Rapist stepfather

Jiao Yang En English name yy, 15-year-old no ordinary girl, the same like shopping, buy clothes, look at Taiwan’s romance novels, and imagine that the heroine, three years ago, to enter puberty, the body began to develop chest became swollen up, round soft proud mother to accompany me to the lingerie shop to buy underwear, I wear a bust, only a little [tied tied] uncomfortable, when I first period when I’m warm book, just feel the following wet, pants stained piece of red into the bathroom clean, my mother gave me to take clothes and pads to replace me when I was feeling or boy a lot of a.

Mobility, walking, sitting, friction live my lower body, itchy itchy, not hi every time you replace the sliver was dry feeling, and soon becomes hot and humid stuffy?, The Zhongyou abdominal pain is difficult to fall asleep. also as much as four days, swollen chest I line up tired, each time wearing uniforms but also gives the bedroom looking at the very irritating! I had to try to cover sweater, do not let anyone see it.

But very happy, because they have become a woman, with a loved one, with the establishment of a home. Birth to children, may I kid not a father, aggravated me this idea. My father passed away when I was young. Mother raised me, as early as two years, chinese escort met a boyfriend, and later to live together, I had disagreed with the house a strange man walking to walk, but chinese escort said the house always man Dizhu big will get married, so this decision.

[Rape] word for girls, let alone brought to think about it, sometimes I see the scenes of TV movies that the girl had been raped, and also scared I real turntable, but would like to Wudao previous years, those things posted on the newspaper, can not think has happened to me, be my later life mark. Day, I came home from school, stepfather at home to watch the newspaper, I am cold to cry uncle.] Will be turned into the room, and always he is not pro-father, I entered the room when
Stepfather Lanzhu suddenly from behind me, I do not know and only said uncle., What you do], stepfather reason I did not pressure me out of bed, to suppress pro-me constantly, hands down my school dress, pull off my underwear , my prophet stepfather wanted me spotting me out to try to push him.

Stepfather but the weight of my good real I resist Wudao, I shouted for help told him to stop the hand, the stepfather first-hand off my underwear, my private parts are now available at the stepfather in front, I’m so scared, the clasp legs stepfather real my opponent , the body is held back, my legs stepfather forced to separate, I can only keep your hips, let stepfather was was, but his legs? next to the waist, stepfather had his Department to come up, put near my private parts , my stepfather pleaded not do so, stepfather to ignore my waist hard one, my pants will be heard coming from the burning, I know that all hope not.
Stepfather every twitch like a knife inserted in the body, both physically and mentally painful. Stepfather [daughters to speak with me, not hurt, meat tenderizer foreign body touched for the first time, so I convulsions sore with live stepfather invasive, lower body burning increasing deepen, I just want wriggled struggle. but a struggle, the more nerve be affected, anti makes me more pain, more acid, I gave up the struggle lay in bed not moving crying. Heart hated stepfather back to live the mother do this to me.

Stepfather to remove my uniform buttons, single-handedly tear my bust, they flutter in my body, my left breast, stepfather constantly sucking sip hand to force the other side of my chest, and stepfather in my thighs and buttocks, walk stroked up and down, linger over my body, I just sense that the wet and itchy, I can not resist not help looking at their own body stepfather ask to play. Stepfather, but enjoy my girls warm hole contains. Provoking, from time to time lower body pain friction.

Playing a long time, stepfather they kiss? I Fenjing began to rape disgrace, At first, I think it really hurts, I just want to stop stepfather stepfather way road shock, the ignored me feel, I cry silently endure, just want to die, with live stepfather raped the waves of pain slowly subsided numb.

Contrary feeling with a little itch, and body linen soft up the original body does not live up to expectations in order to avoid the pain, accept the stepfather raped, lower body flow with the secretions, dry ground into a slide, so that the stepfather action is it easy to more action is greatly increased under the feeling is more obvious, just want to Zhang Sheng call out, I clenched lips to fight back, only that the acid itchy feeling increasingly uncomfortable and stepfather suddenly, I do not know touch me where, a surge is comfortable and unknown uncomfortable feeling emerges, the breath, the brain is a blank end can not refrain from a cry [! The stepfather will continue to impact it at, I had to endure the impact of the mouth is actually issued [… …

Well … Well … Well …] bursts of humming, listening ears, I am extremely ashamed. Resistance to HE by the live stepfather raped can not refrain from constantly called Yin and stepfather to listen to in the ears, hands to my legs to lift the hardest hit greater the body Bengjin, pants sour spasm up with the live the stepfather action the increase, a shares anxious acid flow through the body, [- I – ah -] cry could not fight the shock convulsions, later the stepfather action becomes even more rapidly, I lay in bed groaning to respond?

Stepfather raped, stepfather and just cried … good tight …] non-stop storm, so that I could not stand, I gave up shame, unable to catch stepfather hands, [… Well … Well …… ah …… well … …

Yeah, Well … stop moving] sorrow kinky demand stepfather stepfather a few strong impact, to look at a strong pumping strike [it] soon call pain, only a sense of the lower body a Road, heat penetration into the body, hit soft meat, so I – Ai – soon mourning, hydrothermal scored, erosion body covered with burning liquid, the stepfather of my sad actually blot left in my body [… Wuhao …… Wuhao …] stepfather malaise flutter in my chest.
Stepfather to suppress me breathing a long time was reluctant to leave my body, my body is about sore I was the first time, with rape, convulsions, I lay in bed crying, her stepfather took I was thrown into the ground underwear to wipe his Department, and took over to wipe my private parts, I saw the white cloth, dye over the red, covered with little white liquor, I wail [stepfather] regardless of the pain, into the bathroom, setting off the school dress fine see, red and swollen private parts already, there is the slightest white fluid outflow, I feel good dirt canal, by the pain continued to wash with water for themselves, white semen bloodshot eyes with the water slide down … a lot …

I cried sitting in the bath, I thought the girls valuable for the first time they sometimes lose, and If you know me Tell my mother, stepfather raped me, she would Well would believe, in case of alarm, to court … I have done wrong was to know …… the future the other partners to know that I was engaged in, will not hold anything against me, if I had … how do I do … I can not think of going, long time before I calm down, replaced the clean clothes, lower body pain, pad over her can barely sit down, but I am not going to clean that wound will never restore the original.

Me out back to the bathroom to go bury my side [daughters, stepfather took contaminated bed sheets, you do not have to do sooner or later, the girls are to be Kaibao now cheaper your dad me, ha ha! ] I pushed him back into his room, I saw the sheets have been stepfather replaced, I sat the corner of the room, I dare out of the room to the mother to come back.
The mother came home to see the body strange when I was sitting in the washing machine to see my school uniform a bloody, my mother asked me [what happened? ], I had to answer [right, that to the careless dirty sheets], how this
Kinds of embarrassing things called How do I say, my mother scolded the two [how so careful ah, uncomfortable]
I did not speak, because I do not want to see this stepfather, one into the room, I’ll hide was into child shouted back to his room.
Month, regardless of menstruation whether the arrival is also deeply concerned, fortunately not pregnant stepfather bb back, I’m sure my mother was back at home to determine the room door lock is closed only at ease in the room must just become Shoumai yourself more afraid of human contact. I thought of the unfortunate to go will be considered as a nightmare, do not want to mention, but, unfortunately, happen again to me

In one night, I sleep when fans burnt felt a pressure on the body, I suddenly woke up, I discovered stepfather climb up my bed, think? Keys to steal into my room, stepfather early in the morning with a rope to my hands tied, I think distress to the mother, stepfather to Buser to live in my mouth to speak [your mother fell asleep, do not wake her] resistance is useless.

Stepfather from the back to hold me tight all the way to unlock my nightgown all the way to make indecent assault, behind me clutch hands Cuonie the I breast, kissing me Fenjing talk dirty to speak my private parts, the hand began to move down Tiaonong stepfather fingers touched my private parts constantly and out into the provocative, the stepfather kissed me Erzhu speak [uncle., is not confused Hello comfortable ah]. I Ce Zhaotou turn a blind eye to ignore, rather than admit to feeling. The stepfather took me the finger, I saw my fingers black with like glue transparent mucus. This is actually my private parts out of the secretion, I speak, to shame.

Stepfather put me down, start up upon my, I just shook his head asked not to be, but the blink of an eye, feel the stepfather has taken advantage of slowly invaded into. Powerful oppression, resulting in a twitch. I do not want to see the stepfather looks like the side too far, tears silently withstand stepfather Yinru I do not want to wow, but this can not call to report, I feel more focused.
Hear only the stepfather [uncle. New tricks good stepfather handedly pulled me sit up straight the body to play with you,? The anti Tang Chuangshang, my body Jizhui, heavy pressure touch me [Mahogany] was kind of difficult peppered sense I am suffocating, had his hands against the the stepfather body, not to fall, stepfather mention live my waist constantly bobbing up and down, like to remind each and I was being raped, playing with my living death.

My hands began to fatigue, and only toward the former, the song? Hands to support the upper body with the forearm, the stepfather in my body, this posture is like my child to put their own milk the front of nearly stepfather stepfather any? Pick? Suck me pink grapes, my lower body still stepfather grinding to get up and down the attack up, I hate being Nver Shen, subject to such suffering, tears drop by drop down on the bed, stepfather look in the eye, is proud of, I managed to hold on Rujian came bursts of itch, suddenly the acid strength.

[I] loudly lament, the body is not controlled swing legs clasp, I no longer have the ability to support, only V stepfather who respite, stepfather, two-hand? Buttock friction, round meat stepfather that at the touch? , I can not control the body swing, my the stepfather ear slightly whine [… hoo … hoo …], the stepfather heavy push from my body, my body and then a heavy fall, the current flow to the body, I [Ai] I heard Johnson Yin, convulsions, continue to sour to the urine, the moment such as urine, like incontinence up urine after the body of soft down, the brain is a blank fatigue, exhaustion over, lying down in bed unconscious.

When I wake up, body numbness, to speak, the heart lost, blankly saw disheveled, was the stepfather Yinru Debu like humanoid, stepfather still? Get? Breast aftertaste remembered had just stepfather Yinru situation, I actually could not bear to produce the climax, I feel good and shameless, I could not help but shed tears sobbing stepfather to take off the cloth of my mouth [daughters, not the first time. you look so comfortable and so happy. Stepfather, with a cloth to wipe my lower body, my body is still very sensitive, the stepfather finger touches the private parts, I can not help but be an acid, I sobbed called [walking up, I do not want to see you, walking up] laughing stepfather? Meet to leave my room, I managed to sit up curled up, seeing the wet sheets of a large, still outflow stepfather left thigh liquid, I do not know intend to sit through the skylight, the stepfather liquid dry my tears dried …

I changed the uniforms crossed the cold will go to school, I am out the door when my mother just woke up, I sure enough to ask my mother last night, you sleep there is nothing special, uncle. Up no? ] Mother only said [I sleep
Wake up the morning! What do you want? ] I heard only the Road [all right, all right, I have to go to school! ,] I have a go
Mouth. The tears will not help but shed heart just want to issue …

Since the stepfather stepfather sneaking into my room to rape me, stepfather stepfather see I do not want publicity, they intensified, at first I resisted, unwilling, but the stepfather will soon uniforms with some embarrassing posture, so I added to accompany humiliated I gradually came to think of my mother’s no reason not to know the stepfather left her bedroom and into my room on my intentions so long, when the thought here is not the mother allowed this stepfather so I thought I would give up hope no longer resistance, I do not care about the room whether it has locked up, anyway, nor the mother has ignored me, stepfather stepfather to see me no longer resist, the more arbitrary line. I like women in prison, etc.? To be insulted, and became stepfather sex slaves.
Time, the stepfather but also for violations of Lanzhu behind me, and constantly kiss me Fenjing, I had to keep the side of the neck to avoid hand into touch breasts I was pregnant the day I feel uncomfortable, I will endure physical and mental discomfort [ The …… Wu Hao … I Well convenience …] to look at him to let me, but the stepfather did not believe the hand into underwear to touch my private parts to check, knowing that I did not come through.

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