New york escort business pages in Facebook’s number Limited.

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New york escort business pages in Facebook’s number Limited.

Maybe some people will say”if you can build 100 Facebook business pages,go and build it.”In some way,more pages means good,but are you sure you can manage all of them to keep page have new information at least twice a week?and the information isn’t copy from another website?

If you still can say “yes”,that means you have a big team or you use the auto software to run it.I have to share something for the second answer’s people. I don’t use any auto software right now.and i have more than 80 websites before and i decide to delete more than 70% of them now.

Quality is more important than numbers.That’s very important thing you need to remember,that’s the reason i only write an article everyday not four or five(if i need to write that much,i probably gonna copy more from another,then change their words to my own words.but i don’t do that..)

Two month past already,my new york escort website still out of top 100.I got a big soul hit from that.but there’s the only way i can walk out. It’s the quality,not about numbers of trash.

Anyway,you have to reduce your new york escort page in Facebook or you won’t work out anything on them.

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