They wearing a ring

Hot! ! !

Out of the window is a dazzling light, cicada moaning people think that the mind becomes a blank, open the windows do not have any significance seems the air flow is no longer breathing, such as cattle, noisy, sweat a bit merged into the creek shed to reach the white breast.

So hot. Two physical full contact with entangled. The sweat left behind seems to have become a lubricant, the body stop jitter, tremor, convulsions. The congestion Yinqiang insert the air filled with the smell of urine hole, now frantic and out, with this out of the white pulp flow like liquid, stick to the silver gun on a beautiful battle map.

The groans of the flesh of the body below is exacerbated by the extent of excitement, all wild all their heart. Stimulate strong attenuation of the hysterical, echoed Yin sounds of the entire room!

The pleasure of the lower body gradually occupy the whole mind, fit the two body complete unity of the head is completely blank, and only the outbreak of the brutality of the original behavior in the duplication of instinct, the greater congestion of Yinqiang moment, the liquid to the immortals channel Yinqiang jump out of the hot spray Saoxue the philandering, both at the same time violent spasm, the accumulation of all the pleasure to head, ——, the United States died, Shuangsi meet the Yin scream echoed.


Guang Wei was a good boy, childhood is a good student of the school, home, obediently, Aberdeen. Get good grades, clever head, almost all who knew him are full of expectation. Gradually grow, all the look of hope seems to be a burden, because these eyes, light wei and other children can not naughty, mischievous, can not be lazy ………

All of this led to his depressed extremely. My mother is a stronger person, always want the light Wei to succeed, all hopes are pinned on him.

Therefore, in order to let his son can feel at ease to learn, my mother at all. He wants his son is great, let her head high anywhere.

The mother was 19 years ago and my father married, when the mother is 20 years old.

20-year-old mother is very characteristic of the woman was a beauty, but it should not light use beautiful to describe, but in any place as long as there will surely be gathering most of the men’s vision, to see escort nyc seems to like to get her immediately. The father successfully. Do not know what way, honest father, they got her.
Father sex may be very powerful, light wei very occasionally into heard Yin calls the next room, heard the disturbance’s soul for a long time, when the voice seems filled with infinite satisfaction, unparalleled joy. That time Wei 17-year-old.

Guangwei 19-year-old on a local University. Mother was very proud of him for, it seems in the eyes of the mother at home only him, but honest father is in addition to sleep with at night, without any identification.
Guang Wei wanted to staying in school to college, but the mothers life and death do not agree, because only a day to see the light wei escort nyc can feel at ease, she will not allow anyone to disturb Guangwei. Guangwei must be a PhD, my mother told Guang Wei.
Natural to make friends it is a waste of time, do not allow women is an extremely impossible.
Guangwei love their mother and a child, he is a boy, and now he is also very obedient.

He did not and from other people. Feel more and more of a person, alone, lying in bed is, do not seem to heart empty as a bottomless deep, kind of sense does not seem to belong to the contented mind will occupy him, so he immediately wanted to hug a gentle flesh, and then how to do it is not clear, but this acutely felt almost unable to self-government.

Freshman summer night, hot, tumultuous feeling tormented him lying in bed. “Beating”
Twice knock on the door after her mother came.

The mother just washed cool of the evening, black hair wet Tata hanging over his shoulders, loose silk pajamas sets in a uniform body, the exposed arm like white jade.

Mother’s hands holding a glass of red a good Sure enough, a lean body sat down beside the bed, really handed “hot?
Drink really. “The smiling face is still beautiful, however, added to the extremely seductive charm of numerous married women.

Guangwei accustomed to all this, the smell of the mother who came of micro flavor, light wei always felt very secure.
Guangwei, according to the body sat up at this time lights suddenly went out, and instantly lights up, but really, all scattered light belly pants knocked over in the darkness of this time Guangwei.

Mother immediately brought the towel and wipe to a light-wei, “Big deal Heart, just soaked.” Mother’s body leaning against the light Wei’s body, soft hands gently grabbed the arm of the Guang Wei, hair down to light Wei chest.

Guangwei suddenly felt just stir feeling completely revived the hearts of million ants crawling like itching, mother’s hand and rub into the light Wei’s lower body, suddenly hand meal, looked surprised Guangwei a.

The collision of two orders, only less than a second, can Jingsi exchanged a thousand words.

Guang Wei forces driven by an inexplicable, sudden hugs his mother. Mother along the momentum of a leaning, this seems to be a habit of action, but this action only lasted less than a second, my mother looked up, and gently pat the Guangwei be, “Silly boy, not long to play?” . Finished up the unnatural smile, close the door to leave.
But light-wei has felt the small reaction of the mother, the hearts of the great tide, breathing actually becomes turbid. A moving body only to find pants actually make the tree with the.

Lying in bed, light wei to understand the daily torture of the cause of his unrest recall my mother’s every move, has found that the mother was so used to seeing on weekdays attract.

Guang Wei’s mother is very attention to maintenance, nearly forty years, still has a very well-proportioned body, white elastic skin, filled with beautiful smile, long black hair, white teeth and an attractive body fragrance.

Guangwei brain imagination, it appears the mother unconsciously mother seems to have become a light-wei of life, and most important woman.

Guangwei suddenly wake up every day to torture yourself is entirely his own brutality, and today the longevity completely broke her own mother. “No, should not be like this, I want a woman, not mother, many women in the world, ah, beautiful I want you, straight-talking traits, why? Another woman is so strange, full access to not thinking, they and men, and tables, table lamps is simply completely objective existence, Mom, you and only you, I want you to …… ”

All the ideas all around the mother. Anyway mother’s shadow kept, force yourself to think about a woman, beautiful woman, but no attraction.

Guangwei almost sit up. Pacing sub in the room, I do not know why driven by quiet came to her mother’s bedroom, it seems often to the sound of heavy breathing from inside, light wei heart tightly shrink softly to the ear to the door.
“Ah ah ah, ah, Beyond that point, yes, ah, ah – is here, fast … Come on, ah … I want to, straining hard.”

This is the mother’s voice, but now is so full of joy, almost lewd, Guangwei cock bass vertical up.

“Ah – ah ah … good husband, hello severe, ah ah, hurry up, people have to die, ah – I was operating God, fuck me hard, I want to, ah, ah … your cock is great, the people of Sao than full support full, ah ah ……, do not no matter, just gymnastics, ah ah, cool ……, ah ah, I want out. Come on Come on block ah, hard, ah, ——–, “.

Heard here, Guangwei mind becomes a blank, filled with a never experienced the thrill of the whole body, and an white slurry spray to underwear …

This feeling never felt, is to bring the mother of your favorite Wei this incomparable joy, “a long time we did not so crazy made you crazy tonight A” Then the father’s voice.

“Do not know why today especially want, just Shuangsi the long, long time did so before” the mother replied.

Light Wai Tong in bed, pondering just endless pleasure, his mind was full of my mother. I was a filial son? How should I do? Why my mother would bring me so much pleasure.

Also, my mother and why to be so crazy, is this relationship and I? Should be, she just accidentally touched my erect cock, is not and my mother also knew me as the most important men in her life.

The next day, wash underwear to Guangwei mother found a lot of hard, what is it? Can not see, the subconscious into the nose to the next news, ah, the mother’s face even flashed red.

No friends, Guang Wei is not to go out, and her mother but also because of SARS did not go to work in the morning saying good-bye in the bureau’s father, the family only the mother and son both.

Since the night Guangwei seems to have become a lot like to stay at my mother, and sometimes even looked blankly mother daze. Mother are like nothing. Guangwei always feel that there are a lot of things in the mother smiled at her eyes.

Go about a week after the day my mother out to buy food, light wei Cesi melon is not carefully cut a finger, band-aid should be in the mother-bedroom cupboard, thinking, light-wei went to open the cupboard, suddenly the cook the bottom to see a stack of underwear, is the mother’s bra and panties!

Guangwei surprised a moment, I firmly contraction, ah, this is the wrap that her mother two white and soft and erect things, Guangwei subconsciously caught hands, into the nose to sniff, ah, the mother’s breast is so soft, white, and her holding hands with your fingers gently stroked nipple, red beans like intoxicating nipples the Guangwei cock fighting like stood up.

Close to the mother the lower body of underwear, it is so happy, every day can be stroked her mother the lower body of the Black Forest, you can always smell the taste of the mother’s Saoxue, is not it also can eat that Saoxue outflow Yinye?

Guang Wei underpants can not help but wrap a big cock, rub it back and forth, ah, so comfortable is my big cock to rub the mother’s Saoxue, ah … an white pulp out of the pleasure Guangwei can not help but cry out.
Came the sound of the door light Wei flurry, and hurried to shoot back at the mother underwear rush to put on pants, my mother came.

“What are you looking for?” “Russian, me, my hands, ah, Band-Aid ……”.

“Ah, broken hand! Band-Aid here.” Mother drawer and quickly find out, disinfected and bandaged.
Guangwei head and the mother’s head almost stick together, the mother’s body fragrance is so familiar, but now has become less attractive, mother Ju careful disinfection of the body of the light-wei from the opening of the jacket to see the looming white breasts, two breast size huddled together formed by cleavage with the mother’s every move throbbing cock fighting like stood up disappointing.

Mother’s arm encounter it, because the very high vertical and hard meal of her mother’s hand, his eyes cast a glance of an eye-wei, all right like to continue. Dressings have this process is not long, light Wei, who seems to enjoy a century.

The mother stood up a sweat, I went to take a shower. “Turned into the bathroom.

Guang Wei Hui Guoshen, full access will want to reverie.

I really want my mother, I can not control their feelings, I am like my mother, I want to! Bathroom water sound of cracking natural stop.

Mother around the towels come out, and then entered the bedroom, light wei suddenly awakened mother’s underwear which is full of his semen!

However, my mother has been in the room, no way out, to make her mother see how to do? The very uneasy. But this is the room where the mother has begun to change underwear.

It was the piece of stained son semen underpants! As usual, my mother standing on the ground, bend over, hands slightly softened underwear, one foot, two feet, and slowly lift, has Shumenshulu do not have to give more consideration do not have eyes to see , so completely did not notice those creamy white semen.

Oh! Underwear completely card to the lower body suddenly felt a little wet, what is? Hand touched the slimy, still a little warm, milky white? Into the nose smell the next, ah! To his son a week ago, wash underwear smell before! Think of the expression of panic just the door when his son, my mother thought.

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