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Women who still venture into the escort business in recent months have also made it a habit to be more informative about their whereabouts. In the act of telling friends and mily members about the time and place of their meetings, escort workers believe to have instituted a successful measure of protection.

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Authorities who deal with current aspects of the escort business claim that these recent findings havent caused a crackdown on prostitution. They claim that limiting workers of the outlawed trade had always been a top priority for Long Islands police force.

Reports have stated that four of the women who were recently accosted by authorities were discovered working at a massage parlor in Ronkonkoma and two had predominately operated in Bethpage. A reported three hundred dollars was allegedly the price of the service offered to the undercover officer.

The recent arrests demonstrate that in spite of the many warnings issued in the wake of the Gilgo Beach findings, instances of prostitution are still prevalent on Long Island. The newest discovery in the Gilgo Beach case came in recent weeks near a wildlife sanctuary in Tobay Beach. Two teeth were found in the same area a skull was discovered during a previous search. Its unsure whether the teeth and skull are remains from the same individual, but authorities on the case hypothesize that they are related pieces of evidence.

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April 26,weschester asian escorts 2011 4:11 PM Eastern

(Long Island, N.Y.) Months after news of a possible Long Island serial killer made the headlines women in the escort business have been on full alert. Since it was revealed thatnews for escort Long Island Exchange four of the remains discovered were from victims who were strangled on the night they had been expecting to meet with a client, Long Island escorts have gone to greater lengths for protection. Some have gone as r as beginning to carry guns to meetings, a precaution they claim is necessary for this type of occupational hazard.

In response to the findings of multiple remains, police organizations have been involved in raising money for the reward resulting from information leading to the discovery of the Gilgo Beach killer. Police believe that their best opportunity at catching the killer will come from an information source, and have received over eight hundred tips in the past few weeks. The tips range from credible to bogus and have been made from international callers and anxious residents across the country. Not surprisingly, NY Escort Service the reward involved with the Gilgo Beach murders is expected to reach five figures.

In addition to weapons, women in the escort business also claim to have invested in pepper spray since learning of the Gilgo Beach murders. They travel in pairs or with watchful companions in addition to attempts to better screen their clients. If a client behaves in an overly aggressive manner or takes offense to any of the enforced safety measures, the business ends before any act is performed or exchange is admitted.

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Its hard to imagine an economical supply and demand dynamic for players in the escort trade, but in response to the increased selectivity of clients many women in the business have undertaken a reciprocal increase in charges. Reports claimed that at least six Long Island prostitutes were arrested in the last few weeks, news for escort one of whom was caught soliciting to an undercover policeman.

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