Traditional Escort website still work in new york ?

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Some business may have the same if they wanna have new escort website,they have to think about this question hardly.because the structure is very important.and website design company never tell you the truth,they usually tell the easy way to build the they can save more energy.So what can you do?

When you ask website design company,you have to tell him something necessary.

it must include escort, and main keywords, like new york escort,it would be good to connect with you domain name,like my domain name is :  The title can contain “NY Hot Asian Escort“,Best escort service-NY Hot Asian Escort or VIP escort service – NY Hot Asian Escort.this title include “NY Asian escort”,”VIP escort”,”New york escort” and a lot of keywords, you can see it right?


now, i think the keywords would be to surround the domain name, and don’t use too much keywords in home page,it’s not necessary,Why?  Check the websites have good rank in Google,like you search “new york escort”,you can see some website don’t have “new york escort” in their keyword’s content.


Never be the same as other websites in Google,try write it by your own,it’s very should be over 20 words.

And 18+ or 18- is necessary or you will be put in the jail.

You can add more content or article in the home page(this is important,at least i think it is needed.)

Think about if you were the customer, what would you like to see in your website.

Anyway,today’s topic end,i hope you can learn something from this article.

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