What can you do if your escort website don’t show up in top 100 over half year!?

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What can you do if your escort website don’t show up in top 100 over half year!?

There’s some new york escort agency have same situation as me,so i decide to share something that it may help you.

This is my first website for new york escort,if you search http://www.newyork-asianescorts.com in Google, there’s like “276,000 results” ,but 80% of them are not about my website.even that,this still kind of too much. i do a lot of things for this website,you can’t image it.

Even the articles,i write for this by my own already over 100,and copied article over 2000. the websites also have two different style pages. and this new york escort website have 3 blog(i only one of them right now,it’s this one.) and 1 forum(i delete already,because too much trash comment.).

Out link?trash outlink more than 5000 thousand. homemade link is Spread all over different websites(include third-part blog,forum in different countries.personal blog(i delete all of them already,because Google don’t like them)).

I spend more than 1000 hours on this website. even i still spend the time to write something in this blog,post something in this website’s Facebook,Twitter.

I decide to change this website’s ip,recently i find out this website’s page have some rank in Google with “new york escort’s keyword”.

I know this website is hard to back, but i can’t let this website go,i would make any change if that help this website.


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