Trains on the wife-swapping

My wife and I had been married for three years, life has been very happy. Wife, 26-year-old, not yet reproductive body to maintain a good, 160 body, skin, jade, Bai Jie, firm breasts, butt round, coupled with the slender willow, and each took to the streets to keep them coming back high. She also liked the look of sexy, each to take to the streets my blessing to her to wear sexy, fair complexion cleavage always attracted a lot of vision, and she used to be people obscenity, sometimes following involuntary wet just mad dry a home. Fairly satisfied with our sex life, but a long time there are not satisfied, and want to try something fresh, we downloaded a lot of A film, while watching to do on her mouth, breasts, vagina, blessing in the ass left my semen.

On several occasions, we see about wife-swapping, I tentatively propose to try, but best escort ny felt unable to accept the old, always to worry about the disease refused to try, but the reaction is not very strong, so I often in her ear hair sex often said she was very happy when some allow others to dry her, she became accustomed to always feel stronger, and her heart have gradually accepted the wife-swapping, but we have not really tried.

May this year, we have to travel due to fear of the car was crowded, and set a soft sleeper on the train and found a young couple and the same compartment, with young people, we will soon be familiar with the men called Jay, handsome, burly woman named Cher, small size, the skeleton is very small, but very plump, very sexy. They are very affectionate, and often do very intimate action, seem to be entirely one to two of the world. I secretly half-jokingly said to his wife, this man can also? Friends with them sure to make you satisfied. Wife and Johnson? Cry, say that you are there are evil people girls? See you In that Seyan ass look of old-man home. I said that the man stare you see, I do not watch the more than a disadvantage. His wife face changed red, not for me, I feel pleased, feel Me.

Smoking and Jay to the trains, he said to me, your wife attractive, really lucky. I said your wife is not bad, small and exquisite, it is killer. He squeezed a wink, that you do not know her sexual desire can be strong, thanks to my strong, but also against the living. I said that more than good, my wife went to bed about to become a slut only good you happy. He was silent, in fact, my wife very good impression, we try to friends about how you? That said the middle of my liking, I said no problem, but so do so, so my wife does not agree. He said no problem, my wife certainly with you will do well.

Back to the carriages, has been lights-out time Cher to the upper berth Tuishang Qu, with sleep in bunk beds. After a while, I heard the opposite issue of heavy breathing, I have quietly said to his wife, they dry it, we cool a …

My wife heard it, did not dare say a word, for fear that they find. I gently handle probe into her get underwear, rubbing slowly touched her breasts, and soon her whole body hot. I slowly explore her Xiaoxue found that the proliferation of already flood, I say you are following has been wet. She croon. I began to rub touch her clitoris, stop the flow of her **, ** wiping her ass, ass, and gradually intensify, she could not resist his ass back top over, I adjust the position ** lubrication, what will destroy the efforts to reach into her vagina from behind, her mouth fell open in his throat issued a muffled whimper. Louder and louder, this time opposite seems to have regardless of our presence, Michelle has been riding sitting on Jay’s body, crazy twist plump ass.

I turn around and let his wife go to facing them, and slowly accelerate ** speed, the wife side watching them on the one hand I ** not help the issue of pleasant moans, Xiaoxue increasingly tight I suddenly stopped the action, best escort ny immediately top to bottom over the fear of lost my penis in her ear, I said, wish I fuck you and Jay? Certainly Shuangsi you. Ass twist after she heard a more powerful, I think time is running out, lift up her underwear, and opened the blanket, so her breasts and stuck my penis Xiaoxue exposed to each other in front of his wife being entered the climax, suddenly found the opposite in watching us can not help but ashamed to turned around, but I cling, and to prop up the breast to form a lustful atmosphere, she was at the climax on the eve, but also gave these, ** an an gushed, this is Jay came kneading wife firm breasts, my wife would like to resist, but the sensuality of the body has not rejected immediately give up the resistance, into the sexy whirlpool, issued by the greater moan.

Then Jay leans over to his thick penis mouth of the wife, she subconsciously began to lick up and containing deep inside, as if to devour. I think she is fully compatible with the stop action, to before the Cher Pierre on my wife to hold up, straddled his thighs, thick penis again into the top Mahogany wife called excited .

Cher I started my trumpet, Cher initiative Tiannong tongue on my penis, licking one, and I let her straddled me, they faced Jay **, her narrow small vagina wrapped my penis is really comfortable. Wife faced, Jay from behind, grabbed her breasts, hard rubbing, firm breasts congestive deformation, she looked at us doing, feel the stimulus can not help but increase the ass twist, completely into a sex game. Soon, her body twitching, physical effort back bow up, reaching a climax, ** wave after wave of Chung.

Jie did not stop, still strong ** her Xiaoxue Soon her second climax after another, issued by the pleasant sound of sobbing. ** Flow down Jie penis ass asshole blessing. Wet. Then Jie let her kneel on the bed, clinging to her ass, penis Nianman Yinye the top of her ass, forced a thick penis is actually no resistance not into my wife’s asshole, she could not help but Zhang the mouth, head held high, looked up, a feeling of fullness from the rectum to pass up. Jie slowly ** with up to 30 cm penis all not into her ass, his wife was soon lost in anal intercourse, involuntary rubbing touch the clitoris. I could not help but let go Cher, drill down to the wife under the body, swelling of the penis into her Xiaoxue, the formation of a before and after the two holes at the same time ** state, his wife has never been so done, the waves of pleasure kept coming in, when Cher also came over to kiss her and kneading her breasts, into the situation of three people to play with my wife.

I feel not stop the tightening of her vagina, the penis can feel the penis of her after the court Flanagan **, really comfortable, we ** faster and faster, the waves of pleasure from penis came, I growl loudly, all of a sudden the penis top in the end, hot semen jet out of scatter shot in her womb, when his wife also reached extremely climax, vagina and anus tightly contraction, followed by Jie could not resist the hot semen deep shot the wife of the rectum. When we pull out, semen from the asshole Xiaoxue overflow out, mixed with his wife lying in bed, still immersed in the climax of more than halo.

Then Michelle will contain the penis into the mouth, to help us one lick. Soon our cock hard, Jie lying below, Cher and her body, inserting her wet vagina, between my wife ass touch semen, painted in Cher asshole glans top in the anus, Xu Xu, into her ass, a feeling of tension came from the penis, think of the small size of the Cher escape engulfed two penis. I feel that the penis seems to have deeply into her abdominal cavity, and enjoy the pleasure of her smooth bowel wall. I bypass the arms from behind, to seize her already swollen breasts, Push kneading, to fully enjoy the flexibility of the breast, Cher was a strong stimulus, send the original moaning. ** Hundreds of under, could not, I leant back, the penis into the end of the hand abuse, grabbed her breasts, semen surge wave launched into her rectum depths. At this time I have felt the beating the Jie penis in her body, the semen into her womb.
After two World War II, our blessing exhausted, returned to their bed to rest, attend to wipe the body, I hugged my wife naked, the poet says, you just lewd, cool it? Johnson? Cry, necrosis, and exhausted people, before and after a blessing out of my semen, punishment you give me clean. Looked like she meet, I want Since then she fell in love with wife-swapping, she finally lustful one.

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