[Remains charming full aunt of Tracy]

Married 2 years, our business is growing, it requires manpower, so relatives and friends in a lot of people without work to our business, my mother’s sister also, but that time I busy, the people of the unit, I did not know new york escort did not know her, and once, I went to Dandong on a business trip to a month’s time, you need someone one to go with me, my wife is afraid of me restless. strongly of her aunt, that is, (the sister of my mother-in-law …) and I go with the idea of ??killing two birds with one stone, five of her aunt called; Lee Tracy, 40 years old. Woman to 40 age that is a yellow semi-autumn, I Yangxi hanging on the train to Shenyang, I close taste of three hours, the endless laments afterglow brilliant!, Mature charm that young little girl can not match, see Tracy you can know what is the charm by what is to hook the audience’s soul! ! !

(The world does this woman, really I am not an exaggeration) very bored on the train, but also just two individuals, then a lot of, I soon learned about her: 10 years ago, her husband, because, corruption and breach of the law, get away, like disappeared without a trace. They do not have children, five aunt on a person over into her own former garment factory workers, and later became a factory model team models, oh, no wonder I said; five aunt, you are also very pretty! Really, if I choose a woman to have sex between you and my wife, I will vote for you, I deliberately use the words to test her! Spring breeze rippling her laugh, chest two breast Britain the chatter of people Firelight only a handful of you guys, how such a size it, I am your elder, say our age is also inappropriate. ! Hee! I said Yes! When you’re young, we may, what I was young, when your penis or no hair child hee! !

Yes, I always catch up with you Hey! ! ! I would like it seems new york escort is not honest woman, wanted her, will have the opportunity side of the conversation, while secretly looking at her body, to see of the heart more itch, that is, the young woman’s body, and few have such a good her legs stand bolt upright, and a special symmetry, flesh-colored stockings of the parcels, Rehabilitation issued by the sexy woman, about 1.68 of the height, weight I estimated that absolutely will not be more than 50 kg of, to the Shenyang us the station !

Several days did not see, because I’m busy, and finally everything is arranged ready, I’m tired slept for a very long time, I wear small underwear is ready to get up, and suddenly Tracy pancreatic came in without knocking , ah!

Hot days, dead, you have air conditioning, in this cool cool okay? I was bored?

You to the good we can talk to you! !

I thought, it seems I do not have attacked her a lascivious expression, I can wait to Plaza savoring it! ! !

She kept mentioning in front of me some of the men and women then mention I deliberately do not cater to her, let her anxious!

A long time, my several small underwear almost fit in, her eyes always secretly look at my large, I was funny! I stretched in bed, hey! ! ! I am really tired, back pain, did not expect! My casual remark gave her the opportunity to Aunt Tracy, Smooth talker! ! Is not it? Can really put my baby tired of the terrible, to Tracy aunt to rub your legs, I could speak, she put her little ass sitting on my bed, hands in my lap rubbing squeeze my muscles, I was surrounded by the aroma of her body, her stockings wrapped slender in vain, and tender, sexy thigh under my eyes, I saw the woman through the legs of the gap mysterious area, she did not wear underwear, the sexy flesh-colored stockings with pants tight bud her pants Roudong, the formation of a charming hill, faintly see her dark pubic hair, and I forced place in a small stockings that is sure of her sexual secretion. Sexy you! ! !

My meat was Henhen to eyes met, and to see what this small goat! ! Having her hand in my several on really caught one, and said ! Take a look! Look! ! Know that look! I you look at a few big! !

I said; Who told you so beautiful? Said my hand in her sexy thigh and constantly stroked, an aerobic Yeah, do not touch it! ! She pretended to oxygen all of a sudden half pressure in my legs, hands tightly holding my several, I thought, Yes! A beautiful widowed woman, and how several of the men’s it! My heart is not a joke but she was very sympathetic and tender affection of a beautiful, lonely woman, I think I must give her that I was the most abundant man physically, and make her comfortable, and let her orgasm! !

I can not refuse a beautiful slim sexy woman and her full of a desire for life is joyous, pleading eyes! I also think that her good times so wasted, indeed the sins of the world) crazy random in each other’s body, stroking her hand on a leather lapel withdraw my underwear, a few of my Proton … bounced out of her ah bang! ! How so much! ! Love the face of Tracy aunt posted on several bar! Murmured to himself, ah ah … love … for a long time …… okay baby!

Dig dug my hands stop at Aunt Tracy’s genitals, I pull the stockings were broken, hand in her Roudong, quickly turned black, I feel my hand caught tight, how so tight it?

“10 years did not let a few! Operation how not tight that you do not want to plug your forced?” Think, ah!

Want to die! ! But there is no opportunity to do it! ! Think, only masturbation with cucumber like things! ! !

What ratio is really a few do? Ah …… ah ah …… comfortable … tap. …… Well …… “I’m Tracy aunt turn to the bed, ripped off his clothes, and a smooth, naked body of a woman appeared before my eyes, that two full breasts, and impossible as the girl’s grasp in the hands of full and excellent elasticity, is really the best. ! ! I rushed up to kiss her face, neck, ears, and gradually down, her vegetables chest, lower abdomen, genitals, and stockings, straight, slender legs, Aunt Tracy, keep the moaning, it is true happiness feelings, excited her head around them the leg dawdle on the sheets, excited moaning “ah ah ah …… comfortable … comfortable … ah …… ah …… Come on … oxygen … Aerobic …… …… fast fuck me …… fuck me forced!! good Dadong …… baby …… ask beg you to fuck me ah … ah ah, to die …… can not stand …… “I stop to kiss her whole body, “you are bad … the bad guys and oxygen! … listen to the sounds of her lustful I am also excited to a few bar pole big hard like an iron bar, 18 cm long, large penis egg Tracy aunt hand Taonong the, said: “ah, big …… Come on … big a few Fuck me to force it!

Fuck me her hand to pull me several years to force to her little plug, I take advantage of a back straight and large a few squeak … go in the half, Tracy Aunt “comfortable … feel good nice … The … “the face of happiness and satisfaction. I push hard, mayonnaise. Entire several full into her forced stay full, I felt the hot warm from Aunt Tracy’s vagina, tightly double-teamed me a few “fast moving ah …… ah ah ah … operation …” I kept on top of the kissing, following my it to cater to my action … crazy dynamic Cuicui aunt’s ass with meat and meat full of my room for a crash … popping grumble … popping grumble …… strong the big bed with the two of us shake the crunch … tickled … ring … Tracy aunt face pink, and the crazy shake hair . acute Twist posture …… lewd ups and downs …… happy to enjoy the impact it … ah … ah …… comfortable … do not stop … fuck me, Ah ah, ah …… villain Dadong … Dadong … parade dead Tracy aunt ah comfortable it big a few … big a few parade … really comfortable ah …… ah …… forced let you … operation bad …… parade is dead … … great Zhenshuang ah, Dadong, operation, life allows you to exercise, operating death wish, ah, dead Dadong, how do you, ah, so will the parade, parade, ah, comfortable, eh Yeah, “I breath parade Tracy aunt more than 200 of her she forced a lot of flow in cloudy water, wet the sheet by a large, I changed the tone of the violent operation she’s forced, speed faster;

Popping grumble … popping grumble … popping grumble popping, popping grumble grumble … popping grumble … “…… okay … comfortable … really good … do not stop … parade …… I am cheap to force … fuck me, ah, ah ah ah …… ah, Dadong Yeah, comfortable, dead, dying, ah, ah ah, Come on I want to … fast …… fast …… ah, I want to to … dead! … ah ah ah … “I know her climax, I am also excited to the extreme, so I desperately pumping … Oh, oh … I want to shoot, ah ah ah Come on, after 50 minutes of battling, a deep sense of semen was spouting … fired into Tracy’s aunt vaginal innermost, “burnt to death people, ah burn ah ah ah ah We both enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, and embracing a happy sleep … when I wake up, Aunt Tracy and delicious meals prepared me well, I found that her mental state and have great, face smooth, natural, generous demeanor …… I think hey ** … Are you really a magical thing, how many people you have lost should be a happy mood, and full of attitude.

China’s ancient traditions, so how many beautiful people in the feudal concept of tears Wang Chuan-kai Love, but sat alone reward dry light. ! !

Since then, Aunt Tracy and I live a happy life, her work is also a big help, no one knows Tracy and my aunt’s things.

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