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I was still in Shenzhen, familiar with the Shenyang users, chat more than a month, was very congenial conversation topics from small to large, Youyuanerjin chatted about sexual topics. She said to own desire to see a strong, almost every day, had her husband are also considered strong, as long as almost a day to pay their homework at home, Bronx escort is also the basis of access to content with, but her husband travel frequently, and every year 3 month go out to work, it is difficult to suppress the desire to read, have had two students to produce short-term relationship, but later married the two had also cut off relations. At the moment bored all day on the Internet bubble collection to dispel their original desire to see and spend time, but have not seen friends, not to mention the strange man relationship.

At this time, I felt that the display, because I often have the opportunity to return to Shenyang (of household registration, partner, customer base that), so I cast the body stops, the radiance of her on the Internet to engage in the sexual secretion, then use the telephone into the class to close contacts of the sound. A Sunday, we just phone bills hit across 1000, from 23:00, Bronx escort had always been playing phone to 7:00 in the morning, the times for the three batteries, phone me stuck charger hot hand we have not lived. After a month of text plus voice close contact, we mentioned the title of the meeting, I really saw me want to dry her day and night, she said to take my virgin Not a drop left. But did not set a specific time.

I did not expect the opportunity to come so soon Soon after, I got to travel to Shenyang three days of the mission, and glad I did not tell her, but I was sick two days the Internet, listening to the phone missing off the sound I know the trick to succeed, and I lying in Guangzhou to Shenyang lying Show, the psychological inexhaustible thinking after meeting scene, stealing looked at the girl on the opposite exhibition vigilance lifted the clothes to reveal white skin, psychological side of US-ah, not to mention. “Hey, Good morning, I hour from Shenyang, one hour, I dialed her cell phone. “Ah, so early? You come? Two days no news of you, want the death of me.” She was very pleased the way, no sleep awakened unhappy. You at the moment put on his clothes, the car hit the north station, then e-mail to help me, I partner with to give you a gift. “I pretend to be quiet. What tools? How to say that earlier? I’m not up? Will it look like she was frightened. “Not my partner things, can not wait too long, hurry up, the car to the pits.” (In fact, how can what something can not wait too long partner, but my little brother is anxious to drilling her Xiaoxue enjoy her hot and :) ) she promised, and hung up the phone.

“Passengers are you The train’s terminal, Shenyang North to a, please with good your luggage wrapped ready to get off, then relatives and friends of the partner who please you stand better pay attention, wary of people more than money mourning missing.” Finally, the train into the stood, I am also the crowd of friends and relatives to see her, and photographs, 163 height, very thin but very healthy average, face a little of a little loaded, but the whitewash could not look forward to a happy face (I think, if she knew my partner with my hard little brother to her, I think she will be more pleased and look forward to :) ).

“Honey Adams, and others do?” I quietly went to her death. “Yes ah, you …… ah? How are you?

Bad death of you! “She turned, at first surprised, then is meal Jiaochen the little fist, then in my chest on the hammering. “Well, you do not love this gift?” Advantage of the opportunity I grabbed her hand and hold arms, “disgust, how do you say that earlier ah, to know that you come back, I am well prepared.” Red face, head down in my arms. “What? You are not on the ring? Not prepared to cover it? Hey.”

I bad to make her smile. “You bad to the death, and ignore you.”

Tune with a smile followed by the crowd out of the site. “Where to? You to bring me a gift?”

Line after the embracing of this section of the underground passage, she calmed down, head high, ask me. Old routines, first you see the movie and then eat and sleep. How? “Well, listen to you.”

Flagrant or three days and three nights subsequent, she really do listen to me, I let her get no contentment, of course, I also received what I want.

We hugged into the the Beiling film hospital to pick the three films, directly into the private dining room, doing things honey Sri Lanka while the coffee fruit after we pull up the door, I dimmed the lights, the films start. (In this case, I have to a large division introduced the film House of initiative measures, to 10 m the mercy of private rooms large, double back sofa, a big screen color TV, air conditioning, a large of the above three cushion, sofa in front of a coffee table, above, a bottle of hot water, two cups of coffee, a fruit plate, had two films 50, I gave one hundred to three films, and set down the gauntlet Mengen not allowed before 3:00 I had almost six hours of time to doing things, but I did not think the first time actually came so fast.)

I am relying on the sofa, lighting a dark hand to her in my arms she is also very natural head on my shoulder.

“I remember when we first how to say it?” I’m naughty smile. “Well.” That moment really met, to ah, drained me ah. “I smiled to see her, she blushed, looking at my nasty look, I expected her to dare to eye a turn, “that you can do to escape ah her voice rushed over and kissed my lips, my hands have taken advantage of arm around her waist, one hand then set off the clothes, ask on her breasts. Expected, her breasts small, large to be only A Cup, but the nipple has been too quite up the hard against my palm.

We deep kissed each other, two greedy tongue poor desperately sucking her breasts with palm Mount, pulling fingers clamped the nipple each time pulling her throat issued contented groans, “Well, ah, the death of me. ”

I reclined on the sofa, any of her tiny body down on me, her clothes have been the Lu to head, she shook her head, help me take off your clothes and bare upper body swinging in my hair because untied loose, and the dim light, especially to look sexy. I kissed her neck, a hand slide down from the waist into his pants, feeling her ass, to be compared to her breasts, her ass is very large, cross your round, just died Need (this does not exaggerated, for so many years, I love her ass good, simply put it down). She took off my jacket, groping hand on my chest and into his pants Zhuanie my penis, hold not stop until a hard high and low move. I picked her up, she straightened up and kneel on my big legs, retreated to below the knee to the cattle seed pants, my mouth to scrape together the past, kissing her smooth belly, tongue rolled up and licked her navel She was pleased, “Well, oh,” moaning, firmly grabbed my shoulder, she is straining the back, then your talent real feeling infection to the flexibility of her body, all body back almost a square, The hair at the mercy of shaking.

I held her slender waist (large about 2 feet), tongue licking along the navel down, licking her belly across the underwear, then licked the pants center of the ditch to sew, she shed a sexual secretion, in sexual secretion and saliva double probation under her panties quickly soaked close between the legs appear labia presumptuous in particular raised the center of a crack of sudden out.

Suddenly, her back to tweaking the body quite up to get rid from my body, mouth conspire my ear, “fast, I could not, fast parade I will keep on playing, I can not stand.” I to quickly inserted, so he stood up to take off my pants, flat on the coffee table, she can stop so many, pants and underwear flung on the ground, kneeling on the sofa, holding the backrest mats. Rise butt, I hold the firm’s younger brother went to the sofa edge conspire to rub the edge of her ass several times, and friction along the labia around a few times, dip her sexual secretion glans, loaded with the glans inserted a little, her hard in the ass the next one, all the penis inserted into the go, “Oh,” she called out, and I a bit, and her husband go out to fast for two months, her following has changed very tight, very wet, hot and the wrapped. I am content.

I was standing on the ground, from behind the plug to get her in one hand and stretch from the waist to touch her breasts in the past, the finger Nienong nipple, one hand and walk in the ass, I really invented her ass is beautiful, feel good, then touch breast vacated empty hand, two hands all the way in her ass groping and touching her ass with big thumb to the top from time to time, she will because I am top of her asshole while the issue more large moan, I redouble conclude that the ass is her sexiest sensitive zone, causing the future we anal-ridden reason.

Looking back at more than 30 young women really beauty bed, which is not only because of her sexual experience and know how to cooperate with you and how to grasp the fast hour fast, the slower the hour to slow down, but also very concerned about tell you are tired of the rest of the class, she is one of the most exemplary.

First time we did very quickly and very fierce also very fun, she could not large is called “hard, fuck me hard” kind of thing, and finally she continued shouting, “I died, you’re doing it the death of me!” today’s first fire shot into to the penis spasm the Xue Li of all semen shot into her, she followed my ejaculation spasms rising for the first time today, hands firmly clutching the sofa cushion. I have one leg kneeling on the sofa to build a half to climb in her ass, his hands out into the front, one hand stroking her breasts, fondle her tits, and a hands in between his legs to help her rub move the clitoris, labia, to help her ease pleased to have the muscle twitching, she contented head in turn and kissed my face, help me sucking the sweat of the brow.

A hug for a while, I stood up, took out a towel and she wiped away the sexual secretion between his legs, and then lying on the sofa, she was contented to climb up my body, scratching my chest, kissing me neck, and then the body down with his tongue along the body all the way to licking, licking hard nipples, hand itching my armpit, and finally reached her ultimate goal.

She knelt on the couch, thrusting his hand between my legs, cunning nose rubbing my penis, put out his tongue licking the residue of semen on the glans sexual secretion of impurities nutation looked at her slender tongue poke foreskin, exposing the glans of purple, the whole penis in your mouth, forced sucking, tongue and penis stirring in all the way.

Our high for the first time, I lay on the sofa, she gave me oral sex is indeed experienced young woman, her oral skills well, and her very long tongue, lips wrapped the penis at the same time, the tongue will be unable to stirring the Tiannong and sucking penis, and she was very hot at this, that we almost each sex should be oral sex, sometimes swallow my semen.

At that time, I lay on the sofa, she stood up to the lower body clean with a towel, and then moved a mattress on the floor, she knelt on it, stretched out hands around my testicles, stroking love and sympathy. Slender fingers brushed gently along the blood vessels in my penis. And finger nails in my knee, scrotum junction with the big leg gently blowing. Rubbing the bottom of my penis. Homeopathic again moved the cock hanging down red from a hand.

On the level of Taonong. The mouth then conspire between my legs, put out his tongue licking my glans and consuming work, efforts will Zuizhang the large, seems to want to contain all my helping of chicken into his mouth. Her oral sex is very tactful (also hard to forget when the open-heartedness), first with his tongue along the helping of chicken Tiannong, it seems that licking popsicles.

Hands from time to time in the scrotum scratching. Tongue stretching licking full helping of chicken, when and with both hands Taonong with my cock, her mouth moved to suck licking my testicles, the skin of the scrotum with the teeth pulled. And containing all the testicles into the mouth, inexhaustible mouth to suck his tongue to lick that the two spheres. Cool I could not help but head tilted back, rubbing his hands through her hair. She cited the head to look at me, then the center line of the tongue down cock licking all the way up, she tried to put all the helping of chicken swallowed into the depths of her mouth, head on high and low sets with. Hands on in the OVA, the root of the scrotum and large legs with nails gently scratching. Micro I hunched body, his hands down her long hair,. Yong Shounie get her ears lips, rubbing on her hot face, sometimes stroking her back, with your fingers behind the paddling circle, and sometimes out into the front hands dropping to stretch she is not full round breasts. Try to jack up her breasts with the palm of your hand, two fingers tucked her nipple, her body writhing, head to redouble the force before and after the move, moving the helping of chicken. Hand inexhaustible scratching my ass and against my ass with your fingers.

Force of the compression asshole, she seems to see a serious, hard to leave my legs, and lifted a high, almost told me to soar, but the butt has been very high from the sofa, her head buried deep force conspire my ass, put out his tongue licking my ass, in severe compression of the hour, the tongue has been inserted into the to and kept licking asshole around, fingers efforts into his the past, but in my behest the end of a violation of the fingers, then with his tongue licking around my ass quickly, from time to time into his to. (This allows me to develop a habit, that is, loving to be licking asshole every time asshole licking hour city is very pleased and familiar with her, I do not have this hobby)

I lay enjoying one called her up, and replaced her lying on the sofa, I sat down in front of her, sitting on mats on the ground, relying on her legs, one hand holding her hand, a hand back and forth in her leg stroke. Looked at her flushing face, the eyes seemed to be dripping like my hand along her leg and from groping the skin of the calf is very slippery, very thin, touch the ankle with your fingers, do not look upon her soft white toes, gently scratch, such as rose-colored toenails, treasures, itch does not? “looked at her shy unbearable like, I am content with the big laugh, then my nails in the soles of the feet and from blowing, rubbing.

Fingers and sometimes along the lines of the foot slowly back and forth and sometimes the level of fast scratch the soles of the feet, and sometimes poke the toe, including the toes into my mouth, with teeth gently Mount bite toes, licking toes room. Kiss my tongue along the foot to her legs, licking her big legs, hands leg Moxiang down her slender waist, you plump bulge ass (ass really big from the waist after the stroke, each I love the touch to do not want to spread). Her hot body writhing on the sofa with the invasion of my hand.

I mouth Coushang the inexhaustible fly to and kissed her navel and tongue around the small belly button turn walk on hand also breast, from time to time Nienong nipple and nipple pulling long. Her loud panting, chest inexhaustible l calm, I climbed up the sofa, climb in her tongue along the navel upward, over the chest, licking firm to hard from the nipple, the nipple poultry into the mouth. with my lips wrapped around my hand from holding a breast in one hand scratching in the back, around the ring finger in the butt, dabbling her erogenous zones. (The zone of her sexy ass really, every time I touched her ass, soon wet fingers into asshole, then she just will not cool your own). I continued up to the invasion, lips captured lips, tongue staggered in the way, tasting each other’s body fluid, wore delicate nose small nose, round-trip wore on, the top has changed shape, two skull against the lips of careful connections to and from Simo with my arms around his neck, squeezing kneading fingers from behind the lip of her ear, thumb wore her auricle and from the brushed against.

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