in the morning over a minute, I wake up from a dream. I get out of bed to relieve themselves (spittoon on the back of the door), found that parents were not in, may be one to take to the streets to buy food to go, one is a communal kitchen busy. I went back to bed, but I do not know why but also how to sleep. Then my sister, Joy Jew being intoxicated Dream (the summer holidays we generally sleep late in the morning often slept until nine, ten o’clock to get up). I pop up the idea of ??an evil: wants to touch the genitals of his sister.

We are at home to wear in the summer, not to mention the little girl sister, they just have not grown up in front of me, of course, no scruples. Sister to sleep wearing a little vest and briefs, take a thin blanket on the belly. She slept funny, and often fall asleep fall asleep put the blankets kicked the side, so when I saw Joy and who did not cover her face to the wall to sleep, a little ass stick up too high. is facing the malicious eyes.

Only ten years old (less than), Joy did not how to development, not to mention what body, but the girl’s ass with the boy is not the same, whether or not plump, always seemed so soft and elastic. Her underwear is cotton, I remember the day she was wearing a blue briefs, his ass in the bag tightly, like a strong apple, two white legs sticking out from the edge, while the crotch to the middle mysterious parts Guzhang and soft, that scenario is very attractive!

I looked a long time, facing her sister’s ass, these impulses become stronger and stronger, and finally was unable to control the extent of, so I decided to take a risk and try again.

I reached out, slowly approaching, Joy little ass, hands almost feel the heat of her thighs distributed, can not help but burst of rapid heart beat. My fingers directly approaching the underwear wrapped the private parts appeared to be met, to be safe, I will stop in place, gently called out, “Xiaohui” sister did not respond, After a while, I called once, and gently shook her body, my sister still does not wake up, I rest assured that this, daring to touch her genitals.

Across the underwear, but for me this is also to stimulate the I only dare to touch with two fingers, to speak, wherever a warm soft flesh. I know this is called the labia majora. It is the same as the lips two meat? I very much wanted her sister’s underwear from one side brushed aside a good look at her genitals (I only read anatomy books really have not seen), but in the end is not the heart beat, for fear of his sister suddenly woke up, only touched a little while, I picked back up, lay back in my original position, the side tension of breath, while secretly pondering just that strange and wonderful feeling.

After a child, I heard the footsteps of her mother entered the room, the father to come soon. I heard them while eating breakfast, he spoke of some house-keeping, until they go to work.

Home again becomes quiet sound of the alarm clock to go could be heard clearly, I can also hear Joy asleep slight snort. I suddenly have a bold idea, and would like to own that thing touch the genitals of his sister!

Have just successful experience, this time most of my courage, and immediately put the idea into action. I carefully move the body, lower body scrape to her sister’s ass, but the receptor site constraints, little brother, but how also can not touch her soft middle of the crotch. Finally, I had to hand to help to adjust the angle was very difficult across the underwear (I was wearing underwear) touched the mysterious private parts.

My action is too large, ran into other parts of her body, Joy and a sudden movement, and scared, I quickly jumped out of bed and hid in one side. Sister slowly turned a body, did not open their eyes, as if asleep, or did not even really wake up.

Surprised by this, I did not dare go to sleep go back to bed, hastily dressed on the outside and play go, at noon did not come home for dinner, only to go home until five o’clock in the evening, and training to a mother.

Again to see Joy and my mind is very disturbed, I wonder if hot nyc escort found the morning I told her to do nasty things did not, she would not tell her mother? But look at her sister’s look as if she did not know what happened. She really does not know anything?

In the first half of this year, Joy and married. hot nyc escort married a computer engineer, living a happy life. I hope she’ll be very good, I hope she never happy, and hope that she will completely forget everything between us.
When that is a dream, when it is a little game between our brothers and sisters, just do not keep the pain of my life!

Now recall the time, I still feel extremely ashamed. Time, I …

That surging adolescent desire and unrest over the past summer, my life background became enriched. Although I still just a 12-year-old ignorant youth, but the door to the world I have been slowly opened.
I became very popular to the arrival of the night, whenever the sky is getting black, the moon rises to the light blue of the night sky, I will feel unspeakable joy and excitement. Every night all my holiday. When almost midnight, the parents are gradually sinking into sleep, my joy adventure began. I took the excited, curious and a little bit of greed, reached into the blanket of Joy, enjoy stroking sister between his legs that I should not touch the attractive parts of!

After many evenings of trial and explore, my courage has long been large to the extent beyond imagination.
I not only dare to drive straight fingers into Joy’s underwear inside directly touch rubbing her labia, and sometimes not enough for her sister’s sleeping position so that I did not feel fun (for example, her face toward my sleep, legs and with a slight forward bend, sleep in this position my hand find it difficult to arrive at her private parts), and dare any of her legs put into the one I am satisfied with the position (I like her legs bow onwards and towards the left and right, greatly separated, this could make the entire genitals are open to the palm of my hand), and then enjoy to enjoy the wonderful feel.
(Rather strange, when the sister always slept like a dead, there is no time because of my actions, half-way to wake up too; but then wait until she grew more and more easy to wake up, as if all of a sudden become very sensitive, very alert to the same.)

On several occasions, my head got into her sister’s bed, out into between Oita her about the legs, the faint light, with the mini-flashlight and want to study the shape and structure of her genitals. The light is dim, plus I was afraid his sister would suddenly wake up, so looked at a few times also are not very clear understanding of I just smooth Na Liangpian her tender labia majora leaving a deep impression. Until today, I still think that the sister of the labia is that I have seen the most beautiful labia.

I touch the Joy and the vaginal opening. Hump ??her legs and then substantially separated, the sister’s genitals natural like orange tablets be split in half, like separated, exposing the inside of the delicate points of flesh, as long as the hand carefully touch, it is easy to Roufeng middle slightly in the down position to find a wet, slippery hole. Very small, almost more than my little finger is also small, warm, like a mysterious crater, it seems that at any time may magma eruption.

The first time I touched this little Roudong was very excited, but do not know the end is the vaginal opening or urethra (because it is too small, and really I can not believe this is a woman give birth to a baby’s channel), I just feel wet slip incomparable.

I would like to use a finger to gently stabbed to that, but that the holes is too small and too tight, I tried a few times only into his half fingertips. I was very nervous, afraid sister Xiaoxue broke, so it does not forcibly insert the finger. Drawn back to that one also did not find anything, just the head a little bit tacky, as if stained juice. Into the nose and smell, a little bit of urine Grievance, but at the same time there is a I never smell too sweet and savory smell, mixed with very wonderful, very good news.

Every time I touched her sister’s Xiaoxue will put the finger heard for a long time, but I still did not dare to put it in her mouth Suo, always feel touched his sister to urinate, after all, a bit dirty. Later I came to understand, but human supreme delicious ah!

Since my first masturbation. Every time I touched her sister’s genitals, I would unconsciously use his legs tightly grip bedding, squeeze me; sometimes free up a hand to help. Every time I do that, can get a strong sense of pleasure, since the lower body quickly spread throughout the body, I am pleased to depravity mad! I think that strange feeling almost more than anything else makes me happy!

As time goes by I found that often untold pleasure after the arrival of my underwear there will be a small area gets wet. At that time, I do not know that this is the semen, but also thought it was urine do, but feels a bit slimy, stick in my hand the kind of liquid is almost touches with your sister, vaginal opening. I did not much care about, let it go, and every day according to the touch the sister Xiaoxue not mistaken, the little brother of the following according the flow of mucus is not missed.

Now that I think I am very sorry: any exploitation of limited resources in so little time later. If there is not enough how to do?

My long history of masturbation, almost with the history of the touch points.

That is my brief golden age. Joy and tender and wonderful genitals with me through many a happy night.

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