Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get the ideal escort rank in google

escort rank in Google

Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get the ideal escort rank in Google,Believe it or not,it’s the truth.

2 years ago,I’m a newbie for Seoer,i established my first company about making websites and web-marketing.My first customer is a escort agency.he wanted to build two escort websites.and want me to improve his escort website rank in Google.At that time,i don’t have any confident to improve the escort website rank in Google.So i tell him paid me in 30 in Google,paid me 30%,after top 10 paid me others.

Because I’m a newbie,i only know some Theoretical knowledge.First i research the top 10 websites,like search in Google,then try build the same links as them. then i failed. I build the links every day,and over 13 hrs per day.but i still don’t have any good rank in first month,there’s No progress at all.

One day,i saw their websites have own blog and third-party blog (like Google blog),so i try build some blog and use the robot to write the article Automatically.It still don’t work out.

Working-hard doesn’t mean you can get what you must be in right method and right way.I’ll tell you that my escort website have the top 1 Google rank in next article. so,waiting…


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