The beautiful life

My name is Fang Fang, 23-year-old. Last resort, because for some reason I went to the “aesthetic Hall when an SM girl, beautiful tube” is an expertise in place to provide the venue and Miss SM enthusiasts. My name implies is an abused girl. Dry line can be a lucrative revenue eat dukkha abuse is not the ordinary people can imagine, following on to talk about my first time out of the bell it.

Out where the bell is divided into two kinds, the first one is inside the bell, awareness is in the “aesthetic tube Guests package, two kinds of external clock, the packet is to be guests take out time is fixed, the longer the time, of course, The money is more lucrative.
I remember the first time I go out to the bell is the first day I got to the “aesthetic Hall work yet to adapt to the environment and a girl called Yan is a guest package outside the bell, time is one month. That every day some heat. I wear a beige jumpsuit miniskirt, a pair of flesh-colored thick stockings and red high heels. Yan and I wear the same clothes, but the color is not the same. (This is upon advance request) A hotel in Beijing 204 was ordered to find Mr. Wang.

Came to the hotel on the road all the way to think about how I will suffer abuse, once heard the inhuman abuse psychological sisters said are you new to or know some hairy, these people do not regard you as human beings will not get you maimed and leave visible scars, but most will tell you to live nor Qiusibuneng you are the more painful they are more excited ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “think I cold sweat out . Yan, after all, is a veteran may
Accustomed to not see any discomfort. Hey! Do not know the fate of the bell would be like my first time.
I kept thinking to the 204 door. I silently stood in the doorway, Yan seems to see my thoughts with comforting smile, “Do not be afraid, not the legacy of hurt, pain points but but no matter how tough tired, not that one, think about it adhere month notes on hand “I am grateful smiled and did not speak. Yan said that I know there is nothing wrong, to adhere to the one-month money, but a month long time, do not know what kind of fate. Yan said that “into it, standing nor things sooner or later” Then already rang the doorbell. I felt as the doorbell remembered the sound of the beating of the heart, “ah know towards the door would be tantamount to the beginning of hell” and my cold sweat streaming down.

When the doorbell sounded for the second time when the door opened, the door stood a more than 40 men. I saw he saw our eye on the crazy hair, I feel that his eyes did not leave me. I am awkward Fortunately Yan jokingly smiled and said, “how the king boss does not intend that we go in? Despise us ugly that king boss seems woke up, where there, how will” aesthetic Pavilion “The girl is beautiful, all of them seem to fairies, quickly please

My face suddenly flush, “Really? Haha, that the boss had better cherish our Yeah, we tortured too hard!” Saw Yan calm inside. I follow after inside. Boss Wang Se Mimi laugh “That is of course, I will take a good care of two beautiful ha ha”

Go gossip the one o’clock Wang boss said: “We are the 16 o’clock train, only 2 tickets, only wronged a Miss fare evasion” “free riders? Consciousness? How to escape?” I ask out of curiosity “Oh, very simple. As long as one of you in here have been to Guangdong can “Then he took out a suitcase, a person just the right size quan body nest inside. I suck down a cold lump.

“Here to Guangdong to be 15,6 hours in this box is not painful death, I understand that this is designed”

“You who are into?”

My boss is to laugh Feixiao say let me see some fear. I look out Yan’s face changed too. Obviously, sexy asian escort ny was also afraid to enter here to Guangdong. I looked at her and do not know how to do, and she looked at me smiled and said to the king boss said “King of the boss, she is new and asked her to try it”

“Do not you, I quit” I instinctively reflect blurted out.

“Oh she is new to it, that sexy asian escort ny did not know the SM, so be it, take care of the newcomers this time you advanced it, we go back in slowly teach her, you go take a bath, we are ready to look at it. “The king boss original consciousness is called Yan Jin Yeah. Hey put down the heart of the mysterious forward.

“King boss, I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~” “Go you saw Wang boss looking angry interrupted
Yan’s words. Yan’s face is difficult to see the know say useless, she called out, looked at me helplessly into the bathroom.

“To go take a bath.” The king boss ordered me to also take off the clothes and went into the bathroom. After washing boss called Wang Yan face lying in the bathroom Ikegami said “you want special delivery to Guangdong So first you clean up the intestinal” Yan seems to have accustomed to nothing reflects obedience lying in the surface Ikegami. Wang boss plumbing open a directly inserted into the anus of Yan. Saw Yan Tripe drum slowly swallow if hard to start whisper moaned “Ahh can Do in irrigation”

Wang boss just pull out the hose to see Yan went to the toilet next start excretion, so washing three times king boss was satisfied called her in red himself. Etc. Yan out when I saw the king boss opened the suitcase, I saw wow!
Which put a lot of Love balls, rope SM supplies, Yan a wry smile said “boss Wang Do it.
To your home in good tune too late! ”

“Ha ha, how that line Come I come to you disguised”

Swallow is also no way to, the boss Wang to come up into the anus to the stuffed Yan one pair Tiaodan a vaginal a out a mouth ball above with a long transparent tube then, I do not know at first what this tube later learned that saw the the king boss mouth ball into Yan mouth the other end of the tube to rub into her urethra until the bladder, Yan pain where the tears started to flow out of his mouth can only issue a “whining ~ ~ ~ ”
Painful cry, the boss Wang laugh explained, “Oh, so that she can urinate, or how to urinate in the suitcase you want 15 hours to come to Guangdong. Then with a rope tied to her thong so that the plug things do not easily fall out. Life Yan then put on her tights. Then her hands back behind the palm of your hand and together with black tape wrapped curled her legs and body and wrapped together with tape circle has two legs also wrapped up only so far Yan curled a move can not move there. Finally come up with the head of a black condom in her head, only the two nostrils small hole can stay breathing. “Ha ha, OK, but for far afraid of your blood barrier with a rope tied to this cheap you can only make a slight hum to” cry “said Yan hold into the suitcase. Connect Tiaodan plug in the battery suitcase, Wong said that the battery enough to work to Guangdong. Then turned on the power and close the lid of the suitcase. Yan will spend more than one day of her journey in this little box. I feel as if a vibrating egg in her body is crazy beating, she is groaning sound. Hey! Fortunately, I escaped such a.

“Come on, this you, this put” king boss interrupted my train of thought. He handed me a leather belt overcast plugs and anal plug Zhen Cao belt and a pair of black pantyhose open files. I was helpless to wear tights, wearing Zhen Cao anal plug too coarse, I just stuffed a little anal pain no longer afraid to look inside stuffed, I looked at the king boss does not know what to do. “How afraid of the pain Yeah, ha ha, I can help you!” He saw my thoughts, I do not know how to answer, or stood motionless. He came to me and I speak distracted my attention blasted anal latch into my anus. I suddenly tears of pain to stay out of “whining ~ hurts you fast you pull out of it,” I cried and begged to beg. But he did despite my pleading.
“There is nothing immediately used to it,” he smiled side Zhen Cao belt locks.

“Well, you briefly improvise so you can wear the clothes installed Yan said it was carried to a baggage car and then he got dressed, let’s go, I know that in seeking there is no use had choked to wear their own clothes, all ready, ready to go when he suddenly saw I lost replaced the stockings in bed “to put this in his mouth you do not speak “I wear a 2-day,” Do not you, dirty “own dirty what need not be so long-winded,” I had to hold stockings stuffed into his mouth slowly. Jiaohan stockings the mouth some salty slightest taste makes me somewhat queasy feeling. He pushed the box we stopped a taxi came to the door of the hotel to his first box stuffed into the trunk of the car I first got on, forget yourself wearing early as Cao to do with a butt in the seat suddenly anus like torn in general, I can not help but call out, because his mouth stuffed with stockings did not call out much sound, I hasten to cover your mouth, tilt the ass pain in the past dared to sit down slowly. When the king boss and driver also installed the box got on. “The driver to the Beijing West Railway Station,” the car is in motion, per car bumps overcast the latch and anal latch fiercely to the top, this is going to do car later in torture like “hey!’s Only just the start not know To suffer what torment awaits ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “I can not think down can only take things one step.

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