what if you have a friend as new york escort girl

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If you have a friend as new york escort girl, what would you want to.Will ignore her, continue to make friends with her.
    In my college time, met a escort girl in New York.she is the student of our school.

At first I was surprised, why she will go to a part-time do New York escort.One day she asked me, would you hate me.I can’t speak, I look at you.
    That day she and I said a lot, including her why to do New York escort.Get the job for New York escort, she says, is not lack of money, can buy the things like;Can do what you like;Don’t have to ask family for money, and so on.
    I think she said yes, own a lot less trouble.Not only the happy life, and didn’t do anything bad.Everyone’s choice is not the same, values also don’t understand, but I think she is doing work is not important, I look at her, not her work.Until now, we are still good friends.In my free time, will also go shopping, eat, watch movies together.
    My friend, what do not important, it’s important that we can play together.real friend never care about what you do,only for who are you.

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