Now,let me show you how easy to write an article about “new york escort”,only couple pictures.

If you had read my last article,Really want to know the detail for writing the articles easily?!let’s stop the trash talk,step to the main content.

First of all,get the hot pictures from Google or Baidu.For example:

big breast new york escort girl

Do you like the big breast new york escort girl? I do. and   i think a lot of men have same feeling.this photo is come from Weibo.there have a competition for breast,who get the biggest and nicest breast.this picture is one of them.i guess this is 36D or pre-girlfriend teach me the  chest circumference.The  shape isn’t perfect.but it’s very nice,the skin is very white.

big breast escort girl

what do you think about this one? maybe you still like the last one,because you can see the face,and you more like white skin breast.So big breast escort need to have a nice face also or in special Environment,like KTV,club. with some Makeup.even the second picture’s woman don’t look ugly,and it’s kind of hot,but it’s not my’s my big breast escort girl’s style:

sexy escort with big breast

I think you probably know how to write an article for “new york escort”,it’s like chatting with other two both saw the hot girls,you talk about your ideas.something like that.


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