When you meet New York escort online, what would you do?

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When you meet   New York escort online, what would you do?
A few days before the evening, I got a bottle in the QQ and write inside, who came out to accompany me to drink?Is the master of the bottle is right around the corner, so I’ll reply his telephone number 135 * * * * * * *not for a moment the phone rang, came the voice of a girl ‘
She : where are you
me: I live in   * * street
She :let us meet in * * bar
me : well, see you later
It happened so suddenly that I didn’t think she’s really not only call me, but also go out with me.The phone girl’s voice is sweet, I can’t wait to see her.
In * * bar the door, I saw a cute and sexy woman.I called the number to confirm, yes she is.We said hello to each other, in the corner of the bar and sat down.Not too much, we began to drink.Between her and me that she is a  New York escort, complain about work with me.I just told him that I am a salesman, is more often heard her say.
Drank about, she said want to go to tonight I sit over there.As you suppose, after we had a wonderful night.I haven’t wake up the next morning, she left.
She will find when I’m unhappy, we complain about each other, and encourage each other.But we never tell each other each others name.Because we know that each others name is not important, the important thing is the time we spent together.I look forward to, she is my little for him, too.


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