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Is a station not too much at night, buy a ticket got on habit to sit down at the last row of the window, so that the benefits of each on the train girl I can clearly see that not many people , but we throw luggage location almost filled the car to open before abruptly ground to a girl, can not find a single seat, and went to sit next to me in the last row.

That girls face looks quite pure, vain and tender and well-behaved little girl, dimly lit, and I am sorry carefully looked first not to let her from the wary! This is a long journey, the opportunity to glimpse her more, but I thought she was so good, I eat her tofu should also not make a sound!

The car not long after independent hot asian escort slept, it seems to sleep super-ripe will stay in the saliva that. System associated driver drove very fast, car Akira Akira, took her way until my body, little girls lying in me to sleep, to rub off the chest on my lap and grinding, I pretended to a gentleman’s coat cover in her hand would not Anfen stolen her to touch a few, the kind of touch is pretending to be the hand on her with the car shaking hands slowly followed by Akira into the box.

Want to say this is enough just leave hand on the occasion when I was palpable positive, and suddenly her hands and I caught, I thought the net of justice, my salty career may end here, I did not expect her not screaming, contrary touch took my hand to her chest, I go visit her another sensitive zone of attack to be outdone the other hand, the more touched her interest to the higher.

Suddenly I felt my pants zipper was open and independent hot asian escort even helped me jacking off with his tongue to lick my head from time to time, from small to big dreams, actually at this time. Temporarily moved and could not help but flexible fingers up, put her climax, she is also excited about his mouth to return my forced to handling my avatar.
Wave after wave of orgasm, my whole right hand are the body fluids, my fingers refused to stop, but she throughput speed has slowed down, seems to be a sore mouth, her people out of my coat, I Mei Xiao said she was tired, and do not want to play.

This is her on the car after the first careful observations of her rosy skin of no makeup, a little freckles, Q, and very fine facial features? A bit of the feeling of Yangcheng Lin, the whole gives the impression that is sweet and innocent little girls. I found myself hesitating in the end not to tear down her hard, anyway, before her with the so high, this lost opportunity, not to mention beautiful and lustful girls sent home, it must be God’s will, how can you go against?

But think about it, the difficulty is really too high, which may be conditional so good girls will be sober when the gun to suffer in the system associated with strangers; even if she is willing, if the front seat flat head fat Taike to reference a feet, then it is a throwaway ah! Then smothered the impulse to the idea of ??dry, shift to the tenderness offensive.

Heroine: Vickey, 19-year-old, petite but exquisite has caused, the skin is delicate and white, sporting long brown hair, slightly curled, innocent eyes from time to time to discharge. The first time she met in the system associated passenger rear seat, the first vent is also.

“I’m tired, mouth acids, do not want to play.”

“No, you can rest, but I’m not tired.” I hugged her and adjust the position more flexible, so my hand on her skirt. I gently blowing in her ear the other hand, suddenly overlooked powerhouse massage her cervical spine, and let her relax. Take advantage of the occasion that she was not prepared, the right-hand poke panties deep into her meat tenderizer, unlike the moist feel outside in their underwear, in-depth the restricted area in order to feel the hot burning.

“Are you good or bad, I did not promise you! Not be into it, … Do not … ah … tap ……
“Can not go in? I like outside?” I put my fingers out to some attention to her young flower.

“Tickling … Well … below … ah … inside … ……

Chubby little in the front row seems to have found the strange to the back seat, looked back from time to time, I had to pretend to treat it with her, but the lower body is entangled.

My finger Gouzhuo her body fluids, and hot, wet and sticky, but enthusiasm is slightly this chubby frequently interrupt. In order to transfer the chubby’s attention, but also to avoid the two flattening out of embarrassment, I told her off it and some did not.

Slowly from her mouth to make her laugh to reduce her wariness before the wind revealing recent Vickey with her boyfriend recently there is some dispute, but last night her boyfriend eating her capture, her first boyfriend, so let In particular, she injured, for this reason that gave me an opportunity.

Her confession said, got on very familiar with her childhood crush on A Male looks kind of like, especially that nasty Zeizei eyes, like to swallow her like, almost like a A male is carved out of the same mold. Later A man went abroad to study and no contact.

To hear that I could not help but show a few words in English to coax her happy, and also used to put on the ABC that the students half-baked cavity Mandarin dogleg a few words with her. Anyway, on the ABC upper body, mouth Xinkouhuzhou, the hand is also not the rules up and down fumble. Feeling out of her quite a good impression, do not complain of my presumptuous.
When the front seat chubby probably think the back seat of the story is too boring, did not engage in the first, went to the front to find the driver speech, coincidentally not long after the car lights on the dark, is it somewhere chubby to help solve the problem?

I take advantage of the machine dark to see her underwear faded to the thigh, to rub and Nienong the feel plump and elastic under the naked lips of honey in his hand, middle finger slowly insert Mixue, while the index finger while light caressing the flower, using the entire palm of your hand to feel the heat of her honey lips.

Not a trace of heat waves coming out from Vickey Xue Li, splashing my hand there pants on her hot body fluids. My fingers honey lips tightly adsorbed meat tenderizer imitation of the legs inside and honey lip? To be hot technology, Xue Li imitation? Little hand I entered, and pulling, I think her mouth still resist but her body was enthusiastically invited me to go.

I smoothly took off her underwear down into a jacket pocket, face to face, gently picked her up some, the cock pointed at her wet tender Mixue slowly. A great imitation of poker? Magical suction into the hot water-like, coupled with tight flower diameter, and my cock has been to within the pull, so I almost into a herd lost, I held back the jet the idea, you want to slow down.

“Tickling … ah … inside … … a bit deeper …… ah …… fast …… ah …… well deep …
… Fast … Well …

Her sitting on me without giving me opportunity to slow down the rhythm of her frantically writhing above the lower body, to make Roubang non-stop to Choucha with her tight and hot flower diameter, and what they look to squeeze her the Mixue.
Imitation of a sudden? Have an electric current from her cervix, he went to my penis, hot juice spray to cock, I stand up quickly extract the maximum amount of the humoral response to her, the spray was a mess. I quickly took out the toilet paper to the aftermath, this found that spraying the front seat chubby luggage mottled juice traces, I think this is the best response to his friendship lights help solve the problem!

“Are you good or bad.”

“Are you good or bad, how can throw in there!”

“I can not help, you always steal folder.” I am close to her ear, gently said, single-handedly raise her hips, one hand to help her organize hair. Could not resist pro on her sexy thin lips, Vickey drunkenly enthusiastic response, cloves dark spit jade tongue light volume.

Restless hand within her dark skirt tease titillate, walk to the light between her budding flower. Can feel it come to her experience rarely, and only gently spun, she burst Jiaoqu thrill, Jiaoye the blushing pieces, my hand stained with her hot body fluids, and felt the body also raised a shares immorality carnal needs.

“How hard up, you do not just lose?” Her his mouth edge teasing “it” by hand.

Thick and hard, to play again I will be when you put the bad. “Her words being said, the hand did not mean to stop.

“I am from behind the pro-dorsal neck was beautiful.” Side one hand I turned her over, so that my hand will be able to activities in her clothes, ask separated by a layer of slippery and soft bra holding her soft Yu Ru, hand gently kneading, palm came the wonderful sensuality of her chest, soft and full of elasticity.

When the hand was ready to turn the bra inside, independent hot asian escort grabbed my hand and let me continue: “Do not people a lot.” May be a turn she could see the whole car, make her some resistance to the psychological .

This is the first time she refuse me, I regret that I should not easily change posture, did not take into account the feelings of her psychological.
“Do not worry, the back seat of a very dark jacket with seat also blocked off the front to us.”
“But I see clearly, some people up! Not here it!

“Or you put this on no one saw.” Side to help her put on goggles, thinking girlfriend carefully blinkers finally come in handy to help me prepare.

“Well … hoo … Well … Well … Well …… ah ……” Vickey intermittent Jiaoti moan as my fingers twitching in her narrow flower diameter, and she involuntarily began clamping force to the lower body. vagina hot tightly wrapped around the fingers twitching.

I quickly put the cock into her Jinzhai flower diameter inside, addicted to Decipher the Vickey about Youhen suddenly one can not help but Menheng loudly. There are a few people this sound to attract the turn to look at, I put her goggles cover, pretending normal affectionate. This time lower body did not move, but the cock of her to Jinzhai petite flower diameter of the hoop cover, could not help but secretly the top of the cock in the depths of the vagina, while her upper body, not daring to move, and the flower diameter not consciously to Shoulong tightly wrapped around the cock.

When originally ran to the front fool around chubby little seems to have been behind the unrest attracted blatantly walking towards his original position, I was a little nervous, I coat with the Vickey minor finishing want to cover it all. After my strange smile, chubby and sat down in his original position.

Just when I thought all this calm, want relief, Vickey slowly placed the hip to move up, it seems a good opportunity to rest This is not breathing. I have two hands to shore up her Jiaoruan boneless slender to facilitate Choucha below Vickey body with my cock twitch, the top entry, but with a volt.

I can not help but increase the the Choucha the magnitude of the glans is constantly touching the depths of her flower diameter shy flower. Stimulate such intense sexual intercourse, so she Yin Daoyu wall tenderloin wrapped tightly clamped my thick, hot cock hot shy tightly wound stick body in a huge burst of irregular convulsions, cramps, flower diameter, let me also share the impulse to want to spray.

Could not help but put her down, so that my cock could not heavy top of the depths of her flower diameter flower, peaked into her depths to feel tingling stimulate the extreme, can not help with my penis tightly to withstand her hot flower burst Roudong glans end of the line came the waves of rhythm, convulsions, word within so exciting that I burst Kuangxie out.

Attached to two, Vickey could not help but fatigue the invasion quietly sleeping on my chest. I heard the front seat came a burst of acrid smoke, I do not know why sleeping in the past. A while coma among the passengers to feel the car is less and less.

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