How often to write an article for escort website is best ?

Before i talk about the detail for how often to write an article for escort website is best?let me show you a sexy escort girl photos.

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We all know the articles are important to escort website’s seo.if you weren’t born in the will be difficult to write articles in english,so some of you guys gonna transfer Chinese Articles to english(you guys are using google transfer right? don’t do that again or you will  be punished from google,trash articles are useless.)

It’s never about the numbers, “quality” , “readable” and “useful” are most important.try write article everyday or two days for one article is better than writing 10 trash articles for  one day. When google search engine  hope people can find the results they want as always.Like the articles i wrote since 2013/10/05.I write every article by my own and i try to write something useful article for new york asian escort website.i add every keywords naturally and more care about if someone wanna know more about escort website,so he or she can learn something from my articles,it’s not open it then close it within 10 seconds.

I don’t know is that useful for google rank now,but it always never gonna hurt your website.


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