Google’s rank algorithm have some change for asian escort website.


Let’s talk about the keywords “new york asian escorts“,Top 10 website :

No.1 : from Facebook page,
No.2 : from Facebook page.
No.3 : from white-pages page
No.4 : from yelp page
No.5 : from yelp page
No.6 : from yellow-pages page
No.7 : from YouTube page
No.8 : from Citysearch page
No.9 : personal website
No.10: personal website.

As the result,Google like yellow page more than personal website.I’m not just talk,i have the evidence here.
In top 10 website about “new york asian escorts“,There are 3 belong to me.Facebook page,yelp page and personal website.
You must curious about how long do i take for those three.
Be in honest,i do nothing in yelp page,i pay more attention on personal website than Facebook page.but,yelp page have higher rank than personal website.
Over here,you must think about one thing,personal website’s seo is not required,you can build a yellow page for exchange.there’s something,you don’t know.
You can’t add picture for yellow page,you can’t decide yellow page as you other words,if yellow page have the same rank as your personal escort website.personal escort website can bring more customer for you.

And,it seems like yellow page can have rank,because it exist for long time,so if you build a yellow page,it’s still not easy have rank as personal website.


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