Into the long rapid

Ours is not too fast?

nyc best escort met with him for four years, three years before the students, while playing with the often joke or talk.
But both sides did not expressly favor. But I feel he has a very strong desire “to be exact,
Not sexual desire, just a not made it clear that the looming mysterious beauty of desire.

He is a handsome boy at school, a lot of chasing girls, so I do not bother to join in the fun.

The fourth year, he finally told me to declare the love, I gladly accepted. But others in the United States
Country, while nyc best escort was in China, we have by E-mail to “declare”. He said he and his students when
Climate did not dare to say, for fear that I refused him – because I did disguise him very much not interested, so he
To the United States.

This summer in mid-May return to China, our students three years, but never “feeling
Companion “popping up, and later a year to maintain the love of the spirit of the online love letters, when he finally appeared
By my side, I suddenly feel overwhelmed, I looked at his face, I feel so unreal.

But things can not control. A young age we are very rules of the child, when the school is re-
Point, focusing on the way down in my mind for the word “love” has a strong sense of exclusion, the total did not want to Cheng
Confess love or have a boyfriend.

After he came back, our development is rapid unexpectedly, I was originally just thought we were able to inter-
Considerable face to say “I love you” is very great, very face jump feat, but we

Even ……

In the first week after he came back, we just go to the library, restaurants, tea houses dating peace talks
, Then a week later, in a small park and kissed me, this is the first kiss for both of us, before this I have an intuition
The kiss is very disgusting, I hate to saliva. But when he kissed me, I just want to: This is how to back
Happened? Us how? Will he force the tongue into my mouth, how should I?

The tongue is very creamy, saliva saliva of feel like, like a jelly, sticky whirring, very good to eat.

Moreover, very active in his hand against my breasts, brought me a pleasure, but also the liberation of
Feel, I feel that I finally did we all have to dry shady thing.

I thought we kiss even the end, everyone is happy. But his insatiable kissing two days after the
Not only kiss forever, because I have to attend classes during the day, so we are always at night to meet. Kissing after he
And I no longer go to a bookstore and restaurant, always go to the park.

After kissing habit, I feel not the first time so excited, because in fact, mouth to mouth
Eat each other the tongue only, and usually eat pig tongue is so eat, quite unusual is not it … but he is both
However, so in love with a kiss, I simply fight. Like most is the mood, said goodbye to his walk back after the separation
Suddenly pulled me Banguo my head fiercely kissed, feeling the best, as the inside of the film born from the dead
Do not be the same. This time I will try to do the posture is perfect, the waist to the back, arms drooping naturally, and hair
The Pisan with.

Is, kiss there is nothing unusual, I wanted to come.

But to kiss after the third day he began to start from the jacket, solution of the buttons of my chest, I began resolutely not allowed
Xu, pushing him. He was like to kiss me, then wedge and dismay to continue solution. I want to anyway, sooner or later he was untied, it
Untie him Well, he untied. It back to me to wear Chinese clothes, buttons difficult solution, his solution
, I clearly remember two men sitting on a park bamboo child of stone, bamboo just drops over the water, shining moon
Light, the grass is very thin flavor, below even pedestrians! And I can see over their heads,
If they looked up, we will find. I see the solution buttons in the moonlight hand slightly trembled
Shaking, very sexy.

He finally succeeded to unlock the buttons, side Kiss me, he touched my bra outside the breast, I feel so
Very wrong, and pedestrians through still, it is likely to see us. But I could trouble unclear of his hand
Any location, in the end is outside or inside the bra, because we packed very tight.

Suddenly he covered the nod with his tongue to suck my nipples, I could not believe the thrill of lightning so that
I do not have to think and then rejected, but I have repeatedly realized, how do we so? We really
Doing? How is this going? Pedestrians walk in the following, we do such things in the woods.

I do not mind thinking, but I want the pleasure, the kind of tongue touch Rujian the pleasure is inconceivable
, And that at any time will be pedestrians to get a glimpse of the sense of crisis and violent have made me want to push him hard, this time I am sad
Injury to, I just picked him tighter nothing.

And then the past three days, we sleepwalk went to his house. His parents were not home, then
I do not know how, on his side of the pro-side of the coax side licking my clothes off. Later
He said he was off my clothes when excited not, had diarrhea were trembling, but I can not think, on the
Think he is stupid, even bras are not the solution, the solution several times a solution is not down, and finally help him Xie down
The. But of course the solution down and regret, that it was not right, but they sure do not want to re-wear

Then naturally pushed on the bed, he repeated to suck my breasts, and then gently bite, I feel very comfortable
Clothing, he had called a few times. Great, he was in high spirits, began to take off my underwear, I have a struggle, he
Even more excited. I want to, anyway, he Detuo down sooner or later, do not fight and his! His underwear off, but also
Not let me touch his penis, I think, anyway, sooner or later have to touch, so he touched. That stuff is very fun,
A rod hammer, a bit hot, dark pink, looks very clean, and no strange taste, I
Push it backwards, and then bounce back, really fun.

I fisted it a few times, the result, he cried out, can not stand it, said I was rude, abuse his reproductive
Organs. I think he is too fragile, so I laughed at him, he has gone mad, my
The legs and top up, use tongue licking my vagina. I strongly resist, because I think this is a very perverted
Behavior must be stopped. But he ignored the suppression, I reflect on a bit before they know me
Put a stop to the very thorough, undoubtedly played a role in fueling his later actions, I guess my big
Summary of “Do not,” Do not … “something similar.

He told me to explore the woman said, “Do not” “I think,” said “consider”

“To” say “” after, not a woman. I agree with this statement,
I said, “Do not completely self-defeating.

I guess if I really do not, you should immediately sit up and give him a loud and large ears
Post, and then the teeth, said: “rogue!” But I was apparently not so thoroughly do.

So this murderer to stop following, he succeeded, he put my hands tightly pressed
In bed, the two legs to stand on his shoulder. Observed for a while to find the clitoris, a sucked into the mouth and face.

So I finally finished all processes before more sober, I can always make it clear
To do so in the end it is worthwhile? Can make him work, to what extent? Or if to prevent him to do what meaning
, At least, can be issued similar to the “incredible”, “We should”, “how can
“… And the like Johnson love to sigh, but when He sucked my clitoris, I do not own awareness
Control within, free of control, terrible!

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