How can you write a lot of escort article and you don’t have too many ideas to write for it?

How can you write a lot of escort article and you don’t have too many ideas to write for it?

If you’re also come from china and you’re working for seoer,and the keywords are about “new york escort” and “new york Asian escorts“.so you have to write articles for those keywords,not article not Google maybe too Arbitrary,but if you don’t write any articles for your escort have to build double links for it.

I’d rather to write articles than to build the links,links are unstable,especially from Forum,there are two kinds of forum make your links bad or useless.first one for forum,they have manager in their forum,when their manager find out you try to build the links in their forum,they will ban your IP address and  your a lot of times,we using 20 minutes to build one link,it just disappear like 1 do you feel in that way? and you have no choice,because not links and not articles mean you don’t have any Google rank in “new york escort” this keyword. the second forum ?  yes,you can leave a link in their forum easily,and another people can leave a link in their website also.I do believed you know the link factory. trash link never help your website,but hurt.

Let’s pass how hard to build the links,let’s talk about how easy we can write an article.

for example,check below,i will show you how :

write article for escort girl

You can talk about escort girl for detail for the photos.

Like: this escort girl don’t look beautiful,but she got big breast, maybe 32C, i guess.  the body is perfect,in special occasion,she has more attractive than other beautiful escort girls.

In next article,i will make a sample,but let’s end for it today,i feel unhappy today.

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