If you have just come back from New York escort agencies, should be how to decorate themselves.

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I have a wife, but I also often go to New York escort agency.Get married for many years, I am tired of mark love with my wife.So I often go to New York escort agency, looking for a sexy New York escort, through a wonderful night.

And beautiful New York escort after making love, I have to go home, because my wife is waiting for me.But now,I have problems, how to do can not found by my wife.As you know, and the New York escort after make love easily leave fragrance, lipstick and so on.Women are sensitive animals.If you don’t to decorate yourself, it is easy to be found.

Let me have multiple experiences.Now, I share it with all of you.

First, don’t throw your phone in New York escort agency.

Second, change the name of the New York escort to leader, in the mobile phone.

Third, to point the wine in own body, cover up the smell of New York escort.

Fourth, wash your face, don’t leave prove.

Fifth, check your clothes, don’t leave a human hair.

Sixth, to drunk, go home to speak less as far as possible.

These are my many years of experience, hope to help everyone.If you like me, and share your method to me.Let us home wife said, you are very good.

At the same time, I also want to, and everybody discuss about the New York escort together.This is very normal, because this is the man’s common hobby.

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