Since after the selection of agent training to Hawaii for a six, the ancient Chi-yu has been around for nearly eight months without news of Qiu Yiyi, due to the strict provisions of the forces, under the circumstances any communications are prohibited, even GU Zhi Yu’s family after he returned to Taiwan, before we know he had two weeks of completion of training leave, then have to be sent overseas for higher levels of special training.

Return to Taipei on the first night, the ancient Chi-yu did not immediately contact Qiu Yiyi, although it was his heart miss a person, but he must make his own mood down a little bit, because in him to be removed before the United States trained a weekend, obviously tell he can not keep the appointment because of the temporary emergency school clubs Qiu Yiyi, but he saw in a museum accident and a young professor hand in hand to watch the painting exhibition.

Although the atmosphere was inevitably a little embarrassed, but Qiu Yiyi was introduced after he and the other know, clever he suggested: “tomorrow night at 6:00 or so, I will go to your house, I have something to bring it to the aunt, with your brother borrowed two books I have by the way will bring the past and also his. ”

From primary school age, as long as the two of them in conflict or into the Cold War when, Qiu the Yiyi always know how to use the ancient Chi Yu’s mother as a safe haven or lubricant, from small to large the two of them always skelter. often just to maintain the ambiguous relationship between the couple, but the ancient Chi Yu’s grandmother and mother, but anxious that he can a little faster Qiu reluctant to marry go home.

Back from his full 18-year-old beginning of that year, the family have any idea how many times the Qiu family planning to go to propose marriage, but the ancient Chi-yu has been no nod, because his heart has always been shrouded in shadow, that is, Qiu Yiyi throwing husband and son, mother eloped with her lover the night.

Older neighbors almost all know, Qiu Yiyi’s mother is the famous Meirenpeizai ancient Chih-yu even her photos have not read, but he will be able to Furs, Yiyi who vaguely shaping a stunning figure, beautiful face, flexible and like talking big eyes, white, delicate, skin, and a pair of round and very large breasts.

He has not yet forgotten, hemispherical breasts of snow Fufu shock to him when he first stripped in the the Hsintien riverbed will Qiu Yiyi shirt, then, the kind of extremely beautiful shapes and lines. time he was crazy.

That night on the night wind rustling the reeds, his hot cock for the first time broke into the fur of the lower body of Yiyi, regardless of how he gallop and rush fur the Yiyi are submissive despite his wanton devastation and suffering that two sheets in tears, but the mouth does not reveal smile Qiaolian, filled with both pain and happiness of expression, more immersed in the her Bobby wave, also a Bobby wave of more indulgent moan and wave hum among the ancient Chi-yu finally bit leftover will all the semen shot into her tight vagina.

Qiu Yiyi with his first fit of the edge that day, in fact, only high school students dressed in green black skirt, and from that day onwards, Qiu reluctant to let him anything and everything, as long as posture and pattern of ancient Chi-yu can imagine , she makes no objection to be fully acceptable addition to insist on keeping their ancient Chih-yu use props, Qiu Yiyi unknowingly become a sex expert, but her skills in bed with the higher super, ancient Chi Yu the shadow of the heart deeper, because he always felt to the Qiu Yiyi will be a replica of another woman.

Under this contradiction of psychological factors, Gu Zhi-yu lingered always in the path of the feelings of the place, even though they both have each other, licking each other’s body every inch of skin, but his step is not the most important step even a minimum commitment did not give their side would have appeared a lot of admirers and suitors, so whenever a low ebb when he and Qiu Yiyi.

This is called are perfect for each primary school classmate, has been the focus of attention of all teachers and students from the urine, because it is recognized as the golden couple outside, the two results are always crowded in among the top three, even to the when men and women in separate classes but the two are still the focus of attention of teachers and students, but this period can be said Qiu the Yiyi Daozhui ancient Chi Yu chase tight day.

Perhaps girls mature earlier, plus large Qiu Yiyi than the ancient Chi Yu months sake, so escort in ny not only afraid of the hide, and even every day to Ku Chih-yu’s house, but with her bright and good experienced man of talent of the Italian ancient house from top to bottom, it touches all of them are very like her.

To high school in this situation will have changed dramatically because Qiu Yiyi admitted to the first-class girls’ high school in Taipei, and Gu Zhi-yu because to make a lot of bad friends and often associated with gang members mix, although he still is a homework good students, school bags, but often with a small samurai sword or flat drill, even when and Qiu reluctant to dating, his body will be hidden with the highly lethal weapons, although it all Qiu reluctant to see in the eyes , but the young, she just want his own filled with warmth and affection to resolve sweetheart chest of violent gas.

After blowing hot and cold in the river bed after the Qiu Yiyi an Sunday at least three days, and Chih-yu, the ancient physical relationship, but escort in ny never GU Zhi Yu overnight. Although ancient Chih-yu had repeatedly request, but she always pushed that it can not find a reason to give up the idea with his father filing, the entire high school they both enjoy adult sexual relationships, but in the third year graduation year GU Zhi-Yu slight score difference between fallen off, and had widely favored Qiu Yiyi admitted to the University of the South, only a less than ideal results.

College entrance exams this battle opened the distance between the two ancient Chi Yu relied on a good family background is not the intention of re-examination, under the arrangements of his family to enter the television companies to study stage design, one’s only waiting for “the army served After military service, can quickly go abroad to study abroad; in the summer of pressure and ancient Chi Yu crossing Qiu Yiyi had to pack up and rushed to the southern Taiwan’ve been to a new college life.

At first, two people often keep in touch with one month at the very least, to arrange an appointment, but after a semester later, when two people meet in addition to seeking physical pleasure, even could not find a common topic, though only a small The island of Taiwan, but the gap of the north and south, while filling the two began to get a little dubious, wait for the Qiu Yiyi summer in the southern bank internship, the interaction between the two of them will almost stagnant.

In tertiary institutions, school days, the ancient Chi Yu received a draft notice, the next day he alone drove south to the bank to find fur Yiyi, in addition to looking at him with eyes hidden bitterness, Qiu Yiyi what would not say, leave immediately he stepped out of the bank, They where also did not go to ancient Chih-yu only opened about two blocks, one home parking convenient small hotel, he immediately put the car bent into.

As usual, the two of them always after intense conversation body language will slowly topic into each other’s lives, single-handedly round the beauty of ancient Chi Yu habitual slowly sucked in one hand and cigarettes.

He likes to enjoy a smoke curls afterwards gentle, if the time and energy permits, he will always have a second, more than this and Qiu Yiyi is so, almost every girl one night at least all to come on twice.

He even smoked two cigarettes after breaking the silence, he did not beat around the bush, he is so direct and plain asked: “a lot of people chasing you to the southern?

Qiu Yiyi head was on his arm like a after thought for a moment, said: “Well, both students and professors, but they are just starting it, there is no friendship better.”

Gu Zhi-yu press put out the cigarette, and then turned around and her eyes, said: “That where you work? Inside the bank was chasing you?”

Little surprised, but Qiu the Yiyi did not escape, her eyes wide open just asked: “how do you know the bank employees in the pursuit of me?”

Gu Zhi-yu gazed at her, said: “I walked into a bank to find you when I know, because there are several male staff members to see that my eyes are too strange.” He paused, and then bow their heads and kissed Qiu to Yiyi sexy lips, said: “Moreover, the way you kiss me and bit different.”

He finished this sentence after the stop and watch the fur Yiyi one, followed by her Fenjing kiss all the way up to her earlobe, said: “Even when you make love the reaction before the same, so I know you’re here there must be a very close boyfriend. ”

Qiu Yiyi and hugged him for a moment, faint, said: “Since I have other men, you brought me here?”

Gu Zhi-yu lovingly teasing her quite Alice small nipple should be said: “Do not you know I often go to bed with other girls? Why you never refuse me?”

His words Qiu Yiyi’s eyes immediately covered with a layer of mist, stationary for a moment, she will cicada first the entire chest buried in the ancient Chi-yu said: “You mature, but I fear mature after you farther away from me, is more elusive. ”

Beauty huddle looking at the arms and beautiful carcass, ancient Chi Yu can not help caressing her black hair, said: “Fool, I do not here you? Even if I am a soldier, was not transferred to the outer islands to We do not at any time can find time to meet. ”

Heard the Qiu Yiyi here, suddenly says with a sigh: “I do not care if you go to the army, I am really concerned about is that sooner or later, one day you will the whole no man is suddenly completely disappeared from my side.”

Do not see how she is suggesting that the ancient Chi Yu sooner or later, faithless, or to remind him not to gang members to get too close, under the unknown the Jiuli the situation, the ancient Chi Yu had a large turn over her plump moving the carcass whole pressure under the body, said: “it is good to take when I was still in front of you love me, play with me happy!”

Like a doomsday in general intestine war of the second round of the plate, from the beginning to the end, the two body almost all the intertwined, whether it is war to the breath, or sweat more than even the palm of your hand to grip limbs, the ancient Chih-yu cock always never left the the Qiu Yiyi body three Roudong.

Sometimes he footed, before ramming the red Qiu Yiyi Xiaoxue and anus over and over again in turn dry, the mood, he will put the entire genitals are completely stuffed Qiu Yiyi mouth, until his testicles touch The bright red lips.

But long ago is one in the master’s Qiu Yiyi nor to mention the multi-let, regardless of the ancient Chi-yu take what kind of Strategy and tactics, she Yigai is the soldiers to be blocked, water to soil cover, despite the surface, she is in absolutely vulnerable, if is to be constantly suppress collision on the foot of the bed, is the whole Jiaoqu was overthrown under the bed being trampled upon, but even if the two layers of sheets have helped to raise the fell on the carpet, her two slender white legs are always able to tight tight disk Chih-yu, the ancient body.

Rampaging bull issued a final round of the top thorn, and finally slowly limp down, he is like covered in blood and effort have been exhausted bullfighting, soft terrifying prostrate Qiu Yiyi body breathing, while still octopus-like wrapped reluctant to hold his fur is caressed his full sweat of his back, said: “Tonight do not stay overnight?”

After thinking for a moment, GU Zhi Yu was creeping body said: “or do not a, you is not never been with me overnight? They still continue to help me retain it, wait a minute bath, I would immediately back to Taipei. ”

As usual at the hotel to make love like that, Qiu Yiyi is always like a gentle and affectionate wife, thoroughly washed the body to help the ancient Chi Yu, and even clothing to help him dressed, and during that time as well as her was the happiest moment, just as ancient Chih-yu never know, this time to give her a warm hug, or an intimate kiss, such as Qiu Yiyi girl, I want to actually not much.

No extra confession solemnly say goodbye scene before the return to renting at to get off the fur reluctant to just pat the bird grabbed the gear shift lever in the hand, said: “Away from home, everything they have to be careful. ”

Wait until Qiu the Yiyi slim charming figure completely disappeared, the ancient Chi Yu turn right towards the highway sped away, despite his usual, the effectiveness of the audio release of all out of the foot of the throttle more step on the heavier, but no matter how the car array fast shuttle, Qiu Yiyi it alone and lonely figure has repeatedly surfaced in his mind.

Several times he has an impulse to turn back, then that helpless girl in his arms, however, thought Qiu the Yiyi already have another entry screen of the guest, he just down the gentle soul immediately extremely hard, finally, he was all the way drove back to Taipei.

Gu Zhi-yu joined the army the night before, Qiu reluctant to hang a phone call to him, but a thousand words and finally condensed into one sentence: “I remember writing to me.”

GU Zhi-Yu that first-hand the beautiful calligraphy and pen words from the urine to be teachers and friends as a wonderful work, so more than the Qiu Yiyi like to collect what he carelessly written, even in a monotonous and boring military training center, his Xiang talent soon found to be superior. Perhaps coupled with his superior physical strength and agility and skill, so soon after he was transferred to the commander’s office to deal with the paperwork, but the commander in addition to call him every day to see a lot of non-military books, and did not told him to do anything.

A one unit two months recruits life so easily navigated, then the ancient Chi-yu was stationed to the north, but that is only a superficial job, because another of his real training, just to expand.

Busy to accept a series of mountain training, the umbrella training and snow combat training in the wilderness in ancient Chi Yu, Qiu Yiyi own efforts in the light, when the ancient Chih-yu by the first phase of testing, won the week honor false, Qiu Yiyi letter to bring you some good news: “I re-examination, the least to do so to obtain a first choice.”

Understand the ancient Chi-yu, was admitted to the first volunteer on behalf of Qiu Yiyi will soon be back to Taipei to study, he had 10 days to leaving the camp, but the heart is already full of expectation.

When two people meet again in Taipei from the date of last Yanhao nearly ten months long, ancient Chi Yu skin becomes dark, but more robust physique, he saw a fur Yiyi just walked into the West restaurant immediately stood up to meet her and said: “Oh, who promises a good harvest, it really is beautiful.”

Qiu Yiyi pleasure took his arm, said: “you how the sun is so black?”

GU Zhi-yu hold her seat, said: “Every day in the armed forces suffering how white?”

Two of them talking and laughing, both like a reunion of the couple, like a lost contact for many years confidant. Ancient Chi-yu seems stable and mature, Qiu the Yiyi then Chula both confident and stylish, she no longer as quiet and silent, In addition to wear and dress than before to pay attention to her eyes from time to time will reveal out the sense of Resentment no longer reproduce, and it seems from the various clues, ancient Chih-yu understand the beauty of his eyes under transformation.

Legitimate ancient Chi-yu, and smiled quietly enjoying the occasion of her charming style, Qiu Yiyi sudden migraine, said: “Have you noticed a lot of people moving in here to see?”

Ancient Chi Yu nodded and said: “I have found, but most of them are looking at you, the more international superstar, look at the only joint role.”

Qiu Yiyi meaningful looked at him and said: “You think I looked like the heroine?”

Ancient Chi Yu raised his eyebrows, smiled: “What do you think? You thought I would also slow than others? In fact, that the heroine’s eyes and chest are not as beautiful as you.”

Phrase words of praise immediately so that the two fur Yiyi one of the bright, smiling, she said: “Do not you do not want to take a beautiful movie star girlfriend to the street and being counted out of the spotlight?”

GU Zhi-yu at once took out two thousand bills thrown on the table and said: “You want to be there to teach you?”

Qiu reluctant to stand up holding his hand and said: “It has not all take me to go there, I unconditionally there do?”

The Hsimenting crowd Hee in the afternoon and bustling film on the street is crowded, screening of a popular movie theater in two, the masses of the tickets and even a long line, Gu Zhi-yu asked, pointing to a large oil painting billboards Qiu Yiyi said:

“Do you feel this heroine and you look a lot like?”

Qiu Yiyi and do not care about a lot of people are watching her, closer inspection of billboards and posters on the wall, she was like a connoisseur like nodding his head, said: “or photo realistic, painting to see prints not vivid, mouth smile a little aliasing. ”

Ancient Chi Yu approvingly looked at her, said: “severe, did not think your observation is so strong; However, although the two of you really have nine points like, but no matter how I think you are beautiful than her.”

Timely praise girls always make music in mind, however Qiu Yiyi very happy, but she immediately must’ve Jiao Chen said: “I’m prettier than movie stars what’s the use? Not, some people refuse to let me his bride. ”

The clear implication of ancient Chi-yu of course understand, in the past, he may remain silent or hastened to say so outright, but today do not see how his mood is spectacularly good, or military life made him more courage to take, he even a clinging to the fur Yiyi’s waist, said: “perhaps Oh, they might veterans will want you to marry home to help him cook cooking so, then when how do you do? to remain in the top students of the Department of Economics, or married into a family where the highest academic institution in Taiwan to become Huanglian Po? ”

Might not expect ancient Chih-yu would say the answer, so Qiu Yiyi Jiang Li for a moment, before the whole body the arms of Wei Jin Gu Zhi-yu said: “Marry a chicken with chicken, marry a dog as a dog, once married that person, of course, is how on how to count, if he no longer let me continue to pursue a degree, then I will happily help him cook and cooking, a child. ”

Overflowing happiness and glory of the Peugeot face looked down at his arms goes, ancient Chih-yu could not help but softly: “go, stand on the street how to help my baby? And you do not hurry to go, may have a lot of people came up to sign with you. ”

Qiu was drinking in the sweet atmosphere of Yiyi still round the ancient Chi Yu Erbinsimo, suddenly alert to the the bevy many people when there are already several uniformed vocational boys holding a pen and paper ready to go come see the situation does not quickly hands shaken exclaimed: “No, no, I’m not a Hollywood movie star, I like you just to go shopping.”

But she does not speak Fortunately, her word, immediately have more people to both look over at them, and some disgusting people to start Coushang to watch, Gu Zhi-yu Qiu Yiyi already know what to do, and quickly act decisively held up his hands exclaimed: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is my girlfriend, not a movie star, she was only a college student, we also look at the film, I’m sorry, please give way, we will soon too late to buy tickets . ”

Him the words of a finished immediately pulled Qiu Yiyi extrusion tight encirclement, and then shuttle between the crowd, but no matter where we go, there will always be sharp-eyed in front Qiu Yiyi pointing, and even several people in behind them, said: “Hey you Come and see, that is not just the Academy Award for Best Actress?”

The masses are skeptical, however ancient Chih-yu, but this time they would understand, and Qiu Yiyi has Quchu pure dress is amazing how the charm of thin apply cosmetics under. Originally he only thought that the Qiu Yiyi because Hollywood star who just released looks like so strikingly, but even without this layer factors, now standing beside him Chunhongchibai Qiu Yiyi is absolutely sufficient swept beings, with these After a new awareness, he suddenly slow down, then two began to scout around.

One saw the signs of a small hostel, Gu Zhi-yu immediately hugged Qiu reluctant to go into this that only about five square room, he at least use the ten posture, and Qiu Yiyi continuous lingering in the right lane nearly two and a half hours before the end of the first round of the battle, and only last up to 100 minutes of combat effectiveness, and, surprisingly sophisticated a lot, by his most shocking aspect of physical Lian Qiu reluctant to seem to feel a bit too much.

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