Marry a teacher MA Gui-color wife

I work in a suburb of Beijing city, after graduating from college to do a company to earn a sum of money, students and friends are? Mu-I. Career busy, I did not find the object, I could not resist, and to find a lady out of the fire.

Two years ago, I went to Beijing on business at night to live in a small hotel. 11 o’clock, a woman playing ask to be Do not Miss, I drink, desires difficult to press down, but drinking too much cock hard up and said impatiently: “Do not!”

Then call the woman is very patient, laid-off workers just do age, although bigger, but full of charm, but also very clean. I thought a move, and told her: “Let the old lady Come on!” But wait of an hour gone forever, I’ll turn off the lights, stumbled and fell asleep.

Night, I dim to find a woman sleeping on my side, the flesh plump slippery. The woman Sophie said: “Boss, you wake up, Do you want me ah? Me a 200 yuan, if I accompany you to spend the night, and only 500 yuan.”

I? Enough, on an arm around her body in one hand and rubbing the breast, first-hand, feeling her way, the eye is not wide open, said: “to accompany I spend the night, wait I take your work is good money with you get! “the woman still Qieqie shame shame asked:” the boss oral sex or anal sex? “I is committing? said impatiently sentence:” as you like. ”

The woman is submissive head arch in my crotch mouth handling my big cock, her tongue licking, mouth suction, does oral sex good work. Soon my cock hard storm quite a vent, such as injection, large stocks and large stocks of semen all squirted into her mouth, just listen to the “grunt, grunt” few times, that a woman actually put my semen All swallowed.

I thought to myself: laid-off female workers are older, looks poor, flabby, easy to make an effort to wait on clients, eyes wide open is not to say: “first sleep, tomorrow get a good (T)

The next day I woke up, the woman still Sleeping half of her face buried in the fluffy pillows, but kicking open a quilt, white woman’s buttocks exposed on the outside. The large white buttocks of the woman is indeed full, big, white, the hole Mao Youguang shiny, chrysanthemum flower core (buttocks eye) swarthy, bright red, it is charming. I thought to myself: the bottom of this woman, her face is not necessarily beautiful, laid-off workers age 40 and Mo Yang certainly not as good as the young lady juicy, simply play with her big white buttocks, but also live of Piaozi

So I took a big banana, sets a condom (from the woman brought the bag to find), dipped in hot water and gently into the woman’s Yumen. Woman ass move move, seem to find, but does not reject, I am simply a hard, more than half of bananas all slipped in her Xue Li.

Just listen to the woman hum of two, said: “the boss you’re bad, people also go to bed, you make trouble, last night you had the spirit!” Said the large white ass back towering a bit. I was fascinated by her large white buttocks, just put her lipstick out, licking some saliva lubricated, quietly sudden stabbed her in the ass eyes!

“Oh, mother, you use something to poke people’s buttocks eyes ah? Killing me!” The woman said as new york city escort suddenly sat up. I see this woman’s face, beautiful one Mo Yang ah! The absolute middle-aged beauty. Just looked familiar, as if seen her where … ah, God! Her, this woman, this is not my high school math teacher MA Gui-color it? I was scared rushed to kneel on the ground!

Ma, 28 years old, is the backbone of the business of schools. Good lesson to teach, and beautiful people, and his very kind, high prestige in the school. Unfortunately, the husband abroad in a traffic accident died, the pair of twin sons and daughters unfortunately suffering from leukemia, light hospitalization has spent several hundred thousand dollars, school teachers and students and the community are also contributions can still be cured. The huge medical expenses Ma the teacher Choude desperation, one pair of love of children do not, no money for treatment and died, Ma, reluctantly embarked on the path of betraying the hue and flesh.
In a city near Beijing, Ma, this work, for fear of an acquaintance recognized, had to prostitution to earn money to the capital on Sunday and holidays. For outstanding teachers in education for many years, the immense suffering of the heart can not imagine!

Ma, tears, and sobbed, the finish of what happened, suddenly raised his head shyly at me coldly and said: “good students, before teachers and students, you are my good student, or learning members, I am also particularly fond of you. Today, however, your teacher is in trouble, for my two children, I can only rely on my body to save their life! teacher afraid of shame, the teacher does not? winded your clients, prostitution prostitute for your money, the teachers are willing to let you play tricks with you, as long as you are willing to pay! ”
Then, Ma, anti-turned inside out, lying in bed, her large white hip high kick, urging: “good students, you Come on now! Points to pay 200, oral sex and 100, if you want anal sex. add 300, a total of 600 yuan, the teacher not want your money, ha ha, ha ha …… “Ma teacher smiled and smiled and cried and cried a lot.

Stretches shame and extreme embarrassment. I remember when my body with all the money to run the business (about seven or eight million) throw the horse from the capital back after a few days, I received the money and the letter Ma, sinks to the effect that I thank my good Yi, but treatment is still a drop in the bucket, to no avail, do not delay the company business. I saw was very moved, what a good teacher!

I vowed to help her! Extensive contacts with my classmates, will treat the child to Ma, Ma, fund-raising, some wealthy students have to chip in, and soon gather over one million. However, never imagined, when we put the money to Ma teacher’s house, two children have died!

Ma, covered in mourning? Cool trace of the beauty of ice. I heard we had come, long Hey Ma, grief sound tears, new york city escort walked slowly in front of several of our classmates, long kneeling down …

In the next day, Ma, always shrouded in my heart, I many times to find her or give her a call, but shame, hate, regret emotions are intertwined, so that I can not face even can not hear her voice.
I can not do anything to go on, even the objects do not bother to talk about.

I never imagined that a year later, Ma, actually came to my office job.

Shelter Ma, I let her do my secretary, in fact, the Explorer and consultants. Six months later, the MA Gui-color teacher suggests hoped to marry my wife, and even do the lover. Because she is my teacher, I always have a psychological barrier, did not dare to imagine and teachers to make love like a.

In order to eliminate my concerns, Ma, deliberately dress up tender and charming every day to seduce me, she even prettily said: boss, after you no longer permitted to call my teacher, the people’s mouth, ass, eyes and Nenxue allows you to parade before you call my teacher is not to humiliate me? I am your secretary, my duty is to help you, accompany you to sleep. ”

Did I do not want to parade the beautiful blooming Ma teacher? Only psychological concerns.

In order to dispel my concerns, Ma, quietly serving me a strong aphrodisiac, she was to make more waves more show, Ma, her taking a female aphrodisiac drugs. Day in my office, Ma, naked light large white buttocks lying out latrines in Bianzhuohuayang operating points. That day I have a full parade of her five hours in the mouth of the Ma, Xue Li, ass shot fine, she was operating was lying on the last to get up off the pit.

While I fuck her, she asked: “Ma, you is not Saoxue waves goods, a tramp?”

Ma teacher was operating was out of breath, groaning replied: “I … I … your teacher is the genuine Saoxue …, waves goods and tramp!? Husband? Children, they are ? dead …… I was guilty of bad women, prostitution, selling ass, sell soul, to discredit the noble profession of the teacher … I am a shameless tramp waves goods ah ah ah ah ah … you’re doing it to death it!

“From now on … Ah! Your horse teacher my heart, my body, my soul, my hole, my big white buttocks, my big breasts are dedicated to my dear husband of students … Ah! Ah ah … a good husband, kiss her husband as long as you do not mind in the future I am your wife, wife, mistress, your bedding ……
I side with the big cock fierce parade MA Gui-color Nenxue, while stroking her big breasts with both hands, said: “Ma, you on the podium if so Saolang the how good you can let the whole class of collective rotation Fuck your hole! ”

“Ah ah ah … you heartless people and consequently gave you the nerve to humiliate your wife! Ah, operating death of me! Lighter force, you want your teacher wife to be dead rough? birth to a son, ah …… ah …… kiss the husband, a good husband, I give you good? your teacher wife’s hole is not old, as long as you sow, of my Saoxue also nursery it ah ah ah … Ah …… ah ah ah ah … kiss the enemy a good husband, you’re doing get people covered with comfortable, I must give birth to a son, and repay the grace of the operation hole! ”
The operating points, teacher and horse and I officially married. MA Gui-color after six months pregnant, to wait on her pregnant body, I took her sister to MA Gui-color pregnancy inconvenient operating points, I put her sister Ma Guiyun to operating, MA Gui-color cried for three days to finally promised me her sister to keep the lovers. However, Ma Guiyun feelings and increasingly deep, she is a county Backstage announcer, 26 years old this year, more beautiful than her sister, more charm, more Saolang, and soon she was pregnant!

All of a sudden, two pregnant women, can I worry about bad. Not wash your dirty linen in public, had to wife’s mother then came and ministered unto the two daughters of the month of. The wife’s mother, 49, is an old beauty, her two daughters, as sisters, Sa. After the wife’s mother to me? Her daughter to have strong opinions, she let me choose one as a wife, another daughter away!

Hand beauty, how can I let go! Ten times more potent aphrodisiac, decided to give the wife’s mother under the old woman-body, even in front of her daughter is not seduced me, I then took the opportunity to make her love, and the video I put the video to see three women, the wife’s mother shame shame, I have two daughter also tend to curse their mother is old and shameless, old tart, prudish, actually stole the son-in-law!

Later, they mother Sa and incorporate it into my wife, but between them to sisters called, from we live together. MA Gui-color, Ma Guiyun sister and wife gave me a son and daughter. I often get three women together operating points, Oh, it feels really good can not describe it!

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