I was manager of injective real experience

I was a manager within the shot real experience I was a four-star hotel reception, surnamed Liu, 25 years old, to work more than a year, a good figure, the height of one meter sixty-seven, 50 kg of body weight, length can be considered beautiful , is the hotel recognized as a “shop flowers.

May Day this year, our department gatherings, 22:00 after work, we go to a nearby KTV play. Every time the head of the organization, but this time a little bit different, is initiated by the hotel general manager, to contact under feelings. General manager of 35 years old this year, folks, a quick mind, shrewd, came to the company eight months to come up with a lot of way to the hotel’s turnover increased by 30%, and usually like to reuse young, each hotel are and our enthusiastic greeting, so my impression of him has been good. I heard his house is in the field, although married, but because of the headquarters sent him to the city, so a person rented a house in the vicinity of the unit.

Usually to KTV, I only accompany singing and, of course, drink beverages, but this initiative Yang King several glasses of wine, praise me not only pretty, but hard work, to receive guests warm and thoughtful, after there will be future development. I see the general manager made a speech, sorry do not drink, so on 一杯接一杯 of drinking too much. To 12:00 to play, the party ended, I stood up feeling head reeling, not a walk, so Yang said he is responsible to drive me home. Road each other at the door of individual agents just quickly disappeared. Yang arm, barely sat down in his car, I’d like in the co-pilot seat on personnel do not know.

When I regained consciousness again, and found himself lying in an unfamiliar room, double bed, the bed is very soft and very comfortable, the house purple curtain is pulled, the decoration is very simple, but tasteful colors. Issued by the bedside table lamp light yellow, the room door ajar, and you can see the living room lights on. The outside drinking fountains to the sound of pouring water in the cup came faintly look outward from the gap, I found Yang’s figure in front of the flash burst my heart thump thump wildly, if this is the Yang family. how do I here? Is ……! I kept asking myself how to do, but the ensuing headache immediately stop my cranky. While spinning, I gave the impulse to get up and decide to maintaining the status quo, so I lay in bed to continue pretending to be asleep.

Yang gently open the door to come to my bed, I lay in bed a move could not move. Yang slowly sit down at the bedside, hand gently pushed me, “Liu, Liu, up a cup of tea solution hangover.” I smell the scent of his men, the brain reeled, this found that he actually just washed the bath. At this time, Yang has been gently climb up the bed, and lie on my side, an man bathed smell mixed with the taste of senior perfume directly to my brain through my nose, I got a little distracted, and now I already know what he wants to do to me, and I how to do it is a severe tongue-lashing, or let him do whatever they want! While I hesitated, he suddenly hold my hands, mouth and kissed my lips, and then started kissing my earlobe and neck, an man the breath of pavement from his hot breath to stimulate sensitive parts, so I feel the body a burst of melted, may really thought I was drunk, unconscious, and he saw I did not point to resist the action away slowly grabbed my hands and began to take off my shirt. Here May Day weather has begun to heat, my upper body wearing only a white open-necked short-sleeved shirt, was dressed in a pink miniskirt, Yang quickly took off my shirt I know at the moment white bra that is looming large breasts must be the best of his prey, just as I do not know what to do, he is very skilled climb up my body, then picked up my body a little, his hands in my open behind the bra hook and take off my bra, my firm breasts suddenly exposed, Yang stayed looked at, shoved his mouth to suck my right nipple, crazy kiss, while his The right hand rubbing my breasts. I was Yang The sudden storm as the action taken aback, so I did not resist, consecutive loss of two fortresses, the unexpected blow that has seriously shaken my determination to resist.

The beginning of the action of Yang scared do not know what to do, to kiss and rub the intensity increase along with Yang tense body did not feel my body slowly began to have feelings, I know next if I do not quickly think of a way, he go on like this I not only did not pretending to be asleep and the possibility of virginity, but in the end how to do it! Yang kept changing the kissing and rubbing techniques, the other hand is also dishonest, to start off my pink mini skirt, from my pussy slowly Moxiang my stomach and untied the skirt buttons, and then opened the zipper of my skirt, then a hand gently picked up my waistline, your other hand pull force, took off my skirt down, and now hot asian escort is not nothing but a pink lace panties, I wear clothes in the morning, we passed a mirror, although the underwear, but can still vaguely see the private parts. Yang did not hesitate, do not give my reaction time, two hands pulled my underwear down pull of both sides of the one took off my underwear, I was now lying naked in front of him. At this moment, for me, even within a five-minute loss of the four cities have been completely lost to resist courage.

At this time, Yang has suddenly stop all violations of the action I, stood up and said: “Liu also pretending to be asleep? Below but good show kicked off, I want you to look at me is how on you. “I was shocked, did not know he is not really seen through my strategy of pretending to be asleep, I slightly opened his eyes, to catch a glimpse of Yang is off his pajamas and underwear, and I saw his little brother is ten feet tall , and his little brother, though not very dark, but thick and long than my boyfriend to grow a penis of 22 cm, evidently! Yang took off his underwear, to me step by step the way, I quickly closed his eyes.

Yang once again climbed up my body began to frantically kiss my lips, neck, ears, eyes, breasts, thighs, and then buried his head between my legs, kissing my pussy. Yang hands separate my legs and tongue kept licking my labia, then my body has great feeling, because my boyfriend rarely give me oral sex, oral sex is very sensitive, feeling his private parts hot mouth unconsciously began quietly hum, “ah …… ah …… ah,” Yang to see I have a response greater action, tongue a little bit out into the inside of my vagina, in which stirred up, I slowly whispered moan, become loud together, with my body completely abandon the resistance, my vagina gradually up the moist, sexual secretion flow out, Yang kiss stains stains sound.

Perhaps Yang to get too comfortable, but I also know that such meaningless to continue pretending to be asleep, I pretended suddenly woke up, incoherent, said: “ah … Yang …… Oh … how is you …… ah …… you …… what to do? “Yang looked up at my naked body with his fingers instead of his tongue attack to continue my Xiaoxue, then smiled and said:” I ah! how , my little beauty is comfortable? “I said:” ah …… you …… oh …… can not …… ah …… so … ah … for me! “Yang said:” What are they afraid! after we not an outsider! Besides, I usually you then take care of, because like you! And, just in the KTV I heard them say, you my impression is not also good? “I replied:” Well …… This two different things …… ah …… my boyfriend … oh …… at home …… ah …… waiting for me! “Yang smiled and said:” You are clever, but I heard you were the boyfriend fifty-one back home to visit relatives, this afternoon on the train, I was afraid you boring boring today, specifically looking for you to come out to play, rest assured that we do not let your boyfriend know. “I expose the lies, can not help a bit tears evasively said: “But … we so …… I …… ‘speaks, Yang again tongue into his stirred up inside my vagina, I” ah “sound, the following words did not say it , although the expression is enjoyed, but the inner thought of her boyfriend, but struggled a bit, and does not think to reach out and push him in the head buried between my legs. Yang stir with his tongue for a while, look at my reaction is not large, but also with your fingers instead, and then went on to say: “very rarely give you oral sex, right? You are very sensitive!” I gently “ah” sound Yang said: “I will let you enjoy the time!” finished, put me back onto the bed, one hand rubbing my breasts, while his tongue deep into my body. My body is already surrendered, but still luck and said to him: “Well, but you can through your mouth can not be inserted to use that!” Yang is also no longer speak, only harder, lick I do not unconsciously closed his eyes and constantly moaning very enjoy the Yang of the tongue can

Yang tongue in my vagina from side to side a deep, shallow for a while, I have never enjoyed such a comfortable oral sex, vagina sexual secretion poured forth groans gradually change whispered loudly them!

Yang see below me has been very wet, so climb up from me, separate my legs with his right hand his little brother, friction up and down my labia in the glans of his penis immediately my Mixue flow out of the nectar wet, Yang said: “precious child, I want to come in!” I heard him say, suddenly sat up, chest presses Yang said: “Do not, we can not I have a boyfriend! “Yang said:” baby child nothing, he returned home, do not know, but I also have a wife, I will not destroy your relationship with him, I you a good impression tourism management professional undergraduate, you are studying for a living? you are willing to do the reception? today was a good opportunity, we have a good grasp! “I heard him say, know this I have come prepared “hidden rules” in the name suddenly appeared in my mind. Although I have his sweet talk to impress, but his mouth still says: “You have a wife, I have a boyfriend, we do so bad!” Yang said: “nothing to it really good! We enjoy life, enjoy life, two of them were not in you by my side, and that now is not okay for both of us? “I’m still hesitating, Yang wait for me to speak, his little brother at my Xiaoxue, glans penis stretched labia. inserted into it, followed by I long to say “ah”, Yang Insert my Mixue the moment, like a very strong sense of fulfillment like the current through every pore of my body, all deep in my heart reluctance With this plug was thrown to the winds go.

Yang the penis inserted into my vagina, but is no longer inside to enter, just back and forth with a penis in my vagina Choucha. I inserted to the Yang of the glans, moaning loudly, said: “that it really came in, you …… ah …… or …… ah …… came in!” Yang said with a smile: “how to feel good ? “I closed his eyes and not care for him, Yang went on to say: just the glans only, for a full insert to go, you will enjoy!” I heard him speak so bluntly, simply did not answer him , but enjoy the expression on my face is estimated to have betrayed my heart.

The Choucha Yang using the glans while, said: “precious child, this time I really came in, you’re ready Well I heard him say suddenly my heart a little sense of excitement, Yang finished, the body down a pressure. His little brother slowly inserted my Xiaoxue, until the entire root inserted into it. With the insertion of the Yang brother, my long moaning cry “Oh, my head hard to the back, his hands tightly clutching the bed sheets, legs Bengzhi this little brother, Yang insertion Once again, I feel the whole body feeling of electric shock.

Yang’s brother full insert proud to say: “Is your boyfriend do not often do what you think of your show forced so tight?” hot asian escort is not willing to say: “did not do, he did not know much I love my ! “Yang deliberately mad at me and said:” If he loves you, you will often dry, the small show that is often dry to force how can you so tight? “I listen to him more and more ugly, simply, as just no longer care for him. See Yang ignored him, and his little brother out of the only penis in the vagina, then inserted into force, I was a strong impact dry groaned aloud: “…… hate!” Yang laugh said: “You do not ignore me, I can make you more comfortable, you want it? finish combined with the strong attenuation, and hands began to regularly rub my breasts, sweetly, I was dry again and again. He saw me there has been a reaction, began to fast Choucha up his hands held my waist.

When the bed is really spring infinite. White body lying in bed, a little black body of Yang pressure on me, his hands holding a slim waistline, the little brother in my Xiaoxue quick in and out. My legs can not help but wrapped around the waist of the Yang and the ass turned up, enjoying the Yang of my time impact. Yang thick little brother put up my vagina full of his range of motion, each inserted into the plug out of the very law, I am most comfortable with from time to time by hand to rub me with significantly impact the back and forth shaking breasts.

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