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Fitness Center

I am a man public relations officer of the fitness center, daily job is to answer the new guests to ask some questions about the center’s facilities and the Code. When they decided to participate in the center, but is waiting for access special members to deal with their form, to accompany them to chat, so as soon as possible… (more…)

The lustful female small static

“Bang” slamming door woke us. At this time a 21-year-old boy standing in front of our bedroom looking at me naked. “This is my brother ~ ~ Kobayashi introduced to me. “This is my classmate small static” He embarrassed his brother said. At this time, I’m looking for a hole to dig into. “Oh, a small quiet, so small you… (more…)

US-ting teachers

Get to school Triple minutes before the bell. Mei Ting teacher straight back towards the staff room. The school bell soon rang. The first lesson is that class of English. The beginning of class. The Imedeen teacher last week handed over our homework paper on the desk. Then we put away the dictionary of the notebook, her voice was calm… (more…)

[Prairie depths]

No matter how remote the place, as long as there are men and women, there is the story I chose … the production team has opened all the members of the General Assembly several times a problem has not been resolved. The production team a large grasslands, grasslands depths of a natural lake, the production team wanted to send a… (more…)

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