Why am i get the top 10 of “new york asian escort”,but no one call me?



Why am i get the top 10 of “new york asian escort“,but no one call me?

Yea,it happened,my main website used get top 1 in the google for a long time.but there’s not even one call for this.but after 4 month.it changed,i can get the one call every day.why?i change the website  a lot .more care about if I’m a customer,if i were a customer should i call when i browser this website.it seems not that important,but it’s important.

I used to  rent my website to other customer,it cost $500 each month,they always return my website in second month and tell me  “there is not even one call.”i don’t know it’s true or not . until some good customer told me the true.and i also help my customer improve new york asian escort website’s google rank,they are still complaint for not even one call for each month when the website is in the top 10.

I used to think about give up doing seo.but i don’t wanna work in restaurant again,so i keep researching for seo.but i still don’t get good pay,even I’m good at seo now.

There’s one customer want me help him improve his website’s google rank,but it didn’t work out.it makes me know website have  so many different when this website have history.it’s not about domain’s year,it’s about how google think about your website.

Wanna keep doing good in new york asian escort website ?Don’t give up,it will work out.

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